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JUNE 2021

Battle for Castello Road, Aleppo City on July 10

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The Syrian Army is pushing militant gruops from the areas of Casttello Road. Recently, pro-government forces have liberated Tell Jabenia in the factory zones near the road.

We remember, the Syiran army was able to cut off the only militants supply route to Aleppo city on July 7.

Battle for Castello Road, Aleppo City on July 10

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islamic front supporter

let me get this right
1: the pkk attack on the rebel held youth housing complex was repelled
2:on july 9th a rebel counterattack was conducted on the regime held positions in al mallah the southern hill that overlooks the castello road was liberated and clashes are ongoing in al mallah


1. This isn’t about the kurds
2. The road is practically closed at the moment

islamic front supporter

yes it is cause the kurds attempted to cut off the castillo road too

the road is not closed now


Hello, the road is controlled by the government’s artillery. For sure, somebody could take a chance to move through it. But it’s prettly dangerous idea.

islamic front supporter

the government can do indirect fire on the road not direct fire when they used to control the hill

Andrew Illingworth

Jihadis be trolling.


‘liberated’? you mean taken by terrorists?

Jamil Abdin

Only Putin and Assad are fighting against terror and for Islam, the terreorists are not Islam but shaytan (satanic).

islamic front supporter

you think nusairy pigs who worship ali are muslims

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