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Belarus Expels Latvian Ambassador, Diplomatic Staff Over Flag Fiasco

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Belarus Expels Latvian Ambassador, Diplomatic Staff Over Flag Fiasco

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On May 24th, Belarus expelled all Latvian diplomats and staff, including the ambassador, from the country.

This took place in response to actions of Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkevics and Martins Stakis, the mayor of Riga. They replaced the Belarusian state flag with a historical Belarusian red and white flag – currently the symbol of the Belarus opposition – in the center of the Latvian capital, which is hosting the Ice Hockey World Championship.

Minsk had originally been supposed to co-host the tournament with Riga but was stripped of the right to do so because of political unrest following a contested presidential election last August and the coronavirus pandemic.

Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei said Riga’s move amounted to “practically an act of international vandalism” and called on Latvia to apologize and return his country’s green, red and white flag to its original place.

“For us, such actions directed against a sovereign state and nation are absolutely unacceptable,” the Belta news agency quoted Makei as saying. “We cannot leave such provocative actions unanswered.”

Makei said Belarus was allowing only one Latvian administrative and technical staff member to remain in order to look after the embassy building.

In response, Latvia did the same and expelled all Belarusian diplomatic staff and the ambassador.

The change of flags came as Belarus came under fire from European leaders for allegedly forcing a Ryanair civil aircraft flying from Greece to the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, to land in Minsk.

Belarusian officials then arrested a blogger, journalist and opposition activist Roman Pratasevich, who was on board. He is one of the two main figures of the Nexta opposition channel, a network entirely ran from Poland.

European Union leaders meeting in Brussels decided for Belarusian airlines to be banned from the 27-nation bloc’s airspace and urged EU-based carriers to avoid flying over the former Soviet republic, according to a joint statement.

They also agreed to widen the list of Belarusian individuals they already sanction and called on the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to urgently investigate Belarus forcing a Ryanair plane to land in Minsk on a Greece-Lithuania flight.

Britain said it was instructing British airlines to cease flights over Belarus and that it would suspend the air permit for Belarus’s national carrier, Belavia, with immediate effect. KLM, the Dutch arm of carrier Air France KLM, will temporarily halt flights.

Austrian Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, one of the largest Japanese air companies All Nippon Airways, ad others suspended flights over Belarus or will avoid flying over the country’s territory.

Ukraine cancelled all flights to and from Belarus, and will not use air routes over its territory. Lithuania banned the use of the country’s airports for flights over Belarus.


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American’t colony, Latvia= a depopulated irrelevancy


No surprise,Latvia is infested with Nazis.


you nailed it!


Fk it off and bring in better people who can deal in trades,no more messing about with eu dildos!


Yup, just another episode of how to spinn something out of nothing, clapp, clapp, clapp.

Not that I care that much about Lukyshenko, but the script is beginning to be old and worn out and some people, dont compare them to the Units/HasbaRats/etc, they will never do anything else than what they are payed to do, divert, provoce and lie.

So, I wounder, was this rerouting ordered on an request coming from the flight captain, since He? was told thru comunication, again with whom, that there was an bomb on board the plane, and then redirected the plane to Kiev.

Then comes the second part, some claim, yeah, that this bomb scare/threat was done by Hamas, yup, if their idiot propaganda is capable to expose them selfs, that is how you do it, but then again, in an western world where using ones brain have become and extings eh…. activity, yeah….so…2000, right. Better in this new miillenium where emotions rule, facts and shit like that cant, because somebody will always be offended, if you indeed are that stupid that you belive this, I have some bridges to sell you, hell I even give you one for free if you buy 2.

Third, I think the entire issue was to create another NavelGny, another uh….. Guiweirdo, an sort of estern focal point of eh….. democrasy, yeah, even claims everything will be better, just give them power. In an sense this was perfectly exsecuted False Flagg. One gave to give them that, and then comes the real deal, to keep that alive and kicking they need stupid bitches and morons like Lithuanians, they are even to stupid to realise that some of us arent in this because of Putin, whom I consider to be an backstabbing Jooo Bitch, and above all, an lying bastard along with the rest of the Russian Gov/Duma, but the truth is, why this and why now, and the answer to that, because the Lithuanians are indeed bloody morons, was to do something about BRI.

Hehehe. Yup, castrating them self in real time, not brave enoug to be honest, to work for their own nation and people but like the NorDick nations, become an pack of sniveling idiots, corrupted to their core, sold their own soul to the empire and threw their own nations future down the drain. The worst thing is, despite the obvious idiots in Riga, I have symphatys with the Lithuanian people, blind leading the blind, what could possibly go wrong. One thing is the NS2, bitches, what happens when the pipe line into Brussels/EU runs dry, huh, have you idiots even thought that far into your own future, have you, you have to go a tiny bit further than just the nose.



Roman Pratasevich is a neo-nazi scumbag and works as a mercenary for the US/EU imperialists! He should be tried and if found guilty he should receive the maximum possible punishment for his crimes against Belarus! Hopefully that being a death sentence. The “outrage” coming from EU fascists is also laughable since they themselves never really cared for any international laws, ONLY if it suited them!

Last edited 11 months ago by Ivanus59

EU Eunuchs did nothing when Israel destroyed half of Gaza but they are concerned with some criminal from Belarus? “journalist”? How about Assange, no?

Lone Ranger

Baltic nazis always licking boots first that of adolf and the waffen ss now that of CIA. Belarus made the right decision. Kick those neonazi bootlickers out for good Hurra.


Russia should have sent these puny nazi bitches into the Baltic see long time ago, back in 40s and 50s. China settled their people in Tibet and problem solved.

The Truth

” historical Belarusian red and white flag – currently the symbol of the Belarus opposition” ??? SF stop repeating ridiculous lies from western media, what historical flag??? Belarus never existed as a country, there was some german vassal territory created in 1917. and nothing else.

Opposition? They are not “opposition”, they are bandits, criminals, mercs and traitors.

Lance Ripplinger

What a bunch of hypocrites. What about in 2013 when the plane of the Bolivian president was forcefully landed, when the U.S. claimed Edward Snowden could have been on the plane?

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