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Battle For Al-Bukamal Blazes Up As ISIS Takes Back City (Video)


On November 12, ISIS fighters recaptured al-Bukamal city on the Syrian-Iraqi border, according to Syria pro-government activists. Meanwhile, local sources confirmed that most of al-Bukamal is under ISIS control. However, the local sources stressed that the city is still besieged by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah.

Syrian pro-government sources reported that the Tiger Forces started advancing south of Mayadin city towards al-Bukamal in order to put more pressure on ISIS. According to the sources, the Tiger Forces advanced 10km and reached al-Asharah village south of Mayadin.

The delay of the Tiger Forces operation south of Mayadin city likely allowed ISIS to focus on al-Bukamal city and to reinforce its units there. This means that the coordination within the SAA was very poor during the ongoing military operation.

Moreover, the fact that ISIS fighters are defending many of the terrorist group leaders who are now trapped inside al-Bukamal city made the battle even harder than what was expected.

Syrian opposition groups reported on November 12 that “Hazem al-Barghash” a member of ISIS Shura Council was killed in al-Bukamal city. The Shura Council is considered ISIS’ top council, and it only includes members.

The Hezbollah media wing in Syria also reported that three military commanders of ISIS were killed in al-Bukamal city, “Hani al-Thalgi”, “Abu Munzer al-Shishani” and “Abu Mohamad al-Safi”.

More leaders and military commanders are likely hiding inside al-Bukamal city, including the leader of the terrorist group Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The SAA and its allies will likely launch another attack against ISIS inside al-Bukamal city in the upcoming hours. This time with the pressure from the Tiger Forces advance, ISIS might fully collapse inside al-Bukamal.



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