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Black Sea Fleet against Russia Is Like Playing with Fire

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Black Sea Fleet against Russia Is Like Playing with Fire

© Sputnik/ Vasiliy Batanov

A Blitz Comment by Kaloyan Metodiev to Hristina Hristova of Memoria. Translated by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront

– Something happened today, but I’m not sure that I know exactly what. Earlier this morning Borisov began to suspect that without his knowledge, there have been commitments made by our ministers of defense and foreign affairs [SF editor: Bulgarian]  – Nenchev and Mitov – the creation of a joint fleet with Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania in the Black Sea. The Prime Minister even threatened the ministers that he “will send them on the ships to fight against Russia.” There was an urgent press conference with Plevneliev, Borisov and Nenchev at which they jointly denied a commitment to a common Black Sea fleet against Russia. Your comment?

– At the first reading we find ourselves in the movie “Lost in Translation.” Emergency explanations, urgent rebuttals, urgent statements. Do our president, prime minister and various other ministers not speak to each other? They are in one party and one coalition. Otherwise I fully share the position expressed by Borisov. Whether prompted by inner conviction, sanity or fear. We have no interest to wave weapons against the Russians, to pretend we are hawks and enter into direct confrontation. To be puppets in foreign geopolitical games. The only thing which we can receive from such a participation are coffins. We should play our game, if they don’t have the capacity to reflect, they can ask the Hungarians. It is important that our borders are secure, businesses is booming and we are not involved in conflicts with a predetermined outcome.

Black Sea Fleet against Russia Is Like Playing with Fire

– There has been a speculation that Erdogan has stopped accepting a return of refugees from Bulgaria because of our refusal to get involved in this regional fleet. Borisov admitted that “the 200 refugees have been returned, 200 have been declined” by Turkey. Is there a connection?

– Yes. This came out in the morning in the Turkish press. Two days ago the Bulgarian side was handed a note because of the issue. The Governor of Edirne had sent it to the head of “Kapitan Andreevo”. However, in Bulgaria it’s lied about. Good thing that a scandal started so we know about it. This is a very bad news. The migrants can sweep us in a few months. If the border is not held, the government will go. The big risk however remains for the Bulgarian society.

– Could the Romanian initiative have been done without the consent with the Alliance? Is NATO trying to involve us in a military conflict with Russia?

– I do not believe Bucharest is going this out of their own will. Neither does Turkey, which is the second army of the Alliance. They probably don’t want to put us into direct conflict with the Russians, because that would mean World War III. Nobody makes such foolish things against a nuclear power. They are trying to pressure them, but for me that’s playing with fire. And in our case we are so close to the potential theater of operations that they can flatten us with the earth, from Varna to Petrich.

Romanians historically play a different game, they have another approach. Ever since the West’s favorite Ceausescu. We have more to read history. The analysis, which must be made ​​from the Bulgarian side is about what’s going on inside NATO. Is the Pact unified, what groups are formed, what processes are running? What is the common in the values ​​and policies of the governments in Berlin, Ankara, Washington, Madrid Athens, Rome, Warsaw, Bratislava, Paris, etc. What will happen after the elections in the United States? The situation is dynamic, but someone is in a hurry.

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