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JUNE 2020

Bashar al-Assad’s Spy Chief to Visit Moscow Next Week


Bashar al-Assad's Spy Chief to Visit Moscow Next Week

Ali Mamluk (R)

Director of the Syrian National Security Bureau, Ali Mamluk will visit Moscow next week, the Russian state-run news agency ‘RIA’ reported on August 30, citing an anonymous security source.

No additional details were provided by the report.

The visit will come amid the ongoing Turkish military operations in Syria. Earlier, it had been reported that Ankara informed Damascus aboout its plans to start a military operation in Syria through Moscow.



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  • The intelligence departments of Syria, Russia, Iran, Iraq need to formulate operational plans to root out and capture/kill the SAS/CIA/Mossad operatives illegally formulating terror attacks inside of their countries. Mostly inside of Syria. This is a test to see if these four countries have any intelligence and anti-spy and counter SAS abilities. If they fail, then they fail the test at hand completely.

    • Keith Hopkins

      No chance. US/Britain/France/Israel are way way out in front. It’s a joke really.