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Belarus Claims It Detained 32 Mercenaries Near Minsk

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Belarus Claims It Detained 32 Mercenaries Near Minsk

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Belarus detained dozens of 32 members of a foreign private military company after receiving information that more than 200 fighters had entered the country to destabilise it ahead of a presidential election, the state-controlled Belta news agency claimed on July 29.

According to the report, the group came to Minsk overnight on July 25.

Ahead of the August 9 election, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko repeatedly claimed that some ‘foreign forces’ were planning  to destabilize the situation in the country. For example in June, Lukashenko accused Russian and Polish forces of trying to discredit him.

Security forces also cracked down on opposition protests in recent weeks.

Belarusian media outlets claim that the group detained on July 29 was a part of the so-called private military company ‘Wagner’, which officially does not exist.

While the situation with the real motivation and goals of the group detained in Minks remains unclear, the Lukashenko government will likely use the situation to suppress any opposition to the current president during the election period. Minsk will also use it in its ongoing propaganda campaign against Russia recently increased in the country. Lukashenko aims to continue receiving financial resources and assistance from Moscow, but in fact his government does not act like Belarus is an ally of Russia.


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AM Hants

Can understand the West sending in mercenaries, aka The Maidan, but, not Russia. There again, Lukashenko once upon a time used Timothy Bell as his special adviser, so did wonder when the hand of Bell would be shown.

Harry Smith

Russian reporter Semion Pegov (WarGonzo) identified some of them as fighters of Zakhar Prilepin’s DPR battalion. So now, the main version in Russian Telegram channels is that it was an understanding between Belorussia and Russia in some kind of gateway for mercenaries in times while Russian borders were closed due to the quarantine. And Lukashenko tries every possibility to increase his ratings in eve of presidential elections in Belorussia. In this particular case he tries to get sympathy from pro western nazzi electorate. Zakhar Prilepin – https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zakhar_Prilepin

AM Hants

That makes sense.


It’s always been a bad position to be in and Lucashenko would suffer greatly if it is he ‘For whom the bell tolls’.

AM Hants

Munching the popcorn as none of it makes sense.

Other articles, colour revolution by same old crowd, in time for elections, that have not worked out.

Wonder where source from article comes from?

Then you have Lukashenko having Timothy Bell as a Special adviser, back in the 90s.

Not forgetting CIS members, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, only recognise the borders, which have never been ratified in international law, since the fall of the Soviet Union, back in 1991. So even if Lukashenko has come out in support of team $oro$, there is still a problem with the borders and how that works out.

Lone Ranger

Poles and Russians working together to dethrone Lukhasenko meanwhile his main opponent an Ukrainian fled to Russia for protection. Joke of the day lol…


I would even say that “Poles and Russians working together” is joke of decade.


Enemy everywhere.. Is that coming from last visit and Pompeo whispering promises in the ear of Lukashenko and also helping birth of new doubts, to rise his paranoia. Or just Belarus economy is not doing so well without cheap Russian gas and “assistance”? So “last dictator of Europe” doesn’t feel so well with elections at the gates.

Jens Holm

Yes. The text is made for re-election. the gas as “hostage” mot likely is important too.

johnny rotten

The infamous Wagner company puts it everywhere, however it has become a safe brand for distinguishing fake news, where you put it in, you know it is shabby fucking propaganda.


Maybe it is not so much fake (except for the bombastic name “Wagner”). Anybody from Belarus with enough money ( including Lukashenko ) can find 30 Rusians that work as mercenaries for hire. If I was Lukashenko I would “hire” those Russians, pay them to come to Belarus and than promptly arrest them screaming about Russian “conspiracy” as elections PR stunt. All that soap opera as PR stunt to get votes of Belarus hardliner nationalists that are not fond of Russia.

johnny rotten

Russian citizens face heavy penalties if they fight wars of any kind, except the military of course, the law is harsh in this regard, however the history of Wagner was originally a NATO-Israel operation in Ukraine, how it managed to become a company mercenary Russian, i have not yet been able to understand it out of the usual russophobic media garbage.

Jens Holm

You keep Yourself in deep state dark well. You create the fobia by not compaering the political situation as well only checking one media.

If You are a muslim, we can sell You a lot of pork and 7 armed candelabres:)


“Russian citizens face heavy penalties if they fight wars of any kind” Where did you get that info? Maybe you confuse that with terrorist activity for which there are heavy penalties. Example; Chechnya has legal private “academy” for training of military and security professionals.

Wagner was regulated by Russian laws and whatever military mercenary organization exists in Russia today. They have passed the same procedure to register. Russia has seen what foreign oil companies do to protect their oil wells from jihadists in foreign countries. So they have decided that Russian oil companies need something similar. That was the beginning of the paid protection form Russian military professionals in foreign lands, since that is not the job of Russian military .

johnny rotten

Lavrov said it, he also said that the Russian government never made use of mercenaries, I believed him, also because I knew of Wagner as the name of an operation already before the Nazi coup, the fact that there are companies that work as private security is very different from Russian mercenaries fighting wars abroad, they are two different plans.


Lavrov said what? “that the Russian government never made use of mercenaries” that is well known fact! And I never have said opposite.

Wagner was a private military contractors company created for offering Russian military professionals for paid protection of their customers at the beginning. Now they have grown much bigger and they do many things.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wagner_Group I don’t think that Russian mercenaries only “fight wars”. There are other activities as well for which they can be paid. Like protection and training.

In my example I was talking about protection of Russian oil companies that were using them in different foreign countries. Now even foreign countries use them directly in war like Syria and Libiya. While some other African countries use them as well. Mostly to train soldiers as military instructors. I do not see what is the problem in all that? West is doing the same for quite long time.

johnny rotten

The West says hundreds of wagner mercenaries died in Syria, that’s not true The West says that wagner mercenaries fight in Ukraina, that’s not true the west says wagner mercenaries fight in central africa, that’s not true the west says that hundreds of wagner mercenaries sent by Putin are fighting in Libya, that’s not true etc etc this is BS, or at least it is for me several years ago the wagner mercenaries who cut the heads posted, follow the thread it is so difficult to publish the registered office and all the legal data of a public company, we know everything about Black Water, we do not know anything about Wagner, only MSM articles that bounce them, if it were a company known with security contracts they would be public, try looking for one and then we can also discuss it, but please wiki no, it is not reliable.



In Ukraine-Donbass fight many volunteers from Russia.

Donbass doesn’t have that kind of money to pay professional mercenaries and even if they had, they would never take pay mercenaries.

Again I have no problem with Russia having paid mercenaries as an option for private contracts. West did that for decades and nobody was shocked or have ever asked any questions about that. So why is Russia not allowed to do the same?

johnny rotten

Because Russia is different, it is Westerners who use terrorism and mercenaries, according to international law as established by the UN mercenary is illegal, what distinguishes Russia from the West is respect for the laws, they are not empty words, for example in Syria Russia has been invited by the Syrian government while the Yankees are not, they are there to steal, Russia does not do it, it never has, Russia does not start wars, Russia ends them.


Why you keep twisting my words? Again: Russian government DOES NOT USE WAGNER or any other mercenaries!! But those mercenaries still have right to exist in Russia as profession for those who need their services. Simply because Western countries have them as well for decades already so why not Russia?

johnny rotten

As you said, the Russian government does not, Western governments do it, they are the ones who pay them, it is simple.

Jens Holm

Yes, You bought it :) . The article makes no sense.


It looks like there is a dog madder than Erdogan in town…his name is Lukashenko.

Maybe this is why Putin is able to tolerate Erdogan. He has practised a lot with Lukashenko.


Wagner is active in Central Africa

Captain Freedom

Lukashenko made himself powerful enemies when he decided to not obey the scamdemic schemes, In fact IMF/World Bank are promising huge loans to those who impose a tyrannical lockdown upon their citizens. Belarus might face similar measures like Venezuela, where they devalued the currency and took all the gold… (or just send in some mercenaries) but all this talk about Russia and Belarus being enemies smells like bullshit, just like the China Khabarovsk story.

Jens Holm

Its a very biased version of IMF.

It makes sense countries or sectors which has collapsed or never has existed can need a fresh start and by loans.

Comparing with Venezuela and in Your version is even worse. The base for Governes in Bellerus are primitive farmers, which mainly work well in old ineffective days of Bolsjevisme. Its a “You know what You have but You dont know what changes bring”.

As often in the USSR collapse they as with the Tzars are used to and raised to decide nothing.

Its very wrong to compare with the Kharbarowsks. They have choosen a non cremlin almost fascist in relative free elections.

As it is this fellow had cleaned some of the worst old rulers away and maybee murdered some. People actually are happy about that change. It much better then compare pest and cholera or feeling well or being sick.

Now a Ukrainian Female teacher is running as election. She can because Belle Machos says women can handle running things there. But for safety matters here children are in England.

Khabatovsk is an internal Russian thing. Purins are not able to run all Russia well at all and fear partly independensi in no trust. And no trust for me is no state. States includes people and not as Putins excludes any needed changes in structure and devellopments.

The solutions are many and not one. The main thing is Russia dont educate people and they by that dont know much and cant handle advanced productions and logistics.


They cant handle advanced productions and logistics. Ehm, what are you talking about? They were able to handle production and logistics on a massive scale, even during the USSR era.

Even their country is a massive land, with massive logistical challenges.

Jens Holm

You are as Russia very selective. You deny the production lines are very narrowminded and few.

The reasons are clear. They dont educate and make a middle class. We – as being most of the Westerns – have.

Therefore they are not able to have a good and sober infrastructure and fx have a good central Governes, a good local Governes or – as fx My country have both.

With both here makes 55.000 dollars pr Capita and Russia ven have so many minerals and food only 1/5.

As usual from the Tzars over Stalin and the Oligarcs of today they deny their own population a high standard.

You dont know what massive scale is apart from in cheep mass production and export such as oil and crain. Even relative simple products as cars are not possible anymore.

But we send 2 important parts with the moon lander at mars even we only are 5,8 million.

If we wanted, we soon could be more armed them Your friends, but we instead keep the low Rusian level well.

The only gamechanger are the reformed China and at least they make the cake to share for the world bigger.

Whatever China is I respect a majority now has a higher living standard then Russia and parts of it compte well with west.

It seemes You illusion about Russia is complete and You dont know whar makes Westerns mainly stronger in most things.

But I see it in the Russian Propaganda Cointext. Here only the upperclass and the workers class exist – Even most people in the USA and here are Middleclass and the ones, which malkes the big difference.

Its exact the same for most Muslims and Arabistan being not allowed and able to devellop themselves.

And the result: You systematicly(just as You write here) use us to cover Your own fiascos.

Jens Holm

2 midgets dont like they have to improve Russia by educating peopleand divide people in trust.

Most likely their Grandmothers trusted Stalin as well. NO CHANGE they said.We deserve to suffer according to our now dead pundering bishios and prieast.

Putin more and more support that kind of thinking.

Frank G

lol, see when it is USA they call them private security, newer legal term for mercenary. if you oppose the west like Russia they call them evil putin mercenaries.

Jens Holm

Things are much more complicated in USA. The military forces are very independent as well as they Outsource almost anything.

The problems with the mercenairy soldiers in Iraq was, they did many crimes against soldiers as well as civilians. They were not supposed to. So things has been started in a (hopefully) more clean version.

Raptar Driver

Why wouldn’t Russia wanna destabilized Belarus? The Russian government is controlled by the world government. The fake co-vid lock down is proof of this. Belarus did not lock down, Belarus did not obey it must be punished as an example.


Usual things happening in country with a rogue leader. But gotta give it to that guy, Lukashenka has balls to defy any world power whenever he sees fit. Big titanium balls i would say.

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