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Biden Administration To Remove US Oil Company From Northeastern Syria – Report

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Biden Administration To Remove US Oil Company From Northeastern Syria – Report

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The Biden administration has decided to not extend a sanctions waiver for a small US oil company to operate in northeastern Syria, Al-Monitor reported on May 21, citing sources informed on the matter.

The company, Delta Crescent Energy LLC, was granted a sanctions waiver by the Trump administration in April 2020. It permitted to work in northeastern Syria oil fields, which are controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

According to Al-Monitor, the waiver expired on April 30 and the company was given 30 days to shut down its operations in northeastern Syria.

“The decision to withdraw the waiver to produce and sell oil in Syria, which remains heavily sanctioned under the Caesar Act, has been presented by administration officials as a policy correction, not a shift,” Al-Monitor’s report reads.

The company has launched a lobbying campaign to get the waiver renewed. However, sources familiar with the effort told Al-Monitor that they are unlikely to succeed.

The SDF signed a deal with Delta Crescent Energy LLC without the approval of the legitimate government in Damascus, which called it a “deal between thieves”.

The Biden administration’s cosmetic decision to not renew Delta Crescent Energy LLC’s wavier is not a sign of a near US withdrawal from northeastern Syria. In the last few months, the US military boosted its presence in the region which indicates that Washington is planning to keep its troops in the region for the long term.


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john wooh

Disgusting Global Demons, Pirates, Bullies, Sithlords, Parasites…….

Fog of War

– China’s Fascination with Khazar People Explained –



fag of war explained

Fog of War

Such an erudite comment. Bravo sir, bravo !

Arch Bungle

Sometimes a blunt statement of truth is all that’s needed to expose garbage.

john wooh

Yuri, the Fag of War is a good one i cant breath…LOL

Last edited 1 year ago by john wooh
Arch Bungle

Well done, Russian. You made my day :-)

Arch Bungle

Nice deflection. All bullshit really.


Don’t wake me up,

Peter Jennings

“The decision to withdraw the waiver to produce and sell Syrian oil….’, There, fixed it. The oil isn’t being sold to or in Syria. USadmins are well known for their generosity with other people resources.

This decision doesn’t necessarily mean that Syrian oil will cease being stolen. It just means that it won’t be this company doing the stealing. Maybe Syrian sovereignty isn’t the only thing this company has abused?

jens holm

Before Turkish ilcompany and west came in the arabs hardly used óil for lamps. So it was a free thing to take as well as there was paid for it to the local leaders.

Things has happend since then and a lot. But factys also are it was the winners of WW1, which took the oilfrom that time from the Osmans.

Arabs there did absolutly nothing. Its the same tody. heyh not even educate totake over. The socalled Syrian oil also dont belong to the arabs.

And its worse then that. 30% in Syria is(..or were) not arabs. And next and mpore important the oil for 50% or more was ovned by the Baath Party takeing in benefits for free hardly develloping anything themself.

So they were and are the thieves of Damaskus having records in corruption too as well as many other things. Its spo bad none see that and allow themself to be forced sheep for Assads.

And its partly the same for Iraq. Shiits or actually only a part of shiits takes almost all income. The rest gets nothing or almost nothing.

Hard to see You support that only telling “OTHERS” do it.

Rodney Loder

Trumpism has failed, so there is two ways to look at it, either it reset right wing politics to cover a broader spectrum of Western Society, evidenced mainly in France with le Pen becoming RW and Macron the left, or Trump was a genuine challenge to the established Western Politic and failed miserably.

I think everyone was always in two minds abouabout Trumps rhetoric so it hasn’t yet beeen decided, Hamas has contributed a lot for the West to reach a consensus about Trump and Netanyahu, Biden seems to be agreeing with me, that the next decision-making development will be the state of the Western economies, if they really take off as is likely Biden will reap the benefits.

john wooh

Trump ???

His Team Bolton, Pompeo, half Goldman-Sachs(Mnuchin), half Blackrock, Jared Kushner, Mike Pence (Satans Servants)

how could u dumb Americans believe him and his Team of Scum,(same Scum as Hillary(good friend of him, pictures of birthdayparties eppsteinparties proof this)

just a orange TV-Puppet moved by his Puppetmasters to fool some MAGA Patriots controlled opposition my friend nothing more.

jens holm

Im sure he was elected because so many for ood reasons disbelived other republicans as well as Hillary being a hrdheaded bonehead.

The only alternative was the well known Sanders, whoich unfortunatly is too far from what USA think they are and will remain as.

I also allow me to add, that many here still dont understand Our systems. The US president i no dicator but leader for 50 partly independent states. They also elect people.

Spo “President” for many is far far away. The states matters. Many US states are much biger then most other states in the world. They do have very small ones too.

Florida, Texas and California each are bigger then Syria and the inhabitants also dont immigrate from there.


It looks like TGOP (Trumpian GOP) are going to win 2020 election (change of election laws in GOP states),

jens holm

Thats higly incorrect. According to the history books during the last many years, they only can reduce their defeat by that kind of cheat.

I think Biden and his supporters are much mpre capaple to join the none whites and many of the whites because USA is like that. But Bidens also has to be active for changes. Etnicity and for that matter are not the only thing.

Thats why they after all got the very amputated Obama care and not something much better. They also has a lock in a lot of public jobs. Kapitalisme is to optimize things better and better and by that also compete. But if You deny to pay, what the price actually is, You get malfunctions in oimportant sector from police and into education.

Jens Homo

‘Before Turkish ilcompany and west came in the arabs hardly used óil for lamps. So it was a free thing to take…The socalled Syrian oil also dont belong to the arabs.’ Etc, etc.

That is completely self delusional drivel – your comment perfectly illustrates the pathological process of self rationalization, as used by criminal-types to explain away their acts of theft and/or plunder.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jens Homo
jens holm

I kind of see Biden as taken over the Obama promisses as well as it goes.

Obama would not divide Syria. He also wanted to stay until some kind of light unity between Damaskus and SDFs were made.

The boycut to Assad should remain too but maybee in a milder version.

I casnt see hamas has contributed with anything but arab corpses and extra jobs for coffinmakers.


senile vegetable US prez should instruct CIA to stop paying so many amerikans residing in hillbilly “methamphetimine and pedophile memorial trailer park” to post drug addled nonsense at SF


But this the biggest army the US has….their cyber-war-army kkkkkkk

jens holm

Many in the ME know nothing about USA and Western systems. Even US declining some, its very big and Nato as well as EU is nearby and a part of the western economics too.

…Last week rthe dollar collapsed twice again. By that statement its ignored that several states in the ME hardly has anytyhing named money anympore and even mainly poay in dollar supporting it..

jens holm

I see none of that. Its mre as if you have taken too much today yourself.

L du Plessis

Remove the oil company from Syria but keep removing the oil ! 🤣

jens holm

Ha ha. They might do that and even give the facility to the SDFs, so they can sell it for US to finance things there:)

AM Hants

So has Biden given the contract to Burisma Holdings instead? Even thought the US has no legal right to be in Syria, let alone trading it’s natural resources.

The (Wrong) Objective

It is internationally illegal resource theft – the US government, the US military, and a US company have been openly occupying Syrian facilities and stealing Syrian crude oil resources. Once upon a time governments and the media called all this what it really is – a war of aggression and plunder.

Last edited 1 year ago by The (Wrong) Objective
rider kick

Europe is the empire of the Antichrist.

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