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Blast Hit Funeral Of Taliban Spokesman’s Mother In Kabul. Casualties Reported (Photos)

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Blast Hit Funeral Of Taliban Spokesman’s Mother In Kabul. Casualties Reported (Photos)

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On October 3, a large blast rocked the gate of Eid Gha Mosque in the Afghan capital Kabul, according to Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban and Deputy Minister of Information and Culture in the group’s Interim Government.

The explosion took place as people were flocking into the mosque to attend the funeral of Mujahid’s mother. It remains unclear if Mjahid was in the mosque at the time of the blast.

Saeed Khosti, a spokesman for the Taliban’s Ministry of Interior, said that two people were killed and four others were wounded in the blast. However, Afghan news sources claimed that eight people were killed and more than 20 others were wounded.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the bombing, which may have been carried out by a suicide bomber. ISIS-Khorasan Province (ISIS) remains the main suspect.

This was the first explosion to hit the Afghan capital since the August 26 Kabul airport suicide bombing. The attack, which was carried out by ISIS-K, claimed the lives of 182 people including 13 US service members who were securing the evacuation of US citizens, Western nationals and local collaborators from Afghanistan.

The blast at Eid Gha Mosque highlights the challenges facing the Taliban today as it attempts to promote itself as the legitimate ruler of Afghanistan.


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Stupid fucking sunni wahabbi bastards. Good for nothing except killing each other. Shut down your borders Iran…….shut em down……..let all these bastards starve and kill each other.

Last edited 16 days ago by Ahson

taliban wont be able to govern even over a barn just look at them they still didnt get anything done and beg globalist america china basically everyone to do it for them its just pathetic deobandi are just an idiot gang it seems useless more than anything -.-

Last edited 16 days ago by farbat

Nobody wanna even spit on them. In the end Iran will have to continue to give them food and fuel or else harumzade will starve to death!

Last edited 15 days ago by Ahson
Freedom is equal to all of us

Terrorist killing Terrorist.
Couldn’t be better…
Let them burn in hell all of them.


Bombing a funeral? Can’t get much lower than that. Perhaps that is why the saudi/zionist inbred leadership do this activity on a regular basis.

A Fellow

>Can’t get much lower than that

Well, depending on which point during the funeral this occurred, Mujahid’s mother was lower than that. Either way, some of the congregation definitely ended up above that.


Yes, this is how the zio Jews operate. Old men, women, children, vulnerable ones….

Lance Ripplinger

Taliban are stupid goat f*****’s who are no different than ISIS or Al-Qaeda or any other Islamic extremist group. Their regressive ideology is literally blowing up in their face. Afghanistan is nothing but a giant shithole.


You see how cunning Biden is now? He’s taken a shit all over Russia and Iran. Washed his hands and walked away. Now he’s standing a mile away squeaky clean grinning, whilst Russia and Iran are scrambling to make sense of it.

Last edited 15 days ago by Ahson

The zio Jews are dancing and celebrating…

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