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Belarus Opposition Calls For National Strike On Monday

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Belarus Opposition Calls For National Strike On Monday

In an attempt to regain the initiative after more than two months of protests have failed to achieve any tangible results, the opposition in Belarus has announced that a national strike will begin on Monday.

The opposition presidential candidate from the elections held on the 9th of August, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, stated on Sunday that a national strike would begin on Monday.

According to the Central Election Commission’s official results, President Alexander Lukashenko obtained just over 80% of the vote held in August. His closest rival, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, received just over 10%.

However, Tikhanovskaya refused to recognize the election’s outcome and left Belarus for Lithuania. After the election results were announced, mass protests erupted in Minsk and other Belarusian cities.

Tikhanovskaya had previously declared a “People’s Ultimatum” for President Alexander Lukashenko to resign by Sunday night.

The ultimatum also demanded that all ‘political prisoners’ be released, and the cessation of violence.

“Tomorrow, on October 26, a nationwide strike will begin in Belarus. Belarusians will make this step because their word is a law. A law they tried to deprive us of but we will reinstate it without fail. And our key peaceful weapon – solidarity – will help us,” Tikhanovskaya stated on Sunday.

The opposition is calling on all workers of industrial enterprises to go on strike from Monday.

The call followed more clashes between protestors and police on Sunday. Protestors denounced the use of stun grenades by police.

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies will continue to take all actions necessary to stop protesters from engaging in unlawful actions, head of the Minsk police Ivan Kubrakov said, commenting on the police actions conducted during the protests on Sunday.

Kubrakov stated that more aggressive protestors travelled to Minsk to participate in the protests on Sunday, and that they attempted to seize the centre of Minsk, or the Independence Avenue.

Kubrakov added that the police prevented them from achieving their objective.

“Protesters attacked a police station in the central district of Minsk. They started throwing stones at the security service transport. Police officers took measures to prevent illegal actions and used riot control means and physical force…

Officers of the interior affairs agencies were in control of everything, and the crowd of protesters failed to make it to the Independence Square.”

The participants in the attack on the police station and the unrest in other areas of the city were detained, and overall approximately 120 people were arrested on Sunday and two police officers were injured. LINK

The ongoing protests are also being encouraged by the opposition Coordination Council, and they are receiving high profile coverage and support from Western governments and media.


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belarusians need to learn from armenia do not trust putin

Vox Populi

Russia has a power vacuum at the top and as occasional SF articles expose, there is immense corruption at the top that has seeped into most Russian institutions. This has been a historic problem for Russian society where autocrats from the Czars to the Bolsheviks and now the oligarchs and the frontman Putin has retarded the development of a nationalistic civil society or effective opposition that promotes national interests. Russia is now torn between corrupt oligarchs or a CIA promoted color coded opposition. Putin is stifling the creation of an inclusive democracy and the only other option left after him is chaos or military takeover to stem disintegration, which is the ultimate NATO aim.

Jens Holm

I see no CIA in this. Putins are deflecting any change. CIA in this is nothing. The gamechanger Putin makes the games.


Jewtin one side
(((Eu))) on the other

the people are F**ked either way

Jens Holm

Thats highly incorrect. The side is people in Belarus deciding themself.

Its not EU which collapsed the Bolsjovic Neocolonialisme all the way west of Berlin.

So we try to help Belarus into normal country realtions by several versions of help.

Belarus has nothing we need at all. We already has many rusty areas ourselves and some are made into museums to show good old days wasnt as good as some remember them.

And we already has big problems taking in other parts of the rusty collapsed plundring Comecon. WE do see sme very good improvements here and there. Poalnd fx seemes to climb well aven the poor farmers still are in the old days.

Vox Populi

The US, NATO and Zionists are spending a great deal of money and propaganda capital on the destabilization of Belarus on the time tested Yugoslav and Ukraine model. It is now apparent that with Biden being propped up by the deep state that anti-Russia and anti-China policies will be turbo-charged. So far Russia has been on the backfoot in most contested areas, largely due to the oligarchs immense influence on Putin.


Putin’s problem is that he isn’t fully on what could be called “the other side”. He is in with the same people who run the west, with a similar ideology. The greatest extent of possible disagreement seems to be how autonomous Russia will be within the world order.

Jens Holm

Yes Russia is a kind of “none”. As minimum they should have a good centralized Governess or a good decentralized one. Both is a possibility too.

The main problems is Putins by their system sont build up trust but instead build up lies making less trust and a base on no facts for needed reforms.

They should redefine what the purposes for the state of Russia are. But the main problem seen from here is, that there is not enough qualified minds for thinking as systems, which can work and that made by purpose.

Your description for Putin is well done. It show the limnitations well by him and Russia. Someone has to change that, but they dont know whats better.

I dayli meet people here, which see fx Denmark and USA as some rich Jews running all the unimplyed poor. The rest and the wellare the middleclass have is never never there. All poor ones in Denmark has much better wellfare then most Russians. Most of the poor Americans has better wellfare then many others in the whole world including the many poor in Russia.

TRust for me is public elected fx like in Khabarovs given 70% of the votes are the local rulers and remain as such until people can shoose again at the next generation. Ny that the “Putins” there can be elected, if they improve themselves. As I recall it that opposition was cleaning away corruption and ineffective things away and much better then “The Putins” has done it since the change in Moscow.

We have that kind of openess here. Even the few hundred nazis can be elected but in the open they cant cheat and say they get few votes only, because they are kept down by the rest of us.

We have the same for the real socialists. They are no more then 8% and even 2-3 different versions. But they do have some influence in speaking for the poor and in climate.


The Oligarchs DON’T have any influence on Putin,you are confusing him with that piss head court Jester Yeltsin.

John Brown

They have influence on Putin for sure, whether or not they own and control him Like Biden, Trump, Macroon etc. it appears they don’t but its still too hard to tell.

Jens Holm

We are not destabilisarion at all. We think Belarus has to have its own choises, which we dont see it has now by Lukashenko.

And of course Belarus can choose. Choose in Your terms say, they only has to choose You. Thats no choise.

True we give them normal help, but we didnt made the rpoblrms they have, so we help by nrmal trade and structures for that. USSR and Comecon diodnt hace structures for that too and by that trade and production with rest of the world was not even possible – and allowed.

We are not destabilize Belaruse. The probæems came when took it away from Poland of 1919 having so many poles and for that matter Jews in it.

The problems regained again when Stalin traded With Hitler and took it.

The prolems came when USSR mpved so many poles away and even moved Belarus west as well as moved Russians in. Here by strange reasionbs Russia even got Kaliningrad, which until WW2 was full of Germans too.

Belarus and for that matter partly Lituania ARE or WHERE Poland until the big Poland was divided by Austria-Hungary, Russia and Germany(Preussen) .

So the most enthusiastic ones for Belarus being its own are the cousins and not some random ones far away. Look at the flag. The redof white is the 1919 Polish Pllsutsky flag.

Jens Holm

comment image comment image

Lone Ranger

CIA/Soros opposition.

Jens Holm

Another zero minus comment from Youcomment image

Lone Ranger

Its ok Jens.
We feel for you.
Get better soon.


People who like democracy think that if they go out and protest, that automatically makes their side 51% or more of the population. What a silly circus.

Jens Holm

Thats highly incorrect. All are protected by the Constitutions, so You cannot just move away written human rights decided by all with no new elctions, which has to be fair and if needed also has to be decided twice.

And yes its a right to show Your oppinion in a peacefull way by demonstation, speak and writing inside the Constitution. Here You of course ignore that kind of freedom is connected hard to RESPONSABILITY.

By that there are hard limits for, what 51% can do to all or the rest.

You tell we have majority rule. Democrasy and Parlamentarisme in several versions are not like Your assumtions at all.

Its true the Goverment by the elected parlament has to have 51% in trust, but after that any deciding can be made by any majority or for that matter not 51% against, whats proposed., If things decided by the opposition is too important against the Goverment we normally have an extra new election and might change Governess.

Denmark seemes to be socalled consensus expert in the whole world. Our Governess only has 25% of the votes in the Parlament. Even so they and we are doing fine. The trick is they have to find 51% with some of the others – and are able to.



Gotta admit, the revolution didn’t work out. People should get the best of it and get concessions. Further push will just make another Venezuela.

Jens Holm

Thats no revolution but a fixes false election of the worst kind. None would have shown things better.


as soon as the “color revolution” succeeds, the IMF, world bank, US and all the european vulture corporations and banks will swoop into Belarus and buy up all the former public sector for pennies on the dollar, poverty will skyrocket, unemployment will soar, life expectancy will drop, people will lose their pensions, medical coverage and social benefits, etc etc etc … just like the Western powers did in the Ukraine after the coup in 2014, and just like they did in Russia after Yeltsin sold off and destroyed the country in the 1990s, etc etc….

the same old story, the wrecking ball of avaricious capitalism and “liberal democracy” will destroy the country

John Brown

Its not capitalism its just plain criminality

Jens Holm

Bolsjevics made it possible and never listen to even late reformers such as Gorbatjof or Jeltzin but old men still fighting WW2 happuy days in their dreams.

And yes, unfortunatly the gate was rotten and open too. No infrastriucture against robbers and not even for own ones today being high ranks as oligarcs.

So we put japanese, german and american sparparts on Russian cars – or what.

Oil production here and there as in the good old days of Baku?

Very good to declare and not only assume, that You as the biggest and best i the world had no responsible influence Yourself.

Of course robbers arrived too. You were better then Mecca and Medina for them too.

Jens Holm

Belarus has nothing of value we dont have better – apart from radioactive forrest made by Chernobyl.
We already has good and too museums from the past.

You lie about life expencanty too. comment image


Losing Belarus or even part of it would be a major blow for Russia, much worst than Ukraine. Will Putin be capable of keeping it? We’ll see the developments


I think a red line for putin would be if any government in Belarus tried bring foreign troops into the country,that would be a direct threat to Russia,other than that he may be prepared to let them see their Western dream turn into the nightmare it has in Ukraine and many other such countries.

Jens Holm

There we go again. NONE in the whole Nato is for any insinuating assumption like we should invade a total unimportant are, where there is not a single thing we need.

You create that crap Yourself to keep Yourself in line by fear. Very good trick.

It makes no sense to compare with Ukraine. They are negosiated to an own new or regained country and are of importance as well – or can be. Belarus has kept its relations tó Russia and its Neolonialisme, which since then has been some kind of the tail barking for the dog… Or whatever. “West” has no relations to that.

…And Ukraine is a big bad surprice made by USSR. We didnt collpase that part as well. As long as Russia more or less makes no solutions and USA and we makes no solutions, they seemes to remain divided by Bolsjevisme and Nazis.

We as west even are blamed, we prefare nazis. News to me:)

Jens Holm

Belarus is nothing comapred to the big Ukraine and hardly worth my behind as they are. As for the rest of the affiliates to Russia, they can be something for themself, if they choose that.

You seemes to ignore Belarus during time always has been more polish then Rusian and only the Rusians moving Poles and others west made it a kind of Russia hemispere by a kind of thef and Russian invasion of completly new inhabitants.

So when Poles and Lituanians or parts of them behave like a kind of fanatics its about they are more related then cousins are apart from the imported Russians.

So the choise is not Russia or not but indenpendency and relations by their own choise. Of couse they woul like better relations to EU, which has not collapsed.

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