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Biden Administration Moves To Rebrand Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham As “Allies”

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Biden Administration Moves To Rebrand Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham As "Allies"

On February 3rd, the International Crisis Group, a US and NATO-affiliated think tank suggested that the Biden Administration needed to find new allies in Syria.

It also shouldn’t look any further than Idlib, where Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) reign supreme (kind of).

Of course, a rebranding is needed since these “allies” are coming from a place “once described as the largest al-Qaeda safe haven since 9/11”.

In practice, however, HTS’s continued status as a “terrorist” organisation (as designated by the U.S., Russia, the UN Security Council and Turkey) presents a major obstacle.

“It has a chilling effect on Western support for essential service provision in Idlib, worsening the humanitarian crisis. It has also precluded discussions with HTS itself about its conduct and the future of the territory it controls, as Western states and the UN avoid contact completely while Turkey restricts itself to the bare minimum needed to facilitate its military presence in Idlib.”

True, being a terrorist organization really makes it hard to negotiate with, but the Crisis Group has a solution!

“If the Biden administration is willing to sharpen its diplomatic engagement on Idlib, its role could be essential to averting an unnecessary escalation of destabilising violence.”

If the Syrian Arab Army pushes into Idlib and makes territorial gains, it will push HTS to guerrilla tactics, which would also make the Al-Qaeda terrorists that were “upset” with them wanting to control territory rather than organize terrorist activity throughout be more willing to cooperate.

But even if that were to happen, HTS is not the extremist of the past, it is brand-new.

“Through a series of internal transformations and security crackdowns, HTS has distanced itself from the Salafi-jihadist movement while reducing space for transnational jihadists to operate in north-western Syria. Breaking from its jihadist roots, HTS leadership has steadily recast the group as a local Syrian actor capable of governing Idlib and willing to ensure that outside militants will not use the area as a launching pad for operations. This evolution does not erase the past. Nor does it address the concerns of many Syrians who continue to denounce the group’s autocratic rule and repressive conduct.”

In conclusion of the report, the Crisis Group proposes the following “tests of the evolution of HTS”.

“1. Define joint standards as to what HTS would need to do in order for NATO countries to eventually cease treating or labelling it as a terrorist organisation, to support a similar change at the UN and to engage in conversations with it on the area’s future. These standards should be sufficiently tangible to provide HTS clarity as to what precisely is expected, and sufficiently measurable to enable the U.S., Turkey and Europe to quickly respond if, when and so long as they are met.

  1. Introduce carrots and sticks aimed at encouraging HTS to not only meet those standards, but to do so on a continuous (medium- to long-term) basis while also taking further steps to address local and international concerns about its autocratic rule and repressive conduct. For example, Western countries could offer to conditionally increase stabilisation support for critical services in Idlib (much of which was cut following HTS’s takeover of the province in 2019), so long as HTS ceases crackdowns on its civilian critics, expands space for independent and Western-backed civil society organisations to operate, and demonstrates clear commitment to political and religious pluralism.
  2. Once the U.S., Turkey and European partners reach consensus on these steps, Washington should open dialogue with Moscow in an attempt to identify additional measures that could address distinct Russian concerns about attacks emanating from Idlib on its military base in western Syria or government-controlled areas, while avoiding military escalation.”

One would ask, why is this significant, it’s just think tank making a report?

Well, it’s former CEO and President is Robert Malley, a childhood friend of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, and also the individual dubbed to be the new Iran Envoy for the US President Joe Biden administration.

Biden Administration Moves To Rebrand Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham As "Allies"

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. Click to see full-size image

An unnamed US official, cited by AP News, said Malley would head “a dedicated team” of “clear-eyed experts with a diversity of views.” The official added that Malley has “a track record of success negotiating constraints on Iran’s nuclear program” and that Blinken is confident he “will be able to do that once again.”

Biden Administration Moves To Rebrand Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham As "Allies"

Robert Malley. Click to see full-size image

“Malley currently runs the International Crisis Group. Iran hawks are aghast, believing Malley to be a key architect of the 2015 nuclear deal that former President Donald Trump withdrew from. They fear President Joe Biden wants to rejoin the Iran deal at any cost and may be willing to sacrifice the security of Israel and the Gulf Arab states to do so. The hawks regard Malley as less than fully supportive of Israel.”

His think tank is also the architect of a suggestion on how to cooperate with terrorists in Idlib.

Another individual who is part of the International Crisis Group is “Trustee Jake Sullivan” he was named Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor.

Biden Administration Moves To Rebrand Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham As "Allies"

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. Click to see full-size image

Robert Malley, President & CEO of Crisis Group, said: “I have worked closely with Jake, first in the Obama administration and then at Crisis Group. In both instances, he has shown himself to be remarkably perceptive, open-minded, generous with his time and thoughts. Those are all qualities that will serve him exceptionally well in his new position. All of us at Crisis Group wish him the very best on this new journey”.

Both Malley and Sullivan are stepping down from their positions in the think tank, of course, but the Biden Administration’s indoctrination into the think tank’s ideology is easy to see.

Notably, just days earlier, on February 2, Martin Smith a reporter for the American Public Broadcasting Service’s Frontline investigative series, proudly announced that he had interviewed the terrorist group’s leader Abu Muhamad al-Juliani in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

Biden Administration Moves To Rebrand Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham As "Allies"

HTS Chief Abu Mohammad al-Julani. Click to see full-size image

Biden Administration Moves To Rebrand Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham As "Allies"

The Rebranded HTS Chief Abu Mohammad al-Julani. Click to see full-size image

So, the rebranding has already begun.

As a result, yes, everything is different from the Trump Administration. Even the fact that former US President Donald Trump immediately cut support and ties with al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists.


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cechas vodobenikov

no surprise —when has US and their colonies not allied genocidal fundamentalists?

Ashok Varma

Turkey has now replaced Pakistan as the one stop shop for Wahhabi terrorism sponsored by the US.

johnny rotten

It seems correct to me, you recognize the reality of the facts and stop hiding behind the euphemisms, I know so much that this “new” americunt administration is much, much more dangerous than the previous one, the masks are falling and the warmonger Biden will have less hesitation in the attack on North Korea and Iran, I hope not but the risk exists, if you look at the resume of the old war criminal sitting in the oval office, remember his role in the aggression against Iraq.

Zionism = EVIL

Biden is senileCUNT that is being handled like kid by the deep state, the ugly realCUNT Kamala literally stands over him when he stutters BS. Biden is fool tool of the deep state since the day he dragged his bald corn row head and droppy old coorupt arse into Congress 43 years ago. These demented arseholes think that Russia is much weaker than the USSR and they can Balkanize Russia if they bleed it. The dumbarses have a thing coming. The average Russian in the regions is as nationalistic and tough as Iranians or Hezbollah, and if these stupid Americunt arseholes keep fucking with Russia it will go ballistic, and Russian are not about to let their vast country be carved up by Jew parasites.


Biden is senileCUNT that is being handled like kid by the deep state, the ugly realCUNT Kamala literally stands over him when he stutters BS.

Kamala is a pawn. This is the real Avouris and dude who moves the “threads” of Kamala. Its operator. Douglas Emhoff


Zionism = EVIL

Absolutely right, she is also aDYKE, the marriage to the Jew is a sham as he is the controller.

comment image

Jens Holm

Someone has to control You. You cant Yourself.

Lone Ranger

Ok Shlomo…

Jens Holm

I take Your commen as a BIIIG + + for Biden. Thanks

Jens Holm

Not North Korea.

cechas vodobenikov

DPRK has nukes
US will never dare

Tommy Jensen

Liberals are do-gooders and promote freedom globally for innocent and vulnerable populations while Trump was a fascist. Thats the difference!!
Hayat-Tahrir-Al-Sham changed habits after Obama funded and trained them. They dont cut the throat on fascist children anymore.


america will sink like the titanic until its completely drowning and dying


terrorism wont safe you

Jens Holm

Its a flower in Your behind and it has roots


get ready for more ruin because biden the pedophile wont do anything good for you

Jens Holm

Haha. Who will.

So we choose here and are nice to ourself too:)

Zionism = EVIL

As a lifelong friend of Russia and having toured the ex-CIS states, it is glaringly apparent that the Americunt deadbeat deep state arseholes will now target Russia enmasse. These Wahhabi terrorist cowardlyCUNTS were the primary tool of CIA’s war against the USSR and the old fool tool Biden has been part of the rotten Americunt deep state since USSR era and was instrumental in arming these headchopper arseholes. The Turkeys MIT is now the new ISI in terms of being a conduit and ring masters of the headchopper circus and their intent is to kill Russians and bleed Russia, both domestically (Navalnyfaggot and the color code NGO revolution) and a military quagmire in Syria. The dumb fucks are sorely mistaken as Russia is not in Syria alone, Iran and the Axis of Resistance combined with Russia have a population of over 300 million and these dumb motherfukers are 7,000 miles from the burning streets of Americunt shithole which is dying in the mean streets of Covid home goal. Russia just needs to turn up the heat from Afghanistan to Syria and let’s see how fast these deadbeat cowards run home.

Hasbara Hunter

Enjoy the Final Death Throes of an Empire…

Jens Holm

As a lifelong friend of Russia and having toured the ex-CIS states, it is glaringly apparent that the USA will now target Russia en masse. These Wahhabi nice people were the primary tool of CIA’s war against the USSR. The a old fool tool Biden has been part of the famous free speech state since USSR era and was instrumental in arming new proxies. The Turkeys MIT is now the new ISIS in terms of being a conduit and ring masters seen from a clowns perspective to save Russians from Putin.

Its very difficult for any to be PM is Russia as Navalnev and some NGO try. In spite of many donations, they have to own at least one palace.

Science in his world says Russia after years of studies on their win95s says they are not alone in Syria. If so they also conclude they have won the war. Therefore they bombarde Syrians and friends every day as some kind of human contraception in a nice way. First they parachute umbrellas and candy, so people don’t see, whats coming. Its according to the human rights and kept in high heels.

Putin soon also will take over USA. He prepares well looking more and more as a bold eagle.
Its an experimental take over. Cold winters didn’t work for opposition in Gulag, so soon Syria instead will be some hotspot for their ideas about people are objects serving the state only as fertilizers. They still don’t have plans for water in the Region.

All the 290 mio opposition Russians will be buried vertical there with heads up and a sombero against the climate change.

Rhodium 10

Biden cannot do anything to preserve his proxies in Syria!…we are not in 2014 where the unreliable Syrian army had to fight vs 100.000 terrorist!..we are in 2021 where SAA, Russian forces, IRGC,Hezbollah, Iraqi PMU and Wagner PMC have taken the control of almost all Syria….therefore USA& terrorists know that it means 0 chances to win a war while for other side the consolidation of an Axis from Caspian to Mediterranean is a reality.


I’m puzzled, with what money the Bidet Deep State plans to PAY for all the Enhanced Military Interventions At Home and Around The World? How will they be able to afford the US Bases tasked with New World-wide Terror Operations now that their economy is collapsing?

johnny rotten

Hey buddy, I already downloaded the Damascus Time movie, again many thanks for the tip.

johnny rotten

Not yet, it’s morning here with me, I’ll watch it tonight, but I’ve checked it and it’s all right, with subtitles in Persian, Russian, English, at first glance they seem like 100 minutes of adrenaline, then I’ll tell you.

Jens Holm

Hey man! I remember you posted a link to download it in another thread, but I lost it. Could you send me that link please?

johnny rotten

Thank you

Just Me

US is rebranding and re-equipping these Wahhabi terror groups for a proxy war against Russia.


Biden is not in power, the deep state is and it is also increasing the US occupation footprint in Iraq and Syria. This is all about ousting Russia from the region. The US has also stopped Trump’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. These policies will haunt the US in the future a the two decade old quagmire has already cost the taxpayers $14 trillion while the Senate withholds mere $1.9 trillion package to rescue the millions of destitute Americans. The US government in Zionist hands is destroying our country.

Jens Holm

Thanks You for all Your worries. It really makes me laugh:)

Much like You are an emmigrant on wellfare in USA.


Says the zio jew cockroach

Lone Ranger

U.S. is being used and sucked dry.
They did the same with the Soviet Union.

Jens Holm



U$A is a disgusting mafia state and will do anything to further its satanic imperialism around the world.

Pave Way IV

HTS is another SDF for the U.S. – a copy-cat monkey wrench to be thrown into the Syrian death machine to keep churning out the pain.

Ankara is reluctant to engage diplomatically with HTS (absent international backing); Moscow and Damascus prefer an outright military victory over the group; and HTS itself is focused on defending Idlib from further regime advances. There is a policy vacuum, and Washington is now well placed to fill it.

Policy vacuum, my ass. GTFO of Syria, traitors. I prefer the Moscow/Damascus solution: shake and bake the head-choppers until they all flee to Ankara and take that genocidal shithole apart. Genocide has consequences, Smeagol. I hope they drop by your mafia clan’s palace first. Got your spider hole hiding place ready?

Tommy Jensen

No problem. All your Salafi on our Western welfare systems act like nice school boys. Waiting patiently for their next mission and increased pay check……………………………..LOL.


so you are a terrorist supporter and an animal

Tommy Jensen

Well, they come from the land of down under. We just pay those guys to do a job.
We are not responsible for everybody and everything on this planet. Some of you guys must grow up and stand for yourself. Is it our problem some people are for sale?

Jens Holm

Thats expected.

Lone Ranger

American demoncrazy at its finest…

Peter Jennings

It’s amazing what can be achieved with a monkey, a stylist, and a suit.
Idlib needs to be cleared asap. This will force all the terrorists north and into Turkey. Then Turkey will have to deal with the problem they started. Months of going nowhere in Turkey and these terrorists will begin to fight amongst themselves and probably Turkish security forces.
Oh sweet irony if that were to happen.

Tommy Jensen

They will end up in Europe and welcome for use. They Europeans will probably even pay Turkey for them.

Fog of War

Now this move would make things very interesting. Allies get supplies, allies get weapons, allies get support, allies get armed support.


After successfully stealing the election the Bidet-Harass Mafia Coup Moves To Rebrand Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham As “Allies” and appoints them as Syrian Gestapo, The Beheaders of Humanity.

Tommy Jensen

Well, the majority asked for socialism. All socialism leads to communism leads to gulag.
You wanted socialism, you were begging on your knees for Obama and Hitlery back, and you got what you were begging for: Hi-Hat Tahiti-Shame.


This video can be watched by clicking on the link below the screenshot.
comment image https://michaeljlindell.com/ 3


comment image 3

Tommy Jensen

Come on Richard. Those who were cheated and lost to the lgbt team dont have much appeal to more sincere forces.
If the Republicans cant do better there is no hope in this group. Sad to say, but Americans need help from outside.


There are ongoing investigations and 25 active court cases. The last thing that patriots should do is give up. To the contrary, they should increase their efforts and start having people arrested and prosecuted for election fraud and related crimes. And having these fraudulent elections annulled.

Did you even watch the video? The evidence of vote fraud is overwhelming.


I question how long the baby raper Jew infested “Biden Administration” is going to survive in the face of growing evidence of it’s illegitimacy.


comment image


comment image


Biden Administration Jew pedophile mass rape cultists
comment image


comment image


According to the nationwide computer forensic audit statistics contained in the video report. Trump won by 80 million votes to 68 million for Biden. This evidently doesn’t include all of the paper ballot fraud. Which could add to the margin of victory by further increasing Trump’s votes and decreasing Biden’s votes.

Which would probably increase Trump’s electoral college votes to the 400 range and decrease Biden’s to the 100 range.

And it isn’t just the presidential race. The fraud is evident in the legislative contests also. It’s questionable if the dems have house or senate majorities that would survive proper audits.

chris chuba

That is not at all true. There was no fraud in the electronic tabulation, the GA recount proves that and since the same people are claiming massive fraud in the mail-in votes, why should I believe them.


Are you really that stupid?

The GA recount was done by the people accused of the fraud. Why would you believe them when there’s so much evidence that they’re lying?

The video contains prima facia evidence of felony fraud. Did you even watch it?


Pathetic, they’ll actually ally with essentially the same group that committed 9/11 just because they’re now enemies of America’s enemy (or rather Israel’s enemy – but I guess I repeat myself). Sick bastards.

This isn’t ‘The art of war’, as there is no victory to be gained for them. It is just pettiness from a dying empire.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Once again no one has any idea what this story is really telling them, for me it means the Arab league have won a concession from Biden and now they’re ‘possibly’ going to get a voice in the new political process.
I keep saying the designated terrorists are acting more like the moderate opposition and the moderate opposition are acting more like terrorists, and now it seems some clever people in the US also think the same thing.
And just like me they’re saying perhaps they should be included in the new political process, and all you simpletons think it’s bad for Syria and Assad lol, think again geniuses, it’s only bad for Turkey, bad for the the Muslim brotherhood, and bad for Russia, from Assad’s perspective it’s actually good news.
The HTS Salvation Government controls 75% of the occupied territories in western Syria, Turkey controls the other 25%, and if HTS are given a political voice, it actually helps Assad more than it hurts him.
Assad keeps saying the Muslim brotherhood is Syria’s biggest threat to his Government and they control the vast majority of the Turkish supported Interim Government factions, and yet they only control 25% of the rebel held territory, without HTS included in the political process they have a 100% voice in the legitimate opposition in the northwest of Syria [remember the US supported autonomous region will also have a voice], but with HTS included they only get a 25% voice.
Now you might be thinking so what, why does it make a difference if the opposition is solely led by Muslim Brotherhood parties or jointly organized using separate parties, well as every good military commander knows, and every good politician too, divide and conquer is always the best strategy.
The next Parliamentary election will be won by the next party that can either get the most votes outright [probably Assad], but also possibly by an alliance of opposition parties who combined can garner the most votes, with the Muslim Brotherhood as the only opposition voice they do have a chance at winning the next election, and if not the one after, but if their voice is divided as it would be if HTS was included in the political process, they’ll be competing with HTS for votes and have less chance of forming a coordinated opposition alliance, which means Assad has a better chance of winning an election outright.
And did this article say the UN was having problems delivering aid due to HTS obstruction, maybe they’re right, because since HTS occupies most of the territory that borders Turkey, and the moderate opposition seem to border the front lines with the SAA, it might be difficult getting the supplies delivered to the Turkish backed factions. :]
If you read HTS rhetoric concerning Turkey you’ll see the HTS leadership thinks Turkey’s just as much as a threat as any western power is, they even warn their people to be prepared for an eventual confrontation with Turkey if ever the need for mutual protection is no longer required, so from my perspective and I’m sure Assad’s too, they are the best people to include in the political process, that’s if you want to divide and conquer.
That’s not what Erdogan wants and by default it’s not what Putin want’s either, they want a united opposition Government fully controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, who are coincidentally Assad’s biggest enemies.
Putin’s being disloyal to Assad and pandering to Erdogan again, so hopefully Biden takes on this thinktanks recommendations and does something to change the situation.
And even if HTS and the Muslim brotherhood did form a political alliance and did win an election can you imagine what they’d be like during peace times, during the war they’ve been killing each other just as often as they’ve been killing their enemies, so after a war and with no need for cooperation I can’t imagine they get along any better, exactly the opposite is more likely.

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