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Barzani Stepping Down From Kurdistan Region Presidency

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Barzani Stepping Down From Kurdistan Region Presidency

On Sunday, Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani announced in a letter to the Kurdistan Region Parliament that he is stepping down as president but will remain serving his nation as a Peshmerga member.

“I refuse to continue the position of president of the Region after November 1, 2017,” Barzani said. “I, as Masoud Barzani the Peshmerga, will continue with our nation and beloved Peshmerga in endeavors to achieve the just rights of our nation and protect the achievements of our nation.”

Barzani’s Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) said in a statement that Barzani will continue work to “develop and further strengthen democratic principles in Kurdistan, protect the achievements of our nation, and maintain and develop Kurdistan’s legitimate institutions.”

In his letter, Barzani also called on the Kurdistan Region Parliament to resolve the matter of the duties and powers of the president to ensure there is no “legal vacuum.”.

The Iraqi-Kurdish TV channel Rudaw reported that tensions erupted in the Kurdistan Region Parliament after the Gorran Movement opposed Barzani’s suggestion to distribute his powers between the local government and the Parliament and the Judicial Council temporarily.

Rudaw said that Gorrran Movement requested that Barzani powers be given to the Kurdistan Region Parliament only.

Barzani decision to step down from Kurdistan Region presidency is a direct result of the failed Kurdistan Region independence referendum that was organized by Barzani himself. Another result is the ongoing negotiation between the Iraqi Army and the Kurdish Peshmerga force to hand over more disputed areas to the Iraqi Federal Government.

Iraqi sources reveled that a new negotiation session between the Iraqi Army and the Peshmerga was held in Mousl city on Sunday. The Mosul meeting was reportedly sponsored by the US. US officials attended the meeting.

According to reports, the Iraqi Army insisted in the previous meetings that the Peshmerga should retreat to the 2003 borders. The Iraqi Army also asked the Peshmerga to hand over all border crossings and airports to the Iraqi Federal Government.

The Peshmerga and the KRG may approve the Iraqi Army demands in the upcoming days in order to avoid more violense that could lead to losing more ground in favor of the Iraqi Federal Goverment.

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MD Ranix

must be up to no good/demoted by his zio masters – time will tell

Pave Way IV

He hasn’t LEGALLY been president for years. His term expired, and he just kept acting as president. You get to do that when you’re a CIA/Mossad stooge. Now let’s see if him and his parasitic clan are going to move out of the old Saddam Hussein palace that they live in today. That was just sarcasm, of course. That corrupt old smuggler and his inbred clan of thieves will never move out. They’ll be able to suck the money from little people Kurds for decades with all the scams they have going. I would love to see someone leak the details of all his secret bank accounts. The Kurds would string up him and his clan from the light poles in Erbil if they knew how much he had actually stolen from them.

Axis of Resistance

The goyim were waking up to the false narrative that Kurdistan was an alleged “democracy”. Barzani’s expiration date has passed.

Serious Dude

What’s going on with your enmity against Kurdistan?

Axis of Resistance

Just asking me? I’m not the only one who has an enmity to Israel 2.0.

Serious Dude

You don’t like national identities and you seem to prefer sectarians.

Axis of Resistance

So I prefer the clowns in FSA? By the way, I’m agnostic.

Serious Dude

I support SDF.

Solomon Krupacek



Support the foreign back mercenaries? And you accuse people of liking sectarians? Assad’s government was non-sectarian – everyone knows this. The SDF will, like all the rest of those who took foreign arms and money to fight the legal government of Syria, be forced to hand over any lands they “liberate” – sooner or later. Don’t expect the USA to be a dependable partner – next year they will be too busy fighting each other over who took more money from “Russians”.

Serious Dude

Assad brought Shia militants. SDF is a legal force.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Kurd’s are Arabs by genetic testing. They are as Shemitic as any other Arabs, and they should hold nationalist pride in their Iraqi nation!
The Kurdish racism thing against minorities such as Christians is appalling!
Kurd’s committed the Armenian Genocide, that is what these racist Kurd’s do.
The good Kurd’s take healthy pride in their Iraqi nation!

Serious Dude

Semitic is a made up term and therefore not existant. Arab is a term for Gulf residents. On the other hand, Arabic is a language. Kurds cannot be Arabs just by speaking Arabic, it is like the Native Americans are Spaniards because they are speaking Spanish and Hindis are Saxons because they speak English. Kurds have made no genocide while Iraqis have killed Assyrians with much pleasure, my neo-nazi friend.


Good ridance, finally a good decision…


The Kurds are done, at least in Iraq they had a central figure. No one single face in Syria. Omar oilfields and everything SAA wants would rightfully go back to them. SDF has no moral backing to their existence.


Get him in jail. He’s a thief and a war monger ruining his clan.


…staying a Peshmerga.. And here I thought he’d be announcing he’ll start drawing his Israeli pension and move to a retirement village in the Negev…


The main problem was with Barzani, that the Kurds has been divided, i’m not sure how it will continue, but there might be political union after this, so Kurds might be a little bit stronger as an outcome.


Should’ve done it years ago, you sleazy little prick. I’ll bet the Kurds want his head on a stake right now.


I feel a little sorry for the Kurds in Iraq – they appear to be worse off now than after Desert Storm in 1991. But only a little – this was necessary to end any dreams of “Federal” Syria. Assad is not Saddam – and Saddam was a CIA man anyway, so for the US to use Saddam as an excuse to destroy Iraq’s military power was disgraceful anyway. Also, Russia had finished rebuilding their military and so was able to intervene to stop any more countries from being destroyed. The USA (and their accomplices) will pay a high price for their crimes against humanity.

Solomon Krupacek

kurdish rulett. in erbil is an old house. in the old house an old room. on the old room four corners. in each corner is one old chair. in four old chairs sit serious dude, matt, kennethlindsay and durchnational. all four guys, sitting in old chairs in corners of old house´s old romm, is one old colt. in each old colt there are 3 old bulletts. randomly. when barzani sneezes, the four guys in old cahirs in corners of old room in old jhouse start to shot wizh old guns on the neighbour on the left side and the right side. if the neighbour falls, shoot the guy in the opposite corner. the last living wins.

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