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JUNE 2020

Blackouts Continue In Venezuela After Another Alleged Cyber-Attack


Blackouts Continue In Venezuela After Another Alleged Cyber-Attack

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On March 9th, blackouts in Venezuela continued as Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and US-Proclaimed President Juan Guaido organized rivalling rallies.

Maduro, on Twitter, posted pictures and videos of the rally in his support, claiming that “American Imperialism” will never win against the proud Venezuelan people.

“We are facing the most serious aggression suffered by the Republic in 200 years of history. Together we will go forward because here the Venezuelan people govern. Love and endurance, conquering interference!”

“American imperialism is unaware of the strength of this hardened people who carry in their veins the blood of the Liberators of America. We have overcome all aggressions with revolutionary courage, and we will continue to stand; Firm defending the sovereignty of our homeland.”

“Today, when the US Empire, in its desperation to shake hands with our natural resources, intensifies its brutal aggression against the motherland, we stand firm to defend our land and shout Hard: Yankee Go Home! We are anti-imperialist!”

During his speech at the protest, Maduro accused the US of organizing another cyber-attack in an attempt to worsen the blackouts and impede progress towards recovery. He also thanked the Venezuelan military of stopping the coup.

“We received another cybernetic attack at noon to one of the generation sources that was working perfectly, but the fresh attack knocked out all that had been achieved by noon,” Maduro said.

The Venezuelan president said thanks to a deployment made by his government on Friday, they had been able to “make progress in continuous recovery process” that restored electricity to 70 percent of the country, which was lost following the new attack on March 9th.

Electricity had been restored to a number of states on March 9th before the new blackout.

In addition, Maduro referred to Juan Guaido as a “clown and a puppet” of the US.

“They invited the armed forces to carry out a military coup and their reply was clear – they have defeated the coup plotters,” he said.

At the opposition’s protest, US-Proclaimed President Juan Guaido announced that he would go on a tour of Venezuela and gather all his supporters to attend a massive protest in Caracas “very soon.”

“The conquest of the states must be in a peaceful, constitutional and organized way. So in the next few days I will tour the country with each member of the National Assembly for the great retaking of Caracas.”

“Venezuela is victorious and is heading towards success. So that they do not block we will progressively announce, in due time, the days, hours and the states we will visit.”

US National Security Adviser John Bolton expressed his support of Guaido in a tweet, also blaming Maduro for his “illegitimate power grab.”

US Senator Marco Rubio, who was accused by Venezuelan Information Jorge Rodriguez as the orchestrator of the blackouts, continued providing a timeline of the electricity situation in the country.

He also shared a video showing desperate family members of a dialysis patient running to the direct of civil protection seeking help. Despite government sources claiming that reports of patient deaths and such issues are fake, Rubio and Western media continue reporting the opposite.

He also accused the “Maduro Regime” of turning the blackout during the night in a “horror movie” with his “gangs” terrorizing people.




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  • AG Korvin

    A while back it was blamed on iguanas paving their way into the generators. Which was more plausible.

    Sabotage couldn’t be ruled out, even one that originates in the IT realm, but taking the complexity of an electric grid (generation, substations, carriers, etc.) into consideration an all-out hacking attempt is way less likely than an insider work.

    What is sad, however that both parties are vying for the power grab without any consideration for the lives of the Venezuelan people.

    Maduro driven Venezuela to the brink and Guiado just worsened the situation. I fear that Venezuelans will see decades of further decay, no matter who is gonna “win”.

    • Tudor Miron

      It wasn’t Maduro who drove Venezuela to the brink. Yes he is part of the problem but only in the sense that he’s not as good as Chaves and anglo-zio empire felt that he’s weak enough that they can attack and win. But overall it is only US (together with their vassal whore gang) who are guilty of situation in Venezuela – their ecomomic war against Venezuela is what’s causing the suffering of people.
      If Maduro wins it means that US will loose. If they will loose than it means that economic death grip will weaken and Venezuelians will do much better.
      If US wins (saying that guido wins is utterly stupid because he’s just a puppet of a lowest grade) than it means that Venezuelians will be enslaved even worse than it was before Chaves.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    The first blackout was most likely CIA’s cyber attack. This second one is more likely from overloading and overusing a sub station which blew from most likely being overused to re-rout electricity the past few days. This happens from time to time even in the US and Canada and Russia.

  • martin clarke

    The evil policies of the USA rear their ugly heads once more. Scum like Bolton, Rubio, Pence, Pompeio and Abrams lead the current campaign to overthrow yet another socialist government in South America. The elite land owners in all South American countries are mainly of Spanish American stock along with their priviliged middleclass followers. These folk wish to preserve the status-quo where the mass of indigenous native Americans are kept in poverty whilst this middle class section of the population presently represented by a mock, unelected CIA President continue to improve their living standards. Chavez had a policy of catch up standards for the poor which involved Housing, Hospitals and Education. This involved putting a brake on the continuing increased prosperity for the Upper and Middle Classes and the privatization of National asset’s. Since 2002 the USA has purposely destroyed the Venezuela economy with illegal actions that the UN has ignored. Colonial folk in South America who embrace the USA policies of the destruction of all vestiges of indigenous Socialist regimes need to be given the choice of re-education or expulsion to the Capitalist Heaven just North of Mexico. Fortunately unlike the USA who had a total Genocidal policy towards Native Americans there is still enough indigenous folk to make a stand and overthrow pro Colonialist regimes as in Africa where Jomo Kenyatta started the Colonial expulsions in the early fifties. Take back your lands and your culture indigenous South Americans!

  • Promitheas Apollonious

    Alleged ? SF you are slipping.

    • FlorianGeyer

      What the sabotage of the Venezuelan electrical grid has done, is to lay bare the vulnerability of most, if not all electrical grids that over rely on computers to control the grids.

      At the very least, the old methods of manual control, as an alternative to peace time computer control, should be an integral part of operator training and systems, that would insulate the grids from malign interference in times of cyber warfare ,practiced by rogue regimes such as the USA.

      • Tudor Miron

        Good point. Digital is nice and fancy but needs an analog back up when time get tough as they do now.

        • FlorianGeyer

          Its the same with vehicles, and ironically, the older vehicles that are exported to Africa etc, often have their fancy computerised systems taken out.

        • Villainess

          Cumbersome ‘analog-only’ with extreme vigilance is the only way Battlestar Galactica could survive the robot attacks. Fiction can certainly teach us what we need to know!

    • Marko

      Exactly. The Venezuelan opposition already confessed to this sort of criminal activity back in 2016 when they tried to pass an amnesty law that would absolve them of responsibility for such acts. One of the specific acts mentioned was “Damage to facilities of the National Electric System” :

      “Venezuela’s Right Wing Confesses to 17 years of Political Delinquency: The Amnesty Bill”


      You can be sure that if they ever take complete control , they’ll be able to pass such a law , thereby covering their own asses for decades of criminal behavior.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Be careful USA snake uses this to infiltrate a country with special forces.

  • Tudor Miron

    For whatever reason I have a feeling that anglo-zio empire will not be able to pull it off this time. If it wins it will delay its downfall. But if empire is to loose… I think it will speed up its falling apart.
    What was funny is that for last couple of years EU stooges seemed lost without clear leading from their master (US) and vassals even started to moan about. And when US gives them an opportunity to line behind a bully trying to destroy another smaller country they were eager to obey. It showed that they’re missing good ole times of being clearly dominated. Thing is that (imho) they are missing a subtle but important thing – may be this time it wasn’t so smart to join the bully. Time will tell. Lets see how it unfolds.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      a colony (US), can never be a master other than that, you got moist of it right.

  • Bill Wilson

    Electricity is free in Venezuela so the peons are getting what they paid for!