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Biden Needs War On Iran To Address Internal Crises

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Biden Needs War On Iran To Address Internal Crises


Written by Maj. Gen. (R) Khalid Marshoud exclusively for SouthFront

The Biden administration is facing an arduous task within exceptional circumstances, represented by a national crisis and the continued coronavirus pandemic that is still out of control. Having come to power not so long ago, Biden has already signed a number of executive orders that defined the political course on urgent issues. He canceled many of Trump’s orders, such as a prohibition to citizens of some mainly Muslim countries from entering the United States, halting the US’ withdrawal from the World Health Organization and rejoining the Paris agreement on climate change, with a particular effort in grappling with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy and the country’s healthcare system.

Biden has already taken an important step in the Middle East, and temporarily halted arms sales to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. However, despite numerous claims during his electoral campaign, no significant steps have been done towards the normalization with Iran yet.

Biden faces critical internal political crisis, which resulted from mismanagement, reinforcement of hatred, suppression of the media, freedom of speech. This caused the storming of the Capitol accompanied with riot and violence, slogans and symbols threatening the American Union, reflecting a separatist spirit and a tendency to racism, which prompted the deployment of the National Guard to protect Washington, DC and secure a safe transition of power.

Biden can only manage this crisis and restore the American social path to stabilization by establishing stable cooperation between Democrats and Republicans. This is unlikely within the current political environment and the Republican majority in legislative councils. Trump’s ideology has been entrenched in minds of many Americans, and adopted as a political concept, indicating the fragility of democracy as Biden said, and the possibility of the US strength factors turning into weakness if not addressed immediately.

Evidence and events reveal that American society suffers discrimination in rights and freedoms. Social networks that represent the freedom of expression and are out of government suppression became platforms for the oppressed and actively contributed to the overthrow of dictators. Trump used it to turn against American democracy, but he did not find the freedom he wanted, so his account and thousands of pro-accounts were closed, what constituted a real coup against public freedoms under the pretext of inciting violence within an oppressive concept.


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America and the whole world are preparing for deepening of economic crisis as a result of debt pyramid collapse, economic decline and a decrease in global production as a result of epidemics and struggle for survival.

Military conflicts and wars are one of the best means for solving domestic crisis, uniting people to counter external threats, overcoming internal problems and disagreements. They contribute to the expansion of arms and military equipment trading, reviving the economy within limited wars beyond national borders, while completely avoiding direct involvement in conflicts that do not constitute a vital threat. These conflicts will shape the system of international relations during the next decade.

The most complicated and important issue for the United States is the Iranian nuclear deal, which collapsed due to Trump’s policy and the pressure from Israel and the Arab Gulf states. It has become the major concern to the countries in the region and Europe due to the obsession with increasing Iranian stockpile of uranium, which will be a stumbling block for bringing Iran back to the agreement with new conditions.

Iran enjoys critical importance in US policy due to its geopolitical position, its vastness, and demography; and at the era of the Mohammad Reza Shah , it was a strong ally of America in the Middle East and its police officer, and enjoyed distinguished relations with Israel. After the Khomeinist revolution, the relationship between the two countries deteriorated; but despite their dispute, the two sides shared common approaches to some regional issues, for example, as it was during the Iraqi aggression against Kuwait, or during the deployment of Soviet troops in Afghanistan.

The real disagreement lies within the Israeli interests and the panic of the Gulf States.

The media war raging between Iran and the United States with its allies is brinkmanship as a preapprehension to the negotiating table. In fact, Iranians realize that they cannot confront the United States; and Washington knows that disputes with Tehran cannot be resolved by military means; the war with Iran would be long-term, indefinitely wide and costly.

The Iranian issue is linked to the interests of many of America’s traditional allies in the Middle East. Besides Israel, there is Saudi Arabia, which suffers from problems related to the cruel and reckless behavior of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Yemen war and the Biden administration’s stance towards it, a freeze of supply of some countries in the region with US weapons, and the Jamal Khashoggi file. The United States relationship with the Gulf is governed by US and Israeli interests and their continued financial blackmailing in exchange for American protection; it looks friendly but in fact it is superior – subordinate manner.

There is also the Turkish factor, whose political approach has become more independent; but Ankara remains a partner of the U.S. if its regional interests are fulfilled, and is used to counter Russian expansion in Syria and Libya.

Biden Needs War On Iran To Address Internal Crises

Iranian ballistic missile on display.

The Biden administration is seeking to conclude a comprehensive and stronger agreement to ensure that Iran will not develop nuclear weapons and includes ballistic missiles as a means of threat to the region. However, Israeli position remains one of the main obstacles for normalization between Washington and Tehran.

Tel Aviv seeks to prevent the return to the 2015 nuclear agreement or any form of agreements that might enable Iran to develop nuclear weapons or obtain any related know-how. Israeli forces were ordered to step up preparations for possible offensive action against Iran during the coming year. The airspace, lands and military bases of the Persian Gulf countries will be used to counter Iranian objectives within the framework of the normalization agreements.

Biden Needs War On Iran To Address Internal Crises

Click to see full-size image

Thus, despite numerous claims, the U.S. President has not abandoned the military scenario against Iran in light of show-of-force tactics, putting its forces in the Gulf region on high alert. The US B52 strategic bombers are regularly patrolling the region and the CENTCOM’s commander visits the regional countries including Israel. In addition, Washington sets new tough conditions for returning to the nuclear agreement that it knows Iran will not accept.

Washington seeks to revive its traditional alliances to establish a united front under its leadership to confront China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. This is a sign to consider European interests in addressing global crises including the Iranian nuclear issue, and the expected emergence of American trend to increase its military presence in Iraq and re-employ ISIS to counter Iranian influence.

Biden will escalate the conflict with Russia and impose more sanctions, under the pretext of its cyber-attacks on sensitive American sites, as he sees it as the greatest threat to the United States.

There is no doubt that Biden faces complicated challenges on the domestic and global arena, which he inherited from Trump’s presidency within a political arrogance based on the principle of win and loss as the only equation. In the domestic dimension, there are several bold challenges, including the widening ideological division between the Americans that threatens the US democracy, as well as the uncontrolled spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and the potential economic decline and the rising unemployment.

Biden and his administration cannot ignore all these problems. The traditional solution may become a rapidly increased external threat for the US homeland security, whether it is real or fake. Therefore, the Iranian issue could be Biden’s important tool for reuniting the Americans, and appeasing Israel alongside with the American Jewish lobby by waging a limited war that prevents Iran from possessing nuclear weapons.


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The US Ziocorporate terrorists under the new puppet Biden most likely are gonna condition a return to JCPOA to Iran’s withdrawal from Syria, citing the terrorist Ziojews in Tel Aviv’s so-called “legitimate security concers” as one of their rationales.

The Trumpet was always controlled opposition, his fake “nationalism”(as if a committed Zionist could ever be truly nationalist) was perfect for the Pentgon/CIA Ziocorporate Big Tech apparatus to put the idiotic taxcattle right where they want them, they’ve even linked “white nationalists” to ISIS/al-Qaeda, because Hitler and al-Bagdadi and “muh Holohoax”.

Russia and China are ready to do nothing that would risk “business and partnership” with their terrorist Ziocorporate globalist partners, so Iran shouldn’t even be considering trading its security network for JCPOA, unless it’s Tehran’s wish to be a complete pawn in the globalist chessboard.

Assad must stay

if i were iran i woudlnt return to shit, id keep going full bore unless the US or someone comes forward with something meaningful i guess

John Brown

Of course you are right, the Zio empire and their USSA slaves will never fulfill their part of any agreement no matter what. It will just be a propaganda dance with the USSA trying to make it look like it is Iran who is the aggressor not wanting peace and an agreement, to fool public oppinion.

Assad must stay

totally correct bro

Assad must stay

inshallah it changes but who knows


comment image

The inevitable occurd there will be no stopping progress,what zio dominance?
Biden is anti christ,thus irrelevant and insolent,see faith without works is dead,nuff fkn said:


Lay down the crack, little asshat. Ziocorporate globalism is wider in scope than a train from Turkey (and the Ziocorporate entity know as EU) to China. What’s more, that train could have a 100% overland track through Iran and Turkmenistan, but instead uses the longer, Caspian crossing one through Zio-aligned Azerbaijan.

If you wanna be a dumfuck troll to earn your JIDF points, go somewhere else.

John Brown

Mostly right but Iran will defeat the USSA in any war. Definition of victory meaning the Iranian government will still exist and survive after the war. The USSA government and the Zio empire will not exist / survive after a war with Iran and they know this very well.

Black Waters

The pedo war criminal wishful thinking.

Ashok Varma

Saudi human rights under new spotlight in Biden era and a full disinformation campaign is jointly been launched by Zionists and puppet Wahhabi regimes to poison any US-Iran detente. Biden has made some promising statements and has toned down US rhetoric, so the corrupt Arab regimes and Zionists are very worried. The Jordanian military is a Zionist tool and killed more Palestinians with Pakistani assistance in Black September 1970, than the Zionist child killers themselves. Jordan is an artificial state created by the British evil colonialists in In 1946,
Jordan became an independent state officially known as the Hashemite
Kingdom of Transjordan, but was renamed in 1949 to the Hashemite Kingdom
of Jordan after the country captured the West Bank during the 1948
Arab–Israeli War and annexed it until it was lost to Israel in 1967.

The British criminals used Indian sepoys to destroy Iraq in 1928 and create a puppet Zionist allied regime of Bedouins in Jordan as a fake “Hashemite” kingdom. The Jordanian military is a totally mercenary force in the service of CIA and Mossad.

The Objective

Whatever Biden threatens against Saudi Arabia is empty. Watch and see if he’d implement any of it.


Biden just wants them to buy more weapons, then he’ll take the pressure off. Standard tactics of the crooks in Washington and their MIC bosses.

Just Me

$ one TRILLION in weapons sales to the Saudi idiots has not helped much since 1950, has it ?comment image

Destroyed and captured Saudi armor north of Aden .


Yup but it doesn’t matter. The US government just wants a bribe to look the other way regarding the Saudis many crimes.


Jordan is a US vassal state and in reality should not be a country even as is carved out of Iraq and Palestine. However, the author has got one fact right;

“Biden will escalate the conflict with Russia and impose more sanctions, under the pretext of its cyber-attacks on sensitive American sites, as he sees it as the greatest threat to the United States”

As most US knowledgeable analysts have stated Tony Blinken’s first priority as he openly stated in his address to US State Department staff on his inaugural as the Secretary of State is to focus on Russia which is a softer and more lucrative target and the US already has a strong Oligarchs, Jews, NGO and CIA presence. Foggy Bottom time table is to destabilize Russia and a instigate a color coded regime change by the end of 2021, while trying to contain but not antagonize either Iran or China as they are more unpredictable actors and tend to be immune to pressure or threats. So a hot military conflict with Iran is not a very high priority even amongst the chickenhawks in the Pentagon. Mr. Putin however needs to be careful as he is primum hostium (primary enemy) of the US deep state.

Jim Allen

That Russia is a “softer more lucrative target.” It is more lucrative, but R ussia isn’t soft. The arrogant sociopaths, and lunatics learn nothing. They actually believe they can crash Russian Federation the same way they did USSR.
Russia, and Iran are the countries the Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal hates, want’s destroyed, people killed off, and the resources in Cabal control. This is personal, Khazar’s have been packing a grudge since 1250(+/-) AD.
US military has a snowballs chance in Hell of accomplishing anything more than losing all it’s assets within range of Russian weapons in a few short hours.
Russia returned to world power status, in the 20teens. Repaid it’s debt to Central Bank in full, drop kicked Central Bank, Jacob Rothschild, and George Soros out of Russia, August 2016. Issued an arrest warrant for Soros. Poking the Bear in the way US is provoking war is unwise.
Iran is the regional power, a strong regional power. Just a tad behind Russia in it’s military technology, and capabilities. Both countries are advanced decades ahead of Western military technology, and capabilities.
US is unprepared for war, NATO either, Israel is pitiful. Turkey can’t afford war.
US is financed by the Cabal, for now, US
military is serving Cabal interests.


In other SHOCK news from the BBC, it turns out that Tommy Jensen (perhaps you should sit down so as to avoid injury in case of feinting at this point) is incorrect about Putin’s platinum palace!



Tommy Jensen is “correct” only when he makes mistake


First come first served


The owner invested in that world record time breaking bridge project in crimea,
proof russia do it better with their billionaires of todays,so you must prostest too,
well you accused the truth bearer too,which only proves your ethics mean sht,like the other fools who believe musk will save their iq (anti dictator) cia/notions,too bad!


“The owner invested in that world record time breaking bridge project in crimea, proof russia do it better with their billionaires of todays”

That’s what FSB observed and they took initiative to guard the magnific bunker instead of the peasant bridge.

Btw, who is the truth bearer that I acused, QAnon, Putin, You? I have no idea. In 30 sec I will sleep. Tight


war ?
I do not think US are suicidal…that would be the end of already bankrupted US….
they were much stronger in the past yet they didn’t do it…why would they do it now?
there is too much to loose and not enough to gain…


They want to block Nord Stream 2? They want war.
Thet want to put more economic sanctions? They want war.
They support Navalny and protests? They want to start a nuclear war.
Sounds like Kim, isn’t?


They know russia are adults,so they act like spoilt kweer brats without a clue about statesmanship nor sportsmanship nor god fearing,thus to perish in their own poison.


Damn god fearing. I need to go to the church to pray fot the nightclubs to open.


Whatever just don’t go to pray in the new corrupt orthodox one in kiev,
they would even ban casinos too!


Russia arrests thousands as crackdown on Navalny CIA rent a crowd continues

Police ramp up pressure on the CIA backed opposition with arrests and criminal probes as Navalny rent a crowd allies gather for new protests.

Just Me

Blinken and the CIA have authorized $1.5 billion in this years budget to push “soft power” in Russia and will continue to fund “demonstrations” every week to malign Russia and push for a change. They are having some success in fanning anti-Putin message in the poor areas.


soros,usa are broke.


The Zionists are running shitless as the new Iran envoy has a history of cautioning against Zionist agenda.

Robert Malley, the former president and CEO of the International Crisis
Group who stepped down on Friday after leading the organization for
three years, was also an adviser to Senator Bernie Sanders’ 2020
presidential campaign.

During Donald Trump’s tenure, Malley was critical of the hawkish
stance of Trump’s administration toward Iran and the US role in the
so-called normalization deals between Israel and Arab countries, among
other things. He has also voiced criticisms of Israel and some Arab
countries of the region, leading to accusations that he is antagonistic
toward Israel and Arab regimes that have been coerced by Trump to sign worthless Abraham accords.

In a Foreign Policy column he co-authored months before Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election, Malley urged Biden to warn Israel against plans to annex parts of the West Bank and cut the United States’ financial support of the
Israeli regime.

Jim Allen

Yeah….about that….,
That shit’s not getting much traction in Russia. Everyone knows what US game is, it’s made US the most hated country on earth. Country’s are seeing US, but without the propaganda narrative. US military is big, yes, it’s also spread thin around the world.
Troops occupying countries, can’t be moved,
There’s forces that would pounce on US military if even part of the occupying force is pulled out to build up another Army. (3 divisions-or 10,000 troops is the minimum “Army.” An Army can be any number of diviisions over 3)

Just Me

I believe this article is a complete BS. On the contrary the US is seeking some sort of agreement with Iran.

Israel enlists Sunni Arab social media stars to win over Arab audiences and malign Iran. This “Major General” is a quack.

Jerusalem: Israel has deployed an elite unit of
Arabic and Persian-speaking social media influencers to build
friendships with Muslim countries and warn them about the dangers of

The digital bunker, based inside the government’s foreign
affairs headquarters, is staffed by a team of young polyglots who have
built up millions of followers on social media websites Facebook,
Twitter and Instagram.

It follows Israel’s recent normalisation treaties with the United Arab
Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco, which have created a fresh wave of
optimism about Jews and Muslims coexisting in the Middle East.


I would go with that observation.
It is obvious that Jews-US try to counter balance “Iranian Shia Crescent” by isolating Iran as much as they can, using hybrid war (from US-Western sanctions, military pressure, special ops against Iranian interest’s and allays in the Middle East, radically improving relations with Arab (puppet regimes ) countries etc. etc.)
So if they explore alternative ways to fight against Iran it is obvious that imminent military action is not an option at the moment (or if they bluff they go very long way to do it)
with further antagonizing China and Russia, Biden administration has already plenty on his hands.

Just Me

That is logical deduction. The stupid Americans are deadbroke and dying in the streets and hardly in a position to take on Iran. The Jews and the Wahhabi cowards are running scared and planting all kinds of fake news. Even American MSM has not resorted to anti-Iran propaganda. US is totally polarized and under technically military rule like most Banana Republics and now Burma. Thousands of troops are still deployed on the streets and they can hardly afford a war. They are also instigating regime change in Russia, but will fail there too.


IF …US would attack they would attack only as “coalition forces”.
US, IsraHell, UK, Saudi’s…
Jews smell that situation is changing radically and last opportunity is leaving..they pull their strings desperately
There are so many ways to attack…so I wouldn’t dismiss them all immediately…

what blocks US-Pentagon the most….is not bankruptcy but VULNERABILITY of their bases to the Iranian missiles!
They don’t give f**k that Americans are bankrupt!
They can’t afford to have thousands of dead 1st day of conflict…

The Objective

The article makes sense in that America is deeply polarized right now. Millions are mad at the democrats. Despite the overwhelming dehumanization of Trump in the Western media, the social media campaigns against him from both within and outside the U.S., the mail ballot (which was clearly rigged in some places), days of election instead of just one day, heavy criticisms of Trump due to the corona-virus, he managed to get a whooping 74 million votes (A number of vote no republican president ever got).
The U.S.A has changed, and maybe permanently. Trumpism is alive and runs deep in the American society.
It will be very very hard for Biden to make any lasting deal with Iran. Another republican president will tear it up again, unless it successfully address Iran’s regional proxies.

Iran’s regional proxy forces are the major reason the last deal failed. Obama decided not to address it in the deal (a mistake the democrats have learned from). Regional countries can tolerate Iran’s missiles, but not its proxies.

Just Me

Tough luck, the Axis of resistance is only getting stronger and not about to go anywhere for next twenty years at least. Iranians are strategic thinkers and have planned every move and counter-move. Why do your Zionist masters could not fuckall to the Iranian allied militias in any area. Even the cosmetic long range cowardly missile strikes are no half hearted and only kill sleeping women and children. You CIA propagandists live in fantasy land. Pay attention to FACTS ON THE GROUND.

The Objective

the last time i checked, they (the zionists) were killing your military leaders and scientists, and also blowing up things inside Iran. They are also bombing your asses in Syria on a weekly basis.
You have no dignity left. What you are doing is escaping a clash with America at all cost. Your resistance once ruled Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria. What has become of those countries today? You can’t even strike your enemies directly, while they kick your asses across the middle east. More Shiite fighters have died over the last few years than any group I can think of.
If you guys are so tough, why not leave the NPT all together? That was exactly what North Korea did. And that’s what brave and powerful people do. NOT DENY, DENY, and DENY.


The original objection from Bibi IS Iran’s missiles. It is the only real threat to Israel and they know it. Trump said he would re-negotiate, but that missiles had to be included….that is what the Iranians said no to and still do. Israel is bombing Iran’s ‘proxies’ almost daily in Syria. It’s missiles in Syria that scares the crap out of them. Trumpism is a faux patriotic ‘movement’ created by Israel and is designed to create havoc. It is not as prevalent as expressed in the medias, at all. It will likely be even less successful than the Tea Party. TP is nothing but repugs with a different shirt and is fading, especially after the disasters occurring in their respective states. Disasters fomented by them. This continued supposed Trump campaign is just keeping things warm, just in case. Trump did what he was supposed to do and is just keeping up the front. Hopefully, the DiaperDon will shit himself to death like his backer, Adelson and fade even faster. The polarism in the US is more a manufactured color revolution attempt abetted by the MSM and alt news. Yes, it is there, but not near as vicious as they make it appear. GW was just as divisive. Remember, he was the first US president that couldn’t take the walk down Penn Av after his inaugural. People were waiting with fruits and vegetables to give him.

The Objective

If you think Iran’s problem ends with Trump, then you grossly mistaken. Trump was just the face of a group of powerful Americans determined to push a zero-sum policy with Iran and China. look how they ignored Turkey and Russia, and focused solely on Iran in the Middle East. They are even more enraged now, with reports of Iran’s meddling in the U.S election through disinformation on social media. You can bet your last buck they’ll still come after Iran. 74 million voters is no joke man, despite all the slandering of Trump and his weak response to Covid-19.

I repeat that Israel’s biggest problem is the militias, not Iran’s missiles. Whenever Israel complains of Iran’s missiles, it’s always connected to proxies. Iran’s policy of creating these proxy armies within sovereign countries will soon enrage much of the world.

Iran’s missiles should be for Iran’s defense, not destabilize sovereign countries like Iraq and Lebanon. If Iran can deter an attack, it can do so without all these proxies. Iran is now disputing with Russia in Syria for the same reason.

The middle eastern countries did not react so vehemently until Iran had several proxy forces on their borders. Situations escalated and culminated with the death of Soleimani – an event that had all the potentials to trigger a war had Iran not backed down (from killing a U.S general).

These proxies will cause the very war Iran is trying to avoid.


I don’t even know where to start with this conglomeration of BS. No one can show where I ever said dumping Trump would end problems, anywhere. That is crap from you. So Trump’s sanctions against everything Russian was ignoring them, huh? As well, I’ve already said that Biden would do the same as Trump and try to re-negotiate JCPOA, a no-go…because they (Israel) want to include missiles. As for ‘proxies’, who was it who destroyed ISIS, the US/Israel/KSA cabal project? Do you think the people in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon don’t know? Who is going to be enraged, besides KSA, US, et al? What vehement reactions are you ranting about? The new pacts with Israel? The pacts with the very same terrorist countries they’ve been in bed with? That is for public consumption and will make no differences going forward, they’ve just come out of the Zionist closet for a political facade…promoting the idea that Israel is making peace with everyone…but evil Iran. Your assumption that Israel fears these proxies more than their missiles is not based in reality, especially because this is why Israel had Trump dump the JCPOA. Does KSA fear the Houthis in Yemen more than they do Yemeni missiles in their back yard? I doubt it. Are the Yemeni fighting for their very lives and country mere proxies for Iran…or are they patriots fighting for themselves? It’s all up to Iranian proxies if there is war and the Zionist cabal is just reactionary. Right.

The Objective

If you do a brief survey of news emanating from Israel or Netanyahu’s comments about Iran, you’ll hear them mention “destabilizing activities”, “malign activities”, more than they mention Iran’s missiles. Without proxies, Iran cannot use those missiles just like that. They’ll start a war by doing that. 1000 missiles in the hands of Iran is not as threatening to Saudi Arabia as 10 missiles in the hands of Houthis. Iran can claim to use these missiles only for domestic defense, and they world will agree with them. they need to defend Iran, especially with so many enemies angling for regime change. Every sane country would do the same. But creating a private army in a sovereign country is an entirely different and should not be tolerated from any country. That’s why I’m a proponent of putting Iran under serious financial pressure, until it kicks this habit of building terror armies.

Only the Shiites support these terror forces. The Iraqi Sunnis want America to stay. Can you deny this? If yes, I’ll provide proofs that the majority of Iraqi Sunnis want America to stay. Even Al-Sistanis opposes this unique characteristic of Iran. He has condemned Iran’s militias in Iraq countless of times, and he’s the most prominent Shiite scholar in Iraq. Moqtada Al-Sadr is also at loggerheads with Iran for the same reason.

The Iranian militias might have helped weaken ISIS. But is that a justification for running a parallel force permanently? They should disband or join the official military of their countries. Mustapha Al-Kadhimi offered them severally to join official Iraqi forces. But they refused. why? Can’t they fight ISIS by being permanent government forces? Must they operate privately? This clearly sends a different message than just fighting ISIS. And this is why majority of the world will continue to oppose the regime until three things happens: Regime collapse from withing, A change of policy, or War. The third option is the most likely.


Damn good post for a hasbara. Long and twisting the truth, well done. Shite terror forces…that’s really good. Too bad they took out ISIS, you guys lost the bet there. Listen to Nutsack? Yeah, he’s credible. NOT. Where are the nukes he claimed they would have 15 years ago? Or the centrifuges that weren’t. Hopefully the Iranians can continue to grow their defensive/offensive weapons and keep Israel on their back foot. Of course, the chickenshit regime in Israel won’t attack Iran directly, that would be against their nature, they would prefer to start it and run for cover and leave the US to pick up the pieces. Talking about creating forces in another country is rich. I mean, have you no shame at all? Israel needs to continually attack Syria why? To give cause to BS excuses, all while abetting the terrorist army they not only helped create, but continue to give aid and sustenance to. So, if all you say is true (HAH), then Israel would have no qualms about Iran’s missiles? They are of no consequence, just their ‘proxies’? Right. Why is Nutsack against the JCPOA?… and Trumps decision to include missiles in any renegotiation, why? BTW, the PMUs in Iraq ARE part of their military and apparently they scare the hell out of the US/Israel. Great. The ‘majority of the world’ you mention is incredibly small. It consists of wahabbists, neocons, neolibs and Zionists. In short, the terrorists running the ‘war on terror’, which should be renamed ‘the Zionist war of terror’. And while I’m at it…GO HOUTHIS!

The Objective

I wasn’t defending Netanyahu’s lies. My comment focuses exclusively on Iran, because you guys try to convince people that Iran is innocent. I’m trying to make you understand that Iran is also a major destabilizing force in the Middle East. So, I highlighted Iran’s policy of creating private armies in Sovereign nations that have no fight with Iran. For example, Iraq and Lebanon.

Secondly, it is Israel that is keeping Iran on its backfoot, not the other way round. To illustrate this, look at Iran’s situation overall. The year 2010 – 2011 was Iran’s golden era. It had three countries firmly under control. It had Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, because the U.S was just withdrawing out of Iraq. Sanctions weren’t so tough because Hezbollah and Assad helped Iran access the dollar despite sanctions. And the sanctions weren’t so far-reaching. Again, there was no rift between Russia and Iran, back then. Israel was also not bombing Syria or Iraq.

What about today? Let’s look at the situation from a balanced perspective. Hezbollah is under fire in Lebanon. the Lebanese economy has collapsed. Hezbollah can hardly access cash that used to flow from Iran. Hezbollah has expended considerable resources and manpower fighting in Syria, which reduced their strength. Many countries listed Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. Lebanese banks have been sanctioned, cut off from the International monetary system. the value of the Lebanese currency drops to record lows. And public sentiment has never been this high against Hezbollah among Lebanese. Add to that the political instability and increased interference by foreign countries.

Syria has been weakened like never before. It’s currency is toilet paper, thanks to sanctions. The Syrian armed forces have tired out and stretched to breaking point. Assad has lost at least 25% of Syrian territory, based on recent maps. Even some areas believed to be under Assad are contested by other rebels. The U.S is holding Syria’s oil wealth hostage. Israel regularly bombs Syria, demoralizing Syrian forces. Russia too is competing with Iran in Syria and wants them out. Public sentiment against Iran among Syrians is at record highs.

Coming to Iraq, the U.S has returned after leaving in 2011. Because of Iraq, Iran has lost several military figures. The new Iraqi prime minister, Mustapha Alkadhimi is not Iran’s man like his predecessors. Iran’s militias in Iraq have been deterred from forcing the U.S out (Sorry, but bombing a few supply vehicles isn’t going to drive the U.S out). These Iran militias want the U.S out, but lack the courage to do that. It’ll take significant human and material cost to force a rethink in Washington.

Add to these the sanctions, assassinations, sabotage bombings, and humiliation suffered by Iran from 2019 to date. And you’ll see that Iran’s influence and power is in rapid decline.

You mentioned that Israel and the U.S also create proxy armies. You are right. They have the SDF in Syria, and ISIS spread all over the Middle East. But does that give Iran the excuse to do the same? Who is Iran harming more by these proxy forces? The indigenous populations of these countries victim to Iran’s terror hostage-taking are the ones suffering most, not the Zionists Iran claims to target. Also don’t forget that Iran’s militias predate ISIS and SDF. Hezbollah has existed since the 80s. The Kattaib Hezbollah existed since 2006. Fatemiyoun existed since the 90s. Zainabiyoun in Pakistan existed since the early 2000s. So what are you trying to tell me? Iran’s creation of these militias is not in response to America’s creation of ISIS or the SDF. It is a Shiite nature to run parallel governments wherever they can. Iran only exhibits that characteristic.

Thankfully, the challenge for terror Shiite forces is bigger than ever before. Any slight mistake on their part will lead to severe bombardment of their forces by the U.S, whether it’s Trump or Biden. They seem to understand this reality and are lying low, even as America and Israel assault them on different fronts.


Gee, your hashara buds have given themselves away. You, J Allen and these two ‘guest votes’, who are actually Lyin Zion and Free Chump, all doing the circle jerk up voting each other. Are you all in the same room? Or do you guys just have cyber? Now you get to join your buds.

The Objective

Enjoy the latest news:
Biden won’t lift sanctions that fast.
IAEA find undeclared nuclear work in Iran
Ahmadinajjad challenges Khomeinis continued rule.
America to deploy more forces in Iraq, but not Afghanistan.
IRGC officers involved in the assassination of nuclear chief.


AIPAC and the usual Zionist suspects are gunning for Iran, but a shooting war is highly unlikely considering US economic malaise, declining economy and political polarization. The average American is slowly waking up as seen by the comments of Georgia Congresswoman Greene’s full-throated remarks about Jews dragging US into wars against Muslims etc. The US population is in very bad shape, our health care system has collapsed and there are millions of unemployed, so a war with Iran is not popular, however MSM has painted a very inaccurate and hostile picture of Russia as the eternal meddling enemy and needs to be taken down. Tony Blinken considers himself as the ultimate authority on Russian domestic situation and he created a large “civil society” NGO network when he served in Russia.


IF …US gives up on Iran they will go for “all or nothing option” to attack the biggest opponent(s) Russia and (or) China.
But to do that, they must rally for help of their “allays” and those they try to make become one (like India).
Since they understand well that they are not any longer in best shape to do that on their own….
I don’t expect much originality (methods of the hybrid war that is already on, stay the same) just exacerbated…

johnny rotten

” Biden faces critical internal political crisis, which resulted frommismanagement, reinforcement of hatred, suppression of the media, freedom of speech. This caused the storming of the Capitol accompanied
with riot and violence, slogans and symbols threatening the American Union, reflecting a separatist spirit and a tendency to racism, which prompted the deployment of the National Guard to protect Washington, DC and secure a safe transition of power.

“Social networks that represent the freedom of expression and are out of government suppression became platforms for the oppressed and actively contributed to the overthrow of dictators.”

Nowadays this bullshit is unacceptable, along with discussing the Alleged Iranian Nuclear Issue deliberately leaving out the Real Isisrahellian Nuclear Issue.

John Brown

No way they invade or attack Iran it will be the end of the
Zio dollar the empire and the USSA Zio government.

They can only militarily attack Venezuela and expect any kind of victory, so they can get the oil for free to prop up the bankrupt USSA economy, the Zio dollar and the racist supremacist global Jewish satanic slave empire dictatorship. This why uncle Joe Stalin Biden cancelled the Key stone pipeline as they expect to get the heavy oil from Venezuela not Canada and from Venezuela.


There are dictators and there are dictraitors,the latter representing cia foreign policys!


Ramping back up in Syria would be a cheaper option, plus it is also a chance to have a go at Russia and Iranian influence at the same time. The US can’t win against Iran as a country and if the Iranians block the straights of Hormuz the brittle US economy will collapse completely. I’m not sure Biden wants a new war, he wants another chance at a previous failure.


Biden doesn’t know anything. The puppet doesn’t make decisions for the puppet masters.

John Brown

South Front what happened to the truth?? The Trump regime caused all the problems of the USSA and the world ???? Really? What about, Israel, Saudi, Obama, Bush, Clinton etc.regimes?? Everything good before Trump? You believe that?

If you are going parrot and become CNN, CNBC et.c, the 1% empire media, you may as well close this site,

Worst I have seen from you, very disappointing.


Trump destroyed their green agenda,one must goive credit where due yet only 30 odd countrys + eu union signed very dodgy policy which was only intended for usa 0 by 2050!
The kweer and purist pushers all over the media like many fools whom pretended to sign
have no future in their scamdemic nor utterly useless nations building policys,are out!!!!!

John Brown

South Front,

No way they invade or attack Iran it will be the end of the
Zio dollar the empire and the USSA Zio government.

They can only militarily attack Venezuela and expect any kind of victory, so they can get the oil for free to prop up the bankrupt USSA economy, the Zio dollar and the racist supremacist global Jewish satanic slave
empire dictatorship. This why uncle Joe Stalin Biden cancelled the Key
stone pipeline as they expect to get the heavy oil from Venezuela not
Canada and from Venezuela.


Exposed,well well no freedom for you either my long lost askenazi foes!

Comparing stalin to biden is like comparing incestry to jesus christ,if you don’t know what or whom to condone seens your as the athiest ,go to china
fear fools no saint nor blessed,nor ozzy in the real know nor christ(period)
No future in q either,most around the world are glad to see usa repayed!!

John Brown

So far Biden has done more harm then Stalin and the Zio Bolsheviks did in the same amount of time with the laws he has passed. No more right to free speech, no right to trial, even before his first day in office and now no right to trade stocks for a profit.

Remember they did not murder 66 million in a day it took over 15 years to ban guns and run up the body count..

I fully expect uncle Joe Stalin and his successor “kill”mila Harris to surpass the 66 miillon record and murder more then that number in the USSA.

When ones says something can’t happen to them, they drop their guard and the it does.

You think Russians or any other stupid goyim would have allowed the Zio Bolshevik coup if they knew Yagoda and the Zio CHEKA would murder 66 million?


More cia/hegemon bullsht,sorry bud your ends not mines!

No that was a french/neo-goi/askenazi murder of royals that backfired the then beta soros askenazi culteds,thus paved the way for lenin /stalin to do as the tzar insisted,there you go lost then too,had to ramp up fake numbers like todays wall sts to make it seem you are more educated where in reality lies have no power where as you will be destoyed by the truth in the end,make no mistake after lifes of spreading lies be on the recieiving end of the razor sharp sickle staight throiu your thick heads,because if anything you never even dare asked the right questions?
How the heck can yous ever be in the posittion to answer the truth then!
Does the devil reveal itself,fk no! It’s a fascist gimp,nuff said,truth hurts?

Going down maggot,you had your reward,too bad you wasted your profits!

John Brown

Trump along with Assange and Snowden just made it more obvious what the empire is.

Still none of it would matter if not for the massive corruption and criminality, mostly by the Zio criminal elite etc. causing the economic, technological, social, moral and military decline of the empire, especially the USSA, Corruption and criminality which has been increasing for 50 plus years, especlally the last 30. Read Paul Craig Roberts .


Sticking to the facts,yes he did but the problem you see if you try to turn against the ww2 allied victors whom I may add paved the way towards your freedom and you mock the great man whom acheived victory,you shall have no more freedom for fascism are they cursed,learn to keep the dumb mouth shut and remmember q too is your traitor,never was heterosexual stalin!!

John Brown

Your comment does not make any sense please re-post and clarify.


Learn english,assflogged imp!

John Brown

mock the great man whom acheived victory,

Who is this who is being mocked?

Who is turning against the ww2 allied victors and how?

shall have no more freedom for fascism are they cursed,learn to keep the dumb mouth shut and remmember q too is your traitor,never was heterosexual stalin!

Who is the traitor??? Homosexuals who are not Stalin?

Use verbs, adverbs, nouns and adjectives etc., properly if you want to be understood.


You are useless in english (period) you low balling dumb homosexual imp!
Your a totalled imp,nothing more to add (period) Get off the gender change hormone tabs imp,what have you built woith your own bare hands eh p00f!

John Brown

Whats an imp?

gender hormone tabs? What that?

Are you Ambiguously Gay typing from your Fortress of Privacy?



Trust you come out with that,fair cop,i did put in a piece that was kweer,yes i admit that post,like I can conclude who dress like the woman will become famous and rich that would make the ex pm turnbull the apple of its eye!

By the way,the other post was a joke too,yet not here to partake in biden like
homosexual debates either.Stay safe.

John Brown

Biden is chomo see video. He does this in pubic in front of their parents who are judges, senators, congressmen, who are powerful. Imagine what he does with poor children wen alone with them.



So we can agree on something,I have more gawry sht to show you,
see what I can dig up,pardon the caps’

John Brown

I think we can agree on more if you don’t jump to conclusions when asked to clarify what you have typed and don’t then start in with lots of homo imagery. Its kind of weird.

Tommy Jensen

Biden is just telling the powerful what they need to do to stay powerful. THIS is power and obedience.

John Brown
Just Me

Guys give it a rest and focus on the fake article. You both are on the side of the good guys.


Depends on geopolitics,i see the articles rated 5-5 I’m not gonna be mocked
You can take heed or die in vain,believe you in me saw too many liars die way before their time,i’m not joking now!

Now I will agree fake articles are ideological destabilistation programs,
generally I never argue with an idiot in my professions,never failed either,
on the other hand I also took the word of the liar or fascist or ungodly,needless to say flopped bigtime as of consequence,too bad fkn me!
Stay safe.

John Brown

OK now I understand some of it.

Trump fkd up,should have had biden locked up too but never had the balls


Remmember no CCCP victory there would be no freedom for anyone:

No they ran both sides .

Stalin was a great man achieved victory

No he was an evil Zio.

The Russian people won in spite of Stalin’s poor leadership

As your inner homo is showing I am calling Hete Roy on you.


Just Me

Read about the new Zionist disinformation campaign using Wahhabi Arabs to plant fake news and fabricated analysis to malign Iran and push for a “revolution” in Russia.

But it is also deploying soft power to introduce Arabs to Israeli perspectives on key security issues, such as the threat posed by the Iranian regime and its growing number of proxy
militias in the region.

“It’s a big turning point,” Yonatan Gonen, head of the social media unit’s
Arabic team, said, adding that their efforts had laid some of the
groundwork for the accords.

“Without social media we would not have been able to reach such a large audience
in the Arab world, because Israel does not have official relations with
most Arab countries, and most Arab media is very hostile to us,” he

The most successful platform by far is the Israel Arabic
page on Facebook, which has 2.8 million followers. One recent post,
which had more than 6000 “likes”, shows a beaming group of Arabs, one
wearing a veil, sitting in a restaurant in Dubai with Israeli tourists.

“Our languages differ and our assets are diverse but we are all human,”
reads the caption. In another post, on the Israel Arabic Instagram
account, influencer Sapir Levi posts photographs of herself with the
Israeli and Arab state flags, along with pictures of popular Israeli

But scroll down a little further, and web users will find
more politically charged content, such as a message urging Arabs to
regard the Iranian regime as an existential threat to stability in the
Middle East and Russia as a weak corrupt crumbling state ripe for breakup and revolution.

John Brown

2.8 million followers. One recent post,
which had more than 6000 “ likes is a joke.

It not a lie which it is, such a small number of followers and likes is a joke.

All such stats have been lies on face book for at least 5 years.

Just Me

They are desperate and planting propaganda all over the place. But remember that Jews control all media in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Morocco.

John Brown

Yes but they don’t control the Mosques there like they control and now run churches inro the ground, in what use to be the west and religious life in these Muslim countries still matters. Plus life is shit there for the vast majority which is hard for propagnda to overcome .

Just Me

The Wahhabi CIA trained mullahs who created ISIS, alCIAda and other terrorist groups should not be discounted. That is what Macron is trying to do in France. In poor third rate shitholes like Pakistan, Morocco, Egypt etc, this type of propaganda does fan schisms.


Frankly, this is a very poorly written Zionist propaganda piece to increase tensions with Iran as US is going into serious talks. Zionists are crapping in their diapers.

US mired in economic malaise and mismanaged pandemic, sends conciliatory messages to Iran.


More Zionist lies.


Your against the truth however you shant run away and hide,no siree,iq if ye shoe size!
You had you days but failed so much so even the true living god banished the red imp!
Trying to mock my intelligence,is like using your fake mates strapon through your ears!
assfloggeds’comment image

John Brown

So Nazis were homosexuals?

You like strapons? Whats a strapon?

John Tosh

Russian Riots

Navalny is a CIA asset, everyone knows this. NGOs pay jobless Russians to riot everyone knows this.
The issue here is foreign interference…..How long will Russia suffer before it strikes at the heart of the beast?

Ladies and gentlemen…. I give you WORLD WAR 3
At the end, a few US cities will survive as nation states…. Like 400 years ago, the USA will cease to exist.

These are my predictions….If there is a time I wanted to be wrong, this is one of them. Unfortunately the Morons at the CIA are going to make this come true!


They will not get their fekn war,this time the schemers will be dusted for good (period)
Even if they dare attempt,it will be over in world record time,so let them try if they have the guts (highly doubt it) seens they never did,assfloggeds the lotta them useless cia turdsons!

Ashok Varma

The CIA has allocated vast sums of money to destabilize Russia. A series of rolling riots by hired thugs around Russia is intended to put the pressure on Putin.


hahahaha what a joke america cant take on anyone anymore its utterly incompetently collapsing

Just Me

Jews are now pushing a major disinformation campaign on Iran and Russia and that will get worse every day as the corrupt puppet Wahhabi regimes in the Persian Gulf and Saudis are paying for this disinformation.


america is collapsing infront of our eyes and jews will be up on their own against the same ones they are annoying


hahahaha please america go ahead XD


America can’t even take on lgbtq,so much for the great demonoc worshipping fake piece o shts,
Make no mistake all you assfloggs,there shall be no freedom for evermore,serves you well p00ftas!


the usa is done its entire power was build on fake freedom and fake democracy now its words are empty where ever it goes


american military power is a joke compared to the softpower america did have the last century but that age is over


even in the second world war america was a failure and it was the soviets who did the real work so america was only a big mouthed imposter over the last century


these imbecilic jordanians really dont know what they talking about and therefore the opinion of one of their retired generals is as much worth as the opinion of a shopkeeper


100% of Jordanian officers are on CIA and Mossad payroll including the bastard king Abdullah.


Sounds like CNN talking points. Fiction not facts. The word racism comes out when an argument needs to be won. Trump did not invite a riot. Real Americans are not going to put up with the nonsense much longer. Biden and his War Hawks are ramping up the War Machine in the Middle East. Murdering Syrians. What is Russia doing? Nothing. Dictator is in the White House under fraud. This article is terrible. Oh. Many of us want out of the Middle East.


The Zionists and Wahhabis are petrified that the US may work out a deal with Iran, so the are pulling all stops to derail any detente. It all depends if Biden has any real power or the Zionist deep state can derail peace.


Be my guest:
Stay safe.


Blot out the fascism,do or die in vain,fearing communities ccp is like global warming scams,
Trump sadly stood moreso for corrupt fake rich than constituates,however the world may be in the position someday to thank his efforts in humiliation paris accord imbasoles.of course they set trump up to take the hit,but it’s going down hit biden 100 fold harder in the end,
unless there is a serious change in usa foreign policys for the better late than never?
I see time as like the daughter of mans.

Hasbara Hunter

The Divided States of Murica has got a war based economy & has been a massmurdering entity since 1776…118 Wars in 245 years…pretty sick… Bring on your War Biden! It will be Murica’s Last War….

American Revolutionary War

Cherokee-American Wars

North-West Indian Wars

Shays’ Rebellion

Whiskey Rebellion

Quasi War

First Barbary War

German Coast Uprising

Tecumseh’s War

War of 1812

Creek War

Second Barbary War

First Seminloe War

Texas-Indian Wars

Arikara War

Aegean Sea Anti-Piracy
Operations of the United States

Winnebago War

First Sumatran Expedition

Black Hawk War

Second Seminole War

Second Sumatran Expedition

Aroostook War

Ivory Coast Expedition

Mexican-American War

Cayuse War

Apache Wars

Puget Sound War

First Fiji Expedition

Rogue River Wars

Third Seminole War

Yakima War

Second Opium War

Utah War

Navajo Wars

Second Fiji Expedition

John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry

First & Second Cortina War

Paiute War

American Civil War

Yavapai Wars

Dakota War of 1862

Colorado War

Shimonoseki War

Snake War

Powder River War

Red Cloud’s War

Formosa Expedition

Comanche Campaign

United States Expedition to Korea

Modoc War

Red River War

Las Cuevas War

Great Sioux War of 1876

Buffalo Hunter’s War

Nez Perce War

Bannock War

Cheyenne War

Sheepeater Indian War

Victorio’s War

White River War

Pine Ridge Campaign

Garza Revolution

Yaqui Wars

Second Samoan War

Spanish-American War

Philippine-American War

Moro Rebellion

Boxer Rebellion

Crazy Snake Rebellion

Border War

Negro Rebellion

Occupation of Nicaragua

Bluff War

Occupation of Veracruz

Occupation of Haiti

Occupation of the Dominican Republic

World War I

Russian Civil War

Last Indian Uprising

World War II

Korean War

Laotian Civil War

Lebanon Crisis

Bay of Pigs Invasion

Vietnam War
(1965–1973, 1975)

Communist insurgency in Thailand

Korean DMZ Conflict

Dominican Civil War

Insurgency in Bolivia

Cambodian Civil War

War in South Zaire

Operation Eagle Claw

Gulf of Sidra Encounter

Lebanese Civil War

Invasion of Grenada

Action in the Gulf of Sidra

Bombing of Libya

Tanker War

Tobruk Encounter

Invasion of Panama

Gulf War

Iraqi No-Fly Zone Enforcement

First Intervention in the Somali Civil War

Bosnian War

Intervention in Haiti

Kosovo War

Operation Infinite Reach

War in Afghanistan

Iraq War

War in North-West Pakistan

War in Somalia

Operation Ocean Shield

American-Led intervention in Libya

Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency

American-Led intervention in Iraq

American-Led intervention in Syria

Yemeni Civil War

American intervention in Libya



Hasbara Hunter

neo-liberty aka french evilutionists + gang,seems nothing’s gonna change ok whom are the purists
mocketh the truth in guise of political correctness punctuality,there’s the problem their freedooms,
then they try in vain to accuse the orthoxody christians? Why ought to tear their spirits to shreds!


Case Dismissed:


The United Stateswitz of Ameriqua is already at war with Iran, through it’s subsidiary “Israel”, and other proxies. But I doubt it will escalate to the level of baums and cruz missiles being dropped directly on the Iranian homeland.

cechas vodobenikov

Iran can only be annoyed by US sanctions and proxy,conflicts. a reasonable prediction is that low level conflict continues until empire is exhausted and collapses


the disunited states of exceptional morons will not yield and is unlikely to rejoin the nuclear deal since the jews in palestine are dead against it (although it will be their death hohohoh) and at the same time biden won’t get into a hasty war with non-predictable consequences, which will allow Iran to strengthen its defenses and secure sufficient number of nukes to make short shrift of the jews in palestine and send them on their way to hell. iran is what 1.5 million sqkm and 85 million people so there is no way the evil and odious jews will be able to do something against Iran. the one unknown is the vp harris and what and how she will react if the semi-demented biden is unable to take decisions. bet that harris is under severe pressure right now from the jewry so to make certain she is a severe pro-jew vp.

peter mcloughlin

The coming war with Iran will mean war with China, the two theaters are intrinsically linked, the pattern of history suggests the two superpowers will inevitably go to war – world war.

Tommy Jensen



Let me sum it up for you SF – Iran will not have nuclear weapons as long as Israel stands. Either iran backs down and stop their military nuclear program to destroy us, or we will light up the ME with millions of dead on all sides.




Short of an invasion and occupation, which you’re incapable of. There’s nothing that you can do about it.


To the author of this piece: America has been shitting all over white people at least since they ‘integrated’ the schools in the 1950s. Whites are finally starting to fight back a little bit. Get used to it. And don’t give us anymore of this ‘racism’ crap. The government has been at war with us — as a race.

cechas vodobenikov

USA and Israel colony are impotent to challenge Iran; their LGBT ally Saudi perhaps….biden promised them marijuana and sold them oregano—every campaign promise already broken….amerikans have been liars and braggarts for 3 centuries”. Daniel Boorstin

Zaphod Braden

Biden is a SOCK PUPPET for the 1% & Israel


When the writer refers to an escalating covid crisis, I know the whole article is going to be BS. Anyone with access to any reliable info knows covid is a scam and that the only crisis is globalist created control device.

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