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JULY 2022

Battle For Tripoli Airport 2.0

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Battle For Tripoli Airport 2.0

A new round of intense fighting has broken out between the Libyan National Army (LNA) and Turkish-backed forces near Tripoli.

During the past few days, fighters from the Government of National Accord (GNA) and Syrian militants supported by the Turkish military carried out several attacks on Tripoli’s Airport attempting to capture it from the LNA. At one point, Turkish-led forces even entered the territory of the airport but failed to secure their gains and were forced to retreat. The key facility south of Tripoli remained in the hands of LNA troops. As a result of the clashes, the GNA captured a T-72 battle tank, destroyed at least 2 LNA vehicles and lost about a dozen fighters.

Seeking to compensate this military setback, pro-Turkish sources published photos of what they described as a list of Russian mercenaries written in Russian captured south of Tripoli. However, the list appeared to be only Arab names roughly translated into Russian.

Pro-LNA sources say that the GNA and its backers are pushing the propaganda about the supposedly major involvement of Russian military contractors in the conflict to draw the audience’s attention from the fact that Turkey deployed about 10,000 Syrian militants to support the GNA. Recently, Turkey even started supplying its Syrian proxies and GNA fighters with M60 battle tanks.

In response to these attacks, the LNA Air Force intensified airstrikes on positions of Turkish-backed forces near Gharyan, Al-Aziziyah, Ayn Zarah and Misrata. Pro-LNA sources also claimed that at least 3 Turkish-supplied unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down over Bani Waled and another near Tripoli Airport.

At the same time, LNA units captured from Turkish-backed forces the village of Al-Asaba south of Gharyan. According to reports, the LNA is planning to develop the advance in the direction of Kikla in order to secure a link with its forces deployed southwest of Tripoli. Another priority target is Gharyan itself. If the LNA is able to retake it from the GNA, it will be able to stabilize the frontline after the recent setbacks in the battle against Turkish-backed forces and relaunch the advance on Tripoli. On the other hand, if the GNA keeps Gharyan in its hands, it will be able to continue pressuring LNA units at the Tripoli Airport and expand a buffer zone around the city of Tripoli.

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Ten thousand, really? I’m having doubts here. What’s left to defend Idlib? Is this the moment for the SAA to attack?


about 40.000 left in Idlib & Afrin together with 8.000 well armed Turd soldiers

Ashok Varma

Syria has been sold out as daily Zionist attacks attest. Putin is a front man for the Zionist cabal.

Rodney Loder

Assad caved to Jew demands KSA and UAE together with al-Sisi will dominate the ME as surrogates of israel, Putin is fine with that provided he’s included, Putin and Assad are agnostic swine.

Aleks Noir

The problem is not that Putin or Assad are agnostic swine, as that is factually disprovable. The problem is your mama fucked a goat to make you.

Rodney Loder

Anything and everything is unprovable to someone who has no capacity to describe what they represent or believe, I am the Messiah and that is proven by what the Freemason swine uses me as for over 60 years.

So little small minded Jew grub Sisi opposed Modi as the Brotherhood was giving israel license to retake the Sinai. After that Sisi caved to Saudi Arabia and UAE and the Brotherhood saw they were being used by Obama so they changed sides too and Assad just became a coward.

My mother was murdered by the Freemason swine 1953 given permission to do so by Sid Loder formally of 17 Blackwood Rd. Mitchelton Brisbane, there is no sunset on murder and many accomplicases are still living.

Jens Holm

Our swine probatly are much cleaner in mouths and behinds then Yoou ever were. They seemes brighter too.

Now go on killing each other. You can be sponsored by right wings in Europe. They are very happy when any from there never will arrive here – even by coffin.

Aleks Noir

Whatever you say Jens, you isis supporting whoremongering prick.

Jens Holm

ISIS ???

My ISIS friends are too busy. They sing “In heaven there is no beer, thats why we drink them here”.

I a secret agent learning them to drink onstead aboit only talking about it.

Soon I wil send as many as I can to Libya with hangovers, so You at least has a chance against those verterans.

They will arrive singing “Wnat should be do with a drunken sailor early in the morning”.

Thats the only time You can take them. After that Libya will be ISIS all the way down to Nigeria.

Ashok Varma

Putin is part of the cabal and this should come as any surprise to any rational person.

Rodney Loder

Agreed, however luckily we have Donald Trump splitting the World into 2 camps, China and Russia will have to decouple from israel for Trump’s plan to succeed, it looked like Trump was gone yesterday but today with the help of a less than expected unemployment statistic Trump bounced right back.


Damn https://twitter.com/calibreobscura/status/1267931944907673600?s=21

Aleks Noir

wow, sucks to be the guys in the trucks, this is when you need a tank to flatten a building full of jihadists.

Ashok Varma

Turkey has achieved its goals in both Syria and Libya as Putin sold out both. It was quite clear that withdrawing the Wagner Group spelled the end of Haftar. Egypt is now in real trouble.

cechas vodobenikov

without turkey amerikan imperialism there would be no GNA—if Russia sent in 10,000 troops the turkey/amerikan puppets would scurry to their caves and the GNA would only exist in Istanbul

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