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BBC Discovers “Lost Tablet” That “Reveals” MSM-Circulated Secrets Of The Mythical “Wagner PMC”

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BBC Discovers "Lost Tablet" That "Reveals" MSM-Circulated Secrets Of The Mythical "Wagner PMC"

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A brand-new investigation by the UK’s state news outlet – BBC – allegedly reveals “the scale of Wagner’s involvement in Libya.”

The mythical “shadowy Russian mercenary group” has reportedly been active there for years, and finally the BBC has reported evidence from a “lost tablet” (not the Indiana Jones ancient artifact type).

“But we had little direct information. The Wagner group is one of the most secretive organisations in Russia. Officially, it doesn’t exist – serving as a mercenary is against Russian and international law. But up to 10,000 operatives are believed to have taken at least one contract with Wagner over the past seven years.

After various verification processes, a BBC team brought the tablet to London. I immediately put it in a signal-blocking bag, so it couldn’t be tracked or wiped remotely,” the BBC wrote.

It is an incredible story, full of turns and twists – if only any of them were actually revealed.

A Samsung tablet was left by an alleged fighter of the PMC – as well as traceable fighter codenames. He simply just forgot it, a member of the mythical PMC of which nobody could ever get a hold of.

BBC Discovers "Lost Tablet" That "Reveals" MSM-Circulated Secrets Of The Mythical "Wagner PMC"

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And the BBC has a “shopping list” for state-of-the-art military equipment which expert witnesses say could only have come from Russian army supplies.

There was no difficulty to access the files of the world’s most secretive PMC, apparently.

“Remarkably, the information on it was easy to access. I discovered dozens of files – ranging from manuals for anti-personnel mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs), to reconnaissance drone footage. A number of books had been uploaded – including Mein Kampf, A Game of Thrones, and a guide to making wine.

But it was a maps app that stood out – layers of military maps of the front line, all marked in Russian. Most of the location dots were clustered in the suburb of Ain Zara in south Tripoli, where Wagner fighters had battled with the GNA between February and the end of May 2020.”

According to the BBC’s report, Wagner’s fighters appeared in Libya in April 2019 when they joined the forces of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, after he launched an attack on the UN-backed government in the capital, Tripoli. The conflict ended in a ceasefire in October 2020.

The group is notoriously secretive, but the BBC has managed to gain rare access to two former fighters. They revealed what type of person was joining Wagner – and its lack of any code of conduct.

“There is little doubt that they kill prisoners – something one ex-fighter freely admits.”

“No-one wants an extra mouth to feed.”

BBC Discovers "Lost Tablet" That "Reveals" MSM-Circulated Secrets Of The Mythical "Wagner PMC"

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Still, how members were discovered:

On one of the maps, there was a dot with the title “Metla” (Метла, in Russian).

“We believe one of the fighters – labelled ‘Metla’ on the tablet – is a 36-year-old Russian called Fedor Metelkin from the North Caucasus.

His personal Wagner number, published on the Ukrainian database, is below 3,000. This suggests he joined Wagner fairly early in its operations – five or six years ago – when it was fighting in eastern Ukraine in support of Russia-backed separatists. From what we understand, it’s usual for the same fighters to move from one foreign conflict zone to another.”

No identities of other members are present, but the BBC somehow gained access to two anonymous former Wagner members, who provided details.

“The former fighters explained that men are not recruited to an organisation called Wagner, but instead apply for short-term contracts – for example as oil rig workers or security personnel – with numerous shell companies.

They undergo physical tests and background security checks before moving to Wagner’s unofficial training ground near Krasnodar in southern Russia, which is next to a Russian army base.

They are then sent abroad, on the understanding that if they are killed, Wagner may not be able to repatriate their bodies,” the BBC writes.

It is straight of a clandestine spy movie; it would be no surprise if Tom Cruise’s character from Mission Impossible also ends up being a member.

In addition to the red dots which are allegedly important locations, as well as “Metla” there are black dots. They refer to mines.

“Many of the labels refer to specific types of mine – such as MON-50 or OZM. There are also positions marked as “mined district”, “remote controlled mine” or “stretched out” – which we understand to be slang for booby trap.”

Also stored on the tablet are illustrations of the MON-50 mine – and two other devices of Russian and Soviet origin, the POM-2 and the PMN-2. These weapons are all highlighted in a Human Rights Watch report which points out that none of them have previously been seen in Libya – where there has been an arms embargo for the past decade.

BBC Discovers "Lost Tablet" That "Reveals" MSM-Circulated Secrets Of The Mythical "Wagner PMC"

Click to see full-size image

BBC Discovers "Lost Tablet" That "Reveals" MSM-Circulated Secrets Of The Mythical "Wagner PMC"

Click to see full-size image

While the tablet gives insight into where and how Wagner was allegedly operating, a separate 10-page document – essentially a “shopping list” of weapons and equipment – gave hints as to who could be funding the organization.

“The document is likely to have been recovered during the fighting in the south of Tripoli. It was given to the BBC by a Libyan intelligence security source in Tripoli, who had been looking into the presence of Wagner in Libya, and specifically into its involvement in the offensive on the capital.”

The document is quite dramatic, with little burn marks around the edges, as if somebody tried to destroy the evidence, but ultimately failed to burn 10 pieces of paper.

Security Adviser Chris Cobb Smith analyzed the documents and said the following:

“I very much doubt that any other private military company (PMC) – if Wagner can be termed as such – has anything close to the support that seems to be available to them here”

“[In the Libya document] Assault Team 6 has a lot of vehicles and would seem to have substantially bigger manpower, so this is probably the principal fighting unit. Total of approximately 300 personnel.

“They requested 300 helmets and 270 night vision goggles and 270 weapons rail mounts.”

“The weapons are, for most part, ‘state of the art’ – that is up to date, technologically advanced, and equipment currently in service with the Russian military.

“This not only implies access to a substantial budget but also the authority for access to the latest sensitive, if not secret, technology. For example, the Ironia and Sobolyatnik radars are relatively new.

“As noted by the requesting officers much of this equipment will require a training programme – a considerable challenge under operational conditions. This indicates rather a lack of foresight and proper prior planning.”

“[Private Military] Companies such as Blackwater etc. may also have a level of sanction by the US Government, but I do not believe they have equipment scales that would stretch to tanks, mortars and UAVs [unmanned aerial vehicles] capable of directing munitions.”

“It appears that Wagner are little more than an unofficial element of the Russian military”

Essentially, Chris Cobb Smithh simply said that the “shadowy PMC” is unprofessional, lack foresight and are simply just a tad bit better than any wing of Russian military.

Another note, allegedly from Mozambique in 2019 requested replacements for damaged equipment from “OOO Evro Polis”.

“Evro Polis is a Russian company reported to be a beneficiary of contracts for oil and gas field developments in Syria.”

Then, the Libyan document mentions “the General Director” who is none other than “Putin’s Chef” Yevgeny Prigozhin. His name isn’t mentioned, there is no evidence to him being related at all, but he was dubbed by MSM as Wagner’s “director” a while ago, and it has stuck.

But, of course, this is also figured out, in the statement by one of the anonymous Wagner mercenaries:

“It’s like in Harry Potter, where Voldemort is the name that is never said aloud. It’s a taboo subject. It’s not worth talking about, or else you might end up in a metal container with a broken face for two weeks.”

In a statement to the BBC, Yevgeny Prigozhin firmly maintained that he has no links to Evro Polis or Wagner.

“I have not heard anything about the violation of human rights in Libya by the Russians and I am sure that this is an absolute lie,” he said.

“My advice to you is to operate with facts, not your Russophobic sentiments.”

Who in MSM could possibly trust that?

The “lost tablet” and the alleged documents as well as statements provide absolutely no new insight into the “Wagner mystery”, they, more or less, repeat the same old story, this time with new pictures and a fancier website.


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G2 Man

BBC is now shamelessly the vanguard of anti-Russian propaganda. Boris Johnson is the son of white Russian counter-revolutionary traitors and his rise to power in the corrupt Zionist controlled British power circles can be attributed to his corrupt toadying to the global neo-imperialist Zionist circles. MI-6 now regularly plants fake stories on BBC and other disinformation against countries that stand up to the imperialists. Russia is obviously a prime target.

Americunt LOSERS

LimeyCUNTS are just worthless slaves to the Jews and historical liars.

G2 Man

He is obviously a bastard, but claimed to be Russian in his biography. Many of the eastern European criminals claimed dubious ancestry. Britain is basically an occupied colony of the US, and is so subservient that just a few months ago, a CIA agent killed a teenager and the British police could do nothing and even told the parents of the killed teenager to keep quiet or they will be charged. Britain is 1/3 the size of Afghanistan and just two nuclear weapons can sink the tiny rain soaked worthless island of backstabbers.

Peppe il Sicario

Not “Boris the Spider” of The Who lyrical fame?


Last edited 1 month ago by Peppe il Sicario
Peppe il Sicario

Britain, like nearly all of Europe, has become a defacto colony of US economic entities, investment banking firms, private equity firms, and corporate multinatinionals. Heck, they even have an ex-Goldman Sachs executive as PM of Italy, an individual who is turning Italy into an open-air physical and mental prison. The fact that nearly every single European leader has pushed for these American made “vaxes”, shunning anything made in Europe says it all.

Arch Bungle

They must have been swingers.

Peppe il Sicario

🐭🐭🐭🐭🐭🐭🐭🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🦨🦨🦨🦨🦨🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐍🐍🐍🐍 Some extended family members of Blojo’s rat family. They all have 💩💩 in their hearts and soul.


Wagner war criminals probably got too drunk like all Russians and forgot to take the tablet. Stupid drug addicts need to be killed all of them.


You stinking Hindu turds should stick with eating filthy Ganges floating corpses and Sh1t. What is the obsession with Russia you sewer rats?

Russia collapse

Rawafid got fked in Syria and Iraq 😂😂

Diaper Hasbara Dan

Hindu turd eater obsessed with Russia and Muslims LOL

Russia collapse

800 Russians killed in 2002 Chechen attack

Diaper Hasbara Dan

How many Hindu street shitters died from drinking Covid piss? Disgusting smelly ugly sewer rats.

G2 Man

They also have more drug addicts and mental patients. Teenage suicide is another western isolation and bullying disease. In just one Canadian city of Calgary Fentanyl addiction killed 472 young people just in the past 8 months. The west is in total moral decline.


You won’t be doing any of the killing.


Another nasty and racist anti-Slav – pretty sure can guess exactly from where you come from…


You hate Russia, because Russia saved Syria.
And guess who Syria’s biggest enemy is…Israel.
Rage, stamp your feet, and cry your bitter tears of failure.
Because it wont change anything.
It just shows how weak and impotent YOU are.

Séamus Ó Néill

The BBC, like CNN etc, etc are the “Newspeak” of the 21st century. They are government controlled propaganda organs, constantly spewing unintelligent verbal diahorrea so removed from reality that the only ones listening to their inane detritus are the proselytizers themselves. I give them a year, maximum, before their ignominious and ignoble collapse.

G2 Man

That is the primary reason the Zionists are trying to shut down the internet. They have already seized the Iranian Press TV domain, but only increased traffic on Press Tv.ir They also have put pressure on small independent media like SF but have failed so far. I believe there is an awakening across the world generally on the blatant hypocrisy and corruption of the “western elites”. The totally malicious Bilderberg media is part and parcel of western disinformation. BBC, DW, Voice of America etc are mouthpieces of intelligence services and main source of fake news. This Covid nonsense is also part of a global police state agenda, but people are not buying it, even in the brainwashed west.

Last edited 1 month ago by G2 Man

It has now been documented that in leading western MSM the journalists are groomed and facilitated by CIA funded affiliate media fronts and media divisions. In last years it has been leaked as particularly bad in German MSM where the CIA seeks total media control.

Last edited 1 month ago by AlphaBravoCharlie

Yet another anti Russian fabrication,but the cattle will believe it.


BBC – the UK state media cheer squad for Blair’s UK war against Iraq, and Cameron’s UK wars against Libya and Syria. Notice any pattern here?!

Arch Bungle

The Brits, though I love them, are unable to open their mouths without lying.

This Tablet is probably as mythical as the tablets of moses.

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