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Bellingcat Goes To War With Ukrainian Opposition


Bellingcat Goes To War With Ukrainian Opposition

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The MH17 saga still continues, and it is unlikely that it will end anytime soon, regardless of what common sense and evidence is applied to it. Attempts to fit the facts to the narrative, and not establish a narrative based on factual data is evident.

In the most recent “episode” of the saga, Bellingcat, the “investigative website” went to “online” war with the opposition in Ukraine, since its representatives attempted to provide factual data that some of the evidence was very obviously doctored.

The SBU’s credibility was questioned since it released the faked recordings, and the Volodymyr Zelensky administration continues its questionable policy supporting radicals and employing the Poroshenko-like policy of sabotaging the political settlement of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

The party of opposition figure Anatoly Shariy is gaining popularity and is bringing to light the misconduct of the SBU and Zelensky, and Bellingcat, with its ties to MI6 immediately jumped to the rescue. And it is hardly a coincidence that Zelensky visited MI6 Headquarters for talks in his visit to the UK in October 2020.

On October 18th, Ukrainian politician Anatoly Shariy released a video which attempts to shed light on who is actually behind the Bellingcat “investigative website.”

Notably, in the video Shariy provides evidence that the tapes in which Igor Bezler was allegedly implicated in downing the MH-17 were actually doctored.

He confirmed that the Ukrainian security service – SBU edited the tapes, they were recorded during the hostilities in Eastern Ukraine, but the original tapes had Bezler and others speak about Ukrainian Su warplanes, and not about the MH-17.

This is a main point in Bellingcat’s investigation on the matter.

Over the last several years Anatoly Shariy has come a long way – from a journalist and blogger, turning into quite the influential politician in exile.

This is primarily thanks to his unrelenting efforts and everyday work that seem to never stop. He, almost single-handedly, took apart the narrative of former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, and is dismantling that of the current president – Volodymyr Zelensky, and he did all that online.

He is an expert in debunking media fakes, and this turned into a sort of activism, through his network of avid supporters.

Local elections are to take place in Ukraine on October 25th, and the Party of Shariy is to take part.

Back in the general elections of 2019, his party got 2.23%, which is approximately 330,000 votes, but didn’t pass the 5% threshold to enter Parliament, since then it appears that his popularity has risen.

The work he does is evidenced by the fact that his supporters, relatives and party members have repeatedly been subject to attacks from structures affiliated to the Azov Battalion and other volunteer battalions.

They are often subject to abuse or attacks by radical individuals who are quite openly being supported by the Ukrainian government. And still, Shariy’s party remains as a thorn in the side of the current Kiev government, shedding light on its questionable activities.

Currently, Shariy is one of Zelensky’s key adversaries, and at the core of that are mobile groups of Shariy supporters who quite literally followed Zelensky on his travels across Ukraine.

Everywhere the Ukrainian president appeared, Shariy’s supporters were present there, organizing protests and demanding for Zelensky to react to political persecutions, censorships, attacks and attempts on the lives of opposition figures and more.

Zelensky, expectedly, wants to do very little of what they’re demanding of him, since that would be to his detriment, and there are numerous videos showing the Ukrainian president being dissatisfied by Shariy’s supporters protesting.

Most recently, Zelensky visited the United Kingdom, and that’s when Shariy began sharing information.

He also said that Bellingcat may claim that he received his information from the Russian military intelligence – GRU, and in response he would sue them and prove that it wasn’t the Russian intelligence services that contacted him.

Of course, there are those who disagree with what Shariy claimed, and attempt to prove otherwise.

The entire situation has turned into a fiasco on Twitter.

“Of course, JIT has had this record for 6 years already. Bellingcat just worked the order for me. But very clumsy and stupid”

“So @bellingcat tried to work the order for me, but it turned out very stupid. I concealed the terribly secret shelling of Rozovka, although Rozovka is different (village), and the record has been at the disposal of the Dutch for 6 years already. They are idiots, these @bellingcat”

He also alleged that it comes out from Bellingcat’s investigation that the settlement of Rozovka, and its airfield are actually 16 km closer to Gordovka, than it actually is.

All Shariy did, however, was say that Zelensky met with MI6 in his visit to the UK, and this was confirmed by the Ukrainian authorities themselves.

Bellingcat, who have proven ties to MI6, are simply attempting to attack and discredit the data about the MH17 that continues being released.

What’s notable is that Bellingcat’s article attempting to discredit Shariy is riddled with factual mistakes, and very apparent and weak attempts to cover the SBU-produced fake tape.

For example, as mentioned above, they claimed that a village is located at a different location than it actually is.

They also claimed that Shariy’s tapes were wrong, because he didn’t release the part related to local clashes, which is entirely beside the point.

As mentioned above, Shariy allegedly received the tape from the GRU, and in response he said he would sue Bellingcat and prove in court who his source is and that it wasn’t Russian.

The situation is such that the YouTube version, released by the SBU allegedly proved that Bezler and others were responsible for MH17. At the same time, the Netherlands’ JIT had received the full tapes from Bezler himself and the had them for, at least, 6 years.

Then, it turned out that the SBU simply made an “accidental mistake” and they should be forgiven.

Finally, the article attempts to paint a picture of Bezler in which he ordered an execution of Ukrainian troops, but the entire tape contains evidence that they are alive and well.

This, of course, is entirely unmentioned in the Bellingcat article.

In conclusion, the Twitter fiasco with Bellingcat-affiliated trolls simply making wild claims are showing of the sad state the MI6-funded propaganda has reached.




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