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SouthFront Call Volunteers, Bloggers and Media: Don’t succumb to illusions

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SouthFront Call Volunteers, Bloggers and Media: Don't succumb to illusions

The ongoing events show that many of the Russia-focused web sites and blogosphere don’t have a clear-eyed view on the situation around the world.

For example, one can find articles arguing Russia strictly adheres to the Minsk agreements. That in turn is offered as the reason Russia has the ability and the military resources to come to grips with the Syrian issue and even to embark on a military build-up in that country. Many have made that assertion! The next step should be direct involvement in the Syrian conflict or, at least, Russian airborne missions or tactical air operations.

Without any doubt, the Middle East crisis poses a threat for Russian homeland security, but it’s naive to believe that the simmering Ukraine conflict at the Russian western border is now a lower priority. Likewise its irresponsible to claim that Russia has prevailed in the Ukrainian crisis or gained the upper hand.

The rise of the Russophobic hysteria, the re-building of Ukraine’s military by US and NATO, the humanitarian crisis in Eastern Ukraine, finally, the emergence of a regime hostile to Russia cannot be described as a geopolitical victory by the Kremlin.

However, a significant part of the local Russian and the international pro-Russian blogosphere has rushed to deny the incontestable facts.

The conviction that the victory will be quick and easy is a dangerous delusion.

In addition, today’s Russia is facing a number of external challenges–economic sanctions, diplomatic and media pressure by the US and its allies, international terrorism; as well as internal threats. Russia still sufers from a high level of corruption. Russian political elite remains divided over a number of crucial issues on foreign and domestic policy.

SouthFront Analysis & Intelligence appeals to all constructive forces to take steps to study and assess the actual state of things. It’s very dangerous to succumb to illusions, panic or rely on an arrogant faith in success.

We call on all volunteers, experts, organizations concerned over these issues to unite their powers and efforts to provide an independent estimate of the ongoing crisises and Russia’s role in them.

The truth is our power.

You could contact the SouthFront, Analysis & Intelligence team for cooperation or additional information via email: info@southfront.org

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Александар Јовановић

Преведено на српски / Translated into Serbian: Ћирилизовано: Апел “Јужног фронта” добровољцима, блогерима и медијима: Не подлежите заблудама

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