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Battle For Eastern Ghouta On March 9, 2018 (Maps, Videos, Photos)

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Battle For Eastern Ghouta On March 9, 2018 (Maps, Videos, Photos)

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On March 9, fierce clashes continued between government forces and militants across the Eastern Ghouta region, near Damascus. According to pro-government sources, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies advanced on positions of Ahrar al-Sham and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) on March 8 and March 9.

SAA units also attacked militant positions in the town of Modira east of the government-held Armoured Vehicles Base. Modira is a key defense point of the militant groups in the area. While it is not controlled by the SAA, Modira serves as a link between the southern and northern parts of the militant-held area.

A look at the Harasta district:

Battle For Eastern Ghouta On March 9, 2018 (Maps, Videos, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Battle For Eastern Ghouta On March 9, 2018 (Maps, Videos, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Meanwhile, the Tiger Forces and the Republican Guard started storming the militant-held town of Jisrin and the village of Aftris in the southeastern part of Eastern Ghouta. This advance becamse possible because government forces had liberated the villages of Hawsh Ashari and Hawsh Qubaybat, the Jisrin farms and the Air Defense Battalion base on March 8.

Army troops are advancing on Jisrin.

Government forces are evacuating civilians from Eastern Ghouta:

According to the Russian reconciliation center, about 1,500 people from five different Eastern Ghouta settlements are ready to leave the area. However, militants prevent them from doing this.

“Militant leaders prevent civilians from leaving Eastern Ghouta by all means. According to our estimates, for today at least 1,500 residents of Jisrein, Hammura, Saqba, Kafr Batna and Hezzeh are ready to leave Eastern Ghouta,” Major General Yuri Yevtushenko, the chief of the center said on March 9. “The reconciliation center’s hotline is receiving phone calls from local residents, who say they are willing to leave Eastern Ghouta. People have grown tired of militants’ lawlessness, they complain of unbearable conditions and are ready to leave the de-escalation zone even bypassing the established humanitarian corridor.”

Major General Yevtushenko once again called on militant groups to allow civilians to leave the conflict area.

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MD Ranix

zio satanic terrorists are as vile as their masters – despicable lot

Jutta Morris

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Major General Yuri Yevtushenko is not serious. He called these terrorists “militants”. XD. Of course, if they are militants, they are not terrorists.

So, I don’t know.

John Whitehot

“Major General Yuri Yevtushenko is not serious”

xD that a pun?


Something doesn’t add up with Russia. Tell me when Erdogan tells PKK militants. XD.

John Whitehot

no, i was asking if it wasn’t a pun with your nickname – serious.

of course i’m not getting drawn into your russophobic bumbling.


Of course, telling that calling terrorist militant is russophobic. XD.

Those who called these terrorists militants are the west.

John Whitehot

you’re boring as fuck.


Truth is boring.

John Whitehot

no, lies is boring.


Propagenda is not boring because with lies you can create what you want. 9/11 was not boring.

But, truth is boring because you can’t manipulate it.

John Whitehot


now if you don’t mind i’ll go lying until i create myself a good ol’ piece of pussy. at least tonight i’ll have something not boring to do.

Vinicius Santos



Thank you SF for the pictures with the buildings.


Nice to see these troupes moving professionally on the field , they’re totally able to make the difference, victory is just a matter of time!


Trump’s intruders looking for deconflection areas in Syria. LOL. Russia have full authoritative power of Syria to destroy all these illegal intruders terrorist bases where Americans are hiding. No more excuses.


Imagine if Russia and US both swap for example, US allied with Assad government and Russia with terrorists in Syria.

Then can Russia dare to step into Syria across Syrian border or can Russia would be able to transfer weapons to Israel, ISIS, FSA, SDF and to other terrorist groups in Syria. What would be the reaction of Trump administration?

Then can Russian aerospace forces dare to airstrike Syrian government forces? Would Washington listen to Russia?

But now Russia is with Syrian government and of course on a very strong authoritative position and in fact have full legal right to defend Syrian aerospace and land from illegal intruders and occupiers by use of air strikes and missiles. Let the Washington cry. Legally US cannot do anything because Russia defending Syria and Washington is destabilizing it.

northerntruthseeker .

If the roles were reversed, we would not see what we are seeing in Syria right now, including the deaths of over 1/2 million under the brutality of the US/Israel/NATO cabal….


In MSM you will never listen about Palestine and Yemen because they have cover up their news that how pro Trump killing machines killing civilians plus small kids and women there and grabbing their lands. The MSM propaganda can only show those news which work for Zionists Washington and Israeli migrants for example the propaganda fake news about East Ghouta.


Enjoy dictatorship.

People in USA and Europe love their dictators. Then, they say “Oh why immigrants are coming in Europe ?”. XD “Oh why my country is 2000 billions dollar debt ?”. XD. “Oh why are there terrorist attacks ?” XD.

That happen because you live in A DICTATORSHIP, you choose DICTATORSHIP and because you LOVE dictatorship. Period.

So, westeners and sunnis must just f…ing enjoy their dictatorship.


I never cost vote to any US presidential candidate because they all are mf terrorists.

John Whitehot

westerners are brainwashed, they elect whoever they elect because brainwashed people is kept in a constant state of fear by the usage of the terrorism.

Yet some changes are underway, the MsM have apparently underreported the historical defeat of the jewish financed “Center-left” party and leader in Italy, where the vote has been a landslide in favour of 1)anti-migrants and 2)anti-establishments.


Westeners are deceptive people. Unless germans that paid an heavy price for their integrity, the rest of Europe can die because they are useless.

John Whitehot

I see.

Get back in 10 years or so and we can converse like adults.

You can call me Al

Meanwhile the Saudi Prince met with our Queen and got the full pomp….. unbelievable.

northerntruthseeker .

The Saudi Prince is Jewish, and that royal bitch whore pedophile mass murdering freak that sits on the British throne is also Jewish…

They are like “two peas in a pod” and just love getting together to discuss how truly stupid and ignorant the “Goyim” are.

You can call me Al

Why UN send humanitarian aid to East Ghouta now, why they did not send before. Why UN don’t send humanitarian aid to Palestine and Yemen which are suffer a lot from man made famine.

The answer is that CIA agents provide satellite communication devices, intelligent services and other military equipments to pro Trump killing machines and collect propaganda images from them via these humanitarian aid coveys.


Because sunnis are such scumbags that they are killing each others instead of helping Palestinians and Yemenis.


Most people love USA because most people love terroristm. What USA is doing is pure terrorism. Do what I say, think like I think or I bomb you. Definition of terrorism.

The conclusion is that people love dictatorships and terrorism.

So, I think, they must enjoy their enslavement and buy their last 4K TV to see propagenda and bombings in very high definition. Technogical progress without moral progress. Soon, you will see killer robots enslaving people and killing people all that in 8K. Isn’t that such a good perspective ? XD.

John Whitehot

“Most people love USA”

in Latvia and west Ukraine perhaps.

Elsewhere, most people don’t love the USA, quite the contrary.


Notice that USA attracts stupid people.


I noticed Many folks who get along with USA are rich enough to afford food.


good news!!

leon mc pilibin

The original ISIS were the Bolshevik jews who controlled communist Russia,who went on the genocide tens of millions of Christians across the USSR.Now they have taken up residency in USA,and look what they have achieved since the neocons took over .More genocide across the world and the Middle East.

northerntruthseeker .

With more to come, as these psychos are about ready to launch their new war of aggression directly at Iran.


Iran is not a push over. They will bite back accordingly.
Look what Putin unveiled recently on their weapon technology. Iran is not far behind on few of them.
They already know it all. Henceforth the barking.


Ghouta pocket is getting a sexy hourglass figure by the hour. Somebody has been working out…;-))


If the Syrian Army can isolate Harasta from Douma and then so both districts from the rest of the rebel-held areas in East Ghouta further south, then – in theory – the main groupings of insurgent militias (Jaysh al-Islam, Faylaq al-Rahman, Ahrar al-Sham and Ha’yat Tahrir al-Sham) will also be separated from one another.


Why bother fighting here? Does the winner get financial benefits?


Today on Southfront headlines:

“Battle for East Ghouta”
“Battle for Afrin”

Tell me guys, do you think Southfront’s editorial team wants you to think Turkey’s invasion of Syria is a GOOD THING? This is how psy-op propaganda works. The conflation of the Syrian GOVERNMENT’s action against wahhabi extremists with Turkey’s illegal invasion and mass murder of kurds could not be clearer, and is anything but an accident.

Turkey has invaded Syria to mass murder the very best of the kurdish people and ensure the turkmen of the region carry on running those areas of Syria as proxies of Turkey. The same turkmen who murdered the Russian pilot. The same turkmen who carefully funneled into Syria the majority of the key ISIS terrorists and their thousands of tons of weapon supplies.

But Southfront hopes you have the memory of a goldfish and the morality of a zionist.

Putin needed a very public excuse to give his support to Erdogan after Turkey shot down the russian jet. The Deep State gave it him in the laughably obvious false-flag of the failed turkish ‘coup’. Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are rock solid client states of the West- yet zionist Putin forces Russia to be complete military and political allies to each of them- much to the Deep State’s delight. While Russia is so glued to these key Deep State assets, Russia is neutered in all ways that matter.

Jews do not run the Deep State, but they are the main weapon the Deep State uses against Greater Humanity- having their POWER CULT tentacles embedded in so many of Humanity’s key systems. The jewish power structures in Mother Russia neutralise all potential for Russia to act against the true interests of the Deep State- as proven by Putin’s terrible mistake when he publicly gloried in Russia’s nuclear supremacy a few days back.

Floyd Hazzard

Israel’s efforts are backfiring spectacularly. All their antagonism is doing is creating battle-hardened professional armies on their periphery. They must be scared, because their little piece of stolen land is really and truly not defensible. Right now Jordan and Egypt is who they are counting on to defend their flank. They better pray they remain true or else they’ll get pushed into the Mediterranean.


That was really good video, thanks for posting that. I give the terrorists another week and a half before collapsing, two at most.

Lalaje Khanje

Putin can’t fight without bombardment. ..
Terrorist can…. men of steel :)

Toni Liu

Enjoy and masturbate your d*ck of steel while you can cause they will bring more steel penetrating bomb over your head now terrorist supporter

Lalaje Khanje

I’m not the terrorists supporter.. but why everyone fighting with terrorist using bombardment mechanism. Which cause innocent people killing between the terrorists??
Which makes there self terrorist. .

Toni Liu

Do you think terrorist dont use bomb too like mortar or rocket, what kind shit you smoking, your posting already biased to terrorist when they too using explosive mortar, using your knowledge first terrorist supporter rather accusing other side terrorist when you not different than them, dont forget your terrorist holding many civilian as human shield

Eskandar Black

what a crazy story if this is true. Reports should be taken to the UN court of international war crimes.

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