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BLM. Armored

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BLM. Armored

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Written by Mikaprok. Translated by AlexD exclusively for SouthFront.

“Hands up!”

One of the main media topics of the USA this past quarter century has been the active fight against the free circulation of weapons.

During numerous shootings in 2017-2019, we had time to speculate on the potential of this measure, comparing the possible pros and cons with the expected outcome.

It’s complicated.

Despite the constitutional taboo, traditions and fierce lobbying of the antiquated industry flagships, the vector of public opinion has already turned in the other direction.

In fact, lighter restrictions are being introduced everywhere. Weapons can still be bought, but procedures are getting more complex. Loopholes are being found in state legislation to structure transport, packaging and clearance of guns.

How justified what is happening is an open question.

On the one hand, the cultural level of the mass of newly-born citizens is so different from the recipients of this 200-year-old right that one wonders how they have managed not to kill each other from inexpensive “equalisers” so far.

BLM. Armored

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On the other hand, any constitutional reduction instantly leads to the restructuring of a huge number of court decisions that have already been made. The law is precedent-setting. One trump card can only be beaten by another. A contrary judicial decision.

We have seen problems with the example of legalisation, and what will happen with weapons, where everything is defined at a different level of responsibility for the health of citizens.

Here, mass shootings in schools may perhaps not be enough. All the more so, educational institutions are gradually moving to a remote mode of operation and cannot be a suitable illustration of the harms of a masculine way of doing things.

In 2020-2021, there was a surge in self-defence street advocacy, moving occasionally from visual threats to direct action.

Shops and restaurants were guarded by menacing-looking volunteers, literally covered from head to toe with ammunition.

BLM. Armored

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That is, among other things, they prevented BLM representatives and sympathisers from expressing themselves freely, which, you must agree, does not seem like an acceptable prank in the face of public repentance.

The case of Kyle Rittenhouse turned up most opportunely. The loudest (and also the most comical) trial of 2021.

However, all the events took place last season, in the midst of the primaries:

On August 25, 17-year-old Kyle was actively involved in the dispersal of a mob of robbers with his AR-15. Witnesses (from among the looters) claim that the insidious teenager killed two and wounded one of the “peaceful protesters”. Other eyewitnesses who believe that he was saving his life and shot back in response.

The task of the public trials is not at all to find out some kind of truth, but to demonstrate the values of the two opposing sides.

BLM. Armored

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The process immediately acquired political overtones and has been on the front pages of radical American publications for a week.

Kyle Rittenhouse is also chosen as the embodiment of all the dubious virtues that should be left in the distant past: demonstrative star-spangled patriotism, YMCA, respect for law enforcement, low (alas) intelligence, low social origin and yes, a sincere love for firearms.

The latter point is being made by all those involved in this discussion.

BLM. Armored

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Now a lot depends on Judge Bruce Schroeder’s reaction to the proposed charade. This is a veteran with almost forty years of experience and a pile of strict sentences under his belt. Old school with respect for constitutional rights and, at the same time, a strong opposition to armed violence. The choice of this figure, as well as the accused, was not arbitrary.

In the event of a decision in favour of the protesters, not too likely given the murky witnesses, but ideologically sustained, the right to self-defence may be severely curtailed. Also, in theory, the very “people’s militia”, of which Rittenhouse was a member, may lose the right to carry firearms.

Keeping our fingers crossed : )


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100% bull crap, puts every article published into question. BLM is about looting athletic shoe stores nothing says Racial Justice like a new pair of NIKES.
“That is, among other things, they prevented BLM representatives and sympathisers from expressing themselves freely, which, you must agree, does not seem like an acceptable prank in the face of public repentance.”

Last edited 9 days ago by gfy

Agree, but his conclusion that the power elites are leading this down the road to gun confiscation is exactly right.


Power elites, and most state authority agencies, do not like citizens having capacity for self armament – this extends way beyond rifles and hand-guns, to volatile substances that can be weaponized, like petrol. The push away from fossil fuel based combustion power to electricity, is more than just a climates science issue alone, it also neatly dovetails with power elites interests in removing readily available volatile substances that can be weaponized, and are very commonly seen used as such in mass insurrection activities – such as Molotov cocktails.


The leaders of BLM and Antifa – and a slab of the the ‘progressive left’ wing of Democratic Party politicians and officials actually believe shop-lifting and looting is ‘economic redistribution’ from top to bottom – and believe business can afford it, as can just claim it on insurance losses. That is why Democrat controlled cities have installed prosecutor departments that don’t prosecute these crimes. For example, currently in San Fransisco, long under complete Democratic control, shop-lifting under $950 is not deemed a charge-worthy offense. So shop-lifters openly use their phones to calculate just how much they are stealing, to stay below the margin, before just walking out with it. And, naturally, stealing to order for criminal syndicate gangs is an increasingly organized activity in these cities, taking a Dickensian twist, with highly organized shop-lifting gangs. Members of the ‘progressive left’ in US have Tweeted such views about ‘economic distribution’.

Last edited 7 days ago by SaharaWinds
Lazy Gamer

First two shots already neutralized Rosenbaum. By the third one, there was opportunity to disengage. Fourth one was for lessening damages and silencing Rosenbaum or simply anger.


Rosenbaum was a disgusting pederast/pedohpile who was convicted for anally raping boys under 10.

He deserved what he got. I would have stuck a blade between the feckers ribs and twisted it slow.

Lazy Gamer

Agreed. But, it doesnt change the fact that it was murder if we go by the testimony of the one who did the autopsy. Unless the one who did the autopsy lied, the third shot was already on a downward angle and it was the fourth shot in the back which was the fatal injury. He had time to disengage by the 3rd shot. Fatal force was no longer necessary at that point.

Last edited 9 days ago by Lazy Gamer

Yea. When someone is trying to kill you, you should always be safe and not shoot them too many times.

You Idiot!


B.S. it happened in milliseconds.

Lazy Gamer

No way it happened in milliseconds unless kyle has the fastest fingers in the world. In the 50% slowed video. The whole thing lasted four seconds which gives us an estimate of 2 seconds. Some people can be decisive in those 2 seconds. Wisconsin law allows gun holders to freak out based on their beliefs. Kyle was allowed the freaked out defense by the jury.
Right or wrong, jury has already decided. Just keep in mind that any policeman wont hesitate now to empty their clips to any “assailant”.
This forum is not an intellectual forum but rather an ideological forum. lol

Last edited 7 days ago by Lazy Gamer
Comrade Matryoshka

Yeah, disengage and have a firefight in the middle of the street instead, that way you injure way more people!

Good thing your firearm experience is only from Call of Duty.


No, he ran away after the first shot (he was shot at first, don’t forget by someone in the crowd) the dude who ambushed him and grabbed his barrel, the other two idiots chased him down and attacked him, hitting him in the head with skateboard and one holding a gun in his face.

I mean, seriously? C’mon, Cornpop, watch the video again.

David Herzog

Thank to hero Rittenhouse there is a nazi blm less in this world .
All the citizens of the world have the right to defend by guns themselves and everyone else from attackers and it doesn’ t matter if these are feminists , antifa , lgbt , blm or clandestines : no nazi deserves to survive .

Last edited 9 days ago by David Herzog
jens holm

Its about minds and behaverioisme and by that how You are raised. Even this looks bad and very visible 2 of 3 crimnes are between family and and afffiliated. Those simple facts are ignored again and again.

And the tools for being in a low level of violence is not there, and if they are they are not good.

Thats the laws about it as well as too much has to be solved by the police. Great parts of the police are not educated to such things at all. In their best they are in aegilty as raising dogs.

I can se how we do as a part of how we are raised. We have much less police but much better educated ones. We keep those and many other crimes down by having socialworkers in stead of police. Thats expensive too, but it pays off.

We also has a big social security system much better then the USA one. It includes people much more. By that less people feel they only are themself and a state against the rest.

Here the state and the kommune pay for Your education. By that there are much less reasosn to make home confrontations for that. Its the same for fx free hostipal and free healthe care.

Here I as from Denmark again and again see how so many high rank americans see that kind of money as theft from the taxpayers.

We dont. We see it as investments in people. The bad cheaters actually are very few. And we do get more and better taxpayers. By that its a clever investment.

And I take that investment in because USA dont upgrade enóugh people to the middle and upperclass, which is the part of the Kapitalistic world, which can raise the living standards.


True. The whole US is built an lack of equality. For a fairer system, you’d need a Jeffersonian US with far more power to the states, rather than the federal government.
One of the reasons people stick to their guns, is they distrust the mega monster in Washington.


Equality is B.S.! you idiot.

Those of you who cry for equality are just leeches looking for a source.


Everything going on in US at moment is about centralization of power – defund the police, vaccine mandates to lay off police, FBI interfering in state education, etc. Washington elites want to federalize all of it under their control. The free states originally joined a Union to benefit from the resources of the many, whilst understanding it came at a certain cost to own authority, but they never signed up for centralization drive going on in US today under Washington elites.


Look, nobody give a fuck about Denmark – and chances are, you are not even an ethnic Dane.


F you SF. This is why I will never support your bullshit “Alternative” media. Which is becoming more and more apparent you are just another alternative liberal source.

At first you had some good articles that dealt with skirmishes here and there but now it is clear that you are just a liberal rag.


Of course, this is the direction/agenda of the satanic globalists who control the U.S. and the west.


charges were dropped as he was found not guilty

Last edited 8 days ago by Lrcaptain

Rittenhouse shot and killed two men who were separately chasing and attacking him, Rosenbaum and Huber, he also injured a third attacker Grosskreuze, who was illegally armed, and had aimed a semi-auto pistol directly at Rittenhouse’s head, immediately before Ritenhoose responded, and blew the assailants upper arm away at point blank range, meaning Gorsskreuze could no linger fire the pistol. These events occurred in seconds, experienced by a seventeen year old under extreme duress. Interestingly, Rittenhouse killed two Jews – Rosenbaum (multiple convictions for pedophilia) and Huber (multiple convictions for violence) – and then Rittenhouse was prosecuted for murder by two local district attorney Jews – Binger and Kraus. They lost, because they brought murder charges to an obvious manslaughter case, based on easily verifiable self defense – from video – this was meant to be a district attorney show trial with Rittenhouse made an example of, but they failed.


I suspected they were jews. Thanks for the info. Explains why the trial is so widepsread on social medias when the victims arent even black.


Anyone else noticed his AR rifle had no frontal iron sights, just the rail mounted optic…?

Leon Tressell

Yet another disgusting defence of white supremacism.When will you crackers realize that we are living in the 21st century. Rittenburg is yet another racist killer set free by an Institutionally racist justice system.

Zyklon B

Are you jewish or just a plain old dumb fuck


Bring it. We’re going beat you back to the jungle where you belong.


BLM is a terrorist group and that’s it

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