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Belgian Court Sentenced Iranian Diplomat To 20 Years In Jail For Plotting Attack In France

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Belgian Court Sentenced Iranian Diplomat To 20 Years In Jail For Plotting Attack In France

Asadollah Asadi, Source: al-ain.com

On February 4, a Belgian court sentenced Iranian diplomat Asadollah Asadi to 20 years in jail for plotting an attack on an Iranian opposition gathering near the French capital Paris.

The Court of Antwerp also sentenced three Belgian nationals of Iranian origin, who were also involved in the alleged plot, to between 15 to 18 years in prison. All three convicts were also stripped of their Belgian citizenship.

Asadi, who worked as a diplomat in the Iranian embassy in Vienna, allegedly plotted to bomb the annual meeting of the National Council of Resistance of Iran. The council is a coalition of Iranian opposition groups, which includes the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran.

French security forces apprehended Asadi in Germany on June 10 of 2018. The Iranian diplomat was then handed over to Belgian authorities.

On June 30, two of the now-convicted Belgian-Iranians – Nasim Naami, 33, and Amir Saadoni, 38 – were arrested in Brussels. 500 grams of explosives and a detonator were found with them. The explosives were allegedly smuggled by Asadi from Iran in a diplomatic suitcase. The third person convicted of aiding Asadi was 57-year old Mehrdad Arefani, an Iranian poet resident in Europe.

Belgian investigators claim that Asadi was an Iranian intelligence officer operating under the cover of a diplomat. Naami, Saadoni and Arefani allegedly conspired with him.

Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Javad Zarif questioned the Belgian and French allegations when Asadi was first arrested less than three years ago. The arrest coincided with the visit of a senior Iranian delegation to Europe.

“How surprising it is that at the same time as our [Iranian delegation] traveled to Europe with the President of Iran, Iran’s alleged operation was launched and one person was arrested,” the minister said back then. “Iran explicitly condemns violence and terrorism everywhere and is ready to address any concerns in this regard.”

The Asadi case is being used as a tool to pressure Iran. To this day, Tehran has not confirmed the allegations made by Belgium and France against the diplomat.


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Tommy Jensen

Tour Eiffel?


Total bullshit article and news. If Iran wanted to bomb the MKO on foreign soil, it would be a seamless operation. If lower caste belgium gets uppitty, it will be dealt with very harshly.


How it will be dealt for example ? Bomb them ?
Mate , you wont be able to do a shit about it.

One of your compariots were bragging here while ago ‘ how iranian oppoisiton were being silenced / dealt with in Europe ”. I think this is also yr case here .

Now do you understand why I call your regyme and its supporters backwards people living in a bubble apart from realities ?


In case you didn’t know, the MKO is irrelevant. They can’t do anything other than create these manufactured events. You understand? Iran has many ways to retaliate on this drama. Just that you are clueless.


They guys are caught with 500 gr explosives , what they would do with that , open their clogged drain ?

Israel ( and many others ) bomb you to oblivion in Syria , they kill yr scientists in the middle of Tehran , someone bombs your facilities with in Iran in broad daylight , US openly blows yr top commander Suleimani to millions of pieces. And how do you retaliate ? Shoot a civlian airliner in panic or send some rockets to some US bases to mentally harras some ordinary US Joes.

You are just hot air mate , you are all talk.


It don’t matter. Iran runs the show in the entire northern ME. That’s what matters. From Kabul to Beirut. You as a guppu ass turk don’t. You got that?


You and yr rag tag militia can only exist in war torn and failed states – Once these countries stabilize with some sort of democracy , they give you a kick in the ass so that you can fly back to your shit hole country .

You are a bunch of backwards and uneducated peasants collected from yr stone age villages for 100 usd / month and being bombed by almost everyone in the middle east . Cheap lives noone cares . Now did I got that fine , self whiping humanoid ?


lol……man you can’t win. It’s been years now. Iran’s got the bulk of the region under its sway. You’ve been a pushover, despite all the help from the west. Must be disappointing no?…..lol


Winning what exactly ? You have been kicked from south of syria , south of Iraq and caucasus with in only 3 years by us. You cried like piglets when Azeris kicked Armnenians from NK , but all u cud do is to watch . Historically when you confront Turks you run like rats. Thats is yr genes.

And the best part is , you are sanctioned by almost everyone but still speak about being a pushover . You sit on worlds biggest reserves but still live under extreme poverty in yr shithole country while your sons get killed by almost everyone like dogs where they are being stationed for 100/150 usd for month. Poor village idiots.


lol…..man you are bitter…..lol. You go worry about turdo now. Biden will coup his ass again.


Bitter , Nope. Just having fun dealing with some iranian village idiots here.,

So returning to our subject, you were telling that Belgians would pay .

Question here is , why you guys are always vowing while nothing happens in the end ? Is it due to the fact that you are nothing but Middle eastern village idiots ?


Frankly, Belgium is a shithole with a disgusting history of racism, rapes and pillage in Africa. This a total bullshit charge and Iran needs to retaliate strongly.

johnny rotten

I do not know anything about this judicial procedure, so for not knowing how to read or write I will stick to the knowledge of the precedents, the western courts are completely unreliable and fraudulent and in this regard I am content to cite the only case of MH-17 [Malaysia Airlines Flight 17] where the bad faith of the Netherlands was exposed in all its gravity.

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