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JUNE 2023

Biden Must Stay

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Biden Must Stay

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The withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan is the biggest scoop of the year 2021, that has already topped the coronavirus crisis. Less than in two weeks after the capital was surrendered to Taliban, the country has already been in chaos. The tectonic changes in the entire world system caused by the fleeing of Western soldiers have already been analyzed from every possible angle. The actions of US President Joe Biden were evaluated not only by leading experts, but also by every armchair expert.

But time flies, and the international community remembered that this was Trump who had signed a deal with the Taliban. In his turn, has finally come back from his vacation and promptly comments on the situation in Kabul, strictly following his rhetoric, without giving any sensational reasons for discussions in the media. Social networks were no longer exploding with videos of Afghans falling from planes, and the numbers of evacuees from the country were, not fast enough, but steadily growing. The Taliban now control the perimeter of the airport, cooperating with US forces, to the point that they have reportedly got the personal data of local citizens who have cooperated with the US and who cannot get into the airport. Even in the Panjshir region, the Taliban have finally managed to negotiate with local resistance forces.

Despite the attempts of the media to squeeze the latest sensational news out of Afghanistan, it seemed that the situation was approaching its stabilization, albeit fragile.

But no such luck. Once again, the world media exploded with news from Afghanistan, just at the moment when CNN claimed that the evacuation of US citizens and local staff of the American embassy was supposed to end in less then two days.

The terrorist attacks rocked Kabul, claiming lives of more than a hundred people, and even more others were injured.

At least 13 U.S. servicemen were killed. The United States has not known such one-time losses in Afghanistan for ten years, since terrorists shot down a helicopter with navy seals in the Afghan province of Wardak in August 2011, killing 31 American special forces, including 22 fighters of the elite group 6 SEAL.

The bombings in Kabul were too bloody and caused a great resonance. There is no doubt that their final goal followed some political interests. But cui prodest?

ISIS in Afghanistan hastened to take responsibility for the attack.

Islamic State — Khorasan was created by radical representatives of the Taliban six years ago. According to the recent report by UN experts, the number of ISIS-K members is currently about 1,500-2,000. They accuse the Taliban of colluding with the United States and call them enemies of the Afghan people who forgot that foreign invaders should be killed.

However, terrorists’ ties with the US special services have long been known. For example, when last year the Taliban stormed a government prison where captured ISIS militants were being held, the terrorists did not refuse the US help, and American servicemen took out some of the prisoners by helicopters. After that, the Taliban accused the United States, the government of Afghanistan and ISIS of colluding against the Taliban and the Afghan people. Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai claimed that the Vilayat Khorasan is the US tool in Afghanistan.

Did these couple of thousand ISIS members get mad on the Taliban that they did not share their American friends and decided to remind of themselves with such bloody attacks?

On the other hand, it was known about the upcoming terrorist attacks long before the explosions. The Pentagon was the first to report about them. Immediately pointing to ISIS, they said that ISIS had threatened a terrorist attack at the Kabul airport since Afghanistan came under the control of the Taliban. The US was allegedly trying to prevent ISIS from these attacks, simply claiming about them in the media, without doing anything to somehow improve the security at the airport.

Those, who de facto received important political benefits paying with hundreds of lives that were claimed by the explosions in Kabul, were granted with a very convenient position, hiding behind the accusations against ISIS.

There is no doubt that one of the main goals of the terrorist attacks at the Kabul airport was to discredit the activities of US President Biden. This is interesting not to ISIS, but to some political elites in the United States. If ISIS-K pursued tactical goals by conducting terrorist attacks, then a certain part of the White House administration came closer to implementing their strategic goals via the explosions.

Rumors about the Biden’s early resignation have been circulating for several months. Now he is under unprecedented pressure from his own entourage, being forced to resign under the pretext of some health problems.

Today, two-thirds of Americans have a negative attitude to the U.S. withdrawing from Afghanistan. The rating of the US president has a steady downward trend. And all this was before the bombings in Kabul and the victims among the American military.

Such a scandal around the situation in Kabul led to the desired result, to the fact that Biden was criticized not only by Republicans, but also by Democrats. Unity on policy and politics in Biden’s party has appeared to unravel a bit after the Taliban’s lightning-fast takeover of Afghanistan. Despite the fact that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan was supported by Democrats and even a majority of Republicans.

“I am disappointed that the Biden administration clearly did not accurately assess the implications of a rapid U.S. withdrawal. We are now witnessing the horrifying results of many years of policy and intelligence failures,” Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Bob Menendez.

“This certainly has not been a good day for America. The images we saw coming out of Afghanistan show a tremendous humanitarian crisis. This is going to hurt us, no question about it,” Senate Foreign Relations Committee Member Ben Cardin, D-Md.

The events in Kabul dealt a heavy blow to Biden administration. In addition to the ongoing demands for impeachment, the US House of Representatives and the US Senate insist on organizing an official investigation into the circumstances of the decision to withdraw troops and the process of their withdrawal from Afghanistan in order to establish the measure of guilt of the current administration.

After the arrival of the new administration in the White House, US groups of influence are still fighting for power. Against this background, various incidents related to the US withdrawal from Afghanistan could be seen from another angle. For example, the alleged mistakes of US intelligence, who provided Biden with biased data, could be a deliberate distortion of facts aimed at ensuring that Biden was not ready at the moment when the situation in Afghanistan collapsed. As a result, Biden tried to relax on his vacation in Maryland, and could not even answer in time for the chaos in Kabul.

As a result, the “expected terrorist attacks” brought Biden closer to the potential resignation. And the real beneficiary of these attacks is the one who approached the presidential chair in the Oval Office, namely the infamous Vice President Kamala Harris.

The American deep state is interested in her coming to power. A significant part of the American military establishment is interested in her presidency, taking into account the multibillion-dollar budgets that were wasted in Afghanistan.

In a short time, she has already proven her adherence to militant neoliberal ideology, in fact, neoliberal fascism.

A year ago, Trump referred to “55-year-old Black woman”, as she identifies herself, as “one of the most liberal” senators.

Unlike Biden, if Harris comes to power, an escalation against China or Russia, whose western borders will probably soon face the deployment of all the military contingent from Afghanistan, is inevitable. She would push the rhetoric against China on the Uighur Muslims and Hong Kong issues. Allegedly fighting for human rights, she would escalate the rhetoric against the Russian “authoritarian” regime, as well as Saudi Arabia, Syria and North Korea.

At the same time, Harris remains a firm backer of Israel. Her first foreign policy vote in January 2017 was to criticize the UN for condemning the country on its settlements in Palestinian territories. She takes an active part in the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a US lobbying group that advocates for a strong US-Israel relationship.

“[The] first resolution I co-sponsored as a United States senator was to combat anti-Israel bias at the United Nations and reaffirm that the United States seeks a just, secure, and sustainable two-state solution,” she told.

Her coming in power would lead not only to deterioration of relationships with other states but to another destabilization in the U.S.

Thus, Biden now acts as a certain deterrent for the next round of aggression from the United States. His task is to “guard the red button” for the next six months or a year, until the Washington elites calm down. If Harris comes to power without being chosen by the Americans, the probability of a global conflict next year will increase significantly.


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Washington politics is a joke. Says quite a lot that Papa Joe seems to be the only voice of reason coming outta DC. I can’t even believe that Joe Biden could actually look credible, wonder what’s eating through his brain. He appears to be working against the establishment.

Last edited 1 year ago by Wizzy

Frankly if Kamala Harris comes to power, it will fulfil the wet dreams of the transnational elites. War is definitely part of the deep state’s agenda to be used in combination with the covid scam.

Unlike the US’ typical chest-thumping bluster to stroke the egoes of the couch potatoes, Russia is known for understating their capabilities and then reacting with terrifying force.


Dude, Why would certain elements order more troops into an area they had been ordered to evacuate, in the first place? Why would those troops then promptly cause a total clusterfuck at the airport while the media took photos of refugees clutching landing gear of evacuation planes? Well, let’s just speculate that provoking the seizure of the airport by force, thereby prompting an immediate demand for invasion (re-invasion), just happened to have not really worked out… Well, Darn, Now what?… Well… Give it a day or two, and presto… President whatshisface gets on tv and says there is an imminent threat of an attack on the airport by a terrorist threat that he just so happens to have a spanking new name brand for… Day or two later, well there’s the attack… Hmm… Does president whatshisface have a crystal ball?… Probably not. Let’s speculate that perhaps that won’t cut it either. Gee, what will? Hmm… I’ve got it!!! I figured it out!!! FINISH LEAVING AFGHANISTAN DICKHEADS. Nice talking to you. Have a nice day.


Also just how does one single suicide bomber carry enough explosives to kill almost 200 people and injure 1000? Was he an Olympic weightlifter?

Or is the suicide bomber story a convenient fiction and it was a pre emplaced CIA bomb all along?


Probably US troops added to the casualties in the aftermath of the bomb. Regrettable but not intentional. You weren’t there so you’re not in a position to second guess anybody who was. Just what IS the proper way to respond to a suicide bomb attack in the midst of a crowd of people? Do tell.

The CIA is not responsible for anything and everything. It should be accountable for its arming and supporting ISIS and al Nusraqaida in Syria, among other things.


It’s all about opium.


Bidet must stay because the longer he does the weaker the Amerikastani Empire gets. That is all.


Abomination Joe, and lewd messed up son Satan.

L du Plessis

Yes Biden must stay to sink the US establishment.

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