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Battle For Kharkov: Overview Of Street Fighting. Russian Attack Bombers Came To Support (Videos)

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Battle For Kharkov: Overview Of Street Fighting. Russian Attack Bombers Came To Support (Videos)

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The city of Kharkov remains one of the main battlefields in Ukraine. On the morning of February 27th, Russian forces entered the streets of the city, and urban fighting began.

After the small groups carried out the fight reconnaissance of the deployment positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UaF) and Nazi units, they are reportedly holding several positions in the northern and north-eastern regions of the city.

However, on February 28, less small groups of Russian soldiers were spotter on the streets, while the heavy artillery is actively used by the both sides..

Heavy artillery shelling took place in the north of Kharkov.

Battle For Kharkov: Overview Of Street Fighting. Russian Attack Bombers Came To Support (Videos)

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Fighting near the Horizon neighborhood in the south-eastern region of Kharkov.

On February 27, fierce clashed broke out in the city center. As a result, the special school No. 134, where UAF heavy equipment was deployed, was destroyed along with Ukrainian equipment.

The damaged armored personnel carrier BTR-4E was seen on the video. The angry woman is commenting on the situation, blaming Ukrainian forces.


The fighting near the school on February 27:


Despite the discontent of local civilians, Ukrainian soldiers and Nazi forces continue their deployment in the city’s residential areas.

For example, in the area of Pobedy Avenue in the north of Kharkiv, the UAF servicemen took up positions right on the balconies of a multi-storey residential building.

They threaten civilians who are dissatisfied with their use as a “human shield”.

In early hours of February 28, a large explosion was reported in Kharkiv which was likely a result of an airstrike. On February 28, the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out air support over Kharkiv. Russian Su-34 bombers have started operating in the Kharkiv region.


Battle For Kharkov: Overview Of Street Fighting. Russian Attack Bombers Came To Support (Videos)

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Fighting in the city continue in different areas. As well as on the city’s outskirts.

At night, fighting broke out in the village of Pesochin on the southwestern outskirts of Kharkov.

Fierce clashes were reported in village of Blagodatnoye on the northeastern outskirts of Kharkov.


An explosion was reported in the area of a silicate plant in the village of Solonitsevka on the western outskirts of Kharkov.

Locals reported that the strike was carried out from the north-west, from the direction of the village of Olshanov. The UAF are likely behind the explosion, as Russian forces are yet to reach the Western outskirts of the city. On the other hand, this could be an airstrike carried out by the Russian Aerospace Forces.


Meanwhile, chaos is spreading among the civilian population. Mass looting and robberies pose another threat to local residents, while law enforcement forces are practically not operational.


Another threat to the city’s residents are unexploded bombs left in on the streets of the city and its outskirts.

Battle For Kharkov: Overview Of Street Fighting. Russian Attack Bombers Came To Support (Videos)

Unexploded air bomb FAB-500 M62 near Kharkov.



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Russia has to start using heavy weapons’ and Air Force in the cities for quick liberation. More civilians will be killed and suffer from Ukrainians nationalist than from heavy weapons’ or Air Force. Longer the war will drag more people will die. Russia need use hard hammer approach to end quickly


Nope, they should keep doing it this way! How would you feal if coward Nazi troops constatly used your famili as shield for thir coward did´s? I guess willing to get the weapons and deal with them right? Let them keep doing it in a country where aligeance ain´t defined.

jens holm

Most of that crasp is made by Yourself. You never mention the rest even elections tell You how many is not.

Ukraine is history

nothing to say.

Last edited 9 months ago by Ukraine is history
Ma Laoshi

Umm so first Russia didn’t want to use air power on these Ukie units when they were out in the open, and now RuAF find they have to do so after all after they have retreated into the cities? Not sure what good can come of this…


Being rid of them.


I thought Kharkov was taken yesterday :)

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Give it a few hours.

I thought the greater Israel Project and New Khazaria projects are going well. Wut? What you say…? Russia killed both projects? Now Khazaria will be Russia again? Oy vey, oy gevalt…


yep they took it in russia TV 10 times already but Hitler raise again so they run from city looking for nazis from the moon forgetting that they are bolsheviks and friends of Hitler.

jens holm

They might be as USA in Iraq expecting flags in the streets.


They had to wait for the Ukrop air defense to be destroyed. And they are not using air power in the city but on the outskirts to prevent the Ukrops from retreating.


All the propaganda crocodile tears we hear are just that. Where was all the indignation and condemnation when this was happening in LDPR for the last 8 years? Where was the western ‘press’ in the Azov nazi’s brutal murders/torture? The Azovs are no different than western mafia ‘press’. Both are liars and murderers.


Not to mention when Azerbaijan invaded Armenia in 2020. There was no condemnation and no sanctions – probably because of Azerbaijan’s close ties to Israel.

Tommy Gun

This shows UAF are hiding with equipment in residential districts, putting equipment in public school buildings etc . Same tactical behaviors as seen with al-Sham/al-Nusra in Syria (who also hide their camps in & under UNESCO world heritage sites that SAA wont bomb).

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Azovisis… Same training as isis, same training…

jens holm

I hope You are right. ISIS and Kaida has done pretty well.

I do expect and hope those UK soldiers has infantery training added heavy stuff and guerilla atitude as well.

Most important are those soldiers has no centralized stupidisme leadership but coordination. .

Florian Geyer

Yes, US, Canadian and UK training mainly.


And there are syrian terrorists transported to Ukraine by Erdog. So no wonder what is happening. But there is a counter measure, the bearded headchoppers from Chechenia. The nazis asked for it, now their dream will become true. A fried nazi head is a specialty over there.


yep the best of them the mighty General of Special Forces of Chechens already KIA, is special forces in Russia means they are gay or brain damage? they special!

jens holm

Did You create that stupidisme Yourself. Both are very few. The possible meeting might not even being possibel. It seemes maybee 200.000 are fighting there and the Syrians are 200.

jens holm

So whats the alternatives moron. Many has done that before them as well.

Maybe You should see old 7 Samurais by Kurosawa. The russians are fighting against the whole population or most of them.

They are in the wrong country.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

The faster Kievistan falls the better for everyone.

jens holm

Medias, I and most of the world dont say so at all.

It would make more clapping hands if Putin falls.


Its confirmed, for all pro-Russian fools that destroyed equipment beside Kharkov school was Russian watch the Z Lot of videos on ytb same location, they manage run i to school and rejected to surrender to UfA, they sleep there one night after school was hit by artillery propably Russian, so profesial from bolshevics, then they was shooted after trying runway.


The pro-Nazi-Wahhabi-Zion-Ukrainian making the stories of their wet dreams without giving hard proof. The pro-Russian just going after the clowns.

Let me tell you all one thing, it doesn’t fuking matter, Russia has the power to level Ukraine at the end of the day if they want… Remember what yanquis first did in their wars? Attacking civilians’ infrastructure, why do you think they did it?

It is day 4 and Ukrainian are starting to steal and break the laws – Russia hasn’t destroyed Ukrainian civilians’ infrastructure, unlike yanquis fuk faces did. IT IS JUST DAY 4. Also, for those morons who say why hasn’t Russia taken most of Ukraine, please STFU. That’s not how shit works – they have to make sure they kill or capture all Nazi and Ukrainian soldiers before moving forward – the NATO plan for Ukraine was to hide behind civilians and attack – you can tell how mad the NATO dogs are because Russia isn’t running Ukrainian down yet.

Remember – Ukraine is freeing criminals to “fight” LMFAO, surely that not going to backfire sooner or later. They asked for other far-right Nazis to join Ukraine’s Nazi army as well. IT IS DAY 4 ONLY.


You already forgot Putin and his dogs saying there will be no invasion for last 3 months? are so much brain broken? i was saying that NEVER TRUST RUSSIA and what? omg he was right. Now you can watch only russian propaganda on only 1 channel available in russia. I came here long time ago to have no western propaganda of war in syria, now i need to go somewhere else because this site is full of bullshit propaganda like western on syria. Can you sit on your chair and understand information war? can you understand southfront have such low propaganda or you a troll payed by putingrad? Ukrainians have feel european culture now no one wants to came back to that swamp Russia Mongoloids.

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