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Battle Of Sirte

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Battle Of Sirte

The Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) and Syrian militant groups with a direct support from Turkey are preparing for a new attempt to capture the port city of Sirte from the Libyan National Army (LNA).

After the first failed attempt earlier this month, Turkish-backed factions have deployed additional reinforcements to the frontline west of the city. This included artillery pieces, battle tanks and a large number of pickups equipped with weapons. LNA warplanes conducted several strikes on GNA military columns moving from Misrata in the area of Abu Qurayn. However, the existing LNA air power appeared to be not enough to stop the military buildup of Turkish-led forces. The intensity of LNA airstrikes also decreased, especially in the countryside of Tripoli, due to the Turkish efforts to set up an air defense network in the GNA-held part of coastline.

Over the past year, the Turkish military has sent a number of KORKUT self-propelled anti-aircraft guns and MIM-23 Hawk medium-range air defense systems to Libya. These systems as well as electronic warfare capabilities of the deployed Turkish military contingent played an important role in breaking of the LNA siege of Tripoli and allowed Turkish combat drones operate relatively freely in its countryside. Now, Turkey is likely seeking to employ a similar approach to besiege and seize Sirte.

The city, with the estimated population of about 128,000, is an important logistical hub and Libya’s main oil export port. In the beginning of January, the LNA led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar shut down export terminals and stopped operations of pipelines from El-Sharara and El-Feel oilfields cutting off the exports of the Tripoli-based National Oil Corporation by about 92%. Then, the LNA said that the GNA used the revenues obtained thanks to oil export to pay for Turkish weapons and Turkey-deployed mercenaries. This move demonstrated the determination of the LNA and the democratically-elected House of Representatives based in Torbuk to push forward their project of the united Libya regardless possible decrease of financial revenues from oil business.

Now, Ankara and its partners in Tripoli are eager to capture Sirte and restart a full-scale oil export under their direct control. If Turkish-led forces achieve this goal, Ankara will get an access to an additional source of revenue to compensate, at least partly, its expenditures for the Libyan intervention.

For the LNA leadership, the possible withdrawal from Sirte will mark the full collapse of its plan to unite Libya under a single administration. So, Haftar forces are also preparing for the battle.

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Jamal Utr.

Good seeing my Turkish muslim brothers taking care of a muslim country who is otherwise going to be completely destroyed by europeans and russians out of sheer hate

Brother Ma


cechas vodobenikov

fascist turkey imperialism—bird brains—a nation of beggars and thieves…as their country is mired in racist oppression of Kurds, they now export their fundamentalist racism to Arab nations—even Egypt rejected the Morsi fundamentalism—soon they will withdraw in humiliation

Constellation 2023

You sure have no idea about Turks and their character. I suggest you do some reading of history to get rid of some of your ignorance.

Rhodium 10

Turkey is a NATO member…have been useful to destroy Yugoslavia ( Uprising Muslim Umma of Kosovo,Bosnia,Macedonia beside Albania)..useful to desestabilize Russian Caucasus, Crimea Tatars and central Asia among others parts of muslim Etnic turquic population!..useful to support terrorist in Syria and Libya to boost petrodollar currency, take control of oil fields and expel Russians!…Erdogan have free hands because he knows that Putin like others Russian presidents is just a business manager of the Oligarchy ( included the etnic Turquic of Daguestan, Tatarstan,Barkoshkostan..among others)…but to make profitable business with NATO Ottomans is a poison gift as it leads the lost of Russian military deterrence and the discredit of Russian armed forces and weapons system!


Notorios gay’s and pedophiles, openly during the ottoman period and even notorios unreliable during their history. Actually they do not exist only in the imagination: the are a-mix of everything even jews as dna test proved likewise as history proved.


Turkey does not have a history.

It has a criminal record.


So why not calling the same for Europian history? -Butchering thousands of pagans in the name of Rome. -Butchering millions of fellow Europians in the name of God. -Enslaving and killing millions of natives and exploit their lands. – Wiping out an entire nation (North American Indians), stealing their land and founding the US. -Exporting slaves to force them to work in cotton fields as if they are product. -Causing 2 greatest war world has ever seen. -Yet today, provoking nations against each other for oild and arms sales.

World history is full of war and blood, there is no right or wrong side.

Al Balog

Erdogan, another US puppet.



Correction to SF : Sirt is NOT “Libya’s main oil export port”. In fact it has no tanker terminals or storage facilities. The export terminals serving the Sirt Basin (oil crescent) fields are further east, i.e. as-Sidrah, Ras Lanuf, al-Braygah, az-Zuweitina and al-Hariga (Tubruq). The largest producer fields for NOC are Shararah and al-Feel in the southwest Murzuq Basin which feed into Zawia terminal and refinery on the coast west of Tripoli and these remain under NOC control. Sirt city is of no consequence for oil exports whatsoever – it has a symbolic value only. See map attached. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/15e2e7667bf3f800a1e16489f28ace7398b6fbfaad87648ca9314282a9123f62.jpg

Constellation 2023

“The democratically-elected House of Representatives based in Torbuk” Really? Have you forgotten that putschist and dictator Hafar is a rebel and his LNA is not recognised by the United Nations? Of course you haven’t forgotten. You just like to twist it to lend them some legitimacy. It’s not going to work.


Haftar is not yet recognised! But more and more countries are working with him and changing mind.

V. Mecki

…and to be recognised by the United Nations is something like a quality proof? https://media0.giphy.com/media/12f3QqWF0LOd8Y/giphy-downsized-medium.gif


LNA, Russia, Egypt, don’t you get it yet; every time there is a truce, Turkey builds up its attack power, brings in massive weapons and prepares to take you by surprise. ships with weapons, warships and jets are now ready to take Sirte. Never believe Erdogan! he will cheat on you always! How can you be so masochistic?

M.A. Lamett

The Turks are challenging imperialist expansionism similar to Iran. Putin in the hands of capitalist, western connected oligarchy who just follows orders. I would trust the Turks more than Russia at this moment. If Turkey gets Sirte the oil revenues will pay off the military expenses. With Libya’s internationally recognized GNA recapturing the land stolen by western imperial puppet Haftar, the agreement of med sea economic zone will stay and Turkey will have a very strong hand and legal status for the oil and gas exploration in eastern Mediterranean. This will be crucial for the future of Turkish economy and might. With oil and gas exploits from Libya and Med sea, Turkey is destined to be a major and rich power with a strong economy and military in the 21st century.

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