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Battle for Castello Road to Aleppo City on July 9


Heavy clashes are ongoing between pro-government forces and militant groups for the control of strategic Castello Road that heads to the militant-controlled areas of Aleppo city.

Now, the Syrian army’s Tiger Forces are deployed in about 400 meters from the strategic supply line, holding the fire control on it. However, militants have been continuing attempts to re-open the road.

Battle for Castello Road to Aleppo City on July 9

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  • Hisham Saber

    This road needs to be destroyed using bunker busters and rendered useless asap. Should not be hard to do. Make any use of this road from here on out too costly for the militants.

  • Jesus

    Having artillery and MRLS in position to rain fire on the road, without the need of air or gunship cover is significant, since government forces can use the road as they encircle the terrorists in Allepo and move west into Idlib.

  • Frame Wilson

    Wonder how many bad guys are in that pocket?

  • Alex M

    I’m glad to see the YPG is also advancing North just as the SAA advances South. If they can cut off the rebel’s eastern hold over Aleppo from “Greater Idlib” then the 4 year battle for Aleppo might finally end at last.