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Bernie Sanders Introduces Resolution Blocking Weapon Sales To Israel, Is He A Nazi?

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Bernie Sanders Introduces Resolution Blocking Weapon Sales To Israel, Is He A Nazi?

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On May 20th, US Senator Bernie Sanders introduced a resolution blocking a $735m US weapons sale to Israel.

“At a moment when U.S.-made bombs are devastating Gaza, and killing women and children, we cannot simply let another huge arms sale go through without even a Congressional debate,” Sanders said. “I believe that the United States must help lead the way to a peaceful and prosperous future for both Israelis and Palestinians. We need to take a hard look at whether the sale of these weapons is actually helping do that, or whether it is simply fueling conflict.”

The resolution introduced by Sanders is privileged, which means the senator will have the option to bring it up for a vote.

The move comes after Democrats in the House of Representatives, led by Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Mark Pocan (D-Wisc.), and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), filed a similar resolution.

Basically, Sanders’ statement mirrored that of a separate resolution he introduced on May 19th, which emphasized the importance of Israeli and Palestinian lives.

“Whereas every Palestinian life matters; and whereas every Israeli life matters:now, therefore, be it resolved, that the Senate … urges an immediate ceasefire,” Sanders’ resolution said.

The resolution was in response to a separate measure from the Republican senator Rick Scott affirming US support for Israel.

The Democratic and Republican leaders of the Senate Foreign Relations and House Foreign Affairs committees all backed the sale during an informal review before May 5th.

Lawmakers predicted efforts to stop the sale would fail, given traditionally strong bipartisan support in both the House and Senate for arms sales to Israel.

Senator Bob Menendez, the Democratic chairman of Senate Foreign Relations, said he would oppose the Sanders resolution. He also said he was not certain that Sanders had filed it within a required 15-day period.

“I can’t imagine that passing,” Senator Jim Risch, the committee’s top Republican, told reporters.

Basically, US President Joe Biden signed the approval on May 17th, 12 days after it was proposed, in order that any resolutions against the sale could potentially be out of time, if the 15-day period is to be counted from May 5th. It essentially was heard of 12 days after the fact, leaving only 3 days to introduce any proposed legislation.

Currently, Israeli media are simply reporting on Sanders and others’ resolutions, saying that they are to be ineffective. It is expected that Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others are, of course, dubbed Nazis by Tel Aviv, as such statements and blocking of weapon sales is unacceptable for Israel.

US President Joe Biden, on May 20th, praised the ceasefire reached in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, saying that Washington would continue supported Israeli militarily under any condition, something that has been more than obvious.


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Israel is an Apartheid State

This is a big shift in American politics. For the first time, there are prominent members of the American government who take the side of Palestinians, and want a fair resolution to the Palestinian genocide by Israel. I can only see this trend growing, as more people become aware of the horrific crimes of Israel.

Jens Holm

People around the world are getting fed up with repulsive cowardly Jew parasites. In my LGBTI community I have noticed a big shift in queer attitudes.

jens holm

The writer here is a small person, which not even dare to be an avatar of randomnes. It could be a clever pig we by accident has not treated well.


He was the third candidate for presidency after Biden and Trump, where Biden won the final election.

Sanders always has been sceptic to the Israels behavinghs and a little more positive to the Palestnians.

Jens Holm

Jens it doesn’t matter how jens or Jens there are we can always tell which one is you . The smallest of the lot is you because you aren’t big enough to see what you write is not what you think you write


No, he was not “the third candidate for presidency after Biden and Trump”


Indeed, Sanders ran against Killary Clinton for Democratic Presidential candidate nomination back in 2016. The Democratic selection officials screwed Sanders over and rigged the win for Killary. A Democratic party worker was appalled by all this, and leaked emails about it – named Seth Rich – who was then promptly shot in the back twice, in the street close to his home. These leaked emails became the basis of the Democrats ‘Russian Hacking’ trope – the Democrats, and their media cheerleader squad, hoped to cast a giant distraction away from the actual, damaging, contents of the emails in this way.

Last edited 8 months ago by GoldStandard
jens holm

I just tell Sanders dont represent USA in blocking weapoibns sales to Israel being low ranked. By that none should use him as such.

He has his oppinions about it, which is almost as old as him, but he is a proposer of (unfortunatly) limited influence and no decider.

Putting in stones in bread as You do just say You is those matters is a “dont”.

Biden and his are the deciders and in some matters partly supported by the moderate Republikancans. Thats how the powerplay is now.

jens holm

In this context he was.


Sanders is a sitting US Democrat senator – he is, in fact, part of the US governing structure and votes on US legislation in the Senate accordingly. Go back and finish high school, you might just learn some actual basic information about the world and how it works.

Last edited 8 months ago by GoldStandard

Don’t get so excited. This is not a big change, this is yet repetition. This is not the first time for efforts along these lines. This has been brought up every time Israel has conducted massive attacks. The 15 day thing could well be an ‘out’ to excuse it’s ‘failure’ on getting a vote. But, no matter, it would fail dramatically, you can bet on that. I see this as good cop, bad cop…people will believe their voice is being heard and there might be a chance…but the goal is akin to relieving the pressure in a pressure cooker. People that voted for those that would support this resolution will believe that their reps are doing what they were elected to do, a win-win for those politicians, regardless that they know it would fail. However, you are correct that, by and large, Americans are getting fed up with the pandering to Israel…possibly the only positive effect, quite unintentional, of Trumps overt pandering to Bibi. Now, if only the majority of voters would look a lot closer at the Epstein operation and understand what it truly involved. Then you would see a monumental shift.


Lol NO. There is no shift, nothing but a staged show laughable and fake as always. Especially this old jewish cunt Sanders, he betrayed everyone and everything so many times, and you believe his charade??

jens holm

It shows You level well only being able to nick name Sanders as a cunt and jewish or not. You seemes to refer to Your own systems, where You buy and sell cunts as new or used cars. and forget girls and women are just as good and bad as yourself in Youir own version og human trafficing.

Donald Moore

Sanders is not a Nazi, Netanyahu is. What Netanyahu is doing is ethnically cleaning out the Palestinians from the Gaza, West Back and all over Israel. Isn’t that what Hitler did to the Jews? Netanyahu might not being using ovens but he is sure using his version of the Warsaw Ghetto, Gaza!

jens holm

Yes, Sanders is a socialdemocrat in the USA version been trying to take the usefull parts of the Skandinian model to USA.

Jens Holm

That doesn’t make him a Nazi. You should know what a Nazi is as your great grandfather was one.

Jens Homo

I am Jens Homo – from a family line of Homo’s – just like my great grand-father was one.

Last edited 8 months ago by Jens Homo
Jens Holm

jens is in Denmark. Denmark was invaded by Germany in war2. Jens great grand mother begged a Nazi to f&ck her and because of that we have jens today so he should know what a Nazi is..

jens holm

The midget avatar copist is here again.

jens Holm

but which jens are you talking too jens. Jens you are the midget because you are too dumb to see you are stupid. You get that from your great grandmother who couldn’t run fast enough to get away from your Nazi great grandfather. Or did she say yes because no one else would..

Jens Holm

Who are you calling midget dwarf.


berni imperialist slanders the ugly girl in US politics has never sponsored 1 legislative act that passed—his installation is required to convince peasants that US is not a dictatorship oligarchy….if he introduced a bill tat defined a squirrel as a rodent it would fail

john wooh

Is this the same Bernie Sanders, who was betrayed 2times in presidential election 2016 Hillary; 2020 Biden; by the Democrats???


No, this is the same Bernie Sanders that willingly rolled over to the disgust of his supporters, because he had real public support. He is part of the scam. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, sham (not a misspelling) on me.

jens holm

No, that Bernie Sanders didnt betray any.

It seemes You are only for and support a one party system. Two then is too complicated for You and three is unregulated chaos.

Jens Holm

When Sanders couldn’t win the party nomination he handed his supporters to Biden against their strong anti Biden wishes .. He BETRAYED his own supporters . That is too complicated for you to understand . Not about two or one parties at all. Why do you think you know it all when you know nothing.

jens holm

No he didnt. Our systems are not like that beacuse we are not raised like that at all.

Somehow the parlamentarisme has to make majority to make Governess. An important things is to unite with others as well as it goes.

Sanders acted as normal as any. He made most of his supporters to support Biden, so Trump was not elected.

He could have decided to say no votes or supporting Trump. Most people – according to Your kind knows – that Sanders after all is more a little strange cousin to the democrats then in any aspect near any republicans.

Your version often is like running Syria. None is unning Syria. Any are running Syria. Is there a Syria at all. So You hve to unite and with the methods You have.

Thats normal procedure for real parlamentarisme. Somehow You have to find a majority or at least not enough opposition “against”.

Biden actually has given the moderate democrates, where the sandrs partly are.a lot as something for something. As examples Biden will tax the highincomers at least some little more. There are given more Covid help. There is a corection for their school system as well as he sjupport electric cars, slar panels and windpower at least in words and intensions. Trump did the opposite and “normal” democrates are very slow abolut any changes in those matters.

Jens Holm

I am such an old fagg0t that it is not funny. The Jews are cowards and losers.

jens holm

This Jens Holm is a dwarf Midget. He also think Bernie Sanders is leader and born in Al Tanf, because there is a lot of Sand there.

Last week this Jens Holm was winner og the Nobelprice for bad excuse and won a bag of sand. He had expected a bottle of water, so he could make his own beach.


“This Jens Holm is a dwarf Midget. He also think Bernie Sanders is leader and born in Al Tanf, because there is a lot of Sand there.
Last week this Jens Holm was winner og the Nobelprice for bad excuse and won a bag of sand. He had expected a bottle of water, so he could make his own beach.”


jens Holm

The real jens sees himself as a midget and so proud he won a bag of sand . Yes jens you are the real midget here. go play on your beach you made with a bottle of water and a bag of sand. Where does this idiot come from ?

jens holm

Thats how Your level is. I have written so many times where Im from and also that I write here as a relative sober western, because so many here are not gfa,miliar with west but what they take in from their goiverness and homecreations only.

Jens Holm

WTF is that. I wish you would change your name. You bring big shame to name of Jens Holm. Shame I say shame.

Pro Terrorists -> Zion yankees Wahhabi Kurds

Even the yankees understand they no longer can print money and send it to Zion which can’t even take down a small group such as Hama – in Gaza from all the places as well…Gaza is blocked from all side and Zion control food to water in Gaza, fun fact that Zion doesn’t want you to know…that’s what they dealing with…now people understand why Iran or Hezbollah don’t care/see Zion as the problem.
Their main enemy is Yankees not some gay ass Zion.

It is not the first time Bernie said such things, he is a real Jew and doesn’t like Zion at all.
Also, he doesn’t believe fat Yankees and Zion that the US can just print money as they wish anymore.
But moronic Yankees never want to see a real Jew run the country and they don’t like someone who is right about a lot of things.


He hates Christians . I do not trust this man

jens holm

He hate religios extremisme, which fx are a part of the republikan party. That goes for jews and muslims as wel and probatly hindus, buddists and from others too.

Fine wirth me You dont trust Sanders. The low trust to Sanders is very much dependent in the USA traditions knowing all things and sometimes as best patents.

USA got Biden and hisrepair, but they need Sanders to make less split in the middle and putting many too old oppinions in garbage and to non recycling.

Denmark is strong for its seize because we adapt changes well even we also has to go by the wind paddling. USA as well as others are no capable to do that.

jens holm

As usual writers has no idea about what nazisme is.

L du Plessis

Bernie doesnt know isrsel controls the US money and arms.

jens holm

Thats because they dont. Your real problem is, You cant even control Yourself and blame others for it.

Thats a crime where I live, but not where You are. Ypu even keep a lot of learning and information away even its open and free from here.

By that You have created Your bigger and bigger deep dark state. Acually its no state but a very rotten area with no cleaners. Much as if You kill them as sonna shtey are potential visible, so Your traditions about it can be kept.

jens holm

A pity not more are killed at both sides.

pens holm

A pity you are not killed you worthless PoS

jens Holm

I am too stupid for that to happen


This is a disgrace. Palestinians should be wiped out of existance to the last woman and child!


Crawled out from hiding in a bunker now that the rockets have stoped. Hope you have had a shower and a change of clothes before coming on here.

Gizmo gaga

Palestinians will free themselves. They are getting stronger and Israel weaker. No more ground incursions into Gaza because Israel can only fight from the air. That superiority soon won’t matter with missile tech. Even their nukes won’t matter. The dawn of a new age is upon us, Israel and its sponsors will reap what they sow.

jens holm

Israel dont fight them only from the air. There is an almost kept blocade and they use artillery as well. Furthermore Israel too parts of Gaza for their own and by that also control the rest much better.

I have no idea about about how many arabs to be killed before Your freedom. Isit all or what ?

Peter Jennings

Sanders is just arranged opposition to give the impression that a democracy exists. All his years of rhetoric hasn’t worked. The isreali apartheid regime gets what it wants every time. Either that or they spill the beans on Sept 11th.

A video doing the rounds shows a Palestinian family asking a jewish settler why he is trying to steal their home. His reply, ‘if i don’t steal it someone else will’. The mindset of these people.

The problems faced by the isreali apartheid regime are self induced and down to land theft and forced evictions. The regime can call a genocide a protection, but nobody is fooled by that old excuse any longer.
Bombing civilians with phosphorus, bulldozing Palestinian neighbourhoods, forcing people into ghetto’s show the isreali apartheid regime took the ideas of nazism and used it on the Palestinians. All the while exalting how they are the persecuted ones.

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