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Barzani Forces Are On Retreat In Mutliple Areas In Northern Iraq (Map)


Forces loyal to the Kurdistan Region’s President Massoud Barzani are on retreat in mutliple areas as the Iraqi Army, the Federal Police and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) push to restore the federal government’s control over contested areas in northern Iraq.

Following the operation in Kirkuk city, Iraqi government forces have taken control of the towns of Sinjar, Bashiqa, Makhmour, Khanaqin. In all these areas, the army was cooperating with local PMU members. For example, the Yazidi-populated town of Sinjar was taken back by the government with help of local Yazidi PMU fighters.

According to Iraqi forces, the army and its allies are now developing momentum towards the town of Rabia located at the Syrian-Iraqi order. The control over the Rabia is not clear now, but the Peshmerga is reportedly withdrawing from the area.

UPDATE: Rabia and the Iraqi-Syrian borderrossing near Rabia are under the control of Iraqi government forces.

A major part of the gains were made by government forces wtihout any shot because Kurdish Peshmerga units had abandoned their positions.

Separately government forces have taken back Hassan Bey and Afana oil fields that had been attacked by ISIS last night.

Barzani Forces Are On Retreat In Mutliple Areas In Northern Iraq (Map)

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