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Biden To Address Crisis In Afghanistan “In Next Few Days”

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Biden To Address Crisis In Afghanistan "In Next Few Days"

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Originally published on ZeroHedge.

With both Americans, and the world, seeking some guidance – if not leadership – from the US during the chaos unfolding in Afghanistan which has seen both the capital Kabul and the US embassy fall to the Taliban in several frenetic hours…

… CNN announced that President Biden – who has been holed up in Camp David – is expected to address the nation in the next few days about the crisis in Afghanistan.

According to the report, one option under discussion is to have Biden return to the White House, though the official cautioned that they had not completely ruled out making the remarks from Camp David.

Earlier today, CNN’s Jeff Zeleny reported that while Biden can receive the same level of briefings from Camp David, as he has been doing throughout the weekend, officials are aware of the optics of the President being out of town during this perilous moment.

Several administration officials have also been on vacation, but began returning to work remotely Sunday or in the West Wing.

Earlier today, the White House twitter account sent out a photo showing Biden holding a video conference with the national security team and senior officials “to hear updates on the draw down of our civilian personnel in Afghanistan, evacuations of SIV applicants and other Afghan allies, and the ongoing security situation in Kabul.” The photo was quickly panned by a former Navy bomb squad team member among others, for clearly showing the face of the Doha station chief, outing him in the process.


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"Israel" is a terrorist NATO settler colony

This is why Biden is a good US president. He actually did something useful and left Afghanistan. Next, the USA should leave Syria and Iraq.

But it’s funny how all these stooges, who were bought out by the Military Industrial Complex, are complaining about it. Biden did something good for once. Give him some credit.

Last edited 1 month ago by "Israel" is a terrorist NATO settler colony
Marco Polo

They all suck.

“bought out by the Military Industrial Complex”

Who controls it? International jewry is the chief adversary of mankind, they control the United States world shopping mall in favour of a world-wide Eurasian empire.


It was based on need not choice. The US has known for a decade they needed to get out. But no one would take accountability during their career/term of office, they kept kicking can down the road. No one wanted to have official loser on their resume. But by end of Trump term it was no longer viable to remain – even US Marines had long given up on their tasks, and occasionally went through the motions. At this point it wasn’t a choice it was a necessity. Biden just happened to be in driver’s seat at the crunch time.


It had to be done no matter who’s president, but the media would go crazy if this happened during Trump presidency.
Biden in July 2020 interview: Zero responsibility


Upon election, it took Biden around nine weeks to make his inauguration media speech, which was absolutely unprecedented in US Presidential politics, for sheer sluggishness, inertia, and lack of overall energy. Don’t hold your breath on this one either.

Mad Max

Now they will look to invade some country of appropriate size to rebuild confidence. San Marino maybe?

Paul Denton

Uh oh, Sleepy Joe is gonna release very stern statement against the Taliban

Alberto Bohon.

Ahmad Shah Massoud’s son, Ahmad Massoud calls for the fight against the Taliban from the Panshir region of Afghanistan, I hope their futile resistance will be failed and destroyed. let the Taliban’s enemies fall to the ground all of them.

Tommy Jensen

How dare you Taliban.

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