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Bennett Had A “Great Meeting” With “Sleepy Joe” Amid Approaching Resumption Of Nuclear Talks

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US President Joe Biden allegedly fell asleep at a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

Bennett came to the U.S. to hold negotiations with U.S. President. At a press conference, the head of the Israeli government spoke about the new stage of friendship between the U.S. and Israel. At this time, the US leader was sitting motionless with his eyes closed.

Prime Minister Bennett met with “Sleepy Joe”, as Trump called Biden during the 2020 presidential election, on August 28th. They discussed the Iranian issue, the provision of a third vaccine dose, and a variety of other issues related to Israel.

“It was an excellent meeting, especially in private, and it was mainly a working meeting. It felt like we had known each other for a long time. I found a leader who loves Israel, knows exactly what he wants and is also attentive to our needs.” – Bennett said.

Israel is now trying to convince the United States not to return to the nuclear deal with Iran and not to lift sanctions. Bennett is likely trying to convince Biden to take as tough position towards Iran as possible, claiming that ” it’s time to stop the Iranians and not give them a lifeline in resuming the expired nuclear deal.”

“With regard to Iran – both President Biden and we are determined that Iran will never be able to reach nuclear weapons. I am glad that we agree on the goal, and at work levels we will work in the coming days, weeks and months to develop the channels of collaboration. Needless to say – there is not much time, the issue is urgent and does not suffer from delay.” – Bennett claimed on August 28.

On the other side, the spiritual leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, held the first meeting with the government of the new president Ibrahim Raisi. He claimed that ” US President Joe Biden in his demands on Iran is not different from his predecessor Donald Trump.”

Tehran and Washington are expected to resume the indirect talks in Vienna that were suspended after the presidential elections in Iran. The date of the new round is yet unknown.


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“Who shat my pants???” – “President” J.O. Biden

Peppe il Sicario

“Oh my God! Someone sh*t in my pants.” Joe “Bidet” Biden.


The conversation was riveting, lol.

Bennet asked later for his slippers and PJs so he could stay for a slumber party.

AmeriKKKunts are ZioSlaves

Bennett looks like a dick head!

Ukraine uber alles

imagine biden, bennet, putin in a a room, ukraine could take them out in one go with a turkish missile


Especially if russian made air defense systems are used to watch over them – as seen in Libya, Syria and Armenia ^^


It’s obvious to anyone that studied psychology that yourself and “Ukraine uber alles”, both suffer from a profound and inexplicable fear of Russia and it’s President….perhaps you both suffer from a deep ingrained trauma, or are just not very intelligent !


hahahahahaha the jewish foolish soon to be eradicated joke calling itself “israel is trying to explain how important it is to sleepy joe while america is flooding on one end and burning on the other this image becomes more absurd than ever so please give more billions away to these fools and give them a chance to ruin themselves entirely in the shortest amount of time because that is exactly what they are begging years to happen now

Last edited 23 days ago by farbat

he didnt get the hint btw this idiot bennett because sleepy joe basically told him without using any words to shut up btw this idiot with his kippah looks as clownish as one can look

Last edited 23 days ago by farbat

these miserable usurping jews have 0 authority over sleepy joe its funny how they try and yes sleepy joe is a zionist in a government filled with zionists but at the same time he is a sleepless captain of a sinking ship and deserves this nap for sure

Last edited 23 days ago by farbat
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