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Bloody Clashes Ended With Government Victory In Capital Of Afghanistan’s Badghis Province (Videos)

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Bloody Clashes Ended With Government Victory In Capital Of Afghanistan’s Badghis Province (Videos)

Afghan National Army soldiers prepare to move out following an inspection of troops at the Regional Military Training Center at Tactical Base Gamberi, Afghanistan, on July 30, 2015. JARROD MORRIS/U.S. ARMY

On July 8, Afghan government forces recaptured Qala-e-Naw city, the capital of the northwestern province of Badghis, from the Taliban.

Taliban fighters stormed the city a day earlier following fierce clashes with local security forces. The fighters stormed key government buildings and freed around 600 prisoners from the province central prison.

Qala-e-Naw is currently in the hands of government forces. However, clashes with Taliban fighters are still ongoing in the city’s outskirts.

“The city is fully [back] under our control and we are conducting operations against the Taliban on the outskirts of the city,” Fawad Aman, a spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Defense, said.

According to the Afghan MoD, 69 Taliban fighters were killed and 23 others were wounded during recent operations in the outskirts of Qala-e-Naw. Loads of weapons and ammunition were also captured from the group.

The rest of Badghis province remains in the hands of the Taliban. The group’s offensive on Qala-e-Naw city will not likely end soon.

The US decision to pull its troops out from Afghanistan before September 11 raised the morale of the Taliban. The group stepped up its attacks on government forces throughout the country. Today, the group claims to be holding over 200 districts in 34 provinces.


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Arch Bungle

This was an exploratory attack by Taliban.
The next round will end in Taliban victory.


i think Taliban can attack Iran one day


we will come at you soon enough dont worry your hostility didnt go unnoticed and you will pay a high price for it you dogs ulgu uglu creatures and meanwhile the taliban dont like to die they lost already everybody who ever spoke ill of iran and those are either dead or utterly turned into a joke without any followership the last one died 4 months ago headshot his entire gang was wiped out and taliban was informed about it by iran and thanked iran for it that iran just hit them

Last edited 23 days ago by farbat

turns out turks and pakistanis were involved in the abduction of iranian diplomats turns out that taliban denies to ever have iranians abducted and blames pakistan intelligence and turkish intelligence lets see how turkey will respond to it we might make turkey miserable if it fails to change its attitude and leave nato it will not exist for that much longer meanwhile pakistan will be forced to align towards the resistance or lose legitimacy going forward but this will become more clear in a year when pakistan is closely aligned with iran

Last edited 23 days ago by farbat

meanwhile talebs are closer to iran than they are to anyone else because they know iran goes til the end for defending friends and if they befriend iran they will get what they want and when talebs think this way than taliban will sooner or later have to align aswell towards them they get rid of daesh in afghanistan for us and we help them to achieve goals in return that simple and this goes on now for quite some time in fact they even help iran to get rid of hostile factions in afghanistan at times

Last edited 23 days ago by farbat

you cant even speak farsi urdu or any iranic languages you losers learned the fake dog language turkish so get used to having limited reach and limited intellect and i believe you are utterly clueless of both iran and afghanistan and for you to even believe that afghanistan can take on one single province of iran is laughable specially when you consider that the taliban are totally infiltrated already they are the last to be able to fight iran

Last edited 23 days ago by farbat

i think that you repeat the empty threats of a dead man and i think that its pathetic that the empty threats of a dead person give you so much hope it just shows how little you know and can i remind you if you heard the entire thing he whined for 10 minutes about iran having spies everywhere and that iran should stop spying on all of them after that he put forward a few threats on iran and after that he and all his people died a week later with iranian takavaran having their hideouts all ambushed and wiped out if you like to see a picture of his dead fat body i can offer it to you that much to taliban being able to threaten iran they arent and those of them who get paid to try are dead soon after

Last edited 23 days ago by farbat

here look at your fat dead empty hope you loser are repeating the words of a dead person


i think Taliban hate Iran

Cosmo Kramer

you think? why dont you find out and get back to us….iran would move in and wipe out the taliban if they attacked iran


what you dont understand is that afghanis are iranians or to be more precise arian which is an iranic ethnic cultural and linguistic group

Last edited 23 days ago by farbat

taliban has it easier to talk to liberal western educated zarif than to turkish nato member and enemy which is why they have zarif around so much which is kinda funny to me also they can talk their own language with iranian diplomats and dont need translator and such and on top palestinian and other sunni movements were warning all sunni factions over the past months to not mess with iran or create a split among sunnis so the idea of a shia sunni conflicts some are betting on is a delusion which wont materialize anymore in the future and those who try to create it will end up as losers which is again why i warn turkey to leave nato soon they will lose badly they understimate muslims these imbeciles think their turkish uglu dog culture is worth something and that they can subjugate west asia to their needs but it isnt and they cant turkey will be liberated by islam

Last edited 23 days ago by farbat
Americunt LOSERS

The Taliban seized the Islam Qala crossing point, a major transportation route between Iran and Afghanistan, in Afghanistan’s western Herat province, according to an Afghan official in the province who spoke with the AP on the condition of anonymity. Iranian media reported Afghan soldiers in the border area fled their posts into Iran for protection amid the Taliban’s takeover. Iranian media has shown over 200 Afghan soldiers who fled to the Iranian side along with their heavy weapons, which included several APC, Toyota Hi-lux and Humvees.


The ANA had almost twenty years to eradicate the poppy fields and end US occupation of their country. Instead they preferred the western paycheck and western command.

Now it is up to any other group to eradicate this filth that has affected many hundreds of thousands of Afghani people and many others throughout the region.

A clown like you

Funny thing, so the yanquis were the main force in Afghanistan and they took the role of training Afghan (ANA), the problem now is…the ANA doesn’t have air support anymore, I should say not as much.
Yeah, right now it is Afghani people who are fighting back like you know the past 20 years.
Ohhh btw Imran Shah Masood’s SON showed his face… you damn know he will be the leader, I wonder how much time it would take for him to take the power and rebuild his father’s legacy.

A clown like you

Let’s see, if the Afghani who kills Sunni Taliban would ask Iran for help or the Afghani government k-ill or kick that clown Ghani out and ask Iran for help.
They need help and Iran has long plans for Afghanistan, it is still waiting and see what each do.
Russia and China also have plans. :) it is far from over.

I remember watching the yanquis kicking and fuking mothers of Sunni Taliban before the yanquis stop killing those clowns and made a deal.

Even now the Afghani “government” has air support which gives them free kill.

A clown like you

It seems the Afghani government losing power and giving weapons to anyone free😂.
The clowns are gone now it is militia time.

Religion divide people. No to religion

You are so stupid.
If talibans takes over it will be massacre of population…
So Afghanistan army must kill all talibans…
It is not a choice …it is a kill or be killed…

A clown like you

You are stupid buddy, that fuking Afghan “government” sucked yanquis di*k and attacked Iran.
The Afghani army is fuking useless when they got the same training as yanquis now…where is their air support? Where can they now get intel for free?
Most Afghani are backward Sunnis, they are part of the Taliban, which is also true.
The only losers here are other groups that don’t like Taliban rules and ofc Shia groups.

Why are you making me sound like I support the Taliban? I don’t, fuk ’em.
But the same Afghan Army is fuking useless, just remember even back when yanquis were there they didn’t achieve much.
The militias were the ones protecting their homes and their loved ones.

Do you know how fuking moronic those clowns in the Afghan government are?
They don’t want to give/support those militias because they “believe” it would divide the country, the fuk.


no taliban will not massacre the population they dont have the guts to go so far they would be crushed soon after they know by now that they have to win the population over to their side


if these moder jende talibunny even touch, let alone kill a single Iranian this time, it will end very badly for them.


all factions in afghanistan have no choice but to listen to iran they wont make it for long if they play foul games or if they do wicked things than they will end up punished soon after so there will be something figured out on how to continue but nato cant stay no nato member can stay in afghanistan they will all die if they try no matter if its america british germany turkey or who ever they are dead if they dont leave

Last edited 23 days ago by farbat

the likes of aschraf ghani standing near a river and threating iran wont survive for much longer the afghanistan which will be formed will not be able to play any games against iran or be used as a base to annoy its neighbors and the war will only end if iran is sure of it being a sustainable peace and if not than iran will use its power to support the sunni and shia factions of afghanis which are already aligned to the islamic revolution which means iran will create an ansarallah like government in afghanistan if they fail to create sustainable peace

Last edited 23 days ago by farbat
The Objective

It’ll be a huge mistake for the Mullah regime to support anti-Taliban forces like they did in the past. In fact, all indications show that the Iranian regime is steering clear of Afghanistan. I remember the Iranian foreign minister, Javad Zarif, bragging that Iran could supply its Afghan proxies (Fatemiyyooon) to assist the government in the war. This is the time Iran should do that if it ever intends to. The Taliban have capture 188 districts and contests another 135 out of 407. These are the latest numbers reported by FDD.org. That means Ghani controls less than 25% of Afghanistan currently. When will Iran step in to help him? I say never. The reason is that Iran fears for its own security.
Iran has suffered dearly in the hands of the West over the past one decade. Iran has also indirectly caused damage to Saudi oil and defense infrastructure through the Houthis. An Iran-Taliban tension will be a gift from God for Saudi Arabia, Israel and the U.S. Taliban has only to threaten direct attacks on Iran for the Mullahs to back down. And Israel and Saudi Arabia will be all too happy to supply the missiles that will lay waste to much of Iran’s oil infrastructure, including nuclear sites, further crippling the Iranian economy regardless of whether or not sanctions are lifted. Such attacks could force Iran to invade Afghanistan, essentially destroying the Iranian regime as more missiles fly in. There’s already a strong evidence that the U.S has moved ISIS into Afghanistan. Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan’s former president, in a recent interview accused the U.S of bringing in ISIS. Should Iran Taliban tensions lead come to blows, these ISIS terrorists will be there to launch some badass projectiles at CIA-designated targets in Iran.
I for one hope the Iranian regime will intervene on behalf of the Shiites in Afghanistan. At least it’ll bring an end to the Mullah regime. But unfortunately, the Iranian leadership have signaled to the Taliban that they aren’t going to support any anti-Taliban forces.

A clown like you

Iran is not supporting any side really…right now. Also, you are not the one to talk for them as well, if they believe it is the right move for them they do so as they please. Iran is the protector of Shia and other groups who don’t like the Taliban (I got more Shia friends and they are much better overall) it is fact that Iran told the Taliban, Iran would hunt them down if they attack Shia mainly (Iran red-line). Not long ago my Afghani friend showed me a picture of died Taliban leader who a few days back said in a video “We will kill hundreds of Iranians in Mashhad and Tehran, so they never attack us again.”
You don’t follow much about Afghanistan, do you? Iran is in Afghanistan buddy.

Javad Zarif, the Afghani Shia groups wouldn’t work with the Afghani government buddy, no no no, the Afghani government don’t like militia groups – yet they need them so bad. The son of Imran shah Masood taking more support and building an Afghani force to kill the Taliban.
Please do stop taking the Taliban who have lied about losing troops and faking capturing districts before so high. That number changes by the hour…getting info from Afghanistan is fuking bold thing to do…yes the Taliban got most of the Sunnis areas…from the Afghani government, that is true but those are not important if you think about it.
Remember most afghanis are backward Sunnis and Pashtun.

Iran has a long history of supporting the right groups to kill their enemies.
Syria – back in 2012 EVERYONE said Syria is done for, Iran came in and look at Assad standing strong, go back and read or watch MSM saying Assad is done. Who is the fool now?
Iraq – PMUs and Shia Kurds – during ISIS and Saddam war.
Lebanon – Zion can’t dream of attacking Hezbollah head-on anymore.
Yemen – How did Houthis take most of their land back from Wahhabis.
You can’t downplay Iran’s role at all.

It is the same here…the Afghan government might fall, sure but who cares?
My friends and I are eyeing the militias from different groups and the son of Massod andddd what would China, Russia, and Iran do next.

From what you said at the end I feel you put too much “feeling” there buddy.


The Islamic Republic of Iran supports the Taliban. They have problems with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on many issues, including the right to water in the Helmand River and relations with the United States. In any case, this is the situation of the people of the region until they drain their brains from the virus of the Abrahamic religions.

A clown like you

Prove that Iran “supports” the Taliban, how do you mean. (Iran “supports” inner-Afghan talks because the Afghan “government” hasn’t reached a deal with the Taliban).

Also, yes, I did hint at it…”They have problems with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan”
“The Afghan government might fall, sure but who cares?”
“the Afghani Shia groups wouldn’t work with the Afghani government buddy, no no no, the Afghani government don’t like militia groups.”
“The son of Imran shah Masood taking more support and building an Afghani force to kill (fight)* the Taliban.”

Peter Wallace

Do you mean Ahmad Shah Massoud the Lion of the North who the Taliban assassinated with a hidden weapon in a camera and shot in the middle of an interview a couple of days before 9/11. His was the last group left fighting the Taliban up by the border with Uzbekistan .

A clown like you

Yes, his son.
Here’s him in this video @4:30.


“An Iran-Taliban tension will be a gift from God for Saudi Arabia, Israel and the U.S. Taliban has only to threaten direct attacks on Iran for the Mullahs to back down.”

It will be a mistake of Taliban to become a gift for Israel and the US.

If Taliban persist to fight and kill Sunnis, who disagree with them, and other religious and ethnic communities, the bloodshed will continue in Afghanistan. This won’t bring peace in Afghanistan but Taliban will become the puppet of America in their mission to kill Muslims, and it will be a perfect gift for Zionists.

“I for one hope the Iranian regime will intervene on behalf of the Shiites in Afghanistan.”

You seem to hope that Taliban start killing Shia in Afghanistan so no peace returns to this region. You bloodthirsty Wahhabi terrorists and supporters always think about killing and dominating others.

“But unfortunately, the Iranian leadership have signaled to the Taliban that they aren’t going to support any anti-Taliban forces.”

Iranian leadership is not stupid and maniac like Anglo Zionist Wahhabi terrorists. If Afghan people, including Taliban, find a peaceful solution for Afghanistan, then it is a big win for the whole region – Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, China, Russia and all the ‘stans’.

But you guys always dream about old times when you could attack, massacre, rule and convert others with blood stained swords. The Wahhabi terrorist and their supporters like you are not able to accept this reality that the game of nature has made others more powerful than you, and this makes Wahhabi terrorists and supporters like you really mad hyper psycho.

The Objective

I’m not in support of any bloodshed against the Shiites. But I think they should obey the system where they are a minority instead of trying to compete with a much stronger force. This Shiite behavior has led to unnecessary suffering of Shiites throughout history. As long as nobody prevents you from being a Shiite, why rebel?

Americunt LOSERS

What a moron LOL

Lazy Gamer

I dont understand whatever motive the Taliban has to kill their own countrymen. The Alliance is now withdrawing. The invaders are getting off the country and yet, this is the time they intensify their attacks. Seizing power over the bodies of their countrymen leads me to believe they wont preserve any of the democratic rights and institutions introduced recently. Not a good outcome for the Afghan people. Why cant these two groups just wait out an election?

Peter Wallace

What democratic rights did the Taliban observe last time they were in power. NONE. Brutal religious rule where women and men were regularly flogged in the town square for the slightest infraction of their law and executions were common. Girls were not allowed to go to school . women had to be dressed in tents and the men a fully grown beard. All radios and TVs were banned. The Taliban took control of Afghanistan last time by fighting and beating the various Mujahedeen groups that had fought the Russians. They are used to killing their own and as for an election. The only election they know of is that THEY rule. They are only marginally worse than ISIS and you expected something else just because the Yanks pulled out. Joke !!.

A clown like you

I agree with you. I really don’t understand how some people suck Taliban di*ks for…
The US is not leaving Afghanistan alone, they still going to bomb Afghanistan…cry me a river moron but the yanquis still going to kill civilians.
Taliban are backward fuking apes…I welcome any Taliban lover to go live under Taliban rule before making a BS statement about them. Also, if one of you fukers says it is “their” country…go fuk yourself, moron.

Peter Wallace

I think people so despise the Yanks they don’t accept there are worse options. While the Yanks were wrong the Taliban are even worse. Last time when the Russians pulled out all the various Mujahedeen groups fought each other for control of Afghanistan which allowed the Taliban to take total power. It is the people who will continue to suffer as they have for the last 50 years depending on which group held power.


Must have been a lot of the Jews’ Z(C)IA’s poppy fields in that province. No other reason for the Jews’ Afghanistan tyranny, government, quislings to have rushed to defend it.

Religion divide people. No to religion

Only Afgan population must defeat Talibans.
The entire population must take arms and fight against talibans. ( civil war) Only this way you can exterminate the scumbags.
You want total freedom you must kill all talibans.. Otherwise you will be ruled by their fake beliefs and you will be for the rest of your life slave of talibans regime, similar to North Korea regime.
Talibans must die all of them……

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