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Battle For Kharkov: Street Fighting Began (Video)

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Battle For Kharkov: Street Fighting Began (Video)

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The fighting on the streets of Kharkov began in early hours of February 27.

Fighting in the Karkov outskirts lasted for almost the whole night. The head of the Kharkov Regional State Administration confirmed that Russian troops broke through the defense of the city. Kharkov police officials confirmed that numerous Russian groups have broken into the city.

On February 27, the Ministry of Defense Ministry reported that the 302nd anti-aircraft missile Regiment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, equipped with Buk M-1 air defense systems, voluntarily laid down their weapons and surrendered in the Kharkov region. 471 Ukrainian servicemen were detained.

First footage from the city showed small groups of Russian soldiers on Tiger armored vehicles moving on the streets of the city. These were reconnaissance groups who were tasked to discover the locations of Ukrainian military equipment which had been deployed in the residential areas in advance. Russian infantry was already spotted on the outskirts of the city.

The UAF use civilian buildings as a human shield.

Battle For Kharkov: Street Fighting Began (Video)

Click to see full-size image

Battle For Kharkov: Street Fighting Began (Video)

Click to see full-size image

Clashes with Ukrainian soldiers were not avoided. Fighting were mainly reported in the center of the city, in the northern and north-eastern regions. An explosion was heard in the West of the city.

Ukrainian MLRS  are shelling the center of Kharkov from the western outskirts, from the village Lubotin.

Residents were asked not to leave their shelters. Unfortunately, judging by the quantity of videos made in the city, a lot of civilians stay in their appartements and have no place to hide. No evacuation from the city was organized during the last week.

The UAF are luring Russian forces into the various cities in Ukraine, including Kharkov, Sumy, Kherson, Mariupol etc. They have been preparing for fighting on the streets for at least three days, since the Russian military operation began. Civilians were kept in hostage. They were not evacuated, but even prohibited to leave the cities.

While the blood thread begins in the Ukrainian cities, Zelenskiy refuses to launch negotiations. The more victims there are during the Russian operation, the harder the response from the West and the blow to the Russian economy will be. Zelenskiy is also waiting until the uncontrolled nationalist units of the Ukrainian paramilitary groups suffer more losses, as they pose the main threat to the current Kiev’s regime, and this threat will significantly grow after the military escalation decrease.


The yellow armband on the sleeve has already become a traditional sign of Ukrainian nationalist units, the “Right Sector” and the Maidan Self-Defense:



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Dušan Mitrović

Slavic brothers should unite together against our real enemy, the anglo-saxon-protestant demons in london, washington and berlin.

Sirius Bauner

Make a difference between the elite and the people pl; western populists have no beef with you


Yes, and many if not most support Russia’s right to self defense.


I support Russia. It’s the danger of mass ignorance from the West that is to be concerning.

Arch Bungle

It’s the Jews who control the Anglo Saxons.


Talmudists don’t care about people. They just want to control governments. And they do it well all over the world.

Even Putin honors the Talmudists. The Chinese even think they are special.

And this war will not change their power one bit.

Scripture plainly says that Satan is the ruler of this world.


you know its a big LIE!!

Yahweh is a tranny

Check out on youtube: coach red pill vid: What Russia wants from its invasion of Ukraine – and why Zelensky is evil”.


SF has huge delay. New news incoming soon.


where are the russian drones that ensure air supremacy and hit punctually the convoys of weapons send by nato?.


What convoys? SF isn’t reporting about those. Incoming from Poland to West Ukraine? If you have link, please share.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Ru should use drones instead of Tigers for recon. They do it a lot better in Syria.


So we know NATO/American drones are in the sky helping Ukraine, but I haven’t heard of any being shot down by Russian forces.

Am I the only one who finds that odd?

on the righ side of history

God bless russia against anglo axis os evil

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan


Gerhard Umlandt


Red Admiral

More bad ideas and unwanted scenarios. Who better to have in charge of ‘an out of control Nazi state’ than a Jew. While politically incompetent the Yanki Cabal are all to aware of Ze’s value internationally. Hence, the reason he was not ousted. Ze has also managed to stop Russian Armed Forces for 12 hours which has been very costly and he is now appealing to the people of the world to come to Ukraine and support the fight against the Russian Bear. The Kremlin has now been put on the back foot and are going to have to grapple with more than a few very tough decisions. We also see a growing resistance from Ukrainian troops, many of whom will have had special ops training with NATO and may be receiving intelligence from Yanki satellites. The battlefield environment has changed considerably since Thursday with initial alarm bells sounding when Biden announced on Friday that Kiev would fall within the next 48 hours and was offering Ze passage out. Of course, El Presidente was going to stay with his people and do whatever is necessary to save the nation or die with it. These are the sound bites and images flashed across the world. While the real stories are buried, the 15 Yanki funded Biolabs,The 10s of thousands murdered, tortured and imprisoned, over these past 8 years, all predicated on the $5.5billion ploughed in by the US State Dept. While George Soros also shoveled in a miserly $180 million to help democratise it with Nazism. NED or National Endowment of Democracy is a U.S. taxpayer-funded group that specializes in, believe it or not, regime change. It’s CEO 8 years ago, Carl Gershman, said in the Washington Post just before the coup: “Ukraine is the biggest prize.”So here we now are, has the Russian battle plan unraveled somewhat or has all of the above been taken into consideration??? We will have a clearer picture on Tuesday morning, there are always setbacks and unforeseen obstacles, I am sure some have been factored in. The Big problem as I see it is the time-line. Russian troops really need to be leaving Ukraine by Mid March at the very latest even if they have not achieved all their objectives. Because I have no doubt in my mind an insurgency has been well planned by the Anglo-American-Empire and the longer the Russians stay the longer they will have to stay.


Shame on Russia, they still not able to capture Kharkov. Slow in progress how they will achieve their goal. Military convoys destroyed by Ukraine. ….

Icarus Tanović

Are you out of your idiotic mind?


nice argument. you are a child right?

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