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Barrett M107 Anti-Material Rifle (Infographics)

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Barrett M107 Anti-Material Rifle (Infographics)

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The Barrett M107 anti-material rifle is designed to provide a long range anti-material capability for United States ground forces.


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It’s a hard rifle to hate

Jacob Wohl

BREAKING NEWS: Russkie allowing IRGC/Mullah militias to operate out of their Hmeimim Airbase. This means IDF have the green light to attack it directly. Goodbye Russkies. IDF F-35 Adirs visiting Latakia Airbase soon!!! :-]

Aleks Noir



Israel couldn’t even defeat hizbollah, how are they supposed to fight Russian forces if even USA didn’t? If they hit any Russian forces, even USA won’t be able to save them. That’s if they even do it, I doubt they are that stupid.

Jens Holm

I allow me to see the othe way around too. Has those onelegged shoesavers defeayed Israel?

As partly neutral I would say Hesbolah with Assads as big nasty brother has been able to destroy lebanon and has done well.

Even the ruins look the same.

cechas vodobenikov

u r an obsequious colony of the US—soon they will own Greenland—u submissively allow them to install a consulate there


Greenland is de facto American, Denmark has it only on paper.

Jens Holm

Thats very incorrect. Greenland is a Danish Autonome having its own Parlament

You can compare that part of us as well as Faroe Island with, what PYD by SDF wish for in Syria.


If Americans start to build a base there, Danes are the last to know.

Jens Holm

AS written a few hours ago I do prefare to be a Jew apart from the Zionists compared to be like You.

I will say exact the same for being a colony of USA.

Jens Holm

Nothing wrong with that. We have several of those in USA too.

You really dont get how we are in our world not even far away in distance.

Those Inuits well mixted up with “Southern danes” decide a lot by themselves. We also send them more then 500 million dollar a year, because its very difficult for them having an income by used ressources of today.

So if USA can make an income there a by then pay some tax for compensation, its fine with me and most danes. The Inuits really has need to fell less dependet of the rst of us too.

Madmen like You and Trump think the Inuits decide nothinhg about it themselves. They do.

You dont understand “choose” and “free will”. You probatly dont know what it is and gets disorganized ashenswithno head, because You are raised to be controlled.

Let me say how things are when its best. When norway by narionalismedecided not to go back to Denmark from a smallperiod with Sweden, they decided to take a Dane as their King. Danes understood.

In 1920 danes could have taken almost all (back)from Germany defeated by France, GB, Russia, Italy and USA.

Butwe didnt. We vted about it and took only half back, because the rest has become even more German/Presussian then when we lost it. By that we became friends with Germany again having good relations.

I am sure thats a reason for Danes was not treated hard by the Nazis.

Many could learn from that instead of Your comment. Its very strange to me a small but artifial part of Ukraine just cant be voted home.Its like people living there are nothing and objekts not to respect.

I see exact the same quagmore for Syria, Iraq, Turkey and other places in the world. People ofYour seemes to prefare killing and plundering Your neaigbors as You are raised to it.

None there has sober history books for what happend in the past – and also none for the future apart from more ammo for no oil ahving Assad as commander of the Russian army. .

Its “2 tractors killed today”. “Those Turks should go back to Mongolia” or next we take “Golan. But You are the taken ones by noses and behinds. You let psycopats run You. And those has made constitutions, so they have seucred family rules the next 1000 years.

Dogs can breathe with any kind of dogs. Its male dog made by Allah and a shemale made by clay wiirth much less but clay is ,made by Allah too.

But I wonder if danes can make children with someone likeYou at all.

When I propose


Did Israel destroy Lebanon? Yes, did they destroy Hezbollah? No, they negotiated peace with them. Who won?

Raptar Driver

Good luck with that?

Black Waters

You are deranged dude. Take your pills, or you will start seeing hallucinations again.

good american

His world is more agreeable to him with hallucinations.


How exactly you have right to attack someone on a teritory where was legaly invited by local goverment and that someone is not attacking Israel, but fighting against jihadists? The only expalantion is that Istrael wants jihadists to win. But do as you wish. USA, your only protector is entering free fall period, so attacking the only other force, that could possibly protect you from Arab revenge for your numerous crimes, Russia is certainly a good idea.

Jens Holm

We all know Saddam was invited by the Ayatollah. We all know Assad was invited to Lebanon. Moscow is invited to Ukraine too.

It seemes You have no idea legal unless its about “others” mainly said as “You shoud do as I say and not as I do.

Your Avatar seemes to be a Niqab with dark sunglasses.

cechas vodobenikov

farcical —u r illiterate in your own language….paroled in az for fraud? I enjoy your self humiliation—now be good automaton and cry

Martin Petrovski

an amzing rifle

Raptar Driver

I’d love to have 1 of these puppies

Jens Holm

Unfortunatly I already has some old Stingers and an Armata in my backyard. I have space if SF promote some mini Uzi or like that with no xtra ammo.


Found your collection, Jens https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/71606e99eaa525c5899993be7a2b85622c9c622e9ef96387ecf8558258ab8bec.jpg

Jens Holm

Thanks for the satelite image. It look like Syria in tribe and etnicity mode with all its silly little flags.

We can see Assads as the red ones being the minority. Not even them are arabs in the arabicum state of Syria.

Counting the black ones, it seemes ISIS has more support then the Assads, but we have to remember it soon will be Iran and added 80 more million spendables.

So what is Syria for real. Some might say its forced birth control.

Danes with our belowed hardworking Turks with us are more like this. Not surpricing they also have a lower cime rate even they by strange reasons support Erdogan.



Indeed, Assad is the protector of the minorities, unlike your Saudi state model, wherever Assad rules women can wear skirt. But you Danes are all gay, that’s why you hate women and love Turks and Arabs.

Jens Holm

So why cant we buy the stuff SF.

Nowerdays everybody sell by Internet and soon after its on Our doorsteps. It might improve Your finances. its alsmost summer here and there is not as much as a T shirt by You.

I will not recommend old ammo and landmines.


Here’s your stuff Jens https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/01d600fdf18375299e5435b01e192bb790650dbc130df3c4526eb6fcf4648a2c.jpg

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