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Battle With ISIS Cells In Daraa’s Jasim Claimed Lives Of Four Syrian Intelligence Officers (Video, Photos)

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Battle With ISIS Cells In Daraa's Jasim Claimed Lives Of Four Syrian Intelligence Officers (Video, Photos)

Illustrative image.

On March 15, a battle broke out in Jasim in the western countryside of Syria’s Daraa when a force of the General Intelligence Directorate (GID) stormed the town to arrest a number of gunmen who are wanted for cooperating with ISIS and carrying out terrorist attacks.

The gunmen resisted arrest and targeted the GID force with assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades. Intelligence officers fired back. However, they were ultimately forced out from the town by the gunmen.

During the clashes, the gunmen damaged two truck-mounted machine guns and an armored vehicle of the GID. Five intelligence officers were also captured by the gunmen.

The battle in Jasim claimed the lives of five people, four of whom were officers of the GID. Pro-government activists identified the casualties as Jaafar Hassan, Saleh al-Ahmad, Ahmed Nabnab and Abdel-Qader Salama. The fifth casualty, obaida al-Sahw, was likely a gunman.

After the battle, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) deployed a large, heavily-armed force around Jasim, de-facto besieging the town.

The gunmen in Jasim released the five captives and returned the damaged trucks to the GID a day later under an initial agreement that was brokered by the SAA’s 8th Brigade, a Russian-backed unit that is dedicated for former rebels in Daraa. The army warned that it will storm the town with full force if the gunmen don’t fulfill to its demands.

The situation in Jasim remains tense. The wanted gunmen are still holding up in the town. Syrian authorities will not likely back down before arresting the gunmen. If peaceful efforts fail, the SAA will likely use brute force to neutralize the gunmen and their supporters.

The battle in Jasim reflect the fragile security situation in Daraa. Syrian authorities are yet to impose full control over the governorate.


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Daraa was never fully pacified. Rebels, bandits and terrorists were reconciliated and reintegrated. But as we can see that solved nothing.

jens holm

The main bandits are Assads, hesbollah and Iran kindly assisted by Putin.


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jens holm

Leaders like that should be shot after a trial period. In Syria it might have saved 400.000. Half of hebollah men also would have more then one leg.

He has given Afrin as well as Azas and much more to it to Turks. His father only gave away Golan. Now the Syrian Jews are compensated by that.

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

Who are these bandits?

jens holm

They are a kind of FSA leftovers and parts of the Druse. They just dont want Assads no matter they has lost the military part.

You should see them as village tribers or a kind of small warlords. As usual people like them too support themself teloling religion is important. But the sekular part is.

A part is very criminel, but it partly can be explainded by desperate needs. You has to have a lot of money to any kind of vitals almost no matter what.

So a part of it is they are kept as low inliving standards as any can. Assads has no help for them at all and also has priorities.

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Its suicide to storm any of those kind. 5 died.

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Hardly none want Assads there.

jens holm

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