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Belarus Protests Continue, As Lukashenko Realizes Importance Of Propaganda Campaign

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Belarus Protests Continue, As Lukashenko Realizes Importance Of Propaganda Campaign

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The Belarus state will always be committed to interfaith peace in Belarus, it will not give it up to anyone, President Alexander Lukashenko said at a meeting with Metropolitan of Minsk and Zaslavsky Benjamin, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus.

“We will not give the interfaith world that we have developed to anyone. We will always be committed to it,” Lukashenko said. He was quoted by the state agency BelTA.

He added that Belarus greatly appreciates the confessional world that has been formed in a quarter of a century.

“Maybe it sounds immodest, but I am proud of it that it happened in the years when I had to serve our country. I really appreciate it, it is deeply personal,” Lukashenko admitted.

According to BelTA, 25 religious denominations are registered in Belarus.

As of the beginning of the year, there are 3,563 religious organizations operating in the country, including 3,389 communities and 174 organizations of general confessional significance (religious associations, monasteries, missions, brotherhoods, sisterhoods, and theological educational institutions).

The President also touched upon the topic of the pandemic. He noted that the consequences of the spread of coronavirus infection have seriously affected the economy of both the state and the church.

“The parishes have become a little poorer, because fewer people come, although we have never closed churches and will not close them, because any trouble – go and pray that the Lord will help. What does it mean to close churches in trouble? Yes, we did not close churches during the war. Therefore, we will never do this. This is the business of every person: he wants to pray, let him go and pray – alone, together, with his family. In this regard, we are ready to enter the situation, we need to work out this issue in the government – if the church needs to be supported in these difficult times must be supported,” summed up Alexander Lukashenko.

Lukashenko appears to have noticed what transpired in Ukraine and is approaching the church in order to preserve the status quo, he also evidently knows the importance of an effective propaganda campaign.

Protests continued in Belarus on November 1st.

They faced “repression” according to media reports.

It was the 13th Sunday in a row that anti-government protesters gathered since Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko won a “contested election.”

The opposition has rejected the outcome as fraudulent and considers its leader, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, to be the actual winner of the vote.

Belarusian newspaper Nasha Niva reported that tens of thousands of people swept through the capital, Minsk, in the most recent protest, while Human rights group Visana put the figure at 20,000.

Photo and video footage shared on the messaging app Telegram showed streets lined with uniformed people in riot gear facing protesters.

Visana said more than 240 detentions took place, including of journalists on the scene.

Ahead of the march, security forces had already cordoned off several central squares, closed several metro stations and in some cases, mobile internet disruption was reported.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko signaled that he was ready to crack down on demonstrators.

“It’s enough now. We will not back down,” Lukashenko said.

“If someone touches a member of the military, they must leave at least without their hands,” he added in a sign of support to security forces.

The opposition, in response, named November 1st’s protests “March against terror” and claimed that Lukashenko has “declared war on his own people.”

The opposition has been actively exploiting the recent statement of the Belarusian president in which he called on security forces to mutilate rioters.

“From now on, we are not taking anyone prisoner. If someone touches a soldier, he must leave at least without hands. I say this publicly so that everyone understands our determination. Further – everything. We have nowhere to retreat, and we are not going to retreat,” he said.

The attitude of Lukashenko demonstrates that he is not going to surrender his power to the Western pressure at any cost. At the same time, the entire situation in Belarus is a result of his own actions. For years, the government of Lukashenko has been intentionally instigating anti-Russian sentiments and allowing Western-affiliated media and organizations to operate in the country. The anti-Russian local nationalist propaganda has become an unofficial ideology of the government. Church and pseudo-church organizations that were standing against the Russian Orthodox Church also received support. The Ukraine-like project of the so-called ‘independent’ Orthodox Church of Belarus that should take the place of the canonical Russian Orthodox Church on this territory also appeared in the public narrative.

By these moves, Minsk was seeking to gain additional ‘independence’ from Moscow despite the fact that the Belarussian economic exists only thanks to direct and indirect donations from Russia. The Belarussian local nationalist propaganda was also used to sabotage the Russian-Belarusian integration projects that were agreed a long time ago. Nonetheless, Lukashenko and his inner circle saw the integration with Russia as a threat to their own political and economic power as the leadership of Belarus. Together with the increasing flirting with the Euro-Atlantic establishment (under empty hopes to get accepted to the ‘democratic world’ as an equal partner), this created the current instable situation in Belarus.


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kick all russian traitors out from Belarus! Russia is an unreliable partner they feed thier own soldiers to turkish dogs never trust russia


Time to up your meds,i really must have a word with your ward orderly.comment image

Ray " Uncle Sam"

If all russians leave belarus it would be an empty country! They have history together smart guy!


not true, russia took belarus by force with bolshevik dogs, like they are doing to armenia

Great Khan

comment image most beautiful woman of turkey

Jens Holm

The contrast to that as Hitler was wrong must be him in very dark sunglasses, earplugs and nothing else.

cechas vodobenikov

Saudi females—u need a geography lesson

Jens Holm


Jens Holm

Actualy it was the whole Poland and not only the Belarus part.

cechas vodobenikov

no durak …belarus joined w Russia to obliterate nazis and Napoleon

Great Khan

Great Khan …..also want 7 beutiful Belarus warrior women….not like stoopid fat Amerikan pig….hahhaha



belarus woman don’t want dirty turkjewish

Jens Holm

You have big problems havent You. The american women lives several years more then Your Eastern Bunnies.

cechas vodobenikov

with drugs and obesity—u death fearing drug addicted robots measure happiness by money…even her u r wrong…average Russian female lives 79.5 years, males 75.5 years and has been increasing rapidly since 1990…Russian females aren’t emotionless like u amerikanized colonies

Jens Holm

Statistics dont lie and all say the same. Its true less alcohol also has made less crime.

Great Khan
Jens Holm

Thats incompetent and irrelavant too.

Belarus was repopulated by moving many Poles and Germans as well as the border west. Many many died.

All the jews from the whole Region was eleminated too.

So its not a matter of Russians or not but how the country has to be driven by the people living there.
They have to take their choises themself. Here they most likely – if possible – wil take in normal integration form west and not much new from “east” because most of that is outdated.

If Belarus shall devellop instead of lower, they do have to have another structure then now.

I camnt see those demonstraters dont want connection to Russia. They dont want the pressure from them and what I name as normal good relations. The same goes to their old country family, where they will integrate with the new Pland as well as Lituania and also their “gamilisian corner ” of Ukraine.

There a no Russian traitors as such. Its people which mainly are worried for, what happens next. And Next of course wil be connection to strangers, where we all has been low and bad even before I was in Berlin in 1968 and saw Russian Tourist and Soldiers high above any in the whole DDR and the rest of the world.

And after that I got “litterature” from my sister which were a faithfull hardheaded communist. It told Russians had invented almost everything in the whole world. She also has a propagansized parrot paper about USA. That was all, which she was allowed to know … And she followed it at least intull Honnecker resigned and gave her a chock.

But thats were those Russians come from. They were not allowed to know better by their history books as well. So the change is a long term thing, where You still has many Russians, which hardly know Our part of the world.

So they have to learn. It dont take a couple of years …

cechas vodobenikov

projecting again Jenny–it is u that know nothing outside your potato bubble

Jihadi Colin

How many Belarus villages did your Nazi heroes burn to the ground, slaughtering everyone inside?

Oh, right, 628. Six hundred and twenty eight Belarusian villages burnt by the Nazis along with everyone in them.

Jens Holm

I never understood that. The Nazis did need a lot of materials for almost anything in their Barbarossa. Even so they didnt recycle that as well as the populations.

Its the same for the whole area. I think You should add the many Nazisupporters and not only in Ukraine and why they were so many too.

Jihadi Colin

As William Shirer and Alan Clark both pointed out, Hitler would have gained more by normal trade with the USSR than he did by invading it. Since the Nazis failed to take the oilfields of the Caucasus and the Soviets destroyed everything they couldn’t carry with them, economically the invasion was a loss for the Nazis from the moment the first shot was fired.

Tommy Jensen

Next time we make it.
Because now they are dealing with Americans who is a winner nation, and not Germans.

cechas vodobenikov

losing all wars—but did win vs Grenada

Fog of War

” Hitler would have gained more by normal trade with the USSR than he did by invading it ”
The Soviets were in preparation to attack Germany, The Germans did a preemptive attack and caught the Soviets off guard decimating the Soviet Army in the process. Both Germans and the Soviets were dirt bags, I wouldn’t chose sides from that lot.

Jihadi Colin

If the Soviets were preparing to attack Germany, then it was the most incompetent attack plan ever, with an air force filled with I15 biplanes and obsolete I16s and MiG3s, a tank force based around light T26 and BT7s, armed with high explosive shells, not armour piercing ammunition, an artillery that was still entirely horse drawn, an infantry still without wheeled transport, and all the deployments being defensive. It was so incompetent that one might almost think that the claim that Stalin was planning to attack Hitler was post facto justification for Nazi apologists and Cold War propaganda.

Stalin *had* been prepared to attack Hitler in 1938 to defend Czechoslovakia. But Chamberlain and Daladier gave away Sudetenland to Hitler at Munich, and the Poles (who took the opportunity to invade and annex eastern Slovakia) refused to allow passage to the million soldiers Stalin had been ready to send. After that Stalin realised that the West couldn’t be depended on.

Fog of War

I’m not here to argue of this point, as everyone has their theories. However, by the time of the Nazis attack on the Soviet Union, the Soviets already had a long record of invading and brutally subjugating their own people and others, so its logical to assume they were quite willing to try it again.

For instance:

Estonia 1917
Latvia 1918
Lithuania 1918
Finland 1918
Poland 1918
Belarus 1918
Ukraine 1918
Georgia 1920
Azerbaijan 1920
Armenia 1920
Moldova 1918
Central Asia 1918
Mongolia 1921
Georgia 1924
Estonia 1924
Afghanistan 1929
China 1929
Japan 1938
Poland 1939
Finland 1939
Estonia 1940
Latvia 1940
Lithuania 1940
Romania 1940
Iran 1942


Jihadi Colin

Oh? And what part of that list, even if it was correct (and the inclusion of Japan, an aggressive imperalist power that had invaded Mongolia, is laughable, as is Poland 1918, which attacked the USSR) shows that the USSR was about to invade Nazi Germany in 1941?

cechas vodobenikov

your stupidity is farcical—likely an amerikan/anglo

Fog of War

Your cult like loyalty to filthy Communism is embarrassing. Go play in traffic now.

Jim Allen

You must’ve forgotten the German military was 90% horse drawn.

Jihadi Colin

The German *transport* was partly (not 90%) horse drawn. Their entire Blitzkrieg was led by armoured divisions with infantry transported by half tracks and lorries. The horse drawn part was only follow up and by 1941 even that was giving way to motorised transport. In contrast it was only in 1943 that the Red Army finally got its infantry on wheels.

Jens Holm

Me to. It was like blowing a balloon up too fast. They could have stopped and by that kept and kept better.

Stalin and the Bolsjevics did have plans to take Germany, but it would have made sence to go on with them and take better care of the rest and maybbe take them letter.

The parts they took was plundered and they didnt give benefits for the cost. If they have treated the taken areas better and with better plans, they could have less there at least not against them.

There are other bad planes. They soon should have seen UK would not join them as partly defeated, so they could have stopped wasting airplanes made for land war against USSR.

At the Balkans they could have let things be as they were and just helped Mussolini. The wasted time, fuel and vehicles which was very needed just after that i their try to get Leningrad, Moscow and Stalingrad.

Scientist and even Rommel says, that they should have take Afrika harder and with determination or not at all. With no blocking Suez it was worth nothing if You add and subtract the ressources.

I am a nobody in this, but has tryed to make a winning plan for the Nazis and following “my plan” they maybee could.

It complicated but the idea is (WAS) to make a weak attack and defence line form Poland and as north as it would go towards between Leningrad and Moscow. By that there woul be 2 vital changes. 1) Thats the advance towards Moscow partly was defended from west, where Model or Bock would have a hard defence against many many light armed Russians “from Leningrad”.

By that the hard part would have reached Moscow suburbs well and could have stayed there much better the first winter. There would be no time for making the Russiandefence line. It also would keep “the Sibirian troóps” , which Hitler did not know about more east and kept there.

The other important part was the best troops also shoud take Ukraine and maybee the 3 small oildields right away. The Roumanians should not be used there at all. Unfortunatly for the Germans al their troops were from the old days.

The result from that could be making a new independent big coyntry, which already(by Stalin) supported Hitler with food, iron, nikel and coal. Ukrainians couls eleminate Communist better and faster and by that the Nazis didt have to guard the railroad lines, roads and bridges there.

So by that the Ukrainians(which was left of them) would work hard to regain export and import with Germnany and not as slaves, You should have in camps.

By thats they could have slaves anywhere else as the plan was(Poland) for food and coal.

Taking Ukraine fast also made it possible to take it more unharmed and by that build out the leftovers of their industrial complexes and by a lot of repair. German knew they had to build out their capasity and if they did it there the distance to the Russian fighter zones was shorter for that part. It very well known, that trains should be fulll both ways.

And the last part of course would be the same year to take the 3 oilfields east of Crimera. Russia needed fuel and even they destriyed it themself, it was a plus they would not be there.

….And of course the Germans should be there right away and repair and do redrilling. As I recall it Germans only were able to regain almost nothing from there, but they did have the know how.

I dont know if the Nazis was able to win doing like that. But they would have advanced better ad kept what they took much better and longer in the economic way.

Some even say they could not have taken western Europe with nothing from Russia.


belarus and ukraine cheered and welcomed the liberators from germany do not try to rewrite history

Jens Holm

Millions did not and Jews and Romas certainly not.

Very selected memory by You. And after USSR retook them many of those which were there was punished once again by deportation, Gulag and many was killed.

More like pest and cholera for them.

But I do blame Russians for their no learnings… It was more then 75 years ago.


i was talking about human beings, don’t go off topic

cechas vodobenikov

projecting your incapacity to learn on civilized peoples again jenny

Jihadi Colin

Aren’t you the one who’s rewriting history? Ever heard of Ludmila Pavlichenko, just for example? How about Ivan Kozhedub, the single top scoring Allied air ace of the entire second world war? Or how about Nikita Khrushchev, come to that?

Since you even lied about reading your god Hitler’s writings, what makes you think anything you say has the slightest bit of credibility?


it is all on film! ukranian women throwing flowers at great white german heroes, polish women begging for large german penis!

cechas vodobenikov

says the racist idiot from durakistan…the new CIA clown at SF


Covid-19, economic downturn, plus protests. This year will not leave a good mark on economy .

Great Khan

brother Lukashenko STRONK! stoopid CIA kaputenheimer,,,,,hahahahha

Jihadi Colin

If the Union State between Russia and Belarus ever takes place I would much prefer Aleksandr Lukashenko as President of the union than Vladimir Putin.

Jens Holm

The problem is the systems only makes those two instead of a gradually replacement and continuity, because they are the rest too.

Jihadi Colin

Putin isn’t developing a succession apparatus. He’s rather ruthlessly removing people who could be successors and replacing them with faceless bureaucrats like Nabiullina and Mishustin. If Putin died or was incapacitated tomorrow, who would take over? Nobody without a power struggle, that’s what. Can Russia afford a power struggle? Can the world afford a power struggle in Russia?

Jens Holm

Yes, they dont have traditions for that kind of replacement we have. Systems like that should only be used in limited time.

We see it well here in Denmark for Covid. Here its almost felt as a selective dodtatorship and it works. People use masks, wash hands and keep distance – well almost. But that selective need has what we name as “sundown clausule”, which says that hard one is gone necxt month 100%.

Russia has to choose a central better rul or divide into Regions. I have writen about it many times before. They dont educate people to decide themself. They dont educate to make middleclass educations and advanced structures for production and distribution.

So I dont know what the Russians and we can expect, when a Putin and Erdogan and other soloartists are not there.

We actually sometimes are in to many decide things and can. Fort the moment Our Goverment has only 25% of the seats in the Parlament. So they has to find at least 26% among the 75%. And kind of funny the other polical parties makes majority without the Governess – and those 25% accept it.

So we right now are not like 51 against 49 and actually is doing fine in consensus as its in the best version.

By that we can only cry when we see all those million russians accept and live in that kind of non devellopmenet zone. I partly could understand if they had were in the old days, but it did collapse.

cechas vodobenikov

Jenny the colonial amerikun uneducated fool w one tradition–colonial slave
far less educated than Russians…fewer advanced degrees per capita, lower performance than nearly all “1st world nations” and one of few richer nations w extreme poverty (Russia zero). they don’t teach mathematics in your village?….u freedom justice hating NATO serfs submissively do what u r told by murikans

Jens Holm

As manipulated against figurtes, Youare learned to ignore more then half of the USA is much higher educated then the Russians.

Where do Ypu think their GDP come from – Heaven, Putin, Allah or what??

The and we steal from Your. Haha. We and in that Denmark to EDUCATE and WORK and VOMEN here in Denmark add about 40 % og the GDP.

You are just like my communist sister. She has a paper from Moscow telling here, what she meant and not a single reflexion more was allowed. She was only allowed to comment bad things here and tell everything was and for that matter is much better in Russia, Arabitan and all all places on earth.

Russian also invented all important things in the world and there even was a long list. I dont remember if Christopher Columbus was a Russian and a good Bolsjevik in that.

I will remind You several millions in USA of today acrually are Rússians as well as the are escapers from the Russian Neocolonialisme and that includes the Jews.

And I do compare and choose Pur lifestyle in most of its versions.

Its easier to listen to people which at least have some ssucces and kind of behave like us – most of us do.

Why should we listen to Russia having no tradtions for sharing the power with each other in trust and even has collapsed themself twice 2 time the last 100 years.

And WW1. Here Russia as the only country lost WW1 three times – and didnt learn.

Why should we listen to Russia/USSR which took and diveded Europe by a wall all the way west of Berlin. They are just some fossils and food, we pay for,

catalin zt

Anything is fine,just the DracoReptilians to get closer to Russia!

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