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Behold The Chinese Type 100-Class “God Of Submarines”

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Behold The Chinese Type 100-Class "God Of Submarines"

Source: navalnews.com

Chinese submarine, identified as the Type-100 Class is reportedly contesting Russian Navy’s mighty Pr.941 Typhoon Class submarine as the largest ever built.

This was reported by H. I. Sutton for Naval News.

The new submarine is reportedly armed with 48 Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBMs). It can also carry massive nuclear-powered nuclear-armed autonomous torpedoes.

The submarine was unveiled on April 1st

It was revealed at the Bohai Shipyard in Huludao, China, the new submarine is believed to be the Type-100 ‘Sun Tzu’ class. The timing, together with its type number, appear to refer to the 100th year anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The vessel is approximately 210 meters long and about 30 meters across. This compares to a paltry 175 meters and 23 meters for the Typhoon Class. Although figures for the new submarine’s displacement are not known, it is almost certainly greater than the 48,000 ton Typhoon.

This makes the Chinese submarine, three or four times larger than the US Navy’s Ohio-class submarine. Furthermore, the Ohio class carries “only” 24 ballistic missiles.

In the bow are at least 8 Intercontinental nuclear-powered nuclear-armed hydrosonic torpedoes. These weapons are similar to the Russian Navy’s Poseidon weapon.

The hydrosonic torpedoes have an effectively unlimited range and are difficult to counter with current weaponry.

According to Sutton, its development, so soon after Russia moved forward with Poseidon, suggests that Poseidon has been exported. Or that some degree of a technology transfer has taken place.

The shift to a massive submarine may hint, like Typhoon, at an Arctic role. China regards itself as a Near-Arctic country and may intend to use the ice cap to protect its at-sea nuclear deterrence.

The C-100 also has an open hangar on its back, potentially for the “sailless” submarine, that was built in Shanghai.

One potential use for this is to provide layered self-defense for the host submarine. Another possibility is that it is for severing undersea internet cables in times of war.

It has been suggested that this tactic could be used to bring about the immediate collapse of Western economies.

After all, it should be remembered that April 1st may now go down in history for when the new era of submarines became, as this “God of Submarines” entered the scene.

One should also remember that the commissioning of the Russian Project 941 Typhoon-class submarines took place between 1981 and 1989, and then all except a single one were scrapped within the next 20 years. As of 2021 there is only one of these submarines left, since a massive underwater monster isn’t too hard to track, find and even potentially destroy.

One should keep in mind that this report is almost 100% certainly an April Fools’ Day joke, but on the off-chance it isn’t the West better prepare itself.


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Jihadi Colin

It also houses an entire division of underwater capable PLAN Marine infantry armed with nuclear powered spearguns.


Massive KEK.

Sol Invictus

Also an aircraft carrier, like japanese I-400 class submarine from WW2 😀


“As of 2021 there is only one of these submarines left, since a massive underwater monster isn’t too hard to track, find and even potentially destroy.”

Size has zero to do with tracking a boat. Noise cancellation and suppression is where detection comes into play.

Raven kk

april 1 st


Check!!! They got me!


Satellites the spy version, can take a closeup picture of a mouse’s arse on a cloudy day and you can count the hairs


Big boat but it seem that they got a lot of eggs in one basket. You would think 2 or three smaller boats would be a more survivable option …. but I’m sure they got their reasons.


It’s an excellent fake if it is just an April fools joke. Otherwise, wow that’s pretty awesome.

Ivan Freely

April Fools joke.


Good. It’s time to end wars. Any of a dozen or more nations can kill millions quickly and destroy economies. It’s pointless to kill or risk being killed.


The new submarine is reportedly armed with 48 Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBMs). It can also carry massive nuclear-powered nuclear-armed autonomous torpedoes.

Technically you only need to burn the earth to a crisp one time, anything over that is OVERKILL.. A dead world is no prize. Sun Tzu would not be proud of such chest beating, very shameful.


You armed them, you created the monster – YOU deal with it. IF you read Chinese history you should know they have NO honor.


While it looks like that sub may have been photoshoped in, that Chinese port in Liangfangzi is capable of building 300 meter long bulk carriers, which when you drill down in Google earth you can see. So, it could have been built there with that huge Gantry Crane hovering over what appears to be another bulk carrier being built or refurbished.

If that submarine has actually been built guess who its target will be? It doesn’t take much of an imagination to scare the shit out America. A great solution would be to take one of our under water flying discs, (saucers) and take it out before it can radio for help. Another alternative would be to drop a 100 Megaton bomb on it from above while it is far out at sea away from port. The concussion and EMP from that size bomb would blow most of the circuits on the vessel if not break it up into a thousand pieces, and they’d never see or hear it coming !!!

If the Chinese can be brutal in how it treats its people, then we should have no compunction against being just as brutal in taking out that sub !!!

Keep Me Posted!

My Sub is bigger than your Sub!


You can be sure if this submarine exists, it will be target #1 on the West’s kill list. And it must be noisy unless run by AI. Try to keep it’s massive quiet as well as it’s huge propulsion screw. I would say very slow, as well. Also, knowing Chinese fabrication, the worksmanship is very poor.



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