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Biden Says Europe Needs To “Stand For Ukrainian Sovereignty”, U.S. Back At The Lead

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In Ukraine, both the Kiev forces and the DPR/LPR continue exchanging accusations of violations of the ceasefire agreement. The situation is sure to deteriorate in 2021 and beyond.

A provocation is likely coming in the near future, as US President Joe Biden said that Europe needs to stand for Ukrainian sovereignty.

“Putin seeks to weaken European project and our NATO Alliance. He wants to undermine the transatlantic unity and our resolve, because it’s so much easier for the Kremlin to bully and threaten individual states than it is to negotiate with a strong and closely united transatlantic community. That’s why — that’s why standing up for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine remains a vital concern for Europe and the United States,” U.S. President Joe Biden said at the 2021 Virtual Munich Security Conference.

Biden also added that addressing Russian recklessness and hacking into computer networks, in the United States and across Europe and the world, “has become critical to protecting our collective security.”

“The Kremlin attacks our democracies and weaponizes corruption to try to undermine our system of governance,” the U.S. President said.

He added that Russian leaders want to convince their people that Western countries are more corrupt or as corrupt as their leadership, but the world, including Russia’s own citizens, knows that isn’t true.

Biden emphasized that the United States returned to global leadership and that NATO remained a strong foundation for defending the interests of the entire democratic world.

In exchange for his statements, the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office said that the Burisma case wouldn’t be investigated any longer.

Ukrainian prosecutors in recent years had looked into the actions of Burisma, a company on whose board U.S. President Joe Biden’s son Hunter had served from 2014 to 2019, and its founder Mykola Zlochevsky.

“Everything that prosecutors could do, they have done,” Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova said in an interview with Reuters by video link from Kyiv. “This is why I don’t see any possibilities (or) necessity to come back to these cases.”

Venediktova also said U.S. authorities had made no requests of her office since Biden took office last month.

Biden Says Europe Needs To "Stand For Ukrainian Sovereignty", U.S. Back At The Lead

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  • On February 21, artillery of the DPR/LPR forces reportedly targeted UAF positions in Pivdenne area
  • On February 21, artillery of the DPR/LPR forces reportedly targeted UAF positions in Novgorodske area
  • On February 19, artillery of the DPR/LPR forces reportedly targeted UAF positions in Zaitseve area
  • On February 19, the DPR/LPR forces targeted positions of the UAF forces by grenade launchers near Luhanske
  • On February 21, UAF artillery reportedly targeted the DPR/LPR forces near Gorlovka


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Hasbara Hunter


Z.I.O JOE should focus on internal affairs to retain Murican Sovereignty …like the upcoming American Civil War II for instance…

catalin zt

This anglo-saxon SCUM race will PERISH in ww3 and the anglo-saxon capitalist-fascist monkeys will be HUNTED all over the Free World ! Amen!

Hasbara Hunter

Let’s not forget the ZioNazis…there are Good folks, Bad folks & very very Evil folks…those very very Evil folks have had their best time on this Planet… it’s them or us…

johnny rotten

It is a real shame that they are just braggarts, and the usual chatter between four friends at the bar, if they were really interested in running the Ukrainian gay-nazis it would be a stroke of luck for the Donbass, as well as destroying and eliminating in large numbers those criminals will free another beautiful piece of land.

Just Me

US and NATO vassals agenda is to destabilize the bordering regions of Russia and Ukraine is the staging post with thousands of NATO troops, propaganda units and disinformation specialists stationed there. The situation is far more serious than during the cold war as the Jew 5th column in Russia is the spearhead of this mass attempt. The devious backstabbing Brits are the masterminds behind this concentrated anti-Russian campaign.


You wanna know about these dumassed traitors to ww2 allies?

Ever since the demise of the cccp+berlin wall saw the beginning of the end foir the british empire,nuff said!
This is the reward of their fruits,lesson must be learn’t never try to devour they whom were
devoured by evil,for if they persist to conspire to treason in the end,look at the uk now!
Case dismissed:

Solution,see to brexit now or never,war is not the answer for it shan’y be ever won,
how could they as nazi vassels,no Siree! Get rid of the backstabbers + cowards+ criminals,
Putin atleast is doing han]lf a decent job in toeing them into line,Britain must do the same:
As for nwo corporate cia expirment eu-epp-digital 4th reicht,they will keep on blowing fuses!


ukraine is a sovereign country (except under the supervision f the disunited states of A) although a bankrupt one. all biden is saying is that europe must support ukraine economically so that the usefulness of kiev doesn’t go the drain. keep up the pressure and at the end of the day, russian commodities might be owned by the yankee-twats.

cechas vodobenikov

these huge LSD doses provided Bi-dim to address his dementia have caused gross and florid delusions–the USA has a kakistocracy, no democracy. Ukraine has become a blyatocracy–producing 1 export: prostitutes. now that Hunter is the drug tsar in USA the amerikan war on drugs has been won by Mexican cartels–but Hunter has unlimited coke and Ukrainian girls

catalin zt

USA has Plutocracy same for the rest of “free” capitalist-fascist World!!! Ha ha


Biden respresents satan,nwo,corporate digital fascism,The world must unite and resist its nwo/cias.
Failure to do so,there shall be no sovereignty,no honour nor valour nor peace nor prosperity,ever!
Oh and Assange remains in safe custody under the Commonwealth,live and bear it cia/schemers!
2 bobs worth.


US and its allies should officially recognize the political sovereignty and
independence for all 22 (or possibly any other number) of the Russian federal
units in their existing borders and to recognize their current leaders as the
heads of states until the first democratic elections are organized. This is
because any call upon the current government i.e., oligarchy in the Kremlin to
voluntarily release peoples from the clutches of occupation and
dictatorship would certainly go unheeded. Any further cooperation with Russians
would be conducted exclusively through governments of the new independent states.
All other countries of the world shall be compelled to follow suit lest all their
ties with the democratic world be cut. Any imaginable Russian retaliation
would be a nonstarter and it would attract exactly zero following in the world.
Furthermore, the Russian oligarchic “elites”, political and otherwise should be
subsequently tried for war (and all other) crimes committed in the post-soviet
era like those in Chechnya, Ukraine, Syria, Georgia etc.
P.S. this way Russia will finally be able to taste its own medicine that it used in different places
since the dismemberment of the USSR and especially in the Balkans where it fully cooperated
with the western “partners”, arming the fascists and breaking the country apart with a sickening zeal.
After all, the current Russian predicament is 100% the result of its own policies and no one’s else.
comment image used in

Captain Freedom


Comment of subject “Homer” has been marked as mentally deranged and woke, read at your own risk.


he is just trying to earn what Sorors pays him for…
last efforts to impose globalist enslavement on planetary level…

Hasbara Hunter

No worries…that is Jens’ Siamese twin brother…something went wrong when they seperated them…

catalin zt

Anglo-saxon SCUM!


Soros paid bot actually

Lost Empire

What about the events that happened in Washington? The second american civil war is approaching and will be the US and not Russia to break up in many small indipendent states


wasting a breath, he is bot
“Comments 4” up-voted by him

Fog of War

Let me fix that for you.

The world and its countries should officially recognize the political sovereignty and
independence for all 50 US states.


Try something stupid you old bastard in Ukraine.


nothing new.


Washington pigs have no business in Europe. They should sort out the horrible state of their own country.

Assad must stay

Biden should shut his mouth and be extremely thankful for putin for doing the minsk ceasefires/agreements way back in 2015

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