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Battle For Yemen’s al-Hudaydah On June 25, 2018 (Maps, Video)

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Battle For Yemen’s al-Hudaydah On June 25, 2018 (Maps, Video)

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An advance of the Saudi-UAE coalition and its proxies appears to be not so successful as the Saudi-UAE media has been promising since the start of the operation on June 13.

By June 25, the coalition’s forces had not been able to capture the al-Hudaydah airport and had not been able to outflank the port city of al-Hudaydah from the eastern direction.

The Houthis had repelled all the Saudi-UAE-led attacks inflicting significant casualties casualties to the attackers. Furthermore, the Yemeni movement had carried out a series of operations in the area south of al-Hudaydah attacking supply lines of the coalition’s striking force involved in the battle for al-Hudaydah.

The areas of Nakhila, al-Jah, Mashikhi, Majiles and al-Faza de-facto remain contested and the coalition is not able to send supplies to its proxies near al-Hudaydah.

This put the coalition in a complicated situation. If the Houthis find resources to isolate the coalition’s group near al-Hudaydah further and to elminiate it, the Saudi-UAE-backed advance on the port city will end as a total failure.

Battle For Yemen’s al-Hudaydah On June 25, 2018 (Maps, Video)

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Richard M

Map colors are wrong. Houthis should be Red, not the Wahhabistani puppet Orcs! Wahhabistani Orcs deserve to be marked with their ideological brethren Daesh or Qaida’s colors.


Richard! You are great and truly supporter of innocent people

Richard M

Thanks, MH! I do my best.


Richard M, very good job. You’re one of the few people on Southfront that I usually agree with AND are you are not retarded or delusional.

You are opinionated, but at the same time a pragmatist and a realist.

Richard M

Thanks, Hamster! I really enjoyed you destroying that troll, “Mountains” recently. Your posts often have sharp barbs and subtle humor, I agree with the vast majority of them.


I think black colour very suit them.


how the french will hide their casualties KIA/WIA from this despicable war ? french will pretend they took casualties in Mali ?



Kell McBanned

Top shelf, hold the city, cut the invasion force off, starve it, surround it, then force its surrender on live TV.


Hahahahaha wrote about this the last couple of days…..mercenaries against native free men… when a mercenary looses his life, he looses the joy of life…..when a houthi defending his home country against brutal invading forces that bomb,starve,kill and torture his brothers and sisters he looses the pain of his life….same in vietnam…….at the beginning the saudis used western mercenaries paying them 10,000-20,000 dollars a month….then came the columbians with 3000-5000 dollars a month, now they are using sudanese nigger pricks paying them 300-500 dollars a month…lol….. afghanistan is similiar…. and as written before…if the invading pricks cant take hudaiyda(not even the airport right now)..this war is over……..they are going all in right now..which is great news for the houthis…so attack attack attack attack…go allin ..and sooner or later they are left with nada..nothing…and in the meantime the houthis are advancing in the north, that part of saudi arabia which was used to be jemen land….lol…anybody with a little bit of combat knowledge and strategy will tell u, that the strategy used by the invading forces comes close to a suicide mission,, very very similiar to the german fiasco in stalingrad when the germans went allin….that was the breaking point of world war 2 for the germans..stalingrad…and hudaiyda is saudia arabias stalingrad.


Its very nice analysis. Well done.

Hisham Saber

In military means, attacker vs. defender ratio is 3 : 1. So the Saudi coalition needs many soldiers, mercs to break through, which I don’t see as possible. On top of that, the Yemenis are defending their country and people, so they will vastly outperform mercs and Saudi, UAE, British and French troops and advisors.

The Houthis, are a threadbare, tough, ferocious in battle, hardnosed and determined people, quite similar to the Taliban. Both outgunned by leaps and bounds, dressed in beach sandals and bed-sheets, armed with ATGM, AK-47’s, and a few IED’s, are able to in effect rout, and successfully bog down far superiorly armed opponents. Both the Houthis and the Taliban also have support of the local indigenous population, which is vital for them, and fatal for their opponents.

Both Yemen and Afghanistan are perhaps the last place on earth you would want to conquer militarily. Both have desert, mountainous, rugged no mans lands that are riddled with valleys and canyons that serve as great choke points and ambush points. Making logistics and supply nearly impossible. Even Alexander the Great saw the Afghan people, and wanted no part of them, and instead went around it.

Yemen, Afghanistan and Libya are the last remaining tribal societies in the world, largely, with the Afghan Pashtun being the largest tribal society in the world, with approx. 30 million people. Spread out across Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir. The Yemenis are also a large confederation of tribes that by and large swear loyalty to the Yemenis army and Houthis. Libya is also made up of a confederation of tribes but their numbers are somewhat smaller due to Libya’s small 6 million population. But their are tribes that inhabit both parts of Libya and Egypt that are quite large and powerful. Anyways, the Saudi coalition have overestimated themselves, underestimated their opponents, and have doubled down on this fatal, self-inflicting military defeat rather than sitting down with their opponents and hashing out a deal. The arrogance is the same with the Pentagon and White House when it comes to Afghanistan.

Al-Hudabiya will hold, the Houthi’s are, and continue to be reinforced by the Yemeni tribes, Ansur Allah and the Yemeni military are being advised by the best there is, by people that have shown, and continue to show results that are crippling to the U.S., Israeli, British, French, Gulf Arab statelets. You see, just recently the military head of the Ansur Allah, Houthis, sent an assistance request to Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, head of Hezbollah, for help on teaching the houthis on rural, but mostly urban combat, should the Saudi coalition do make a breakthrough and fighting moves to the city of Al-Hudibiyah itself, if not San’aa later. Well, the Hezbollah, and the Iranian IRGC sent an advance team of 80 advisors, with more to come very soon.

Weapons are coming in, and the Iranian IRGC have already set up machine shops and factories to produce missiles, ballistic missiles and the assembly of ATGM systems that are coming from Hezbollah and the IRGC. Once these facilities go into full production mode, it will be devastating to the Saudis and other Gulf Arab lackeys whom will be on the receiving end of missiles and ballistic missiles on a daily basis. Saudis and GCC country populations are not psychologically prepared for a missile , ballistic missile bombardment, nor can their economic systems, infrastructure hold up to sustained targeting.

Same goes for the Israeli population, and military. They too are not morally nor psychologically prepared for a wide ranging war, whether it be on the ground combat, or missile, ballistic missile bombardment. The Israel’s know this. They also know that their military personnel have absolultly no skill, experience, determination and bravery that Israel’s foes have in the Syrian Arab Army, NDF, Hezbollah, IRGC , Hashd Al-Shabbi (both Iraqi and Syrian), Kataib Hezbollah (both Iraq and Syria …also Iran). All these said forces have 7 years hardcore combat experience in desert, rural, urban, combined arms experience, and comradery. All are very, very determined to get the chance to finally get their hands on Israel in a show down.

Gregory Casey

Says it all to me

Jonathan Murray

Yeh really good analysis – give us more! And none of the racist crap that potcracker spits out.


You’re wrong in the part about the Taliban. The Taliban do not have support of the local indigenous population. In fact, most of the indigenous populations in Afghanistan consider the Taliban the greatest threat to them in the country. The only group in Afghanistan that has any statistically significant support for the Taliban is the Pashtuns, and even amongst Pashtuns, the majority do not support the Taliban. Comparing Houthis to the Taliban is apples to oranges. Entirely different cultures, entirely different terrain, entirely different geopolitical goals. The Taliban are incredibly hard to root out, as they are native to Afghanistan, but to say that they have “broad support” from the indigenous population is incredibly disingenuous.


Taliban are the resistance and are in line with average Pashtun values, so for you to dismiss them as mere thugs like ISIS, if absolutely foolish. The proof in the pudding is the fact that the Taliban have been not only fighting but also gaining territory, you can’t do that as rebel group without support or consent from the people themselves. Especially since its been 17 years and there is no sign of them being defeated or them going away, the Taliban for all their Islamic conservatism, are part of the Pashtun majority, as that is part and parcel of the culture.


No, you are factually wrong. The Taliban form just enough of a substantial section of the Pashtun population to be able to sustain a prolonged insurgency, but this does not mean they have popular support. You are absolutely and unequivocally wrong to assert that one needs “popular” support within a population to sustain an insurgency or to make inroads on the battlefield. Popular support is a great asset, but it is not absolutely necessary to sustain a prolonged insurgency. There are numerous other factors at play besides the degree of local support. For example, the degree of the intensity of the support for a certain geopolitical cause, even if closely held by only a minority of a population is often enough for a minority group to subjugate a much larger population absent a collusion of factors working against them. Also, courage and desire to fight or to put one’s self in harms way are another major factor. Conservative religious fanatics tend to have this particular factor on their side when faced with an opposition that has a greater reverence for their own life, safety, and well being. A large part of the reason ISIS was able to take over nearly a third of Iraq was these 2 factors (as well as the availability of American weaponry that they acquired in the process).

You can have as little as 10% of a population supporting you while intimidating the rest of the 90% to enough of a degree and that would be enough to have an effective and sustained on the ground presence, particularly in an exceptionally rugged, tribalist, isolated, remote and undeveloped country like Afghanistan. Go familiarize yourself in depth with the history of the past 2 centuries in Afghanistan and you will quickly realize that while yes, conservatism is evident, the type of Talibanization of society that we have seen since the 1980s is not “part and parcel” Pashtun culture. Most Pashtuns would be offended that you would ignorantly malign them in such a way.


your a racist fckn pig talking of a brown nation under attack by white gov proxy forces and insulting the black folk many left africa to go to yemen even tho yemen is under attack not to fight i might add

S Melanson

Operation Golden ‘Victory’ became Operation Golden Showers. Now it is to be renamed Operation Stalingrad.

Field Marshall Paulus, leading the cut off and surrounded coalition forces, phones the Saudi geniuses in Riyadh to ask ‘Are you sure you can supply us from the air?’

Richard M

Ha. I love it! Soon, Paulus will be calling OKW (Oberkommando der Wahhabistan) to ask permission to surrender! :D

S Melanson

Probably already did and I bet it went something like this:

Paulus: uhhhmmm, the Air Force seems too busy bombing the liberated airport to airdrop supplies , remember…

General Getting Hammered Al-Runaway: Oh, did we promise that?

Paulus: pause… YES!

General Getting Hammered Al-Runaway: Well don’t blame me, I am new here. Been supreme commander only 4 months. Ok here is a solution. Simply storm the airport and seize all the ordinance our brave pilots airdropped on the airport.

Paulus: ??? You airdropped bombs in enemy territory, we need fuel, food, ammunition and diapers.

General Getting Hammered Al-Runaway: Confused silence… then finally speaks in a meek voice ‘you mean you cannot liberate the airport?’

Paulus: Can I surrender?

General Getting Hammered Al-Runaway: Surrender? Then in an excited voice ‘You think it is the best strategy for taking back the airport.’

Paulus: Yes. The Houthis will not be expecting such a strategy and so will be caught off guard. It will be absolutely devastating [for the coalition] and as a gesture of my deep appreciation of your glorious and inspirational leadership, I insist you tell the media that this unique strategy approach was your idea. You will become a household name!

General Getting Hammered Al-Runaway: Excited voice ‘oh thank you, thank you. And as I am generous to, you can ride with me in my gold jewel encrusted chariot as we ride triumphantly into the liberated airport – but only I wear the laurel leaf and purple toga.

Paulus: May I suggest for your grand triumphus entrance, you hold in your right hand one of your Magic Barbie Dolls.

General Getting Hammered Al-Runaway: You think that is a good idea?

Paulus: of course.

Richard M


S Melanson

I remember Hogan’s Heroes, loved the show. Great pic – Colonel Klinck needs to do a few more lines of coke. The Germans were always outwitted by the prisoners and allies. Of course the Germans were not that inept in reality, but as for Saudi leadership at Stalag 13 HQ in Riyadh, perfect!


Technically both sides have the firepower to end this battle today, but neither side has the cohesion to make an effective charge.


Shut the fuck up Saudi shitstain.


Houthis are swarming the invaders like wasps and are correctly moving against the invading force, whereas the so called coalition is really in danger of being totally cut off and destroyed at any minute, simply because they were either too stupid or too lazy of going about the task of securing the outer most flanks first so they put themselves almost literally between a rock and a rock…

Next few days/weeks will be very interesting indeed.

Jeth Roderet

The Yemeni people’s victory is inevitable — they will never surrender to the barbaric Saudi/UAE invaders.

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