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Baseless Speculations Regarding Syrian Army Advance Near Tabqah Appear Online (Map Update)

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Recently, several media activists and local outlets have started spreading baseless reports that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is making some offensive actions against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) south of the town of Tabqah. These reports are not based on facts. The map below shows the current situation in the area.

Baseless Speculations Regarding Syrian Army Advance Near Tabqah Appear Online (Map Update)

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Well.. Erdo and Donald would hate a united front of SAA and SDF for sure.. Because it is the only real option for Assad and Syria to overcome the balkanization that all major powers, Putin included, now seem to favor. Sadly this option now seems not much more likely than last year..

Saddam Hussein

SAA and (((SDF))) will never unite. They are traitors and just as bad as the other terrorists in Syria.


I would not say never. SDF is still playing the angle of getting western support and supplies. What about the Arab groups, are they somewhat independent of the Kurds?


AFAIK the Arabs in SDF are mostly from tribes that the US have payed for switching sides from ISIS. They dont have any loyalty to the Kurds when the $ stop. But Assad now has a big momentum as he tries to get the support of the tribal leaders back. In a tribalistic country as Syria this is crucial.

Jens Holm

Of course they are paid iddiot. Your version of how arabs are is totally wrong.Those are not ISIS or not, or Assads only but many groups.

If You take the socalled northern arabs, they have their own accent, which sound strange even to people along Eufrat – Raqqa and DEZ.

Where is You logic sence. Arabs are in Assads, ISIS, FSA, Qaida and SDFs and not some united crap as somefew still assume learned by Syrian or Iraqian or palestinian nationalisme.

Where do I se Palestnians united as well. Who pays them – well mainlky United Nations.

Maybee You should turn on the switch for learning about arabs and dont forget, that other non arabs are in the SDFs as well as Kurds in SDFs are not even united.

I am sure none pay You for reading that crap of Yours.

As a minimum You should say others pay their soldiers as well as forced recruitmen also is a pay the other way to defend all living there and not being freebees still only knowing the Christian or Assad way but learn about, where they actuel lives and or at least the moment has to defend.

The other solution is quite clear. They could join somebody else. They dont.


Well Jens, before you hurle insults, and preach about Arabs, better learn to read what i wrote: “The Arabs in SDF”

Then please take your time to 1. Comprehend what i wrote 2. Think about an answer 3. And post an answer that is written in understandable english

From reading your posts here for years, i dont have much hope you are able to do that, but please suprise me. :)

Saddam Hussein

There are no real arab groups with the SDF, maybe they have a few Arab mercenaries with them (a small minority). The bottom line is any arab would rather have an Arab leader like President Assad rule them than a group of gypsies forcing a new language and communist culture on them.

Jens Holm

Thats crap and well registrated crap of Yours according any facts.

SDFs actually has a homepage and we see pictures of them and people like You even name them as ISIS. Thats Your infected low level.

But it is true SDFs are the best fighters and by that also take the hardest jobs branding them having equal rights with YPJ as well.

I compare that branding with the Syrian tigers in their rusty aquariums. Those even witrh big losses has shown, they in periods are the best Assad have.


Well.. Jens you go trust the PR/propaganda of the SDF (that desperatly tried to hide that their sub units are in a huge majority either all kurdish, or controlled by Kurds at the command level to get the internationa support by acting like some kind of “democratic” non-ethnic driven group.
In reality, they cant hide that, when they put dozen meters high Öcalan flags in the center stages of their victory parades.
While the Arab majority areas the SDF tries to control only stays under their control for the security forces and their often brutal repression.


If you say so Saddam.

Truth is, Assad and most Kurds (despite some of their leaderships too closely affiliated with US) see that their true threats are common, and that only united they will have a chance to defend against Turkey. Why you think Assad negotiates with them since last year? And why the US deep state went insane when Donald said he wants to go home, which made the Kurds to get serious with the negotiations?
The Kurds will try to squeeze as much weapons from the US as possible. But after Donalds try to move out of Syria their delusions about the US are now dead. In the medium term they know that only with Assad they have a chance against Turkey.
Now that Putin values Erdogan as much more important than Assad or Iran.
Despite the ethnic differences, most Syrians know that Turkey has historically been and even more in the last years and even today the biggest threat…

Jens Holm

You certainly open up for peacetalk – or actually the opposite.

The real criminels anytime are the ones in Damaskus in the Baath party, which run the others as private spendable property.

SDFs didnt uprice against Assads. They did not exist, when millions left their homes and fx went to Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Turkey and Europe.

Har for me to see why You blame them for cleaning that big area as well. Assads left.Should they all be killed or refugees in Turkey and Europe.

It has been great for Assads ISIS has had 2 fronts in the area. Assads have only 90% control in the Iranian, hesbollas, Rssian prts of his.

Lena Jones

Oh shut it down already with your stupid jewy brainwash and your defense of the terrorist state of israel. Boring boring boring! Syria LIVES despite the evil khazarian conspiracy!

Concrete Mike

Thats right Saddam, i remember when the saudi.pimp al jubeir visited the sdf and pledged support , if that ainy treason enough for you…

alejandro casalegno

First……SDF assault in Deir Ezzor………noe SAA in Tabqah………fake news becouse a perhaps a SAA/SDF accord is comming.

Saddam Hussein

I feel the Syrian govt is behind these stories, as the people of Raqqa and other places are increasing their protest against the SDF. The Syrian mukabarat might be putting pressure on the kurdish terrorists.

Jens Holm

Does it really matter who is behind dummy. Its about to try to find at least some realistic solitions.

You hardly seemes to care that more then 10 mio. Syrians are not in their own homes – even outside Syria – as well as so far 550.000 are dead, at least many more are woundet forever and for billions of destructions are made and today and towmorrow as well.

You and many others here only are the dummies.

Saddam Hussein

Btw ….Jens means gay in Arabic.

Jens Holm

In my arabic world it can be meant as “gender and nice”.

Gays here in Denmark are fine and good and well educated as the rest. They pay for themselves and for children from other families making them free school, free education, free medical care and free pension.

The other way most of You by 434 in the Choran tell vomen as second class citicens because Allah created women from men.

When we make cars and remove wheels and seats, it no car anymore unless we put on wheels and seats.

So You are men like cars with no wheels and seat. No wonder most of Yout world is as it is.

7 of 12 police districts in Denmark are driven by women Leader and because they women makes a lot of good Leaders as well. Doctors are same thing as well as the rest. Women as gays also can walk free in the street as the men. We hardly think about unless we meet Your kept stupid black tents needed to be protected by men, because those men would do the same to other women.

So genders are a matter of raising. Our women are much clever then Your men. No wonder Your women are even more stupid then men. You make them ready for sale, so they are as little as possible themselves.

Not even carwheels are the same to all cars.


Lol. That is very amusing. :)

Jens Holm

As written before its not as bad to be a gay here. As a minimum You should add – “living among You”.

Whats the difference ? Well You buy a wife and make children, the world dont need.

Concrete Mike

Since when are you pragmatic? Ive.neen here from the start and so have you.

Why is your.grammar inconsistent as fuck. Why is your syntaxe good today while its been garbage 5 years!

And you then tell me your a real.person??


Jens Holm

Before I started here I hardly had written a word in Enlish in 40 Years.

My english by that is very difficult to Yours. I use a a mix of spoken and written english taken from dayli life incl. TV.

I know its very much accepted by britt and americans. Some might remember language also include SMS and MMS, where words are made shorter and transmitted like MS actual is a motorship.

I also have a very big advantage by Danish thinking and habits, because we are close neighbors to Brittain as well as Northern German.

A great part of their language by that even give them their name as “Anglo-Saxians”, which emmigrated to there after the Romans collapsed and next the Danes and Norwigians came and invaded too. Danish is very influed by German.

We are in a way half german, because most of kings are Danish/Germans and had private land in the Northern Germany as well as the Country Denmark, which also was Norway, Iceland, Shetlands and Greenland.

By that I almost think almost like like Britts/americans and partly Germans and translate from there.

Its not as far as from Arabic or Turkish. You are in another world. You hardly are able to understand all our women(almost) are equal to men and they can go free in the streets and go as they wish and work above or below men and are paid for, what they do and not in gender.

They mainly are lighter dressed and mainly because of the weather and for pratical matters. You are much closed in You culture. Your best classic private gardens has high walls around it and a nice fountain – and of course trees and flowers too. But it makeYour families very closed, so anything can happend very closed for everybody else.

We mainly hide less. We communicate much more among each other. By that bad family things aree found and can be solved or repaired by not onlyu neighbors but our social security systems.

We also trust them and the police and ask them for help. They are not corrupt having their own agenda. They help us neutral just like pur sekular courts by the laws by the constitution and the laws made by Parlament and Goverment.

We also didive the power for anything happening here to many people – By that many eyes see and act – in stead of a few. We also regularly elect and reelect. Its wrong that fx Syria and Turkey only has one good Leader.

One Leader cant run everything by him- or herself. And You see it for Trump. Trump think Presidensy in USA is like Assad or Erdogan, but a lot of the rest are in power by its constitution and make limits for his Presidensy.

Democrasy is for sharing power together and accept for a periode, those in the top do things, You dont like too – AND NEXT, by good argumentations and facts replace them – with no violance. You burn no chairs and buildings, because all belongs to all of us. Of course a parlament can work in the free sitting on the floor and even in the wintertime being closed as bedouins, but thats how it is.

So thats where my language is from. True I am too busy now and then, but I can and will not go back to the same kind of highschool english so many do well. I am no Lawyer or Doctor thinking in Arabic or Turkish.

I am me, and I think the world should accept most of us are not semi academic and even so nowerdays can aznytime and witin secons can communicate most things with peoplefrom Argentine or Japan as we wish.
And if we dont understand strange language, strange things things, strange commas etc. – We ask and enjoy we now can even skype or videochat to billions.

I have a good example from here and old days. A danish king should help another king and agreed, but when he sended soldiers to the front a peace treaty already was made – and against him. Mails was by horse. Now fre can do it by internet and add pictures and videos within seconds and get a reply like : Just a minute.

Jens Holm

Its correct I have my own private oppinion and in many matters are not pragmatic, but I insist in communication at least are based on the most correct data.

If You take the ME nationalistic historybooks, You must be at at least several countries, because all of them are totally biased upside down making You to enemies.

They all are typical ones created after WW1 taken in heroes, which were not heroes, telling the same stories – fx You have have a long history as countries – which Youhave not, You all were Ottoman – or fx Persians or colonies.

That science fiction then are added Kemal only was a hero. Ôchlan is only very good and very bad and of course added picyures of the Leaders of today running You in an isolated context not even letting You know, how the rest of the world has solved problems as well as made them.

We in west are only bad ones even almost all advanced technology You use – incl.this computer – is made by systems created in systems, You not even have have and see as bad.

How was vital parts of ME, if oil only was for lamps only . I do bring in a lot of money and paid jobs and can feed 10 times more then 100 years ago. So You are involved , but strange enough, You do almost NOTHING to improve Your life taking the goodparts and profit from us.

You dont educate people for it, but expect things would come to You as the rest of Your life WAS. Syrians cant even take theor own oil up but only very small parts of it as in the days just after Baku and Kirkuk became something.

And its very strange. You do understand, that if You give Your animals good food, they become good meet. You also understand You fertilize wheat and then get more and better bread.

So You blame us for not using Your own good options getiing money for free for a product, You sell as raw material only. As written before: How comes a country, where its even blaming other for stealing its small spill over productions of mainly dirty oil and some gas, are not even able to produce simple plastic buckets. You even can buy used machines for it.

So the main problems are, You wont change to being able to do that as we do by schools, education, skills, hard work and paid for – not family relations and gender – but for what You actually do.

And even almost no women work, You even had a very, very high unimploymen rate for men. I was a few years ago estimated as up to 50%. FIFTY PROCENT hardly doing anuýthing aprt from purring water on the salad in the backyard.

And if a women in Your country do the same job as a man, those are paid with some flowers or something, and the man is paid by a car. How comes. I have seen that many times muslims do that here in Denmark. I also have seen men because of honor even very unimployed or very low paid dont let their wifes and daughters work. They eat too and have their needs too in the same way as the men, and often a small extra income by cleaning in a factory is the difference for having at least some meat now and then at the dinner table.

Its very strange for a western how You can raise men and women to accept to stay in systes like like, when they see the results during centuries, where they even came from.

I once laughed some at the invasion of Iraq. The do have watches there too, but they only use them for roadside bombs …. Things certainly are more scedulked here gives more and harder work but with structure a much better production as well as time to enjoy life too.

So much for pragfmatisme. You start discussions finding at leat the same facts to argue about and condem the ones, which might never has been true.

And next. Steaks and tomatoes dont come from the sky if You wait doing nothing hard enough. And who gave You potatoes and tomatoes from where.

Things alway has spead out, when people takes it up. ME learned a lot agriculture, because it was a good idea, and You should take in like that and add it to tomatoes, potatoes and use less weapons -Yóu are verybad in weapon handling, You might fokus in anything else and be better in that by rtaising Your own fleshand blod better.

Saddam Hussein

Im suprised even Almayadeen wrote about this (a well respected pro-Assad arabic news site). The story claimed that the SAA advanced towards Hourat Jariyat – but havent the SAA liberated it for some time now? Anyway, clashes with the kurdish occupiers and the SAA will happen soon. President Assad will liberate that land.

Jens Holm

Those are fake news, just like You.

You hardly has any realistic solutions. More like reading from scums which hasno relations to, what realisme, honeur and respect is.

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