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Benghazi Government Resigned


Benghazi Government Resigned


The interim government of Libya, supported by the army of General Khalifa Haftar, submitted its resignation to Parliament. The decision was made amid protests in the region.

The interim government of Libya, which sits in the East of the country, has submitted its resignation to the House of Representatives. This was reported by Al Arabiya TV channel with reference to the statement of the Parliament.

The decision to resign was made during an emergency meeting held by the head of the Parliament, Aguila Saleh. The participants discussed the possible ways to respond to the demands of protesters.

Over the past few days, there have been a number of protests in Libya. Demonstrations were held against the deterioration of living conditions, in particular high prices for fuel, essential goods and food, as well as power outages, which sometimes was cut for several hours.

Similar protests took place in late August in the Western region, including Tripoli, which is controlled by the Government of National Accord (GNA), headed by Prime Minister Faiz Sarraj. The demonstrators were also dissatisfied with the economic situation and corruption in the country, as well as frequent power and water outages, and demanded Sarraj’s resignation.

Benghazi Government Resigned

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The resignation of the Government occurred both under the influence of public opinion and as a consensus of the elites who control the West of the country. The leading role is played by the Parliament and the high military command of the LNA forces. These two groups have a decisive influence on the current political situation in this region. Apparently, by means of the Government’s resignation, these forces will try to both reduce the protest intensity and redistribute spheres of influence within the Executive body of the region.




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