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JUNE 2021

Bashar Al-Assad Elected For His 4th Term As Syrian President

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Bashar Al-Assad Elected For His 4th Term As Syrian President

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In an expected outcome, Syria’s incumbent president Bashar al-Assad won the May 26th election with 95.1% of the vote.

Assad’s government said the election shows Syria is functioning normally despite the decade-old conflict.

Syria’s parliament speaker, Hammouda Sabbagh announced the results at a news conference, saying voter turnout was around 78%, with more than 14 million Syrians taking part.

The Speaker went on to say that the second candidate to the Post of President, Mahmoud Marei gained 470.276 votes with 3.3% out of the voters, while Abdallah Salloum Abdallah gained 213.968 votes with 1.5 % out of the correct voters.

“Upon that, and according to article 86 of the constitution and item /B/ of article 79 of the general election law, and in light of the fact that Mr. Bashar al-Assad gained the majority of votes with 95.1%, I have the pleasure to announce the winning of Dr. Bashar al-Assad with the post of president of the Syrian Arab Republic,” the Speaker added.

The election went ahead despite a U.N.-led peace process that had called for voting under international supervision that would help pave the way for a new constitution and a political settlement.

The foreign ministers of France, Germany, Italy, Britain and the United States said in a statement criticising Assad ahead of the election that the vote would not be free or fair.

The election means that Bashar al-Assad will remain Syria’s president for 7 more years, and his family in will have been heading the country for nearly 60 years.

“Thank you to all Syrians for their high sense of nationalism and their notable participation. … For the future of Syria’s children and its youth, let’s start from tomorrow our campaign of work to build hope and build Syria,” Assad wrote on his campaign’s Facebook page.

He now needs to continue dealing with ISIS in the central region and the “moderate opposition” in Greater Idlib, but also with a heavy economic crisis.

This is due to tightening U.S. sanctions, neighbouring Lebanon’s financial collapse, the COVID-19 pandemic hitting remittances from Syrians abroad and the inability of allies Russia and Iran to provide enough relief.


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amerikans (their ruling class installed senile tomato prez)and prostitutes that live in their colonies upset that civilized people have real democracy

Gentleman Jim

Bashar al Assad is a good decent man and in any free and fair election would have won hands down. He is also a brave and courageous leader who unlike many other Arab “leaders” did not run away or hide in a spider hole. Dr. Assad stood his ground and has for all purposes won the day, it is now time for the US losers, Turkish delusional empire seekers and Zionist criminals to stop funding terrorism in Syria and vacate Syrian lands. It is now a certainty that the Axis of Resistance will wage a war of national liberation to liberate every inch of Syria, including the occupied Golan. Kudos to Dr. Assad and the patriotic Syrian people and their allies.

The Objective

Let him gain legitimacy and rule in peace then. 95% of votes? What a laugh.
Anyway, war continues.


Actually, the war is relatively stabilized now for Syria, and you can thank Russia. There is no longer any serious strategic threat to Damascus, the frontline is largely static in far north of country, with vast majority of militants holed-up in Idlib. Who are now being used by Turkey as expendable international mercenaries to fight in Libya, and soon Yemen. Anyone might think Turkey was trying to get rid of this motley, Islamist, militant wage-cost burden…


Laughs on you dictrator worshipping poodle:


War? Yes, war, NOT civil war, as it never was. It is an invasion by international criminals with the initials NATO.

Flying Donkey vs Talking Lamb Leg

Same same islamist garbage erdogy-dog?

J Ramirez

You seem really upset, you’re not a government troll, are Jew?


Jens gave obvert LSD for lesson in turklish


All true.


The US tried to smear and use same old media tropes against Assad – butcher /mad dog of middle east etc – exact same headlines they have been using for many decades when any ME ruler is US non-compliant. But cursory look at published evidence shows the most extreme and repressive regimes in ME region are actually the key US allies in region – look up Amnesty reports on sustained appalling human rights records in KSA/UAE/Turkey and likewise damning Amnesty reports on Palestinian conditions subject to Israel. The other thing is, Assad is a trained doctor — an eye specialist and surgeon – alleged ruthless dictators don’t tend to commit their adult lives to long term training in specialized medical health sciences, or take special interest in building state subsidized public hospitals. The self serving leaderships of KSA/UAE/Turkey, or indeed Israel, are hardly known for having committed to such long term, humanist, medical, specialist training, or for taking such personal interest in public health concerns. Don’t believe the hype.

Last edited 18 days ago by VaporTrail
Florian Geyer

Very well said.
President Assad and his family display humility, strength and a genuine love of all loyal Syrians.

Bravo President Assad.

The Objective

Syria’s war will likely continue for another four years

Jens Homo

Once US pulls out – and they will eventually, despite relentless efforts of Israel lobby – it will all end surprisingly quickly, left on their own, Turkey will quietly back out.

Flying Donkey vs Talking Lamb Leg

Jens Homo…🤣🤣🤣🤣


So are you saying that Assad will be presiding over Syria at peace at his 5th year of this term? Or are you so stupid that you don’t even know that Syrian Presidential term is 7 years?

Flying Donkey vs Talking Lamb Leg

The war in Syria is likely to continue as long as the islamist dictator erdogy-dog will be in power…

john wooh

I hope u get the same war, you brought to Syria 10Years ago.
To taste ur own medicine which u preach to Syrians.

Hatay (Antiochia,) to Syria
Izmir(Smyrna) Istanbul(Konstantinnople)etc. to Greece
Diyabakir with the southeast to the Kurds.
The east with Kars to Armenia and so on.

Israel is an Apartheid State

Congratulations Syria.

Chad Assad

Oy vey!


Syria remains under siege. Changing leadership under the present circumstances would probably be problematic. On the other hand, it is very difficult to believe this was anything like a free and open election. 95%? Really?? It doesn’t even match the illusion-of-choice elections that take place in many of the “liberal democracies”. These leaders hold such expensive theatre productions as just that, a show, and because a lot of people actually buy into the show.

Peter Jennings

95%! He’s taking the piss.
The charlatans in the west can barely manage 30% these days.
President Assad and President Putin will see the back of all their antagonists. Both have a few under their belts already.
However, until the western public gains control of their democracies i’m afraid it will be a case of meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

L du Plessis


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