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“Big Tech Has Become A Tool Of Totalitarian Fascism” – Google Has ‘Memory-Holed’ The Great Barrington Declaration

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

The bureaucrat/scientists who have been guiding the American response to the coronavirus – even Dr. Fauci acknowledges that the Trump Administration has accepted most of his recommendations (even if Trump hasn’t always followed them on a personal level).

Many who have been closely following coverage of the 2nd wave of the virus hammering Europe have heard Europe’s leaders explain to indignant reporters how their lockdown-free approach differs from an outright ‘herd immunity’ strategy question, as well as the growing acceptance of lockdown-free approaches to tackling the coronavirus (even as Sweden imposes new restrictions as Europe’s second wave looms). Just yesterday in the UK, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said a return to ‘lockdown’ status within London was “inevitable”, even as London’s infection rate lags the hot spots in northern England (in and around Manchester, as well as a few other areas) by a sizable margin.

"Big Tech Has Become A Tool Of Totalitarian Fascism" - Google Has 'Memory-Holed' The Great Barrington Declaration

Leaders in Europe have all warned that returning to a national lockdown would be an absolute last resort, as their economies struggle to recover from the springtime mass closures that wrought unprecedented havoc on the real economy (even if it hasn’t always translated over to the market).

But an even bigger threat to the status quo engineered by Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx and their colleagues around the world is the sudden emergence in academia of a credible, and vocal, chorus of dissent, as researchers who are luminaries in their field speak out against lockdowns.

Since the spring, libertarians have criticized governors and even President Trump for following in the footsteps of communist China, which clearly allowed the virus to spread unchecked for weeks, or even months, before stepping in. Fewer than 100k cases have been confirmed in China – a figure that many observers suspect is far short of the real number.

But we digress. As many of the springtime hotspots from around the world – densely populated areas like Madrid and Paris – suffer through second waves that are equally, if not more, punishing than the first round, more laypeople are starting to question: what was this all for?

And whatever happened to Dr. Fauci saying that the goal was to “flatten the curve” so hospitals aren’t overwhelmed? Not force businesses to close for longer than 6 months, destroying the livelihoods of millions, as we hope and pray for the FDA to expedite approval of a vaccine.

Well, on Oct. 4, a group of scientists from Oxford, Harvard, Stanford and other distinguished academic institutions from around the world published the Great Barrington Declaration, a brief statement offering an alternative public policy approach. Instead of mandating business closures, lockdowns should be lifted, and a shift to “focused protection” should be implemented. Resources should be focused to protect the vulnerable (the elderly and those with CDC-designated risk factors). The young and health population should be allowed to live normally, with the hope that they would eventually build up immunity.

Critics have attacked the statement’s recommendations, but their criticisms are mostly superficial or easily addressable. The most salient, in our view, is the notion that we don’t yet know how long immunity from COVID-19 lasts, now that confirmed cases of reinfection have been found around the globe. To be sure, those cases are few and far between, and there’s a substantial amount of anecdotal and scientific data suggesting that health care workers have developed lasting immunity.

But since the approach challenges the status quo in the US, a position that Democrats have embraced at risk of their political reputations, big tech has rallied to try and censor the Great Barrington Declaration. First Reddit buried discussion of the declaration; now Google has “memory holed” the declaration, as one Twitter user explains.

Here’s the thread, courtesy of @boriquagato:

He continues:

Simple, right?  Here’s the declaration, and here’s the wiki page.

You can see the authors, kulldorf, gupta, bhattacharya’s names and know this this was written by medical professors at harvard, stanford, and oxford.

there’s no slant, not editorializing, it’s primary source info.

now let’s have a look at google.

pretty different looking results, huh?  not only do they not lead with the declaration itself or its authors, they lead with dishonest hit pieces.

they try to tie it to climate denial and fake science.

um, no.  this is “fake search.”

"Big Tech Has Become A Tool Of Totalitarian Fascism" - Google Has 'Memory-Holed' The Great Barrington Declaration

the google results for “great barrington declaration” are simply not search results at all.

it’s a propagandistic hit piece ducking the science, ignoring the credentials of the authors, failing to show the declaration, and spinning it as some kind of fringe cabal of “deniers.”

"Big Tech Has Become A Tool Of Totalitarian Fascism" - Google Has 'Memory-Holed' The Great Barrington Declaration

it’s staggeringly blatant once you see it, but will anyone?

or will they be fooled by this because it’s subtle and you think google is a search engine, not a radicalized editorial column.

and it’s now EVERYWHERE.

Reddit will not allow users to see it.

know what a man fears by watching what he tries to silence.

these groups know they have lost the debate.

they know that the facts and the science are not on their side.

and now they want to win by lying.

what choice have they left themselves?

when you have hitched your wagon to “credentialism” from buffoons like fauci and brix and ding and topol and then the REAL credentialed crowd shows up and calls you out, what can you do?

you’re cornered by your own argument. so you have to hide this fact. it’s fatal to you.

"Big Tech Has Become A Tool Of Totalitarian Fascism" - Google Has 'Memory-Holed' The Great Barrington Declaration

and oh how they are going to try to hide it.

at the risk of sounding tinfoil hatty: big tech has become an apparatus of totalitarian fascism.

this is what that looks like. you push a government line and “right-think” while politicizing all things.

government and business in the same bed to shape society for “it’s own good.”

that’s what fascism is.

“Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State.”

when mussolini said that, he meant it as a positive.

“totalitarian” was a complement.  and make no mistake, big business LOVES this.

it’s profitable and certain and protects your market position and entrenches oligopoly.

big business does not like free markets. it likes “less competition and a thumb on the scale.”

they LOVE fascism.  this fascism is always and everywhere a leftist youth movement. it’s not right wing, it’s left. (yes, i know what wikipedia says, it’s wrong. read your history on where these parties came from. they all emerged from socialist parties)

now it comes from san francisco.  and this is the part we need to understand:

they thought they were the good guys. hitler, stalin, mussolini, all of them

they thought there were the way forward to a greater society, a more perfect nation, justice, & progress.

and the companies that helped them thought so too  they are not sitting around twirling their moustaches in sinister fashion plotting the the downfall of the world.

it’s far worse.

they honestly believe that they are the anointed whose great wisdom & intellect gives them a right & a duty to tell the benighted masses how to live

"Big Tech Has Become A Tool Of Totalitarian Fascism" - Google Has 'Memory-Holed' The Great Barrington Declaration

they have convinced themselves that calling fascism “antifa” means they are the good guys

but make no mistake, this is an attempt to rule you and it’s showing its true colors now

they, like all despots, believe that they will be benign.

history is not kind to that presumption.

"Big Tech Has Become A Tool Of Totalitarian Fascism" - Google Has 'Memory-Holed' The Great Barrington Declaration

we seem to be at a crossroads.

we can either see this for the power play that it is and seek out new ways to get information and communicate and take back our data and our speech, or we can fall under this spell and become lost in this propagandistic house of mirrors.

search and social media do not have to be like this.

the can be peer to peer, open source, and provide personal agency.

remember that you are not google’s customer, nor twitter’s.

you are their product.

they sell you to their customers.

did you not ask who pays the bills?

"Big Tech Has Become A Tool Of Totalitarian Fascism" - Google Has 'Memory-Holed' The Great Barrington Declaration

but this can change and will change.

the more they adulterate and censor, the more incentive there is to leave their walled gardens and find a better way.

this is going to be the awkward adolescence of internet and social media.

but it needs to happen.

it’s time to grow up.

* * *

Source: @boriquagato

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True that. Youtube bans videos that promote descentralised video platforms based on cryptocurrency.


> “Fewer than 100k cases have been confirmed in China – a figure that many observers suspect is far short of the real number.”

in other words, the figure is accurate, but i’m following Pompeo’s orders to slur China in some way whenever evidence of their competence arises.

“many observers suspect” is obvious pure imagination aimed at the gullible. I’m insulted that no effort was put in to make the propaganda believable.

Jens Holm

I dotn think any should follow making guilt more imprtant then handling the treatments better.

I see no sign of the Covid is declining in fx USA. Its growing.

Jens Holm

Flatten the curve reduce how many whuch are hit at the same time. By that hospitals and the rest of us have space for the incommers.

But with nothing else the people with weak such as Our grandparents will die.

So flatten the curve is only the first big step. Number two is protect those weak ones by keeping them away from contamination fx by washing, gloves and masks.

The next step is to have tools, which with some succes can be given to infected before the covid maximize amd next when people actually are hit hard.

Thats what can be done well and dont happen as it should.

We cant just wait for an antivirus and et the patient die.

So the problems are trust for the advices from Goverments and Doctors and so many even declare, they have rights. So many not only in USA highly angry declare their rights.

Its totally forgotten that we as well as USA are given or has taken that right because we think we can behave as responsible persons. Its forgotten by million of morons, that this responsability by parlamentarisme is a new thing.

The old version, which do exist too much in the world is few self established leaders has that freedom and by that also are the responsible ones. Some actually are good leaders doing it very well and most dont. But that part of the world say the rest of the popuulation are sheep and force them to be sheep eating whats told. So if the leaders have the treatment people can do well, but we also see Leaders dont care for the rest reflecting – well we sont care if 1 million sheep in Syria dies. Even so we still has 19 million and even save a lot of expenasive help to the old and sick ones.

So the main problem in the parlamentarisme is, that people dont do what Fauci and other doctors decide and even think they have a swedish or another version. You can do none of them, if many people also do none of those advices.

We see the same attitudes about vaccinations fx against measels. some 5% here dont vaccinate and shout out loud, that only very few are hit. But the reason for that is the 95% of us take the small risk by vaccination, so the measels dont spread to those morons.

Thats unsolidarity of the worst kind.

Finally I can only say that we have to change mainly in minds, what we use those fast medias for and against. Our country is so digitaized, that it would collapse, if we took away IT.

But we have to have better tools. No one should blame me as potential killer for having a knife for dividing my tomatoes.

Its a matter of tools are made more by common sense as well as too many dont understand this. We cannot have the ones being not criminals are controlled as if they are.

The dilemmas also are very subjektive as fx for the measels. If its normal to raise girls for sale as in Islam and the sold one dont want to be married as well as dont behave as a complet new family demans, which fault is it.

Here we often see the vomen is blamed being a bad unhappy robot and her old family kill here and even pay back to her new family as if they have sold them a bad car. And on pages like this debating for better insight for girls and c´vomen are their own persons cant even be debated and in its mist open explanation can be commneted as Haram – and by people, which most like not even has written how rights are in that religion.

I mention it because argumentaions like that faked religion and also found in othere religions as well as sekularisme is a nasty showstopper.

The best in this are building up trust with fairness. No more too much streeet parlament in any level of us.

Tommy Jensen

I never use google so the article is not for me but for the you sheeple.


I use google search but that’s about it! They should pay us for the priviledge!

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