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Barzeh Area In Eastern Damascus Is Fully Liberated From Militnats

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The Bazreh area in eastern Damascus has been fully liberated from militants as a result of a withdrawal deal made between them and the Syrian government.

On Monday, the last batch of militants and their supporters left the area and Bazreh was taken under a full control by government forces. The militants and their supporters are set to arrive the militant-held province of Idlib.

With the liberation of Bazreh, government forces made a large step in a wider effort aimed at securing the Damascus countryside from various terrorist threats.

Barzeh Area In Eastern Damascus Is Fully Liberated From Militnats

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Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

Hopefully Jobar is next on the list to be cleansed of al Qaeda presence.

Concrete Mike

Yes I hope so as well. It Will bé à tough fight though, à Well entrenched and motivated enemy does not Bode Well. Could call in some tu-95 and carpet bomb the place, that would get the White helmets crying.

Sadly we cant Do that when civillians are around…

Best success to thé SAA and allies, we are with you the whole way

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