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Battle Of Nagorno-Karabakh

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Arman Melkonyan

Turks killing Armenians and the world including America, Russia and Europe applauding them.

Business as usual.

John Brown

Armenians killing themselves and the world including America, Russia and Europe applauding them.

Everybody knew that once Pashinyan came to power in a Soros coup and
expressed his wish to Join EU and promoted anti Russian politics ( close
of Russian schools banned Russian lenguage TV and radio
channels)..etc.. the days of NK were done!

Azer saw their chance made a silk road railway deal with Russia and Iran and got the green light from Russia.

Armenia’s leaders have betrayed Russia their only backer and protector who helped them win the first NK war and kept Azer from attacking for 30 years.

Armenians betray their only protector for Soros and Satan. They are getting their payoff as the wage of Satan is death.

Armenians leaders really are foul scum who have sold their souls to Satan well
and truly, and he will soon be collecting, after God has unleashed His
vengeance on the evil backstabbing repeat-betrayers of the world’s first
Christian nation.

Under Soros coup leaders rule, Armenia has become a satanic nation not a Christian nation.

Arman Melkonyan

Who gives a shit who Pashinyan is and all the nonsense he may be involved in with the Freemasonic Soros types and their orange revolutions? I don’t like him myself. He doesn’t look like a righteous man to me.

What matters is the ARMENIAN PEOPLE and what is being done to them, which is genocide. Again.

And the whole wide world, first and foremost the great powers of America, Russia and Europe are COMPLICIT and co-perpetrators in the genocide of the first Christian nation of the world, the Armenians.

I curse you all, including the Greeks and the French, for not fighting the Turks and putting them in their rightful place which is Hell.

You all deserve to be raped and butchered by the Turks like the they are doing it to the Armenians.

You morons,

I’m not asking you to help the Armenians.

I’m telling you you can all go to hell.

May the Universe’s revenge on you all be commensurate with your endless perfidy.

John Brown

No one other the Armenians can stop Armenians from destroying themselves.

You and it appears most Armenians are not able to understand this so most likely Armenia will soon cease to exist as a nation state.

The stalemate in the Armenian government is becoming a problem for society

Recent events have also revealed Armenia’s “core potential.” It
turned out that this state exists only at the expense of foreign support and

Until September 27, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was able to prevent protests due to the threat of coronavirus. For this purpose, the state of emergency was illegally extended, even up to 5 months.

Until January 2021, quarantine was applied to the state of emergency.

However, this situation does not save him from many problems. Opposition groups called for Nicole’s resignation before the end of the fighting. One of them, Artur Vanesyan, former director of the National Security Service of Armenia and
chairman of the Vatan party, said that the situation in the country was difficult and that various political forces needed to consult. He also stressed that at that time Armenia was on the brink of collapse.

Nicole Pashinyan tried to avoid many problems by starting a war against Azerbaijan.

However, the fighting aggravated the situation of Armenia, which was in a state of abyss.

Armenia’s first prime minister, second defense minister and current chairman of the National Democratic Union Party, Vazgen Manukyan, has called on the government to resign. He called the current situation in Armenia “shameful.”

Vazgen Manukyan was born on February 13, 1946 in the city of Leninakan,
Armenia. He was the head of the Armenian government from August 13, 1990 to November 22, 1991. From October 20, 1991 to August 21, 1993 he served as Minister of Defense.

The events proved that in the last 29 years, no political force that can provide society in Armenia has come to power. The most optimal of them was Levon Ter-Petrosyan. He was also forced to resign. He was president when the Khojaly genocide was committed. From this point of view, a person who can establish normal relations with Azerbaijan in Armenia has not yet come to power. Robert Kocharyan and Serzh Sargsyan are the authors of the Khojaly genocide. Both of their hands are drenched in the blood of their nation.

Kocharyan was president and Serzh Sargsyan was head of the security service when a terrorist attack took place in the Armenian parliament on October 27, 1999.

In other words, in Armenia, as a rule, criminal elements are brought to power. Or Sargsyan and Kocharyan were promoted to the presidency in Armenia as a reward for dipping their hands in the blood of Azerbaijanis.

Incumbent Armenian President Armen Sargsyan and Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan did not lag behind their predecessors. After coming to power, this political force tried to expand its aggression against Azerbaijan. In July 2020, the
Azerbaijani army put Armenia in place, violating the state border.

Unsuccessful in this defeat, Nicole’s government launched military operations in occupied Karabakh in September. The activities of the Armenian government and the Armenians in this direction are material, moral, military, strategic and so on. bankruptcy in areas.

By declaring martial law in the country, Nicole Pashinyan uses the war party to silence her rivals. Any political force now protesting will be considered a partner in Nicole’s defeat. Or Pashinyan will declare the force a “scapegoat.” They will come to the conclusion that the Armenian army “allegedly achieved a short-lived success in the battle, which was hindered by this political force.”

However, the resignation of Nicole’s government in order to avoid a more tragic situation would be the most appropriate event. Allegedly, before the war, did the Armenian government solve any problem of the society, albeit incompletely?
Of course not. It is not management to simply intimidate society by threatening people with a lawsuit. Nicole divided Armenian society. This fragmented society cannot succeed.

In recent days, the government has been “cleaning” the National Security Service. It seems that this service is the cause of failures in Armenia.

On October 8, Armenian President Armen Sargsyan dismissed Argishti Karamyan from the post of director of the National Security Service.

It should be noted that after the change of government in 2018, there are frequent personnel changes in the leadership of the National Security Service. Artur Vanesyan worked as the director of the service from May 10, 2018 to September 16, 2019. Former deputy Eduard Martirosyan became acting director of the National Security Service after the resignation of Arthur Vanesyan on September 19 last year. He was appointed to this post on March 19 this year. In early June, Martirosyan was fired.

He was replaced by 29-year-old Argishti Karamyan.

It should be noted that Vanesyan is also suspected of being a spy for a foreign country.

On October 26, Vaginak Sargsyan, Commander of the Border Troops of the National Security Service of Armenia, was relieved of his post. Today, it was reported that the head of the Counter-Intelligence Department of the National Security
Service of Armenia (NSS), Major General Ohanes Karumyan, was fired.

It turns out that the situation in the Armenian state security agency, which is a source of danger in the region, is deplorable.

This is also an indicator of the state of the country’s power structure. The condition of the Armenian army is not better than that of the security service. As a result of the counter-offensive operation of the Azerbaijani armed forces,
this army was further reduced.

By the way, Nicole Pashinyan admitted that her soldiers fled the battlefield in Karabakh: “Of course, they do not distribute pilaf in the war, the war creates chaos. But everyone should know that those who run away from the battlefield
should be punished and no acquittal is accepted. Pashinyan stressed that this is a fateful moment and none of the Armenians should hope that they will be helped.

It should be noted that in recent days, videos reflecting the dissatisfaction and desertion of the Armenian military have been spread on social networks. The video footage of the problem of meeting the food and other needs of the
Armenian military in the occupied Karabakh region of Azerbaijan has caused a scandal.

Police said the unit’s commanders fled the area and left the soldiers to their fate. According to the report, the servicemen left the area without a commander.

The Armenian government is trying to rectify the situation thanks to the Armenian clan in Karabakh. A few days ago, former separatist leaders Arjkadi Gukasyan and Bako Sahakyan visited Yerevan. They met with former Armenian
presidents and Nicole Pashinyan. It can be assumed that the Armenian leaders are looking for a reason or excuse to convey the defeat to the public.
Therefore, they discuss the situation together. However, currently there are no leaders or leaders of the Armenian community of Karabakh. Because all of them are criminals who support the separatist and the occupier. All of them are
criminals violating Azerbaijani laws. These criminals have lost the right to lead the Armenian community, which is a citizen of Azerbaijan.

According to the appeal of the head of the separatists, the Armenians can no longer fight. According to the Yerevan-based Graparak newspaper, Araik Harutyunyan, the leader of the separatists in the occupied Karabakh region of
Azerbaijan, also called on Armenia to suspend military operations. It was stated that Harutyunyan’s appeal “sprinkled cold water on those who tell military patriotic tales” in Armenia. According to the article, the separatist leader called for accepting the reality. On October 23, Araik appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin for help in enforcing the
ceasefire. The author claims that Harutyunyan, whose case is difficult, asks for help from the Russian president: “But in peacetime, he appointed Masis Mailyan and Samvel Babayan, whom Russia declared” persona non grata “(” undesirable person “). His appeal to the Russian president
is contradictory.

The author of the article wrote that Araik sent a similar letter to the Prime Minister of Armenia Nicole Pashkina. He asked Pashinyan to accept the reality, reach an urgent ceasefire and sit at the negotiating table. However, official Yerevan did not disclose the letter.

Thus, the government in Armenia is becoming more and more deadlocked. He can only get out of this situation by raising his hands. In other words, as long as Armenia’s political power remains in this state, it becomes a source of stench
for society. It will take a long time to wash away his crimes…

Arman Melkonyan

Even the Turks themselves admit Armenians had no reason to attack Azerbaijan, so you’re lying about who attacked who.

For the rest, I don’t know of a single politician anywhere on this sorry planet who is not an utter piece of shit, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, and the US included.

As for you,

Who are affiliated with FSB=Mossad=CIA etc.

You can go to hell.

John Brown

Armenians appear to be the ones going to hell and their corrupt evii leaders are taking them there for their false god George Soros.

So either they get off their assess and do something to kick out who they have or hell it will be. Its not up to Putin or anyone else to decide who leads Armenians where. Its up to Armenians.

So why don’t you go to Yerevan and do something about it if you are so unhappy?

Arman Melkonyan

Because I have no reason to do so.

Why don’t you go fight for Azerbaijan?

They are paying in dollars.

John Brown

Maybe every single Armenian should apply to be a refugee in the USA


So… everyone is guilty except Armenia?

Arman Melkonyan

In this case, yes.


Who cares the people who cannot take responsibility for their actions…

Arman Melkonyan

Learn English before attempting to troll.


Troll? As far as I remember, I am not the one who is spamming paragraphs.

Arman Melkonyan

“Spamming paragraphs” is not English, you moron.

John Brown

Armenians made their own troubles. They had Russian support, got NK with massive Russian help, kept it because of Russia, then Armenia went maximum ant Russia. They returned Russian kindness with hate.

Armenians appear to be the ones going to hell and their corrupt evil leaders are taking them there for their false god George Soros.

Armenai’s leaders have not even applied for NK to be included in the CSTO treaty themselves.

So either Armenians get off their assess and do something to kick out who they have or hell it will be. Its not up to Putin or anyone else to decide who leads Armenians where. Its up to Armenians.

So why don’t you go to Yerevan and do something about it if you are so unhappy? Or you can prey to your new god George Soros who has replaced Jesus in Armenia.

James Adams

Glory to Armenia !!!

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