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Belarus Protests’ Main Propaganda Channel Operated Out Of Poland

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Belarus Protests' Main Propaganda Channel Operated Out Of Poland

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The Belarus protests are happening with full force, and it is interesting to look into how exactly information between protesters is being transmitted.

One of the main channels is Nexta Live, a Telegram channel, operated by Roman Protasevich and Stepan Putil (or as he presents himself in social media as Svetlov), both of whom live in Warsaw, Poland, but somehow coordinate the Belarusian opposition.

The Telegram channel is growing exponentially. On August 10th it had approximately 980,000 subscribers, as of midday on August 12th, it sits at 1.4 million.

The violence appears to be escalating during the protests, and no clear leadership appears to be present, at least not physically.

The main platform for communication amongst President Alexander Lukashenko’s opponents is the Telegram messenger. Opposition public channels announce the action plans of the protesters. It also gives advice on what to do at a particular moment of riots, where to run, where to gather.

In addition, the channels perform a propaganda function – they constantly talk about the atrocities of the authorities, illustrating this with vivid videos and photos. And last night it was they who threw in information about the appearance of “Russian special forces” on the streets of Minsk.

On top of this, apart from the two main figures, every other post is entirely anonymous.

That is, they are not conducted on behalf of specific people or political forces. This is a significant difference from the Maidan in Ukraine, during which specific journalists, bloggers, public figures, politicians presented themselves and spoke on their own behalf and pursued their own interests. In this situation, a largely anonymous group is pursuing somewhat unclear interests.

As mentioned above, the main supplier of news from the streets of Minsk and other cities of Belarus is the Nexta Live channel.

It has a sister channel – called only “Nexta” with approximately 500,000 subscribers. Both sites mainly forward messages to each other. But the basic one is the channel with the Live prefix in the name. The most popular propaganda videos with alleged scenes from the protests appear there.

And most importantly, it is there that plans for a protest are published – at what time and where to gather for a rally, when to start a strike, and so on.

Round the clock, and especially during nighttime opposition rallies, this public is updated at a rate of several messages per minute. Most of which are exclusive videos and photos directly from the hotbeds of protests.

In addition to the video, the channel is constantly coordinating the actions of the protesters. They are informed of the movements of the riot police, and sympathizers are told how to shelter the protesters.

Another function of the channel are is its constant calls for citizens to go out and encouraging attacks on police officers.

On the very first day of the protests, Nexta was marked with a joyful message “People are beating the riot police”, in which law enforcement officers are, as it were, not people.

The vocabulary in relation to the police incites the maximum hatred – “fascists”, “bastards”, “Lukashist scum”, “bandits in black”, “punishers”. At the same time, the authors of the messages simultaneously call on law enforcement officers “to be with the people”, and participants in the actions – to burn the police and riot policemen.

The leaders, as mentioned above are Roman Protasevich, who can be seen below, and Stepan Putila.

Belarus Protests' Main Propaganda Channel Operated Out Of Poland

Click to see full-size image

Roman, thanks to the success of the Telegram channel, has become the hero of numerous interviews in recent days. In them, he says that content for publications is supplied by caring Belarusians, and in conditions of complete blackout they somehow find the Internet through VPN services.

The other co-founder of the Nexta channel is another oppositional Belarusian journalist, Stepan Putila. A YouTube channel with the same name and logo, created back in 2015, is registered to him.

Belarus Protests' Main Propaganda Channel Operated Out Of Poland

Stepan Putila. Click to see full-size image

Putila worked for the Polish-Belarusian channel Belsat (, which is based in Warsaw and is funded by the Polish Foreign Ministry.

“Formally, the creation of the TV channel was the result of an agreement signed in 2007 between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland and Polish TV. The agreement provides for long-term cooperation and financing of the Belsat TV channel,” the channel’s website says.

This, in itself, is more than enough to show that the protesters aren’t led by “the hand of the Kremlin” or by supposed mercenaries from the mythical Wagner PMC, as Lukashenko attempted to present it, initially.

At the same time, Lukashenko probably understood who was actually behind the organization of the protest actions, but they deliberately untwisted the “Russian trail”, apparently trying to enlist the support of the West and avoid its sanctions after the elections.

His plan evidently failed.

The US and the EU have already condemned what is happening in Belarus and are discussing the introduction of sanctions. This is further worsened by the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin had the “audacity” of congratulating Lukashenko on his election victory.

Now, Lukashenko turned 180 degrees and began proclaiming that the protests are being organized by Poland, the Czech Republic and the UK.

These fluctuations in the narrative in Belarus caused confusion amongst those who voted for Lukashenko and who are oriented towards Russia, since Russian media covered the protests, and how Russian journalists were being detained.

Against this background, the pro-Western propaganda channels in Belarus, such as Nexta are gaining popularity and momentum and appear to be the only media platforms that have any traction as of now.


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Poland with ABM system, new US reinforcements, quick intervention special ops NATO forces , US air force and virulent anti-Russian activity and propaganda and deep hatred towards everything Russian is striving unstoppable to become Russian main target for annihilation in Europe.

Poland you have merited every nuke that is pointed at you.


Launch one single Nuke at Poland, in 30 mins Moscow will be ashes.

Lone Ranger

Followed by Kiev and every major U.S. city…


Doesn’t matter, totally worth it.

Lone Ranger

That goes vice versa…


Bring it on, comrade.

Lone Ranger

Im not bloodthirsty. Was only stating facts.

Gary Sellars

Fucking stupid cunt…. seriously… are you 12 yo or something???


13 but your mom said I’m very developed.

Антон С

No one would fight for Poland, for Kiev or for Pribaltica. France and England were allies of Poland, but decided to do nothing in 1939th. No yank will die for interests of Poland.

Fog of War

” France and England were allies of Poland, but decided to do nothing in 1939th. ”

Dont forget how the Soviet Union invaded Poland from the East in concert with the NAZIS. Then Poland was ruled over by their Soviet ” friends ” for 70 years. No wonder they dont trust the Russians now.


The same stupid crap ? same lines ? Go somewhere else to spray your crap. Russia saved Poland ass in WW2. You never talk about the atrocities the USA have done and still doing all around the world, and seriously ? Do you think you can convince anyone here ? RUSSIA WON WW2 period.

Антон С

1. Russia returned its own lands. Poland occupied them after the war in 1920-22. Romania occupied some land near Odessa + Moldavia. Odessa is romanian by your logic, right?

2. Russia didn’t attack Poland. Poland’s gov-t flew from the country to Bucharest at 15th of September and then to London. The Red Army went into those lands (taken by Poland 20 years before) at 17th of September.

3. Another fact: Germany, which attacked Poland, officially became as the enemy by France and England. No war de-facto until May 1940 when nazists attacked France, but it was de-jure since September 1939. France and England did not declaration of war against USSR, because USSR wasn’t aggressor. Learn history better.


we are not so cowards like you, ruskies. you bowed in cuba crisis,in cold war, in lybia, in ukraine and now in syria.

Антон С

Cuban case got started from placing medium-range missiles in Turkey, so it’s the Turkish crisis actually. We forced yanks to go out from border region. It was the victory without a fight. Modern plan – to put some nuclear submarines with “Caliber” and hyper-sound missiles in Venezuela, if Washington regime will continue to enlarge army groups near our borders.

AM Hants

You do realise that the people of Russia are prepared for that eventuality? Unlike us in the West. What was it the world’s leading Statesman said? ‘try to take out Russia, you will take out the planet’.

Non-nuclear Poland, so excited to host US nukes on their territory, together with the obsolete US ‘First Strike Defence Missile System’ on their territory. Only, didn’t it take almost 2 decades to reach active service? Whilst Russia moved the goalpost, bringing out hypersonics, in active service. Leaving all NATO weapons and systems, obsolete.

Poland the biggest debtor nation in the EU, always with the begging bowl out. She might pay 2% GDP to NATO, but, how much is 2% Polish GDP compared to 1% German GDP?


If NATO weapons are obsolente and Russianboeople being prepared, they shouldn’t cry about Poland hosting NATO weapons. Just keep your dignity and let Poland do whatever they want.

AM Hants

Darling, telling me to keep my dignity? Seriously? Never lost it. Why would non-nuclear Poland, who always expects others to pick up her bills, want to be first point for hypersonics, as the Satan missile sweetly smiles her way? Why would Russia be eager to have Polish dipsticks, hosting nuclear weapons in a non-nuclear nation, within 5 minutes of Moscow? Poland are stupid enough to embrace the idea of a nuclear first strike, whilst being too thick to realise the response will be the destruction of the planet.

Why are those with zero knowledge or respect for mutually assured weapons of destruction, so eager to use them, with others picking up the bill?


Don’t worry about Poland dying 5 mins earlier than Russia, use your 5 mins to admire happy birds in a tree or the stars or whatever :)

AM Hants


Антон С

“Russian main target for annihilation in Europe.” 200%. As it was last time, when germans devastated Poland in 1939 and next round of devastation happened after their retreat in 1944-45. This time Russia won’t pay 600 thousand lives to liberate Poland from fascism. Few tens, may be up to 200 tactic nuclear strikes would be enough. There are thousands in arsenal, so… First target for “Iskander” is missile sites with possibly cruise missiles inside. In Redzikovo, right?



If I was to decide there would be even one nuke for Andrzej Duda personally and in the shape of the big dick on the top to satisfy this faggot need to play big power

against Russia !


The Polish Goverrnment have been a disgrace for years.

Lone Ranger


Антон С

Don’t insult all people. There are many good persons.

Lone Ranger

I agree, but their leadership is bad. Russophobes.

Антон С

Agree, but we are (you and me) not xenophobes.

Lone Ranger

Indeed. I get carried away sometimes…

Fog of War

Dont forget how the Soviet Union invaded Poland from the East in concert with the NAZIS. Then Poland was ruled over by their Soviet ” friends ” for 70 years. No wonder they dont trust the Russians now.

Lone Ranger

Russia had to invade Poland to create a bufferzone against Germany. It all was about to win time. You know the saying…Habet tempus habet vitam… Aside from that Poland invaded Czechslovakia first… Also lets not forget the fact about wars and warcrimes the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth comitted against Russia in the past. Russia went home 30 years ago, the U.S. is still occupying half of Europe. Poles swapped Soviet troops for U.S. troops, they are still a vassal colony. Also while I dont agree with marxism, neither with capitalism by the way but sideissue, but if not for the Iron Curtain and Soviet occupation all of Eastern Europe would look like liberal hellholes in the west. The reason East Europe is rising and that also includes Russia is the fact that they were protected for decades from degenerates like soros NGOs and sort. Fact.

Fog of War

Lets dissect your response.

” Russia had to invade Poland to create a bufferzone against Germany. ”

Thats common BS lie pedaled here on South Front that tries to hide Soviet Crimes. There are plenty of photos documenting smiling German and Soviet Troops meeting at the agreed partion line in the middle of Poland. This was a pre-agreed to diviosn of the nation. The Soviets had already tried to invade Poland in 1929 but were soundly defeated. I’m sure Stalin was itching for revenge.

” Also lets not forget the fact about wars and warcrimes the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth comitted against Russia in the past. ”

However, you seemed to forget the numerous Russian attacks against the Polish Kingdom, the three partions of Poland, and brutal suppresion of Polish culture by the Russians, Austro – Hungarians, and the Prussians. You also, forgot the Soviet attack on Poland in 1929. All innocent ommisions I’m sure.

The rest of your statement is true Poland is an occupied country as its constitution was forced upon it , by ZioAmerica, just like Russia’s was. In fact, Russia is less of a free-agent then you think it is.


“The Soviets had already tried to invade Poland in 1929 but were soundly defeated.” in 1929? Really… talking about bullshit. Modern Poland was created from russian territory by Germans during WW1 as a puppet state. Then Poles attacked russian territory during the revolution, they were soundly defeated by Tukhachevsky who then invaded Poland (and was defeated). Then Poles invaded again, occupied and stole territories with literally no polish population.They also betrayed White armies at least twice, making truces with bolsheviks (basically saving them from complete defeat). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curzon_Line Poor little Poles also stole lithuanian territory using terrorist tactics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish%E2%80%93Lithuanian_War

They also tried to do against Germans but they were stopped. Later they were very friendly with Hitler, they had NA Pact with nazi Germany since 1934… they supported Hitler during Czechoslovakia crisis, they even took part of CzS (Zalosie) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish%E2%80%93Czechoslovak_border_conflicts

They also begged Hitler to jointly split Lithuania in 1938. (instead Hitler took Memel without them) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1938_Polish_ultimatum_to_Lithuania

Poor, little always innocent Poles, always victims… shall we continue? How about polish crimes in Russia in 1610s? They tried to conquer Russia first, then Russia conquered them (and treated them better then vice verse except during numerous polish uprisings, instigated by the catholic church and western powers). Yet Poles always acting like poor little innocent victims and their bullshit and pathetic lies are universally accepted in the west.


He may be referring inaccurately to the invasion of Pilsudski (1919, FROM PL) into Ukraine, this triggered ultimately the Soviet counterattack in 1920 stopped at Warsaw. The Lwow Soviet grouping was not defaeated so the Polish border established after the was was contorted NE well-beyond the Curzon line to include Belarus up to Minsk….not really Polish, just spear won land following Warsaw victory.

Further Polish alignment with Germany against Soviets embodied in 1934 Hiler-Pilsudski Pact, note also Polish alignment with Hitler at Munich, 1938 to steal Czech and Slovak lands in The Slezko Morava and Zilinia regions….ranger refers to this as the further invasion of Czechoslovakia, correctly.

This led to replacement of Litbinov by Molotov, who made the pact in 39 to counter more German/Polish cooperation vis a vis Soviets.

Jens Holm

Yes he is referring around the start fro a bigger Poland then any asked for and expected. Many outide Poland didnt like that and some few inside as well, which fx oreferred old Polish Parlament and King back(which I think was the main reason for Poland was divided in 3).


they remind me of Israeli jews, poor poor of them, go cry to the US when their plans to conquer others fail

Антон С

Doesn’t like 1612th? Search about polish concentration camps in Tuchola (Tucheln), it’s 1920’s. Pilsudski was not better than other dictators.

Jens Holm

Oh, yest he was the best they could get. He even defeated Russia, so they as the only ones lost WW1 three times … impressing.

Do You compare with Hitler or Stalin.

Fog of War

” How about polish crimes in Russia in 1610s? T ”

You’re bringing up events from the 1600’s are you a BLM trooper ? Seriously, thats the best defense you have ? You’re obviously a commie, Bolshevik appologist otherwise you would spit on their memory. How many inocent Russians did the commies kill ?

Fog of War

” Then Poles attacked Belarus and Ukraine during the revolution ”

So you’re saying those were actual independent nations ?

Jens Holm

Maybee he has learned that in school. The short version of facts are the Tzars lost WW1 to Germany. After that the ned Red Army lost to Germany and was really punished.

But Germany then was defeated in west and gave up in starving chaos. Seberqal other nations starved too. THEN the Red Army thought they could retake Poland as it was, when WW1 began.

BUT they were defeated by some very good military skills and luck by the new Polish Army.

Here Poland as too much revenge took a lot of land wth hardly no poles. Its the blue on the map below.


AM Hants

Soviet Crimes. Emphasis on Soviet. Remember who overtook the Russian Empire in 1917? You never hear the Russians use the ‘professional victim’ card do you?

How many people did Russia lose during the Bolshevik overthrow? How many millions did Russia lose, out of the Soviet Union losses, back during the Great Patriotic War? Was it 13 million? How many lives did Poland lose, during WWII?

How many independent nations emerged when the Soviet Union fell and the Warsaw Pact was dismantled?

Fog of War

Based on the percentage of the population killed, Poland lost more people. The Soviets made a deal with Hitler and then paid for it when Stalin tried to do a sneak attack on Germany. The rest of your argument falls flat, as the Bolshevik revoultion wa an internal Russian affair, supported by millions of communist Russians. Why are there so many Bolshevik appologists here. Do you know how many people they slaughtered, Especially innocent Russians ?

AM Hants

Based on % of population Poland lost the most????????

………………… Belarus (25%} had the highest percentage, not Poland (17%), Russia (15%)

Russia lost 13 million, what % of their population?

Soviet Union, including Russia’s losses, was around 26 million.

UK and US between them, under 2 million losses.

Poland around 6 million losses.

Germany around 12 million.

China around 24 million. Under 4 million civilians and 20 million military.

(Figures based on military and civilian fatalities).

Fog of War

” Belarus (25%} had the highest percentage, not Poland (17%), Russia (15%) ”

So Belarus was an independent country ?

” China around 24 million. Under 4 million civilians and 20 million military. ”

How much of that was because of Mao ? The Chinese civil war ?

Finally, how much of the Soviet losses were forced conscripts, from Soviet conqured lands, who went to the battle field under the threat of death, with a poltical commissar at their backs holding a gun ?

Антон С

I heard China lost 33 million people, more than others. I guess it’s modern specified data as 26,6 million for USSR.

Jens Holm

Yes, there are many registrations but also lack and only estimates.

You has to say from which year as well as add or subtract the civile war Chang Kai Shek against Mao. I dont know from which year the Japanese Manchuko State is included. The Japanese didnt trest the Kireans well too.

I think the 26,6 mio is what I have heard is the best number for it. But how many was actualy by Stalin. That was many.

AM Hants

Saw China lost 20 million, military and 4 million civilians. Other sites just went for 20 million in total. So, whether 20 million or 33 million, just cannot fathom numbers. When UK, where I am from lost under 1 million

Isn’t admit to being ignorant of WWII, excluding the Ealing Film Studio take on events. It was 20140watching Moscow’s Immortal Parade, that made me realise the losses of other nations that were never given the credit they deserved.

AM Hants

Bolshevik Revolution was an internal Russian affair?

Who was Lenin a distant relative of? Where did Lenin go, for Bolshevik training? Who came up with the script for the Bolshevik Revolution? How many revolutions, using same script, were being played at the same time? How many Empires fell between 1917-1919? How many Empires were weakened, following the creation of the Fed Reserve in 1913? Lenin laid the foundations of the Soviet Union, but, it was launched following his death in 1923 or was it 1924? The Georgian Stalin launched the Soviet Union. Now, who was providing the scripts for the Fascists, National Socialists, and National Communists, back around the time Stalin was launching the Soviet Union? How many of Stalin’s official and unofficial wives and step-daughters came from the Jewish faith as Anna Rubenstein and her daughter come to mind.

Jens Holm

I am sure he and I know that much better then You. You are infected in its worst or know nothing. I hope know nothing.

AM Hants

So, if you know so much, why can’t you answer the questions?

What did I state and what did I ask?

Jens Holm

They have learned it in school. Just as arabs their history books are constructions based on politics and nationalisme in its worst.

I do know. Myu sister was a communist. Russians did invent almost everything of importance here. The military is the best. The health system is the best.

She knows nothing about USA, beecause she is/was not alllowed to. The only thing to tell was written down as verses. I got copmmunist books in danish to christmas, bacause she had to support the propaganda. It was terrible. I dont see her anymore and dont miss a thing.

Jens Holm

The first many millions was by Stalin himself. From 1938 to Barbarossa he systematicly destroyd the Red Army by removing and killing almost all Leaders, whic has made it and could make the correct commands.

Russia already had a big lack for officers in the million in reserve. Stalin knew that and by that regrouped the army into “Line War”, which he also knew Von Claiusewitch and Molkte was experts in defeating.

The Main army for first strike then was moved to the new borderline in Poland. There was no defence there. So the best Russian troops were protected by digges trenches, houses of trees and camouflage nets.

The new Generals for good reasoisns were very afraid of Stalin. They have seen their Generals dissapeer. Now they were under cammand of Stalin himself BUT there hardly was any communinication to them. Hardly any radios and telefonelines of course was knocked out day number one.

So You had new commanders, where the last order was to defend Yourself, if You are attacked only. Many did. And they got no new orders, because there was no contact. 5% of the ned Molotov line there was buildt – BUT by materials from the Stalin line.

So the next defence line – The Stalin line – was stripped for most things oncluding troops to keep ots bunkers and fortifications. The worst almost joke was that the big canons there was taken down by Stalin and Sjukov said no keep them here. The result was the heaviest canons was in tranport and not in the Stalin Line and not in the Molotov line.

Next as a good example could be Stalin some days later ordered retreat. By that 1000s of tanks and other vehicles was lost. They had not much petrol. They were not well build, so they could drive some and fight some and stopped. By that millions of soldiers had no protection. They fleed all they could.

By that Hitler got so much equipment most people can imagine. It was a great help for them even they had to rebuild a lot. Germans even took many 76 mm canons, whcih were the only ones, which could penetrade the Germans tanks III and IV. …………………………………………………………..

Many say thats why Hitler went that far. That far says how many millions die in the open, where Germens never should jave arrived to. The Nazis almost reached Moscow.

If the Russians was as they should have been, the Germans has had to stio just after taking Kiev and never reach Moscow and the high populated areas there. ………………………………….

And it wasnt a great Patriotric war as well. Millions in Ukraine and other places was starved and worked to death. Gulags were free for Laubir. Jews were treated very very bad and tryed rro go anywhere and there was only USA, Argentina and a few to Palestine.

And who says Stalin was father of Finland, Estonia, Latvia, LItuania and Poland. They dont.

You seemes to forget Poles did fight against Hitler and was kept with no mercy and hardly any jews surveved. Totally lost estimate is 6,5 million.

AM Hants

He was Georgian, was he not? Leading the Bolshevik Communists. He launched the 15 nation Soviet Union, which fell in 1991, did he not?

AM Hants

But they love their German friends. Why did Poland annexe Czechoslovakia, when they were cutting deals with Germany, back in the 30s?

Why did Poland only manage to hold onto their independence for a mere 20 years, after the fall of the Russian, Prussian, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires in the early 20th century?

Jens Holm

You write crap again. Poles were eleminated by Austra-Hungaria, Germany and Russia.

So Your “annex” is taking back as well as almnost all were poles there.

The Germans and Poles were highly enemies. After hard negosiations by internationals the part of the industrialized Schlesia with a ewat majority of Poles also came back to old Poland. …………………………

Your ??? and why Poles only were back that long is not complicated. USSR supported the Nazis well with food, iron, coal and Nikel, so the Germans could make big military forces fast. And Poles was in the middle between Russia and Germany again.

But poles made big mistakes themself. They should been more gently to the new Tjekkoslovakia and made a defence treaty with them. Hitler might not have dared to take Tjekkoslovakia and their Skoda factories as well as many good tanksused against Poland. Poles were arrogant against the very small Lituania as well and took a part of it.

But the main reasons might be France didnt give Germany a good peace after WW1. Both France and Britts could have defeated the Bolsjvics in Russia as well. But they were war tired. The record at the Some River was loosing 19.000 in one day.

But maybee fokus on Poland was wrong too. There was civile war in Spain. Yugoslavia was not one but at least two and they didnt agree in much. Ireland wasnt easy as well.

So many made mistakes, but it should have been the winners, which made another and hopefully better balance. They did not.

The new player Rosevelt in USA tryed to be out of it as much as possible. Only oil in ME was interesting and fokus already was at the Pacifics.

James Adams

There nationalists. They love their country and put their nation first, easy

Lone Ranger

That doesnt mean they have to be Russophobes… If they would be true nationalists they wouldnt be in the EU and NATO in the first place with foreign troops on their soil.

Jens Holm

Thats rubbish. Your assumptions and accusations is far out. Poland is no isolate island even it was from 1941 to 1991 or something.

Sure troops. And there were no Bolsjevics with Jaruselski????????? I remember teargas and violence very well.

Lone Ranger

Lay off the drugs Jens…

Jens Holm

If You have paid for Your knowledge about it, You should go and get Your money back.

Антон С

They are creating troubles for themselves and for the country. Some success in economy, created with $400 billion credit from EU, made them think about hegemony and confrontation with neighbors, even with Germany (the main sponsor). It’s delusional as Washington’s policy. If Poland was such big, insanity of Poland’s government could be at the same level.

AM Hants

They are the largest debtor nation in the EU and the 2% GDP they spend on NATO is peanuts.

Антон С

Actually the largest state debtor is Germany (near 90% of GDP as I checked few years ago), if to count in numbers. Next ones are France, England, Italy – 2 trillion dollars of debt or more for each other. The largest in % is Greece with 300%. Poland looks quite well with their state debt near 50% of GDP. Open “economy” tab and check.


AM Hants

Germany is still a creditor nation though.

Must be quite gutting for the average Gean, to realise that their taxes are keeping Poland in the custom they demand.

Poland is the largest debtor nation in the EU, taking out far more than they put in. Germany is the largest creditor nation in the EU. Putting in far more than they take out. The UK, the reason we got a rebate, was owing to putting so much tax payersoney into the EU and getting virtually nought back.

Jens Holm

You certainly are a slow learner and dont know, what You are talking about at all.

Poland HAS TO take far more out. EU give large sums, so they can invest in modern prodution as well as being attractive for foreign investers.

So if fx Google makes a big Hub center there they dont pay it right away. Thats minus but also many jobs for the future. Google dont put much money in. They take loans.

AM Hants

Slow learner, if you insist.

UK EU contributions, £20 billion, per annum, with. rebate courtesy EU, owing to putting more in then we take out. Same UK that still relies on infrastructure from the days the Romans invaded, over 2,000 years ago and what the Victorians sorted out, back in the 19th century.

So UK tax payer has to do without, using roads created 2,000 years ago and 19th Century sewage systems, so the Poles can rebuild their country? Wonder how the other creditor nations feel about that?

Before the UK signed up for the Common Market, back in the 70s, we actually had a decent industrial base and also automobile industry. Roll on, sign up for the Common Market and the asset strippers came to town. Now, very little 100% British Industry left. The Miner’s Strike, shut down UK coal mining industry to import Polish Coal, contribute heavily to reward Poland with decent infrastructure and the bonus, the tax payers of the UK (plus other creditor nations) then had to send child benefits to Polish families, living in Poland, but, father moved to UK for employment and benefits.

Not forgetting how much they received from the US to host CIA torture chambers on their territory. Let alone the other tax payers, of EU creditor nations. Didn’t they do well, but why?

Jens Holm

Thats highly in´correct. Did You take the percent for political reasons or is it based on Your shoeseize or what?? .

Land Sidste Forrige Henvisning Unit “Tyrkiet” 33.1 30.4 2019-12 % Afghanistan 7.1 7.6 2018-12 % Albanien 63.63 67.16 2018-12 % Algeriet 46.1 36.9 2019-12 % Angola 111 80.5 2019-12 % Argentina 89.4 86 2019-12 % Armenien 45.6 48.49 2019-12 % Aserbajdsjan 48.4 54.1 2018-12 % Australien 45.1 41.5 2019-12 % Bahamas 66.8 66.4 2019-12 % Bahrain 93.4 90.6 2018-12 % Bangladesh 27.9 27 2018-12 % Belarus 26.5 27.1 2020-03 % Belgien 98.6 99.8 2019-12 % Belize 69.9 68.6 2019-12 % Benin 21.6 19.3 2019-12 % Bhutan 110 112 2018-12 % Bolivia 57.7 53.8 2019-12 % Bosnien-Hercegovina 24.8 26 2018-12 % Botswana 23 13.4 2019-12 % Brasilien 75.79 76.53 2019-12 % Brunei 2.4 2.8 2018-12 % Bulgarien 20.9 21 2020-06 % Burkina-Faso 22.6 22.5 2019-12 % Burundi 13.6 14 2018-12 % Cambodia 29.4 30 2018-12 % Cameroon 34 35.7 2018-12 % Canada 89.7 90.1 2018-12 % Cayman-Islands 9.2 10.5 2018-12 % Central African Republik 48.5 52.9 2018-12 % Chad 46.6 52.4 2018-12 % Chile 27.9 25.6 2019-12 % Coast-Rica 77.47 65.79 2019-12 % Colombia 48.4 48.6 2019-12 % Comorerne 31.2 28.7 2018-12 % Congo 98.5 125 2018-12 % Cuba 18.2 18.9 2015-12 % Cypern 95.5 101 2019-12 % Danmark 33.2 33.9 2019-12 % Den Dominikanske Republik 50.53 47.9 2019-12 % Den Europæiske Union 79.3 80.4 2019-12 % Den-Frelser 72.82 73.7 2018-12 % Djibouti 104 90.7 2018-12 % Ecuador 49.4 45.2 2019-12 % Egypten 90 90.5 2019-12 % Elfenben-Coast 31.9 31.9 2019-12 % Eritrea 20.1 20.1 2018-12 % Estland 8.4 8.4 2019-12 % Etiopien 57 60 2019-12 % Euroområdet 84.1 85.8 2019-12 % Fiji 48 48.7 2019-12 % Filippinerne 41.5 41.8 2019-12 % Finland 59.4 59.6 2019-12 % Forenede Arabiske Emirater 18.6 19.7 2018-12 % Forenede Kongerige 80.7 82.4 2019-12 % Frankrig 98.1 98.1 2019-12 % Gabon 56.4 60.7 2019-12 % Gambia 81.8 65.6 2018-12 % Georgien 43 44.2 2018-12 % Ghana 59.3 57.3 2018-12 % Grækenland 177 181 2019-12 % Guatemala 27.88 26.04 2019-12 % Guinea 18 16.4 2018-12 % Guinea-Bissau 36.5 27.4 2019-12 % Guyana 52.9 51.4 2018-12 % Haiti 33 31 2018-12 % Holland 48.6 52.4 2019-12 % Honduras 44.05 43.69 2019-12 % Hong-Kong 38.4 37 2016-12 % Indien 69.62 68.3 2019-12 % Indonesien 29.8 28.7 2018-12 % Irak 48.4 59.6 2018-12 % Iran 44.2 39.5 2018-12 % Irland 58.8 63.6 2019-12 % Island 37 37.4 2019-12 % Israel 59.9 60.9 2019-12 % Italien 135 135 2019-12 % Jamaica 103 121 2017-12 % Japan 237 238 2019-12 % Jordan 92.4 89.7 2019-12 % Kap Verde 124 127 2018-12 % Kazakhstan 21.9 20.4 2018-12 % Kenya 57 57.1 2018-12 % Kina 50.5 46.8 2018-12 % Kirgisistan 54.1 48 2019-12 % Kosovo 17.12 16.22 2018-12 % Kroatien 73.2 74.7 2019-12 % Kuwait 14.8 20.7 2018-12 % Laos 53.34 50.03 2018-12 % Lesotho 40.9 35.6 2018-12 % Letland 36.9 37.2 2019-12 % Libanon 151 149 2018-12 % Liberia 32 28.8 2018-12 % Libyen 16.5 15.3 2016-12 % Litauen 36.3 33.8 2019-12 % Luxembourg 22.1 21 2019-12 % Madagascar 30.1 30.3 2019-12 % Makedonien 40.7 39.5 2018-12 % Malawi 62 62.7 2019-12 % Malaysia 51.8 50.7 2018-12 % Maldiverne 24.8 25 2019-12 % Malta 43.1 45.6 2019-12 % Marokko 66.1 65.2 2019-12 % Mauretanien 79 82 2018-12 % Mauritius 64.6 63.4 2019-12 % Mexico 45.5 46 2019-12 % Moldova 27.4 28.9 2018-12 % Mongoliet 55 66 2018-12 % Montenegro 62.27 62.5 2018-12 % Mozambique 109 113 2019-12 % Myanmar 49.41 47.31 2018-12 % Namibia 45.1 40.3 2018-12 % Nepal 30.2 30.4 2019-12 % Nicaragua 52.5 46.8 2018-12 % Niger 34.7 35.9 2018-12 % Nigeria 17.5 18.2 2018-12 % Norge 40.6 39.4 2019-12 % Nyt-Sjælland 19 19.6 2019-12 % Oman 47.5 41 2018-12 % Pakistan 84.8 72.1 2019-12 % Palæstina 16.2 17.5 2018-12 % Panama 39.48 37.53 2018-12 % Papua Ny Guinea 39.8 31.1 2019-12 % Paraguay 22.9 19.7 2019-12 % Peru 27.5 25.8 2019-12 % Polen 46 48.8 2019-12 % Portugal 118 122 2019-12 % Qatar 65.8 48.4 2019-12 % Republikken Congo 15.7 18.1 2018-12 % Rumænien 35.2 34.7 2019-12 % Rusland 12.2 13.5 2018-12 % Rwanda 41.1 40.2 2018-12 % Sao Tome Og Principe 73.1 70.6 2019-12 % Saudi-Arabien 22.8 19 2019-12 % Schweiz 41 41 2019-12 % Senegal 47.7 47.9 2019-12 % Serbien 52 53.7 2019-12 % Seychellerne 55 62 2018-12 % Sierra-Leone 63 57.9 2018-12 % Singapore 126 112 2019-12 % Slovakiet 48 49.4 2019-12 % Slovenien 66.1 70.4 2019-12 % Spanien 95.5 97.6 2019-12 % Sri-Lanka 86.8 83.7 2019-12 % Sudan 62 53.5 2018-12 % Surinam 81.4 86.9 2018-12 % Sverige 35.1 38.8 2019-12 % Swaziland 10.75 9.23 2018-12 % Syd Korea 36.6 36.3 2018-12 % Sydafrika 62.2 56.7 2019-12 % Tadsjikistan 47.9 50.4 2018-12 % Taiwan 30.9 30.8 2018-12 % Tanzania 37.8 37.6 2019-12 % Thailand 41.8 41.2 2018-12 % Tjekkiet 30.8 32.6 2019-12 % Togo 29.5 20.2 2019-12 % Trinidad Og Tobago 63.2 61 2019-12 % Tunesien 76.7 70.2 2018-12 % Turkmenistan 29.3 28.82 2018-12 % Tyskland 59.8 61.9 2019-12 % Uganda 40 38.6 2018-12 % Ukraine 50.3 60.9 2019-12 % Ungarn 66.3 70.2 2019-12 % Uruguay 61.3 60.2 2019-12 % Usa 107 106 2019-12 % Uzbekistan 23.6 24.1 2018-12 % Venezuela 23 31.4 2017-12 % Vietnam 57.5 58.2 2018-12 % Yemen 63.2 76.2 2018-12 % Zambia 59 55.6 2018-12 % Zimbabwe 53.4 53.8 2018-12 % Ækvatorial Guinea 43.3 38 2018-12 % Østrig 70.4 74 2019-12 %

AM Hants

You disagree when I state Poland is the largest debtor nation in the EU. Easy to check out and happens to be true.

You then give me a list of countries, with random figures, to prove me wrong. Only problem, how many of those nations are in the EU?

Do you actually know the meaning of the creditor and debtor nations, in the EU?

Jens Holm

After all the Bolsjevic Communisme it takes time to be well again, and there are ups and downs.

I see a lot of up but also down. A great part of Poland is doing pretty well. And Yes EU help with the changes by money and other kinds of help.

Other countries also help and for own reasons too, because Poland is behind in many things.

Fx the warming up systems are very ineffective. If they are improved Poland wont need so much smoke by coal.

We also clean water from Towns and farmings. By that more fish can live in the Baltic Sea again.

Poles here send a lot of money home. Some Poles wont go back to Poland. They work hard and well and are welcome.

James Adams

what? They are a Right-Wing nationalist government. Your a fuck head

Jens Holm

Poles dont think so. They have elected them and all is not plus.


In your article about “Belarus Protests’ Main Propaganda Channel Operated Out Of Poland”, it can be added that Roman Protasevich was contributor to the Russian daily newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda as well (source : https://cpj.org/2017/03/at-least-eight-journalists-still-jailed-for-report/). Witch is a pro-regime russian newspaper As well as you, i was surprised by the importance of Nexta in the current event, the way they treat it and the little clarity of the team behind it. But as for now i could not find any evidence that they are controlled by one power or an other. Do you have any other elements to link it to Poland/UK/EU?

Антон С

KP is twisted source. One half is quite patriotic, another one – liberal dummies. It’s not state MSM under the government, it’s private.

Tommy Jensen

We always allow moderate freedom fighters to operate on US soil in Poland, if they are suppressed by a dictatorship country.

Gary Sellars

ROFL!!! You’re a fuckwit. You think there is “US soil” in Poland??? LOL!!!

How utterly Murican of you!


that was sarcasm….. but he can be Murican asshole from time to time as well

Jim Bim

Soon V. Nuland will arrive, handing out freedom cookies. We know the drill.

kajetán pičura

why are the two still alive? do they not have a bone saw? they should drop a call do MBS.


Look-Ash-N-Co. must die!

AM Hants

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland have begged to mediate in Belarus. Ironic, the same nations that sent in their swastika designer tattooed, $oro$Simpletons and NED Nitwits, to Belarus, with Atlantic Council instructions.

Reminds me of the EU witnesses when Yanukovich stepped down. After he signed the agreements and just before Russia we’re saving him and his family from an assassination attempt.

Who represented the EU? Besides the Polish husband of Integrity Initiative/Atlantic Council darling Anne Applebaum. Who also sits on the board of directors of the tax payer funded, regime change NGO, the NED. Anyway, her Polish husband stood in for Catherine Ashton, good friend of Blair, ex-partner of the leader of the UK Communist Party and the Foreign Secretary of the EU, back in 2014. Germany sent their Foreign Secretary and was the 3rd EU witness the Estonian Foreign Minister? The one who phoned Ashton, during the ‘Gosh’ phonecall, to say the Ukraine snipers at the Maidan’ were not from the Ukraine police force. Cannot remember if it was him or somebody else.

James Adams

Well don’t think the government would allow for opposition media to exist in the country. South Front you are lying out your ass !!!

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