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MAY 2021

Battle “Between Life And Death”. Armenian PM Calls On Reservists To Return Back To Army

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Battle "Between Life And Death". Armenian PM Calls On Reservists To Return Back To Army


On October 5, the Armenain leadership finally admitted that the situation on the frontline in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, where Azerbaijani forces have been advancing since September 27, is ‘complicated’ and called on reservists to return back to the Armed Forces.

“In some areas, the Karabakh Defense Army confidently controls the situation, in some areas the situation is very difficult. I do not hide it,” Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said via his Facebook page.

He also called on the servicemen demobilized a year ago to rejoin the armed forces.

“Our legislation does not allow them to be mobilized even in wartime, but I urge you to mobilize,” he said. “You should know that this is a struggle for the right to life. Otherwise, we will be subjected to genocide.”

The prime minister said that he was calling them not to a simple service, but to the battle “between life and death”. Pashinyan also declared that he is confident in the Armenian victory.

The mobilization of personnel showcases the real situation in which the Pashinyan government appeared amid the developing war with Azerbaijan. Nonetheless, it should be noted that fresh troops only, without modern weapons, experienced commanders and instructors, will not be able to turn the tide of the conflict. In the worst case scenario, this may just increase casualties of the Armenian side.

The press secretary of the President of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (also known as the Republic of Artsakh, a self-proclaimed independent state in the Nagorno-Karabakh region) also confirmed  that Armenain forces retreated in several areas. According to hims, this was done to avoid additional causalties and inflict additional damage to Azerbaijani forces.

Meanwhile, President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian said that perhaps Armenia will have no other alternative besides recognizing the Republic of Artsakh and openly providing support to it. Despite the heavy presence of Aremnain forces in Karabakh and the fact that the Nagorno-Karabakh region is deeply integrated in Armenia, for all this years, the Armenian leadership has not made steps to recognize it as an independent state or as a part of Armenia. Such actions have not been initiated even after the start of the open war with Azerbaijan in the region on September 27.

On top of this, it should be noted that the modern Armenia is a parliament republic and most of political power is concetranted in the hands of the Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinyan. The Pashinyan group is well-known for its pro-Western and anti-Russian position that became the main reason of the weakening position of Armenia in the region that crated conditions for the Azerbaijani-Turksih push in Karabakh. Even in these conditions, the Pashinyan government continues providing a ‘strange war policy’ making no needed steps and limiting the Armenian military response in the face of the military defeat from the hands of Azerbaijan and Turkey. According to local sources and experts, this posture is a result of the need to keep conditions in which the modern Armeinan leadership will be able to continue providing its anti-Russian course. As to the help from the so-called West, expectedly, nobody is hurrying up to protect the Armenias from the threat of ethnic cleansing in Karabakh.


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  1. Khazar Supremacy says:

    Lol cry and call all ur reservists back as u can armenians we gonna make another cleansing like in good old days.

    1. JDAM says:

      we are going to destroy all of you foreskin eaters

      1. Khazar Supremacy says:

        Hush goylet hush, no cryings only dreams now ??

        1. JDAM says:

          i killed a muslim once, i slit his throat and i liked it

          1. Khazar Supremacy says:

            A goy kills another goy…. thx for ur services naive tool ???

    2. paolinks says:

      Only if Azerbaijan is capable of making the war short. English media are starting to sound the war drums. They are showing azerbajanis in cahoots with the turks and using jihadists to fight, shelling civilian areas and journalists.

      This is sign of some sort of interventionist movement starting to build up. And we know that the UK is the sounding board of the US. And indeed it is strange that the US is not sizing the opportunity. If they really want to create headaches for the russians, they must go all-in in the Caucasus and purport themselves as defenders of the “poor and permanently discriminated” armenians.

      If you want to be seen as a hero, you must act as a hero. And bowing to Erdogan doesn’t look hero-like at all.

      If they continue staying idle, they will lose Armenia to the russians. Pashinyan will receive a resounding “fuck off” and the country will call for russian help. And the help will arrive, you can bet everything on it. As soon as Armenia itself will start being massively shelled and Pashinyan is gone, Russia will send its troops. And I have a slight suspicion that we will see the Pasdaran on the battlefield too.

      1. Khazar Supremacy says:

        As I told, france and eu hyped the pashinyan promised him full support so he will attack Azeris when he attacked they give him no support like in georgian-Russian war 2008. In that way they are expecthing that pashinyan will have no choice and beg for help of eu and france. So they will get another colonie for themselfs

        1. JDAM says:

          soon the whole world will end your regime

        2. paolinks says:

          Yeah, but to have a colony, they must give “the help” first. They must send their damn soldier to fight against azeri soldiers, turkish advisors and jihadist head choppers. It will not be a walk in the park like if was in Iraq or Afghanistan or Libya.

          It is more probable that Pashinyan will be force to resign and Armenia will hand over NK to Azerbaijan, but with the assurance that armenis living there will be safe.

          Maybe with UN supervision.

        3. white.male says:

          France never promised any significiant support to Armenia so stop repeat TRT tv propaganda BS . Its not video game . Learn more about geopolitics then come back.

      2. BlueHeadLizard says:

        nah, this conflict is North of Iran and south of Russia. Even USA does not reach. A part from mouthing off the West has no influence here.

  2. JDAM says:

    putin is a bitch he has let armenian people down and shows that russia is weak

    1. occupybacon says:

      First he has let the Russians down.

      1. JDAM says:

        he has let the world down he is owned by the yids

    2. Khazar Supremacy says:

      Retarted macron hyped to armos and give them no support just like how it happend with Georgia in 2008. Eurofags does that kind of things so pashinyan will become desperate and go full pro-eu and pro-france, thats what they are thinking.

      1. <> says:

        France is nothing today, no one gives a shit about them. All they do is bark and make dirty deals with Iran, support Palestinian terrorism and make tensions in Africa. Israel and Turkey need to work together to stop the Persians in the ME, no one will do it for us.

        1. JDAM says:

          stfu foreskin biter

        2. Khazar Supremacy says:

          100% agree with that ??

          1. <> says:

            I support Israel arming Azerbaijan to the teeth and helping them take Northern Iran with Turkey. Time to dissolve this fake state into Kurds, Azeris, Arabs and Persians.

          2. paolinks says:

            Fake State? Come on, you should know of a thing called Persia, dating back millennia.

            An israeli speaking of “fake States” is really strange.

          3. <> says:

            Persia was a real Empire but it is nothing like it is today. The Persians today are 40% of Iran and just like in Lebanon where Hzebollah and the Shias (35%) decide for everyone.Sooner or later as I told “Blue on Green” there will be a civil war in Iran and each faction will join its brothers and Iran will be nothing more than a memory.

          4. AJ says:

            What about the estimated 20,000 jews in Iran what happens to them they dont want to leave.

          5. <> says:

            They can come to Israel, or live under the Kurds (Western ex Iran), Azerbaijan (Northern ex Iran), Arabs (South East + South West ex Iran). If some of them decide to stay with the Persians in the center of ex Iran, it’s their call.

          6. Rafik Chauhan says:

            keep dreaming . soon will be ressitance flag will be flying on top of jeruslaem and tel aviv. All your slave in GCC and kurds in syria will be buried. . And Did the Mama boy has decideed come out from Mama lap or they are still want to hide

          7. <> says:

            They don’t hide, you just can’t hit them at their posts which are well defended. Maybe be brave and try to attack an Israeli post instead of shooting ATGM from 4 KM, cowards. We will display your bodies to the entire world.

          8. Khazar Supremacy says:

            Idea of Turanism also came from Hungarian Jewish gentelman. Also we saved whole Sephardic Jews from Spanish catholic maniacs they were genociding them all in 16th-17th century. Israel and Turkey togather we are strong ??

          9. AJ says:

            That is always Israeli objective, break up nations along ethnic lines so they are easier to control or end up fighting amongst themselves

          10. <> says:

            That is what they are, a fake state ruled by a minority.

          11. Saso Mange says:

            Described Israel pretty well, fake state ruled by minority after colonization, genocide and ethnic cleansing. Today it evolved into apartheid theocracy.

        3. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

          israel and turkey the cockroaches befriend the rats, it does make sense!

          1. Khazar Supremacy says:

            We are friends since 500’s (Khazar era)

          2. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            Cockroaches and rats ? Just 1500 years ago ???

            nah…you v been friends since at least a couple hundred thousand years ago!

          3. <> says:

            Don’t talk about roaches Greeko, I might jsut crush you under my boots. Sit at your place and shut the fuck up.

          4. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            If you can throw your boot from turkisrael and hit me then I ll take my hat off to you jewsnake.
            Meanwhile keep crushing your keyboard keys dumbass!

          5. <> says:

            260% debt and a declining Greek population, I think you have other problems than the ME.

          6. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            Not true.
            And who gives a f*ck about the dept.

          7. <> says:

            Do you even know that a debt over 100% means everything you earn just goes to paying debts? you have 260%. Your bonds are like trash bonds, no one buys them. Say thanks Israelis still come visiting your nation and support your hotels, your government knows better than you. Israel’s debt is about 70% and that is after our virus crises and 3 elections in 2 years. Our economy is still very strong, I know it because I deal with the stock markets everyday. Mind your own business, the ME is not one of them.

          8. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            176.6 & is Greeces dept to GDP

            you thought I wasnt going to look and call on your Bullshit?

            You got a 230 bill us$ dept.
            Turkey is 2 trillion 161 billion !!!
            So GTFOH with all your bullcrap.

          9. <> says:

            I don’t know where you bring that data from, I bring it to you from 2 sources:
            https://www.usdebtclock.org/world-debt-clock.html – 260%
            https://www.imf.org/external/datamapper/CG_DEBT_GDP@GDD/CHN/FRA/DEU/ITA/JPN/GBR/USA/GRC – 194%

          10. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:


            Greece’s Government debt accounted for 176.8 % of the country’s Nominal
            GDP in Mar 2020, compared with the ratio of 176.6 % in the previous
            quarter. Greece’s government debt to GDP ratio data is updated
            quarterly, available from Dec 1999 to Mar 2020. The data reached an
            all-time high of 182.3 % in Sep 2018 and a record low of 93.7 % in Sep

          11. <> says:

            No no no buddy, you talk about the government debt or the INTERNAL DEBT, in which the government is in debt to it’s own people like paying interests for the bonds they buy. I am talking about the EXTERNAL DEBT, in which you owe money to the IMF or other international organizations that gave you money to borrow. Read the diffrences here:

            “External loan (or foreign debt) is the total debt which the residents of a country owe to foreign creditors; its complement is internal debt which is owed to domestic lenders. The debtors can be the government, corporations or citizens of that country. The debt includes money owed to private commercial banks, foreign governments, or international financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank.”


            Your EXTERNAL debt is fucking 260%, your INTERNAL debt is as you wrote 177% which is also very high. Don’t argue with me about economics.

          12. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            lol …cause apart from being a child murderer you are a part time economist!
            hahaaha stupid jew.
            Was there even a point in all this crap about the economy or just the obvious, a failled attempt to distract and divert from the issue at hand, which is you israelis are worse than hitler and his naz1s and you supply turkoazeris and other jihadies with weapons so that they can kill each other.

          13. Khazar Supremacy says:

            My friend dont try to explain things to those morons. All their lecturers, leaders believed that Macron and his soldiers will come and fight for them instead Macron let them believe there will be a war and sold them used rafaele aircrafts that have 70’s techs and runed away ?.

          14. jaimeintexas says:

            Israel survives economically because their idol sending money.

          15. Khazar Supremacy says:

            Hahhahha hush goylet do not type caps lock on and punch ur wall cuz of anger ??

          16. Khazar Supremacy says:

            Those greeks steal ur rightful Afrodite gas&oil parcel on south side of Cyprus too my friend. They only gave u %10 of it but according to international laws that parcel already belongs to Israel.

          17. <> says:

            I don’t care about the oil, they helped killing many Jews in WW2 and Turkey saved them. That is something I don’t forget.

          18. Khazar Supremacy says:

            Toda raba, yes Spanish mad dogs were genociding Sephardic Jews we send losts of big galleon ships and saved them. Then settled them in nowadays Greece’s Thesseloniki(Selanik) city after 200 years of peaceful life we lost Greece and Greeks thought giving those innocent Jews to Nazis will give them better comfort in nazi reich. In that way nazis genocide them all. But we Turks still be able use our diplomatic power and save some of them by giving them fake Muslim Turk passaport and since we both circumsied moron nazi goyim couldnt tell the difference lol.

          19. <> says:

            I know, thank you.

          20. Khazar Supremacy says:

            Toda raba

        4. Saso Mange says:

          France is first Zionist country ffs.

        5. Indian Army & Israel says:

          Ultimately its d sunni muslims with whom u will have to fight it out in d end…support Armenia

          1. <> says:

            I like Armenia, don’t get me wrong. But I hope secular Azerbaijan takes back their lands from the dictatorship Iran. That’s all.

    3. Lone Ranger says:

      Lay down the crack kiddo…

    4. Kohlhaas says:

      On contrary, he is giving a lesson to Armenia.

  3. ypovalkanios_katimas says:

    Armenia must bomb Azeri gas pipes and factories

    1. Sofia23 says:

      Hi everyone, come here to meet for sex – https://cutt.ly/HgqYKIP

      1. ypovalkanios_katimas says:

        shut the fuck up

  4. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:


    1. Saso Mange says:

      Your point? I cant see it, Turkey has modern army.

      1. white.male says:

        but not well trained , just like saudi arabia that fail in Yemen , same with Turkey vs weak and decimated syrian army.

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          Syrian army is not that weak, they are battle hardened.
          And Russia transferred a bunch of gear in the past 5 years.

        2. Saso Mange says:

          Kemal Ataturk military academy is one of most respected in the world.

  5. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:


  6. Europe hates America says:

    Are armenians politicians really that retarded? They still thinking the western scumbags will help u? They don’t care about christianity like it was with constantinopel and serbia

    1. Pave Way IV says:

      Armenian politicians are not retarded! They simply shifted to the Gargling ZATO Schlong for Shekels® program. What would you do if the neighbor you pissed off for years suddenly has a torrent of money coming in from their oil and gas pipelines? If their ZATO master orders you to cut off relations to Russia and Iran, you do it. There needs to be a little theatre involved to save face and justify actions unpopular with your citizens, but – hey, Armenian politicians need shekels, too.

    2. SnowCatzor says:

      Unfortunately a lot of post-Soviet countries still have this idea that the ‘west’ is just so great and unbeatable that they HAVE to ally with them in order to have security and prosperity. This is a very Ill-informed worldview but one that continues to persist.

      It’s obviously far better to have a neighbouring superpower watch your back than a faltering one 1000s of km away, across an ocean. Armenia should never have let this Soros bitch come to power, however I very much doubt the Azeris will gain much either.

  7. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

    Significant developments on the Artsakh war front.

    A few minutes ago, Israeli media close to Netanyahu reported that Israel would stop providing aid to the Azeris!
    Specifically they state:

    “Armenia’s ambassador to Israel has said that Netanyahu promised to stop handing over weapons to Azerbaijan. “I was given a verbal promise by the Israeli government.”

    This is a development that will change the situation, as Israeli weapons are giving a big boost to the Azeris.

    For many months now, oil revenues have fallen sharply due to declining production and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy, which has reduced demand.

    With less money, disputes between the various tribes in Azerbaijan have escalated, and President Aliyev’s power is now in jeopardy.


    1. Random Dude says:

      How could the ambassador be given a verbal advise if he was called back due to arms sales. These kind of fake news are just putting more and more young Armenians under a threat. Instead of safely retreating, they might think that they have a chance. Help to spear their life dude, instead of spreading fake news

      1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

        100% Τrue my post.
        You are the fake news with your turkisisjew friends here.

  8. Shadow says:

    Armenian Ministry of Defense admitted progress of Azerbaijani troops, but highlights that it is temporary due to tactical withdrawal LMAO

    1. Random Dude says:

      The line of contact became too long with zigzags. and those zigzagged pocket defense can easily get encircled and eliminated. Its easier to defend a straight line, and requires less troops (armenians are in quantitative disadvantage)

      1. Shadow says:

        We’ve started to go inside mountainous regions more and many of their defensive lines are broken. It’s similar to what happened in Afrin. In the first days, we used our airforce advantage and bombed them for a while, then we started the ground offensive and broke their lines. Lastly we encircled them. They were either destroyed or forced to retreat. The rest seems to be easier.

    2. Lone Ranger says:

      Germans did these tactical withdrawals till Berlin fell…

      1. Shadow says:

        lol it’s a magic phrase but then you suddenly wake up: You’re losing!

  9. Random Dude says:

    Russia is protecting armenians from “ethnic cleansing”. So whoever is scared in Karabakh can move to Armenia. Armenia is CSTO member, Karabakh isn’t. So move.

  10. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

    Giulio Meotti, 05/10/20

    Turkish President Erdogan is a grave threat to all Christians, to Europe, to civilization and to our common values.

    it is a moral, but also a strategic decision. Turkey, our implacable enemy in recent years, backs Azerbaijan.

    After Syria, Libya and the eastern Mediterranean, the Turkish ‘sultan’ now is intervening in Nagorno Karabach, a historic piece of Armenian land disputed by Muslim Azerbaijan.

    Erdogan, backed by the usual treacherous Qatar, sent his Islamist henchmen, already become very efficient in Libya and against the Kurds in Syria, to help the Azeris. AsiaNews revealed that 4,000 Syrian mercenaries are in Azerbaijan and that others are leaving for that purpose. They say they “fight against the Christian crusaders” and that “it is part of the jihad”.

    Israel must stop selling weapons to the Azeris. After all Turkey has also become Israel’s enemy. I was disappointed when the vote in the Knesset to recognize the Armenian Genocide was canceled.

    The Armenians are left with only Putin and Russia, as has often happened when it comes to Eastern Christians. My friend, the Armenian writer Antonia Arslan, is right in asking: “Who, in the old continent, wants to die for Nagorno-Karabakh? Nobody wanted to die for Danzig in 1939, let alone today for Stepanakert”.

    Europe must understand that, from the Greeks to the Armenians, not only interests are at stake when fighting against Erdogan, but also civilization. This is why the former church of Hagia Sophia has just been reconverted to mosque.

    The West is decaying before our eyes. I implore Israel to stand with the little Armenia. “Who remembers the Armenians?” Hitler asked in planning the Holocaust.

    Jews and Armenians are very different from their neighbors. They have a long history and they have survived many wars and invasions.

    Israel and Armenia, two islands of European civilization in the Islamic ocean, two islands the Jihadists want to eradicate.

    1. Rhodium 10 says:

      Europa&USA gave Kosovo to radical muslims….therefore they will not move any finger if NK turn in another muslim pseudocalifate full of Syrian terrorist…among other reason these western puppets are close to Iran!.we have seen Kosovo turn in a military base for US forces despite that many kosovans are members of ISIS.

  11. Lone Ranger says:

    Armenian leadership are traitors, simple as that.
    Aside from that they are tards.
    But they will have to catch up to reality soon enough.
    Hope Russia wont help these unthankful traitors.

  12. U n k n 0 w n says:

    Call Kim Kardashian for help (Li)Armenians..

  13. Rhodium 10 says:

    Pashinyan is another pro western puppet like all Serbian presidents since Milosevic was removed by colour revolution!..and all pro western presidents have in common that their countries lose territory!…for example with pro western presidents Serbia lost Kosovo and Montenegro…Ukraine lost Crimea ( obviusly Russia would not have allowed the remove of the Black sea fleet in exchange of a naval base for US 6º fleet there), Georgia lost Abjazia and Ossetia ( because NATO wanted a huge base between Turkey and Armenia)..and now Pashinyan will lost NK which will be occupied by Syrian radical muslims brought from Syria.who will be in charge to maintain a constant guerrilla war vs Armenia.

  14. Romeo Pesiao says:

    On this desperate times, USA, Russia and France act like deaf and blind to NK, and always barking for a ceasefire that it could never happen hence Turkey and Azerbaijan has the advantaged of the situation. Unleash your support to NK in terms of logistics for the enemy to hesitate their advance. And maybe they regard for a ceasefire.

    1. BlueHeadLizard says:

      NG-Kh is inbetween Iran and Russia so let us forget about USA and France. A part from mouthing off they have no say in this conflict.

  15. Assad must stay says:

    time for russia to jump in and save the day, come on putin, stop being a little chump!

    1. Lazy Gamer says:

      There are different scenarios. If Russia or Iran jumps in, who jumps in on the other side? OR Russia has realized it could not afford another war due to sanctions. OR Russia has realized it does not have an effective answer against drones. OR being an OSCE head or Successor of the Soviet Union, it has to appear impartial. OR there is greater benefit with keeping Azerbaijan close.
      Any way it is, it does not give the Russians the right to keep Armenia expecting on false hope or to torture them because of Pashinyan’s acts like what people in this forum do. (they would be helping the people not the leader) Russian intervention for the most part is generally more on the side of inactivity since ww2. Instead of having a community of interest with another country. They would break a country just to solely protect their own interest leaving the rest to the West. Syria and Libya appears to be an exception.

      1. Assad must stay says:

        Only torki and pakistan and i guess israel has already joined azerbaijan, russia could easily push azeris back, they dont have to completely destroy them, when azeris feel the heat they will want to negotiate

        1. BlueHeadLizard says:

          I agree with Lazy Gamer. This is not like Ossetia and Abkhazia in Georgia where Russia did intervene to ‘save the day’.

          In this war Russia considers it worthwhile to give up up Ng-Kh in exchange for stronger relationship with Azerbaijan + Turkey. The ‘red line’ Is Armenia and this may be pre agreed between Russia – Turkey – Azerbaijan, maybe even Iran.

          1. Assad must stay says:

            but russia has many thousands of troops in armenia and did a military exercise with them, to just abandon them, will be very bad karma for russia i think, i wish it were like ossetia and abkhazia where russia saves the day, we need more saving of the day, not sitting back and pontificating

          2. BlueHeadLizard says:

            Russia will not abandon Armenia proper, but looks like the unrecognised Republic of Artsakh based around NG-KH with only 150k people left can be ‘given up’ in favour of the relationship with Azerbaijan and Turkey.

            One of the Azerbaijan oil pipelines from Baku goes to Russia, arm’s sales, so probably larger economic ties between Russia and Azerbaijan than with Armenia, realpolitik is hard on the small and poor.

          3. Assad must stay says:

            Still i think that would not sit well with armenia and would only give a message to torki and azeris that their aggression and violence works and gives them results, what kind of world leader especially putin would do that? No this is not right at all

  16. BlueHeadLizard says:

    “….. I urge you to mobilize…… Of course they are not mobilizing as Armenia is not in this war and not using its best military assets like Su-30 and Iskander. So soldiers on the Republic of Artzakh side will not have air or missile cover but just be cannon fodder.

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