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Reported Belarus Protester Death Blamed On Police, Despite Video Evidence. Authorities Deny Any Deaths (UPDATED)

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Reported Belarus Protester Death Blamed On Police, Despite Video Evidence. Authorities Deny Any Deaths (UPDATED)

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On August 10th, Belarus’ central election commission announced that all ballots had been counted.

President Alexander Lukashenko won a 6th term, with 80.23% of the vote, while his main opposition challenger Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya had 9.9%.

On August 9th, election day, there were protests throughout the country, with clashes between protesters and police throughout.

Videos on social media have shown extensive violent clashes between protesters and the security forces, with tear gas, rubber bullets, flashbang grenades and water cannon used to try and disperse crowds.

According to pro-opposition sources, a protester even died, and he was allegedly killed by authorities.

He attempted to jump on a moving vehicle, failed to do so, fell, hit his head and died as a result of the hit. However, MSM reports cite the pro-Western Vyasna Human Rights Center said the young male protester suffered a traumatic head injury when he was hit by a police vehicle and medics were unable to save him.

Despite the video that very obviously proves otherwise.

The video below is supposedly showing the incident:

The Belarusian Interior Ministry denied any deaths during the protests. According to the ministry, 39 police officers and 50 protesters were injured in the clashes. Nonetheless, nobody was killed. Later, the supposedly killed civilian, Evgeny Zaichkin, was contacted by journalists and appeared to be alive. He returned to the coutnry’s capital Minsk only 4 months ago. Before this, he was working in Poland and Lithuania.

Fake reports about the death during the protests were likely disseminated in an attempt to destabilize the situation in the country.

Police in Belarus briefly detained some 3,000 people for taking part in the unauthorized gatherings, the interior ministry said, accusing some protesters of sparking clashes with police.

The ministry said in a statement that 1,000 of the detentions were in the capital Minsk and the rest in other parts of the country.

It said protesters in Minsk had lit flares, erected barricades and thrown objects at police. Fifty civilians and 39 police officers were injured in clashes in the capital, it said, denying there were any deaths.

Attempting to ride the protesters, opposition figure that won 9.9% of the vote Svetlana Tikhanovskaya rejected the results and demanded authorities transfer power to the opposition.

“Yesterday the voters made their choice but the authorities did not hear us, they have broken with the people,” she told a news conference.

She also denounced authorities for the crackdown, saying police had used “disproportionate measures” against protesters and called disruptions to the internet “a crime.”

There were also reports of journalists being assaulted.

After voting on August 9th, Lukashenko denied imposing repressive measures as “fake news or far-fetched accusations”.

Currently, Belarus is being targeted by a wide-scale media and diplomatic campaign by Euro-Atlantic structures in an attempt to destabilize the situation there. This campaign is supported by a small, but agressive group of supporters of the so-called ‘neo-liberal’ values and radical nationalists. Nonetheless, Minsk has already demonstrated that it is not going to tolerate attempts to seize the power by pro-Western forces through street violence and coup attempts.


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*Incomming angry Russians asking why are not the protesters already sent to gulag and executed*


Only in your fevered mind.

cechas vodobenikov

u r the primitives that execute —capital punishment does not exist in any Russian speaking nation…u fascists incarcerate more per capita than any nation in history…”only in the least developed societies is punishment wide and severe”. Durkheim….u r the most backward fascists in history!


Wake up, wretched of this Earth Who are constantly forced to hunger!


Are you the same commenting, the past days, in favor of Lukashenko, the anti-Putin angel? Now you say he is in bed with Putin. Refresh your mind and go read the article about the russian mercenaries arrested in Belarus.

AM Hants

The Russian Mercenaries sent by some Ukrainian scam, that as usual went wrong.


I didn’t make comments about Lukasenko at all.

Jens Holm

Lukashenko has decided he got 80% of the votes.

cechas vodobenikov

the idiot amerikans–covid infected, burn their own cities—these backward tattooed self uplifted automatons—idiots and their colonies—denmark, Canada, etc…actually believe that they can judge how civilized people should govern themselves—farcical

Lone Ranger

As in Ukropisstan there is only bad and worse. You either have Loui or CIA backed toyboy nazis. Since the CIA is the worst bad is still the preferable option.

Rhodium 10

Lukashenko is not clean wheat…he sold his soul to Pompeo and dont allow Russian assets in Belarus while he receive profits from Russia….thats thing happen when you play both side like the Armenian president.

Lone Ranger

Its called greed… Its never enough, is it…

Lone Ranger

Belarus could have high livingstandards as Russia but Lukhasenko wont give up one inch of his power, eventho he and his country would only profit expanding the alliance with Russia. What these people dont understand is that the EU doesnt want them, they already have a big chunk of Eastern Europe, they dont need more. CIA is handing out empty promises as usual.

Fog of War

If he was to relinguish power, ZioAmerica would be in that counry the next day. Name me one country where that hasnt hapened already ? These protestors are morons, always thinking the ” grass is greener ” somewhere else. Every Easetrn block country that has ” opened up ” is under total control now. Its economies taken over by foreign interest, its populations forced to take in ” migrants ” , its socities poulted by LGTBQ ideologies. If thats freedom give me a ” dictator ” any day.

Lone Ranger

I agree.


I almost know nothing about this country, but to win a 6th term presidency with %80 of the votes you must’ve done an incredible job as president.

Or you are somehow related to Hosni Mubarak, Aliyevs, and others like them.


No question the “election’ was rigged, that has given an opportunity for the CIA and western intelligence to destabilize a country that is the closest to Russia in culture and history.


Oh my…I said it. Hug Pompeo and you die!!! Lukashenko, anata no baka!!

AM Hants

Looks more peaceful than the US peaceful protests. Don’t those $oro$ Simpletons get bored of their tantra? Must admit the CV masks came in handy for all the hissy fits.


$oro$ Antifa Simpletons are of course the Zionist terrorist ‘light’ and ‘agent provocateur ‘ thugs who are trained, bought and paid for.

Their marxist agenda is common to all of their political actions.

I trust that you are enjoying the last of this years Summer, AM. Have you been wild camping this year. :)

AM Hants

With regards the $oro$ Anti-fa Simpletons, must admit I do wonder how many are White Helmet zombies, arriving via the Brussels People Trafficking Corpoeations. Or am I being cynical.

Regards wild camping, I am so not a camper. Although back down South next week and do believe there is a naturist beach close by. Not that I would bother popping there for a peek. Which reminds me of the fat naturist, chasing a boar who had run off with his personal possessions. The image did make me laugh.


If you are on the channel coast next week you may see HMS Taxi and HMS Travelodge in action,AM.

I had a thought about the flood of young adult male illegal’s in Britain. They would make ideal White Helmet types to promote British political interference in non-NATO countries.

AM Hants

I will be nearer Grandpa Travelodge and Grandma Taxi, happily enjoying their retirement as the toddler generation secure the Solent. Do believe HMS Travelodge and HMS Taxi can call in their Coast Guard pals, when the journey gets tough.

All those White Helmets looking for their next project and $oro$ Simpletons so eager to please.


But the 64 million dollar question is that why has Belarus allowed subversive “foreign media” most of whom are CIA and western agents? especially after the Ukraine experience.

AM Hants

Good question.

johnny rotten

In Belarus they can follow the example of the U$A, put all arrested protesters to work for free in state prisons, or how to turn harmful factors into production factors almost at no cost, even when the idea comes from the infamous U$A, if it is a good idea deserves to be applied.




the difference between the beloved politician and hated lukashenka


already1.2 million electors of opposition put on the net the photo of the election formula

so, 5% for opposite cnadidates, ha? :DDDD

lukashenka should have a plane with running engines 24h/day



btw. moscow protested, because belarus police was beating all russian journalists. lukashenkas days are counted.

Assad must stay

shit putin you need to stop this from happening like in ukraine!!!! like zhirinovsky said he would send a division there to stop the madness and protect president


Putin is not a strong leader and only acts when the oligarchs allow.

Assad must stay

so the oligarchs allowed him to save syria? and help iran?


So, this moron with the camera said, about ten times:”He killed the man”. Who did he kill? The “peaceful” protester, who jumped on truck trying to either hijack the truck or injure the driver, certainly did not get on the truck to kiss the driver or give him flowers. That savage who attacked the driver – he was dog, he ended like a dog…

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