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Biden’s Dreams Did Not Pass Reality Check As Chances Of Hot War Are On Rise

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Biden's Dreams Did Not Pass Reality Check As Chances Of Hot War Are On Rise

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin responded to the Joe Biden’s claims. The day before, U.S. President replied to the journalist’s question, saying that his Russian counterpart is a “killer”.

“Who calls someone’s names, is called himself the same,” the Russian president replied with a childish proverb that is equivalent to: “I’m rubber and you’re glue! Bad names bounce off me and stick to you!”

He also wished good health for US President Joe Biden.

Thus, Putin highlighted the grotesqueness of Biden’s accusations, and that they no sense but only aim to provoke resonance in the media. There was no such precedent in the history of diplomatic relations between Russia and the United States.

“I will only say that these are very bad statements by the US President. He definitely does not want to improve relations with our country. And we will proceed from this point,” Kremlin’s Spokesman Peskov said.

We, although they think that we are the same as them, but we are different people. We have a different genetic, cultural and moral code. But we know how to defend our own interests. And we will work with them, but in those areas in which we ourselves are interested, and on those conditions that we consider beneficial for ourselves. They will have to reckon with this ”

After Biden’s interview, where he vowed Modcow to ‘pay’ for alleged meddling in the last U.S. elections, the Russian ambassador to the U.S. was called for consultations in Moscow. The Kremlin pointed out that he was not recalled from the U.S. Such a measure aims to demonstrate the possible consequences if Washington continues its destructive politics.

The recall of the Russian Ambassador from the United States for consultations was the only possible reaction to the words of President Joe Biden about Russia, such measures are very strong, after them there is only a break in diplomatic relations, according to the Deputy Speaker of the Russian Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

In his interview, Russian President explained the reason of misunderstanding between the two sides. He claimed that the Americans have to admit that the Russians are different from them. The basic problem is that the leadership of the United States is ready to cooperate with Moscow, but only in those spheres where Washington has its interests and only on its own terms.

“We, although they think that we are the same as they are, but we are different. We have a different genetic, cultural and moral code. But we know how to defend our own interests. And we will cooperate with them (Americans), but in those areas in which WE are interested, and on those conditions that we consider beneficial for ourselves. They will have to reckon with this ” Putin said.

Biden's Dreams Did Not Pass Reality Check As Chances Of Hot War Are On Rise

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The on-going diplomatic crisis in Washington-Moscow relations goes alongside with the regular muscle-flexing by NATO members near the Russian borders. The NATO instructors frequently visit Kiev and meet Ukrainian military authorities on the frontlines in Donbass, amid the regular reports of the UAF reinforcements in the region.

The largest NATO joint military drills Defender Europe 2021 kicked off in the areas close to Russian borders. The exercises will include trainings in the Black Sea, in the immediate vicinity of Crimea.

On March 18th, the Crimeans celebrate the 7th anniversary of reunification with Russia. In these years, the defence capabilities of the peninsula have been increased, as since 2014, NATO’s military presence in the Black Sea region has grown significantly. American ships, reconnaissance drones regularly approach the Russian borders. According to the Deputy Minister of Defence, the number of reconnaissance aircraft flights in the region increased by 40%, and near the Crimean Peninsula by 60%.

Ukraine and NATO countries scheduled eight major exercises near Crimea this year, according to Russian Deputy Minister of Defense, Andrei Kartapolov.

“In 2021, eight large joint exercises of the armed forces of Ukraine and NATO are planned in the region with the participation of 11 thousand foreign military personnel – Americans, Poles, Romanians and the British,” Kartapolov said to the Russian Federation Council.

The current crisis is a logical deterioration in the relations between Russia and the U.S. after Joe Biden came to power. 

In the struggle for global dominance, globalist elites require more resources to promote their agenda. The obvious measures to take are the capturing of new markets and gaining control over new territories. As such Russia and the other post-Soviet states, with their vast territories, which are both quite rich in resources and relatively low in population, seem to be worthwhile targets from various points of view.

The neo-liberals and globalists have a strategic goal to weaken the Russian leadership and divide Russia into various small states and gaining control over them. Obviously, now Biden is looking for a reason to carry out a devastating strike, to destroy Russian statehood and disrupt the country by so-called soft-power or military means, no matter. In Eastern Ukraine, in the Karabakh region,  in Belorussia, in the Black Sea, the collective West, headed by Washington, does its best to provoke Moscow to cross the read line first. It seems that the new large-scale conflict has not been started yet thanks to Russian ‘sense of humor’ and Putin’s skill to knockdown his counterpart with a childish joke.


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Neither soft nor hard power against Russia will work or have any effectiveness. Neo liberal elites are wasting their time as their main political/military/economic platforms are on a significant decline while Russia and the rest of Asia are on the rise.

Assad must stay

biden is gonna royally screw himself over, does he even know what he is doing? i wonder who is really making his decisions for him


Hey Assad. I think he and his crew are trapped in the past. They have not adjusted at all and my opinion is that they will have a very rough year.

Assad must stay

they are, you are right, hey john, hope all is well sir :)


We will probably see lots of articles on Biden here on SF. But I will still pretend I don’t know why such a sudden spike happens:))


biden is a retard and sf didnt even collect enough info to know who is the real governing board behind biden


its a true clown circus over there in washington dc they are right now the most depleted idiots that ever ruled in america all sides of the political spectrum are that way


We are at a very interesting phase of things. In a nutshell, everybody was eady for President Biden and all, that´s right every single one, of his advisors. Why? President Trump was an unknown quantity, a new political object. Eventually the forces outside of the Occidental club adjusted to it, laying down the beginnings of impenetrable obstacles. President Biden, without implying any disrespect for those involved, has populated his staff with retreads; everybody knows them and everythign about them. The ideas and goals his staff are populated with, are so old they are gag me boring.

Fellas, you can´t conduct your business like this against exceptionally tough opponents and not expect to be ripped apart. It would not surprise me if the final outcome of the Alaska 2 + 2 meeting will amount to irrevesable damge to US diplomatic capabilites. It may sound a bit much but, I do understand the gravity of what I am typing here. It is painful to see my country slowly shredded but, they keep sticking their hands, arms and even legs into a running lawnmover. Nobody can save it.

So, after my personal bout with Covid-19, I am just observing. 2022 is going to be a lot different from now. A lot is going to change and not the way the folks in the beltway think it will. My take, I wish well to all.


It seems China and Russia agree with you – one look at Biden’s Cabinet and senior bureaucrat picks shows clearly the forces he is beholden to. And they are indeed ideological throw-backs – the Neo-Con mindset for driving an ‘American Exceptionalism’ foreign policy – zealots devoid of ability to compromise – and the Chinese and Russians certainly know them well enough by now.


“”” Obviously, now Biden is looking for a reason to carry out a devastating strike, to destroy Russian statehood and disrupt the country by so-called soft-power or military means,”””

Devastating strike to destroy Russian statehood………such nonsensical pipe dream. US does not have the nuclear or conventional capability to carry out a devastating strike to destroy Russia, most of its nuclear weapons are old with proven pluses and minuses. Russia is developing S 500 and A 235 anti ballistic missile defense system, while the S 400 retains some anti ballistic missile capability, while Russian new strategic weapons retain the capacity for a first strike capability by a great margin. Then there is the second, third, fourth strike capability the Russians have at their disposal that NATO does not have.

johnny rotten

After all, what Demenzia Joe said is no different from the fake media campaign waged throughout this century against Russia and against all those nations that refuse to bow to the wishes of the imperialist oppressors, it’s still the same old story, nothing new from the western front, perhaps just a little more delirium at this stage but nothing shocking.


Didn’t VIZ run a series on the Brit Joe Biden?



Putin completely outplayed the Murcans, the UK, and the EU since he is in power. The man is far more intelligent than any of our western elected idiots hence the reason why not a single one of them would dare to go into a debate with him. So called journalists that did, were completely ridiculed. If it wasn’t for the mass media constantly protecting western politicians from their constant gaffs, Russia would have been the leader of Europe 10 years ago. Constant accusations done by the UK and their refusal to provide proof certainly should have been something where the mass media should have pointed at but instead, they pushed the lies without asking any questions…without doing what they are paid to do which was used to being called ‘journalism’. Today, journalism through the mass media is completely dead. In fact, the word ‘journalist’ should be replaced with ‘propagandist’.

As for Biden, he’s only a puppet continuing the work of the globalists…well, not for long as he is slowly losing his mind which was part of the reasons why the Democrats pushed him to run against Trump. I seriously doubt that he will still be the president by the end of this year.


iam sorry sf aka tomorrows northfront i did tell you that you will have to change your name


i expect turkey to be heavily involved in the next conflict in ukraine while iran will probably monitor all sides


Increasing numbers of Americans are paying attention to what the Russian leaders say and the lessons that the Russians have learned from their history, good and bad.

“We, although they think that we are the same as them, but we are different people. We have a different genetic, cultural and moral code. But we know how to defend our own interests. And we will work with them, but in those areas in which we ourselves are interested, and on those conditions that we consider beneficial for ourselves.”


Dejudification 1945 to 2010.

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/8/8f/Europe_Jewish_%25_change_1945_2010.png/220px-Europe_Jewish_%25_change_1945_2010.png https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Jews_in_Europe


This video can be watched by clicking on the link below the screenshot. It is extremely informative. I recommend it to anyone in government, security services, military, or any concerned citizen who understands English. It goes far beyond election fraud and addresses America’s and humanity’s Jew, Israel and Zionist problem in depth. And helps to explain the above graphic.

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/13af7dfd8b320d37f39d9ac9d7be44c2957fc46e31dd640a08bb425fe152c360.png https://www.bitchute.com/video/WjbSjEKACdCm/

cechas vodobenikov

“world domination manifests itself as an intellectual or if u prefer a cultural diktat. this is why the amerikans have so zealously tried to bring down the intellectual and cultural common denominator of the entire world down to their own level. try to convince an amerikan that their values will destroy Russia: you will not be able”. Alexandr Zinoviev

Zaphod Braden

Where is the investigation of ISRAELI “collusion in American elections”?! https://mailchi.mp/ad1fe5202b38/israel-uses-intelligence-cutouts-to-target-the-us-from-jcpoa-to-ftacutouts-can-cost-the-us-billions?e=13533ac484

Netanyahu BRAGGING about Israeli control of USA laws: “It was also not for nothing that the American administration has taken this step together with us. In recent years, we have promoted laws in most US states, which determine that strong action is to be taken against whoever tries to boycott Israel”. ……NOTE:Anti-boycott laws are the most dangerous assault on free speech in the United States since the McCarthy era.

http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/10/29/how-soon-can-we-get-aipac-owned-traitors-out-of-congress/ https://www.opensecrets.org/industries/indus.php?ind=Q05 How many of YOUR/America’s $4+BILLION in WELFARE given to Israel every year comes back to America in the form of BRIBES to “american” politicians? Traitors voting to give Israel more, so they can get bigger BRIBES. Note they NEVER go to Palestinian areas — NO BRIBES there. http://investmentwatchblog.com/former-us-lawmaker-cynthia-mckinney-says-every-candidate-for-congress-has-to-sign-a-pledge-to-vote-for-supporting-the-military-superiority-of-israel/ “Israel Buys the US Congress: Sabotaging the US-Iran Peace Negotiations” https://www.globalresearch.ca/israel-buys-…um=related_articles

Documents obtained from the Israeli government show US pro-Israel organizations secretly used Israeli money to influence US policies. Such behavior is illegal under US law. Yet, mainstream media so far are ignoring the information, and Congress shows no interest in investigating this evidence of foreign tampering. A Congressional caucus with 80 members is connected to one of the groups… https://israelpalestinenews.org/pro-israel-groups-reportedly-break-law-media-congress-look-the-other-way/

The Russia hate is another manifestation of Jewish control of America. The Jews HATE Putin & Russia because Putin stopped their looting of Russian assets under the drunk Yeltsin. Just as they did during the Wiemar hyper inflation in Germany the Jews had money shipped in from overseas and were buying up assets at pennies on the dollar. That led to huge resentment of Jews in Germany and again in Russia. The Jewish Deep State behind Clinton sent a planeload of “democracy advisors” to Moscow in the 90’s. They were actually an economic wrecking crew that looted the vulnerable Russian people of $TRILLIONS. The ensuing societal collapse killed ten million Russians (4 million were kids). 99% of bad things you hear about Russia is Jewish smear.

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