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JUNE 2021

Blast At Alleged Drone Factory In Iran Injured Nine People

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Blast At Alleged Drone Factory In Iran Injured Nine People

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Early on May 23, nine people were wounded in an explosion at a chemical and fireworks factory in the city of Shahin Shahr in the central Iranian province of Isfahan, according to the Iranian media.

“The reason for the explosion at the Sepahan Nargostar chemical industry is under investigation while nine injured people have been transferred to hospital,” the Mehr News Agency quoted Abbas Abedi, a spokesman for Isfahan medical emergency center, as saying.

According to the Islamic Republic News Agency, the factory produces industrial and commercial explosive materials, including fireworks and gunpowder, as well as chemicals like nitrate, sodium, potassium, strontium, calcium, copper and barium. The factory operates under the supervision of the National Security Council.

Amichai Stein, a correspondent of Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation, claimed that Iran was manufacturing drones at the facility.

The journalist linked the explosion to a recent incident, in which the Israeli military shot down an armed drone near the city of Beit She’an. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has recently claimed that the drone was launched by Iranian forces toward Israel from either Syria or Iraq.

“Iran sent an armed drone to Israel from Iraq or Syria. Iranian forces launched the armed drone, which our forces intercepted on the border between Israel and Jordan,” Netanyahu said at a press conference alongside German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on May 20.

Stein claims suggest that the explosion at the Sepahan Nargostar factory may have been the result of a sabotage act by the Israeli intelligence. Last month, an act of sabotage targeted Iran’s uranium enrichment facility in Natanz. Israel was blamed.



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Rasputin has an impressive penis 30cm.Can you beli

Orc Lukashenko landed Ryan Air and arrested activist and journalist Roman Protasevich.As long as Moscow gives Lukashenko cover, he will feel he can get away with increasingly erratic brutality despite all US or EU pressure.Animal Lukashenko just like Assad is in deep shit now, a regime so deeply in bunker mode that it is going past a point of no return where it will do anything to survive.

World need immediate explanations,Lukashenko justcperformed act of terror against EU and EU citizens.

Take actions right now to release kidnapped passengers and then take proper actions against terrorist Lukashenko and it’s regime.

take your pills and go to bed u lunatic, defender of the global corporate mafia..


State sponsored terrorism!ha!

john wooh

Yeah Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning know this terrorism very well!Ha!


Any decent airline should now consider Belarus as no-go zone and this should be only the beginning.

john wooh

So what? did u notice that they go after Lukashenko since he laughed about COBITCH-19

jens holm

Welll, actually Lukashenko goes after them. Killings and jailings says so.


put on 3 masks, take double jab meth/covid cocktail, call CIA boyfriend

jens holm

Thats not even the point. Its very visible west and CIA are not as You assume.


CIA boyfriend show night porter point in bedroom

jens holm

Thats an international open route from Athen.

Sod Off!

You are stupid! Ha!
What Israel did in Gaza is terrorism (bordering genocide), while arresting criminals in your own country of course is not terrorism, you have to be incredibly stupid to claim this.

jens holm

He is not. His oppion is well suported and the reasons too.

jens holm is thriving dumbo

Well, at least the guy is well and alive.

On other hand, Jamal Khashoggi’s “Opinions and reasons” were sliced and diced along side his body by your pet dog in KSA.

Jens Massive

Err – dude – the Saudi ruler, bin-Salman Jr, had a well known Saudi ex-pat journalist, and US resident, lured into Saudi embassy in Istanbul, murdered, and literally cut into parts for disposal. That is what an out of control, repressive, sociopath, leadership actually looks like – and likewise, what a mafioso state looks like – and guess what, because they sit on large deposits of fossil fuel, these very Saudi’s are considered vital US, and by default NATO, allies.

Last edited 27 days ago by Jens Massive
jens holm

Thats condemmed too and dot make other thing nicer or better.

jens holm is thriving dumbo

Not condemned enough.

The murderers are still enjoying shisha and lamb mashoye near MBS’s resident.

Bibi "Nuttinyahoo" Mileikowsky

hahaha now you’re a funny clown. Slowly but surely, Belaurus/Russia stop caring about how the western presstitutes twist reality into fake news. Being an activist and journalist normaly doesn’t incluce inciting illegal riots, right? Color revolution failed, IMF bribe failed, Coup attempt failed, propaganda failed. Clearly the US EU is unable to do shiiieet against even Belarus.

Assad is more the type of guy who drives his Honda Civic through war zones and meets his fans personaly with no protection…. so much for bunker mode


Ahahah…now look at the little bogomil, in fact Assad with his wife is driving his Bmw cabriolet in Daraa.

jens holm

Russians export vodka for it because there is a lack og fuel.

jens holm

Danes export homosexuals and import migrants. Danes dont like vodka, they drink only organic urine approved by Greta Thunberg.

Icarus Tanović

I guess it is approved by Greta Thunberg. Flucking sh!t.

Eddie Brock

They can ban flights, arrest government assets and propose an embargo, however.

Golden Finger

There’s no way to punish a country without affecting ordinary people much, to be honest. That’s pretty much what you get when you allow a government like that to represent your country.


LGBT amerikan govt consistently practice BDSM on their “over conformist semi automatons” as their hybrid lemming species is described by sociologists—they are famously masochists

Lukashenko had a fucking MiG scrambled to force a passenger jet down so they could round a blogger up?


That blogger is probably working for foreign intelligence services like that rat Navalny,he posted details of where individual police officers live,some had their homes and family attacked,that bastard is no journalist.

jens holm

Well, You probatly is right. Im sure Lukashenko dont support opposition even they are taxpayers too.

In Denmark we support all parties elected to the parlement as well as the local governes after % of votes, but we can support them as private citicens too.

If people here treated navalnev as opposition allowed to have his oppinions, they all would be in jail for many years.

ghard for me to see Russia is doing well, so vital changes – but good one – are very much needed.

The black hole in Russia is, that not even try for changes, where people are heard having other oppinions, are allowed.

jens holm

In Denmark we support black holes and butt holes. We are allowed to service NATO butt holes and we so love it very good, very much.

Icarus Tanović


Icarus Tanović

Dear Jens,
You are such a clown here, thanks for all of this fun!

jens holm


The Belarusian MIG-29 fighter that was sent out to force the Ryanair passenger liner to land into Belarus was armed with 2xR27 and 4xR73/74 missiles.

All this to capture an opposition minded journalist.


either you are CIA or you naively believe all CIA presstitutes

jens holm

Our and his world is not like Your fobisme created by Yourself and Your Goverment.

We are not runned by that at all and also mainly command militaries and intelligenses. We are not in Your prmitive one string system, where most things are against or for. We hve rights by constitution to have tell about it too.

CIA dont run things as You are told. You have to learn not to behave as a mix of parrot and sheep.

jens holm

I am a mix of parrot and sheep but less intelligent than bothh.


low educated night porter from culture less US colony produce nothing but bad cheese, sild, minks , junkies in arhaus….low educated Danes despise freedom…peasant fake constitution gives LGBT Jens right to marry greenlander boyfriend

Whether Putin backs a “Lukashenko or we burn the country” regime strategy in Belarus will tell us a lot about potential regime trajectories in Russia.

The plane has taken off. Most passengers are on board. Waiting for it to land in Vilnius in 20 mins. Forced landing, kidnapping a journalist & holding more than 100 passengers hostage was a heinous crime against international community & civilized world. It will not go unpunished.


New Barbarossa on the way.Please,please,please.

john wooh

Cheto, remember Stalingrad ? where ur Nazi grandpa died.

Icarus Tanović

He is stupid serbian savage cheto meaning chetnik.

john wooh

how can a serb support nato uranium dropping dirty bombs(1999), which caused cancer not only in serbia, kosovo but also bosnia and croatia:


CIA aliases at SF rapidly losing brain cells—now all equal to installed senile vegetable you installed prez in your decayed dictatorship

jens holm

7 sheep. None will ever land an airplane because of them not even very hungry cannibals:)

jens holm

I like sheep, goat dogs and minks. As we say in Denmark you can make love with 7 sheep and 7 dogs but you cannot make love with 7 tomatos. except if you are very hungry cannibals :)

This is nonsense. The West did the same in several events. Remember Evo Morales? Not that I like Morales this much, but I have to be fair. Jesus says it very clearly in Luke 6: “Either how canst thou say to thy brother, Brother, let me pull out the mote that is in thine eye, when thou thyself beholdest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to pull out the mote that is in thy brother’s eye.”


Exactly. Who knows who is right and who is wrong but a hypocrite is obvious and evil. One thing is absolutely clear in scripture and that is God hates a hypocrite.

jens holm

Try to be a little more sekular. Fx Jesus used sandals, because he was not good in knots.

Proud Hindu

Putin licks American and Jew arse lol


ashamed hindoodoo cannot lick, only suck—jens and tratz verify this

jens holm

Well, he sleeps too :)

Ryanair must immediately state the names of any passengers who did not board the plane in Minsk. Who is missing? Were there Russians on board using false identities?


CIA MUST BE IMPOTENT, pay hillbilly in trailer park to post comedy at SF

Tzatz Twatz

That’s the same shiteating troll Twatz; he’s an invalid without legs, spine, balls and brain, so he spams random garbage stolen from Twitter in vain attempt to look not completely retarded and desperately seeking attention, literally all day long, every day, every minute of his painful, miserable existence until he dies alone in his shit stained basement (soon probably).
Truly pathetic and revolting creature, even for a troll.


I know who he is and I dont need any advise from a moron spamming total garbage with multiple accounts like you.


That’s me tzatz ^^^^, see how smartz I am eh eh ahahhhahuh I am not total moron. I steal names, I steal and copy paste comments from twitter and comic books sites I am so smartz! I’ve been here for 20 hours today, almost half comments on this page are mine, I even talk with myself antonio, punisher, face, immortal, billy, rasputin, that’s all ME!!!! and more!
I will steal all your nicks and talk with myself every day coz I’m lonely and desperate loser just look at me please, pleaseeee 😭😭😭


What?Get c,b vitamin my friend.You are lost.


now 2 yuri (the fake that replied to u) and me

This is an extremely dangerous precedent for all journalists, activists, and journalists in the entire world. If this is allowed to pass without serious – and I mean serious – consequence, then it’s no less dangerous than the precedent set by the 2018 Khashoggi murder


CIA employee on LSD learned symbolic logic in trailer park taught by BLM professor fluent in ebonics

jens holm

You seemes very painted Yourself.


night porter needs rehab, less crack

jens holm

You seemes very painted Yourself. And I seemes I very pooped myself again.
Good thing Proud Hindu is here to lick my butt.

Tzatz Twatz


Stop stealing and copy-pasting random crap from Twitter and die already you braindead, shiteating, cocksucking MORON.

Last edited 27 days ago by Tzatz Twatz

Well,Roman Protasevich is not on the board with his girl-friend probably.Farewell to him.Sodomy is almost cultural heritage in Russia,Belarussia.He can prepare his anus.

Tzatz Twatz

No difference between your anus and mouth – both are filthy shitholes lol. Now stop changing names and talking with yourself, and go choke on your 30cm dildo you pathetic, moronic pile of donkey manure.

Almost as bad as forcing the airplane of the Bolivian President to land in Austria,or dragging a journalist out of an Embassy in London because he exposed US war crimes.

CIA version by schizophrenic amerikan
CIA upset US and NATO so impotent they are afraid of Belarus–can do nothing but pay hillbilly some meth to comment at SF

jens holm

New version haha.

In west we only want the people there decided their own destiny and by that not only Lukashenko but voting about it.

We dont need even mpre poor old days farmer only speaking strange russian too.

Its very hard for EU as well as USA to integrate and adapt those countries there. We just want things back from where USSR had no neocolonialisme there.

I can speak for Denmark. We really need the Baltic Sea very open as it has been since long time before the vikings.

I assume its aboit the same for the rest of the new countries, which I know less.


night porter speaks for homeless junkies in arhaus

So far 11 think the best way of life is being sheep.

It makes no sense any are stopping aeroplanes like that – for that too.

jens holm

So far 11 think the best way of life is being sheep.

That what all Danes are and we like it too.

So you know how long is his penis it must be difficult for your throat to swallow 30cm or perhaps not.

Arch Bungle

Every time an Iranian trips on the stairs the Jew breaks out in celebration.

A petty, shitty people. No wonder Hitler tossed them into the fire …

jens holm

Hitler was the finale. Long time before him there were so many progroms in eastern and Midfdle erope so about 5 million Jews fled and mainly to USA.

But today I see those countries mainly has exact the same kind of devellopment problems and even use Jews as excuse even they hardly are there.

So the lack and mistake mainly is in the nature and behaving by the 98% “others”.

Rodney Loder

Jew maggot chest beating has resulted in pushing out their belly to extreme proportions, jews can’t fight except in their dreams which the impose on me, using my intellectual property to do it, courtesy of the homosexual Sid Loder’s donation of me to Israeli maggots.

Anyhow remember the Japanese Scientists who used Chinese civilian detainees during WW2 to analyse the relationship between human internal organs and their central and periphial nervous systems, by cutting them open and poking about making their victims scream or be silent in fear.

So the Japanese Officials then sold the results of their experimental crimes to the US after the war, !!! Well that’s what Israel is doing with their experiments on the Palestineans pathologically and psychologically, selling the results to the US France and Britain.

jens holm

Thats how things are. Many wanted knowledge from Germany too and got it. There is nothing strange in that even it sometimes is very very dirty.

Money counts. They really do. safety too. The USA Mafia became protected because the Sicialiand Mafia helped Eisenhower and Montgommery.

Something for something.

jens holm

My ass is sometimes very very dirty. Proud Hindu clean it. There is nothing strange in that.
Something for something,

Barbequed Proud Hindu on Delhi road side.

Skewered Injun for 5 rupee please.


proper precautions after bomb report—bonus: CIA traitor detained

0.005% "Jewish" doesn't make you a Jew but a Zion

“Blast” in military factory… few weeks ago 2 Zion military factory blow-up…what about it?
Was it Iran? No

The drone crossing into Zion State is fake as fuk and you all fuking know…BiBi just want more money from the Nazi government, Iran didn’t have to do anything and that’s what they did…smart move.

John Mason

Either sloppy work or Iran needs to tighten up their security, maybe even both. These sort of incidents are not accidental and Iran should know who is behind it all; time to impose similar tactics on their territory and see how they like it.

Seek the truth

Poor little Germany is so upset that Iran is making drones. Only the NATO bunch can make drones. Israel who has nukes and UAE arming them up to the teeth. These countries have to compete. Can’t bring a knife to a gun fight. Some of this is propaganda from “I hate everybody country” I know damn well Syria has not sent in drones.

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