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Battleground Realities And Informational Warfare: Sixth Day Of Operations In Ukraine

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Battleground Realities And Informational Warfare: Sixth Day Of Operations In Ukraine

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Battleground Realities And Informational Warfare: Sixth Day Of Operations In Ukraine
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Battleground Realities And Informational Warfare: Sixth Day Of Operations In Ukraine

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The situation inside Ukraine began to take on the shapes of chaos close to what was happening in Libya. The confusion on all sides, the mass distribution of weapons to the population, and the release of criminals from prisons took place amidst the bitterness of various groups in Ukraine against each other. Marauders unite in gangs and attack any facilities, equipment, and people, whenever they have an opportunity to do so.

Against the background of the objective successes of Russian, LPR and DPR forces on the fronts, the Kiev administration has focused on informational warfare. In this arena, with the total support of NATO countries, Kiev is gaining an unqualified victory. These successes fuel the impunity of radical formations against civilians that are literally being used as human shields against the advancing forces. The most striking examples of such activity can be seen in Kharkiv, Mariupol, and Volnovakha. It seems that Moscow ignored that for at least eight years the inhabitants of Ukraine have been under massive informational anti-Russian pressure.

On the battlefield, the situation is ambiguous. There are clear successes of DPR and LPR forces, while the successes of the Russian military vary in different regions.

On February 28, DPR forces continued their offensive toward Mariupol from the northeast and east, while Russian units advanced from the west and northwest. DPR forces took control of the large settlement of Granitnoye and the nearby areas. By March 1, they had reached the urban area of Mariupol.

The DPR also conducted successful operations to the west of the Donetsk-Mariupol line in the direction of Volnovakha. The H-20 road linking Mariupol and Volnovakha is currently under direct fire from DPR forces.

From the western direction, units of the Russian grouping are within 30 kilometers from the city of Mariupol. Apparently seeking to encircle the entire Kiev forces in the region, the Russians are waiting for adjacent units to advance from Tokmak to the east and northeast.

At the same time, Russian forces encircled Kherson city, but have not entered it. No advances towards Mykolaiv have been noted. It remains unclear what caused the panic and shootings there on February 27-28. Apparently, this is either the result of some subversive actions by Russia sheer panic among the locals. A similar situation is unfolding in Odessa.

The Russians, DPR and LPR are advancing towards Sloviansk and Kramatorsk. Rocket and air strikes are being launched against Kiev forces in these regions. The level of success in blocking these settlements from the direction of the main strike is not evident.

Kharkiv remains the most difficult direction for the Russians. The grouping there is objectively insufficient to either blockade the city or to storm it. The Russian military is forbidden to strike targets within residential areas, at the same time Kiev’s units purposely position themselves in residential areas and do not hesitate to strike the outskirts of the city.

On February 28 and early on March 1, Russian units carried out successful tactical operations in the Kiev direction capturing Nizhyn. On the evening of February 28, missile strikes were launched against the Ukrainian checkpoints on the Brovarskoye Highway. Russian tanks are advancing towards the Kiev-Chernihiv highway. Some pro-Kiev forces are withdrawing from Chernihiv towards Kiev. The counter-attacks are expected.

Kiev is partially blockaded and a humanitarian corridor through Vasylkiv has been opened. The city is blockaded from the north, northwest, and from the direction of Bucha-Gostomel and Russian units are in close proximity to the urban areas.

In general, it seems that the Russian command overestimated the ability of its units to deliver crushing blows in several directions under the conditions of total superiority of the enemy in the information warfare arena and, as a result, the hostile attitude of the population in the operational area.

On the other hand, despite the limited forces of the advancing Russian troops, the Russians manage to divide their opponent’s strength in various directions, which does not allow Kiev forces to concentrate means and measures for a decisive defense or counterattack in a separate direction.

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Ghost of Kiev

These are very informative videos, you need to add them to rumble/bitchute NOT youtube, as your channel has already been removed there for not conforming to the narrative….

Karl Wolfe

If I was Russia and facing Partisan actions against soldiers, I’d take out the power stations. I’d give one warning first if it doesn’t stop. Broadcast it. The population is fighting you no matter what, you cannot convince them otherwise. Shutting off the power would make it easier for nighttime enemy locations and locating partisan gatherings by satellite.


That would be a war crime. That is what NATO did in Serbia, with graphite bombs.

Lesco Brandon

And of course Nato commanders were held responsible and tried for their actions, right?


The Russians have to turn the people against the extremists in the Ukrainian military. That is why they are not going full out. This is intentional. Once the anti Russian hysteria blows over, the people of Ukraine will start turning on them. The Ukrainian military has been infiltrated by benevolent Russian forces who will covertly help turn the people towards neutrality. Also, many foreigners are joining the Ukrainian forces which will actually dilute their command and control ability. Russians are accomplishing what is necessary to achieve the desired result. What is that desired result? The formation of a European Military peace force. Although we don’t see it yet, we do see the beginning stages of it. The Europeans, and Ukraine will accomplish this without even realizing that it was the intentional and desired outcome. Remember, the Russian operation is PEACE ENFORCEMENT.

I seem to be the only one that can see this. Too many people are focusing on taking sides, thinking in black and white.

Col. 'Sandy' Volestrangler

I think Russia has gone after hostile broadcasting facilities but left power, water and other essentials alone.


New Series: Ukraine War Diaries

Karl Wolfe

For EIGHT LONG YEARS Russia has tried to stop the terrorism against Russian speakers: don’t waste time playing kind with vicious racist Nazis: they only understand force. There is no compromise whatsoever with outright murderers. They have killed entire families and children and they zero remorse. Repay their actions in full, so they won’t forget who began this. Murdering liars running the Ukraine government.


Yes, but this war is not really about this. This yes, but more important things. Like Ukrainian new strategy of defence from 2020, Ukrainian plans to join NATO, Ukrainian plans to get or create nuclear weapons. The fact that USA installed Dark Eagle hypersonic missile system in Poland…

Hungary Guy

US is still testing hypersonics with 60- 40% succes.


US hypersonic missiles will be ready in 2433.


Only if they resurrect von Braun to help them again 🙂

Bigg Chungus

An Aerospace Engineering professor at my university was once asked why America isn’t building jets like the F-15/F-14/F-16 anymore, or why America isn’t building space stations or visiting planets. Without missing a beat, he replied:

“All the old Nazis died.”


The first prototype battery, 4 launchers with 2 missiles each, have been tested a bit in the USA, but are now quickly transported to Germany (not Poland, my mistake).

A Fellow

“Repay their actions in full”

So basically, kill the families and children of paramilitary personnel. Alright, just be sure to drop that criticism of the paramilitaries if Russia or the Donbass forces stoop to that level. No such thing as a retaliatory war crime.

the end

All people captured in Mauripol with no proof of Ukrainian citizenship are destined for Norilsk mining complex for free labor.


It’s best to fight Nazis with Nazis. That is why we send Wagner to ukraiine


One main area of failure by the Russian PR machine was the build up. The focus should have been the nazis from the get go. Not Nato expansion. Nazis strike a nerve with western populations. Sadly, this was announced later and after the invasion, making the western media play the Russian conspiracy card. Like Nato, Russia and its allies should have replied “we stand against nazism and urge Ukraine to disarm these groups”. This should have been coming out of Russian, Chinese, Iranian, Syrian, Cuban, Venezuelan and even North Korean foreign secretaries lips over and over again to world media weeks before the invasion. These countries need to have a coordinated media center like NATO does

Hungary Guy

In Western CIA Media wouldn’t have made any difference. Just like 8 years of constant, thorough, clear explanation over- and- over, again. West only understands Force. That’s why they are now doing the squat while barking. Russia should cut off Oil & Gas to them just for a couple days to exert some extra pressure.

Last edited 1 year ago by Hungary Guy

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what Russia said, Western MSM would ignore it anyway. Just as they ignore ukrainian ballistic missiles indiscriminately targeting Donetsk. They are not even “western”- they are Anglo-American media; European media just repeat and imitate CNN, BBC etc, and they all repeat Reuters and AP news. All of them are fully under control. No other opinion is allowed any more, everything is censored and banned. Even internet is controlled more than ever.


Bro. It’s futile to appeal to the western masses. They will only find out when the ordinary Ukrainian citizens Turn on the extremists, which they will. The fact they handed out weapons to random people shows they are clueless about this. All Russia has to do is encircle and siege, time will do the rest. Once division is prevalent in Ukrainian ground level forces and citizenry, there will be a manifestation of a more neutral concensus. These nazis will oppress Ukrainian citizens to stay in control. That is what desperation causes.


We shouldn’t care what the imperialist media says.


The Ukrainian Nazis have been rehabilliated in the west by equating communism with Nazism. Ukrainian Nazis weren’t that bad, don’t you know. Anti-partisan operations in Belarus conducted by the SS were basically very peaceful interactions. Lots of hugging.

Brockland A.T.

Informative video and article.

Losing the information war is not the problem though; failure to perceive the extent ad nature of the NATO trap is. Anti-Russian militias gain legitimacy by surviving and thrive by looking strong. Regardless of the propaganda the people will follow strength.

There was no plan to take out the neo-Nazi and Islamic PMU arms caches using air power; shock and awe. There was no plan to seed pro-Russia Ukrainian PMUs.

Meanwhile Kiev continues one step ahead in hybrid war PMU race, moving to raise an anti-Russian ‘International Battalion’.

The NATO Ukraine battle plan incorporates the best lessons of wars past. The International Brigades of the Spanish Civil War meet late WWII Nazi Werwolf and both are introduced to the Mujahedeen. That last group won their wars.

Neo-Nazi militias may have been incorporated into the official military on paper, but retained independent command and logistics embedded into the civilian population separate from the formal UAF.

The presence of ex-IS militiamen and leaders in Kiev, and the incorporation of Islamic Dzhokhar Dudayev battalion into Ukraine’s interior ministry, are known history. Dead giveaways that, any war fought against them was not going to be a European-styled conflict.

Ukraine is far more like the Syrian IS campaign, minus a friendly Syrian government.


Are you high? What does a clown car full of retards have to do with the international brigades in Spain? Nazi Werewolf operations won their war? NATO has no battle plan. What “european-styled conflict” are you talking about? The Russians have fought in Chechnya, Dagestan, Syria, etc. Give your head a shake, little girl.


Putin should never ever trust the West.

Here you go, Zelenskyy allowed terrorists and criminals to fight for him on NATO and US funding.


I am surprised why Russia doesn’t use drones. Russia can get thousands of drones from China. Drones can save the lives of soldiers.


Russia is a backward land, sadly. We only have reconnaissance drones

Last edited 1 year ago by Yuri

Yeah and get shot down by the thousands. Drones work in N-K, Syria and Somalia


This is like UA propaganda now. Russia suffered total defeat. How is that possible, they prepared for months. Total dilettantism?


so i watch this because i want to have wide informations. both sides have heavy loses, Rusian has problem with locals and it’s not propaganda efect. they teaste western world and they don’t want to go east again. and stop using liberated because you taking control.

i like more Rusian then Ukrainian and i don’t understand why you figting and killing each others. because of propaganda and imagination of Putin. it make me sick


UKRAINE = Another War lost by the Central Imbecilegence Agency….. Miscalculated the power of Russia once again !! Very soon the west will wish to have access to Russian wheat and crude….. Tell them to go beg to Langley, Virginia.

Last edited 1 year ago by opereta
Joseph Glynn

One major US objective, for several decades, has been to “isolate and alienate Russia”. Anglo-American media, through endless repetition of lies and allegations, has largely succeeded in that. The Russian operations ongoing in Ukraine were provoked by the sustained attack on the ethnic-Russian Ukrainian population in the Donbass and elsewhere in Ukraine. The Ukraine governments since the Maidan coup used these people as hostages and sought to implement ‘ethnic cleansing’ to appease US strategists and their NATO ‘brothers-in-arms’. Russia appears to me to have miscalculated, and erred in sending troops and military hardware into the whole territory of Ukraine including Kiev. There was constant provocation and taunting of Russia to prompt an angry reaction. The EU member states are contemptible hypocrites, always supportive of US hegemony. Germany was, I believe, willing and eager to trade with Russia on fair terms but the US sanctioned and obstructed such trade undermining both Europe’s and Russia’s legitimate interests. The EU rallied in support of US interests, not those of Germany! (Contemptible and stupid!) Germany should stop bank-rolling the EU.

A temporary ceasefire and Russian military withdrawal from Ukraine, subject to certain guarantees, might allow breathing space and help to prevent the continuing escalation of Ukraine’s long-running and unresolved civil war.


No ceasefires. We know how they worked in Syria: they only allow terrorists to regroup, entrench more and bring reinforcements. Ceasefire would be the worst possible option, and why would Russians withdraw now and then have to do it all over again? They have to finish the job now, end the war by winning the war. Just destroy all remaining operational capabilities of UAF, let them hide in civilian buildings, it’s not necessary to take every city. At this point that’s the only logical course of action for Russia.


Ain’t no ceasefire my guy, unless of course Ukraine disarms and de-nazifies.


The Russians have not miscalculated. The desired outcome for the US empire is the elimination of an independent Russian state. Failing that, continued destabilization in Russia’s border regions will prevent economic integration outside of US control. There is no civil war in the Ukraine. Ultranationalists failing to ethnically cleanse Donbas is not a civil war. Russia should blockade Kiev, and demand the surrender of the regime. Following that they should impose complete demilitarization, meaning elimination of all weapons systems on territory of the Ukraine. But by no means should they withdraw prior to the elimination of the regime and it’s military forces. That would be absurd, and put the NATO criminals in the driver’s seat of the Ukraine disaster again.


Go Russia

Lesco Brandon

Need an update on the encirclement of Kiev


> the hostile attitude of the population in the operational area What does this mean, concretely? They keep referring to that aspect of warfare as if it is really important but I really don’t see or imagine the “discontented civilians” being much of a factor in this war. The worst I’ve seen so far was a car throwing a molotov cocktail at a truck with no consequences…

Does anyone know what they mean by that?


We kill civiliians because dead Ukraiinians canot become Nazis. Its easy to understand!


We won’t take Kiev but at least we destroyied an lot of infrastructura and the Ukraniians love us because we chasing Nazis!


Kiev in Russian hands by the end of the week.


Take out Google and Sky News satellites and warn IT and Media companies that if they choose to facilitate terrorism there will be consequences

Alexander Pushkin

Get rid of this comment system and use Disqus. It’ll liven things up and bring the Breitbart commenters over to say random things.


Hey all you brainwashed propaganda loving dumbfucks! Another day of inept planning and coordination by the Russian Army.

Fuck SouthFront Fuck Putin


If the first casualty of war is the truth, then the first combatants are the Media and IT entities. The time has come to hold these purveyors of terrorism to account by targeting their satellites and infrastructure. Israel and the US have always eliminated journalists as the Ghost of Kiev so eloquently put it for “not conforming to the narrative”

communist roach

LOL well it appears SF has turned into the MSM, making up horseshit storys with no proof .. speaking of chaos like libya yet your dads putins kids are lootin shops because they had 3 day ration packs to get them through this “peace keeping operation”

Also southfront claims independant media yet you guys shill for putin hard… anyone with a brain would see you are just a bunch of marxist dogs.


Information victory? They don’t translate to anything on the ground, and can be dispelled very quickly.

SouthFront’s information is about 3 days behind on the ground realities..


Due to the exhausted credibility of western media and insane censorship, I am forced to watch only their media. Every single person I know doesn’t trust western media not a dine, and since the only information we get are theirs, we believe the opposite of their reports, posts, and articles. And remember one thing people of Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Serbia, Bosnia, Afghanistan and every other country that tasted USA democracy, PEOPLE OF US DON’T BELIEVE IN THIS CRAP OUR MSM ARE THROWING ON US. Please don’t ever forget that. At least you have a chance to defend from the US government and the deep state. We, ordinary people of the US, are in this hell also, and we don’t even have a chance defending our free speech, or our family values. We cant even defend our family values versus this degenerate pedophile, transgender, sex fluid sickoos. I just hope all of your brave people will win in your fight for freedom and dignity. But remmember also, people from europe are that lazy to look for real informations becouse they dont care if civilians are killed by Azov nazi (u can google Azov and see nazi flags and marks). Fashism and Nacism never stopped to exist in western EU, you can ask every single immigrant from all around the world (from Doctors, engineers, ITs, to simple labor workers). It is time that someone strong enough finally stands in defense of normal, family values. We in US knew it will be Russia, one way or another. We are really sorry for all the dead and injured in this process, but you gave us a glimpse of hope that this CAN BE CHANGED. Unite and endure this fight, cause if you win our fronts, we in the US will fight next. GLORY TO FREEDOM, GLORY TO FAMILY

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