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Barrage Of Rockets Hit Base Hosting US Troops In Central Iraq

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Barrage Of Rockets Hit Base Hosting US Troops In Central Iraq

Illustrative image.

Late on April 18, a barrage of rockets struck Balad Air Base which is located 64 km north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

The RT TV said that three rockets landed in the base. However, Reuters reported that the number of rockets was at least five. From its side, the Sabereen News channel on Telegram claimed that six rockets were actually used in the attack.

US troops are known to be present in the air base, where F-16 warplanes are also deployed. The base also hosts headquarters of American Sallyport Global Holdings.

Citing Iraqi sources, RT reported that two Iraqi service members were wounded in the rocket strike. Meanwhile, the Sabereen News claimed that foreign contractors working for the US-led coalition were also wounded.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, so far. Pro-Iranian factions in Iraq are known for carrying similar attacks on US troops in the country.

This was the second attack on a facility hosting US troops in Iraq this week. On April 15, a suicide drone hit a US military installation in Erbil International Airport in the Kurdistan Region.

The new rocket attack on Balad Air Base was likely a part of the ongoing military campaign by pro-Iranian forces to push US troops out of Iraq. The US-led coalition usually responds to fatal attacks only.


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  1. LRcaptain says:

    2 rocket attacks in one week dam.
    6 convoys attacked
    1 drone attack

    Now normally in response to this type of aggression. Im talking about drone strikes and rockets attacks western nations would flood the areas with mechanized infantry. Carry out search and destroy operations trying to hit depots and manufacturing centers.
    But there are 3 reasons why the US can’t do that and Israeli officer can tell you why.

    1st drones and missiles no longer need complex areas to build store them. Thus they are harder to locate. More time searching and getting ambushed less time doing damage to the enemy.

    2nd You can’t really separate the PMU from Iraqi armed forces. Due to an integration processes.

    3rd another state may intervene in this case Syria or Iran could send troops in into iraq if the country is plunged into civil war.

    as to counter these, well even if i tell you, you won’t care. But issues that US troops are facing here are the same as the ones the IDF face.

    1. tzatz says:

      2. Retaliation will be exacted … Iraqi forces better separate and point out the PMU forces …

      1 & 3 Are bs …

      Remind me … the IDF face missile fire without knowing from whom and without exacting retaliation?


      1. Icarus Tanović says:

        Yes, like what would happen? IDF are chickens. Like tou would leveling Beirut like you did backinthadays? Go ahead and try. And I just wonder, I have questions, why IDF doesn’t cross to Lebanese airspace anymore, to help theirs Wahhabi ISIS headchopping friends doing carnages in Syria?
        There’s something about Cindy.

        1. tzatz says:

          The IDF have their own agenda … eh?

          I just read and marvel at the capabilities of the IAF … Lebanon can’t stop them … eh?

          If they attempted to shoot at an IAF JET that would beget a major war … eh?

          1. Icarus Tanović says:

            Do you know how dumb you sound? You sound like retard…eh
            This is how do you sound, like having some block in the middle of the sentence.

          2. tzatz says:

            Tell me how you REALLY feel … I really care … eh?


          3. Icarus Tanović says:

            Just like I said. And one thing is for sure, you are not from Israel, you’re from America, American Zionist, wannabe jew, and you’re not.

          4. Ashok Varma says:

            Claims to be living in Canada. But does not know anything about Canada. These Jew trolls are all liars and spew nonsense to deflect from real issues.

      2. Ashok Varma says:

        Iraq facilitating Iran-Saudi talks. Zionism is in mortal peril.

        1. tzatz says:

          Consider the source … besides the UAE has many Iranians … Iran is OK

          The IRGC / Mullah Police State is the enemy

  2. Steve Standley says:

    Note that “contractors” were reported as casualties by Sabre News, and that there was no acknowledgement from US news sources. As I said before, contractors (read mercenaries) are employed by the US here to avoid any responsibility or blow back.

    1. tzatz says:

      Contractors = non-military personnel

      1. Ewan says:

        Contracto0rs = dogs of war – Erik Prince’s White Trash Rapists

        1. DeathToPutin+CommieLukashenko says:

          Contractors = Wagner war criminals

          1. Condor says:

            They are the trash rejects of our militarily. The US public is casualty averse since Vietnam, so they hire ghetto and trailer park trash rejects to fight in these endless lost wars for Jews. These are mostly criminals and responsible for the vast majority of war crimes against civilians. In Iraq these Blackwater mercenaries are responsible for over 20,000 civilian deaths since 2008.

          2. Ashok Varma says:

            A realistic article in Washington Two blocks from the Federal Reserve, a growing encampment of the homeless grips the economy’s most powerful person
            Rachel Siegel
            The Washington Post

      2. Ashok Varma says:

        You are a remarkably ignorant troll. The contractors are mercenaries, mostly recruited from the military. They are more expendable as the corrupt governments don’t have to pay any benefits or their deaths raise public ire. It is estimated that over 30,000 US contractors have been killed or maimed in these wars for Zionism.

        1. tzatz says:

          Ignorant … canard

    2. Condor says:

      The criminal parasitic Jew leeches have got the US involved in this endless quagmire in Arab lands. It serves no US interest as the Jew bastards want to shed our blood and money for their delusional agenda. America needs to end these wars and let the Jews fend for themselves. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

    3. Ashok Varma says:

      US dolts are bleeding in endless wars for nothing as China rises. As Napoleon said, don’t interrupt when your enemies commit suicide.

      1. Steve Standley says:

        Good advice. I only wish the primary perpetrators were bleeding and committing suicide.

        1. Ashok Varma says:

          US is the primary loser at home and abroad in these lost sapping wars, costing $15 trillion and thousands of deaths, and for what? US policies are manipulated by a greedy evil cabal of Zionist Jews who are hell bent on global destruction, but now with power shifting to Eurasia by the hour, they will fail as global resentment against Jews is rising. The US in its suicidal meaness is delivering the world to China on a silver platter. The Chinese economy is growing by 20% post Covid. The Chinese are investing a trillion dollars in Iran alone as an excellent article by an Indian journalist in Asia Times today highlights. Americans are naive, violent, stupid short sighted braggart that are ruining their poverty stricken failed state. Almost half the US population is now officially in abject poverty and living on streets or destitute. The delusions of grandeur have proved to be a Hollywood fantasy.

          1. SOF says:

            Yeah i believe its $15 Trillion for just in the Middle East or worldwide?

            Either way it has to be more than CNBC’s estimate in 2019 of $6.4 Trillion since 2001 in the Middle East.

  3. Lone Ranger says:

    Seems like the new norm…
    Don’t worry, it was all covid cases…

    1. tzatz says:

      Covid is a ‘yankee plot’ … eh?

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        Globalist plot.

        1. tzatz says:

          Exactly … May it strike you dead

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            You first Shlomo…
            You are the same neo trotskyites ziorat trash who funded adolf and the nazi party and the commie revolution in Russia.
            But you are failing big times nowadays…
            Chickens are coming home to roost…

          2. tzatz says:

            I’ve had 1 Pfizer … waiting patiently for the 2nd … eh?

            The variants are relentless … more deadly to a younger generation …

            ver geharget

          3. Ewan says:

            Don’t waste time getting the Vaccine ‘cos Herzbollah will slaughter you by 2022 anyway

          4. Helen4Yemen says:

            Not if you go home where you came from, huh?


          5. Lone Ranger says:

            Finally some good news…
            Hope you get yzpur second shot soon…

          6. tzatz says:

            Thanks … I need to get it … the golf course beckons

          7. Just Me says:

            Hush you little Jew twatz. Big changes happening. A high level Saudi delegation is negotiating with Iran for an end to Yemen war and co-ordinating regional security with Iran. Also Chinese investment in Iran up to 1 trillion dollars. Zionist scum admit that they can not do anything against Iranian nuclear program. Ameriswine running from Afghanistan. READ ASIA TIMES , YOU DUMB TROLL.

          8. tzatz says:

            Talk is cheap …. Actions speak louder than

            The War in Yemen should be ended …. a political solution arrived at

            Iran / Saudis with a Kumbaya moment? Let’s see ….

            As for China ? Let’s see …

            Americans leaving Afghanistan is a brilliant idea …

          9. Ashok Varma says:

            Make sure you get Johnson and Johnson triple shots too to increase your golf and mental handicap too. You Jews are a burden on western tax payers anyway and want to live forever.
            The future has landed……

          10. tzatz says:

            Eunuch … eh?

          11. Ashok Varma says:

            That is low and eunuch like, even for a hasbara troll.

          12. Ashok Varma says:

            In India Hijras or eunuchs curse a lot.

        1. tzatz says:

          He died of a broken heart … after Natanz blew up … eh?

          1. Free man says:

            Or the mullahs don’t want to admit that he died of the corona virus.

          2. tzatz says:

            Ya think?

          3. Free man says:

            Yes. There are currently record numbers of coronavirus deaths in Iran.

          4. Captain Freedom says:

            From the FDA fact sheet https://www.fda.gov/media/144414/download

            People with COVID-19 have had a wide range of symptoms
            reported, ranging from mild symptoms to severe illness. Symptoms may appear 2 to
            14 days after exposure to the virus. Symptoms may include: fever or chills; cough;
            shortness of breath; fatigue; muscle or body aches; headache; new loss of taste or
            smell; sore throat; congestion or runny nose; nausea or vomiting; diarrhea.

            Symptoms like flu. But where is death? WHERE?

          5. Captain Freedom says:

            Belarus among many other countries, is doing well without any measures or mandates since the scamdemic began. Lets just ignore that, right? If you pay attention you’ll notice what polticians and media say doesn’t line up with the situation on the streets AT ALL. But continue living in the matrix, a world entirely created by the mass media that dominates your daily life.

          6. Helen4Yemen says:


            List shows 10 countries with the highest number
            of cases and deaths for today.

          7. farbat says:

            covid 19 is biological warfare in the bright light of day done by america started in texas

          8. farbat says:

            the chinese arent hit hard because the east of asia isnt the target the real targets are the west and the global south

          9. Helen4Yemen says:

            Covid-19 deaths per 1 million of population as of today (worldometers)

            Czechia=2,651 Hungary=2,612 San Marino=2,560 Bosnia and Herzegovina=2,386 Montenegro=2,275 Bulgaria=2,200 North Macedonia=2,133 Belgium=2,039 Slovakia=2,033 Slovenia=2,000 Italy=1,936 UK=1,867 USA=1,747 Brazil=1,747 Peru=1,704 Portugal=1,666 Spain=1,646 Poland=1,640 Mexico=1,632 Croatia=1,606 Andorra=1,590 France=1,541 Liechtenstein=1,465 Panama=1,416 Lithuania=1,397 Moldova=1,384 Romania=1,371 Sweden=1,359 Colombia=1,324 Chile=1,308 Armenia=1,307 Argentina=1,300 Luxembourg=1,238 Switzerland=1,207 Latvia=1,098 Austria=1,094 Bolivia=1,071 Lebanon=1,018 Ecuador=991 Georgia=989 Netherlands=985 Ireland=971 Germany=959 Malta=924 Ukraine=914 Greece=911 South Africa=897 Aruba=859 Estonia=823 Albania=815 Tunisia=815 Jordan=802 Belize=788 Iran=787 Monaco=786 Paraguay=729 Russia=723 Israel=689 Serbia=688 Sint Maarten=624 Canada=622 Mayotte=604 Costa Rica=599 Palestine=581 Eswatini=574 Caribbean Netherlands=568 Curaçao=535 Uruguay=531 French Polynesia=500 Honduras=494 Channel Islands=491 Bahamas=490 Wallis and Futuna=451 Guadeloupe=440 Turks and Caicos=434 Denmark=423 Turkey=422 Libya=417 Azerbaijan=405 Guatemala=396 Iraq=366 Saint Lucia=364 Oman=361 Bahrain=340 Isle of Man=340 Cabo Verde=339 Guyana=339 Kuwait=333 El Salvador=319 Suriname=317 Antigua and Barbuda=314 Dominican Republic=313 French Guiana=312 Saint Martin=306 Bermuda=290 Botswana=281 Belarus=256 Seychelles=253 Jamaica=243 Morocco=240 Cyprus=237 Namibia=234 Kyrgyzstan=234 Montserrat=200 Saudi Arabia=194 Kazakhstan=179 Martinique=171 Comoros=165 Finland=160 Sao Tome and Principe=157 Indonesia=157 UAE=156 Barbados=153 Réunion=150 Lesotho=146 Philippines=144 Qatar=134 Norway=130 India=129 Maldives=128 Egypt=122 Djibouti=116 Trinidad and Tobago=109 Nepal=104 Zimbabwe=103 St. Barth=101 Mauritania=95 St. Vincent Grenadines=90 Iceland=85 Syria=81 Japan=76 Equatorial Guinea=74 Pakistan=72 Algeria=71 Gambia=69 Venezuela=67 Zambia=66 Senegal=64 Afghanistan=64 Bangladesh=63 Gabon=59 Myanmar=59 Malawi=58 Sudan=49 Cuba=46 Kenya=45 Malaysia=42 Somalia=40 Yemen=37 Cameroon=35 S. Korea=35 Australia=35 British Virgin Islands=33 Guinea-Bissau=33 Cayman Islands=30 Sri Lanka=29 Ethiopia=28 Hong Kong=28 Nicaragua=27 Mozambique=25 Congo=25 Ghana=24 Rwanda=24 Haiti=22 Mali=21 Faeroe Islands=20 Uzbekistan=19 Madagascar=19 Angola=17 Liberia=17 CAR=15 Togo=14 Mongolia=13 Mauritius=12 Ivory Coast=10 Guinea=10 Papua New Guinea=10 South Sudan=10 Nigeria=10 Sierra Leone=10 Chad=10 Grenada=9 Tajikistan=9 Benin=8 DRC=8 Niger=8 Uganda=7 Burkina Faso=7 Brunei=7 Singapore=5 New Zealand=5 Eritrea=3 Cambodia=3 China=3 Fiji=2 Western Sahara=2 Bhutan=1 Timor-Leste=1 Thailand=1

          10. Ashok Varma says:

            Not true. Wishful sick thinking.

          11. Ashok Varma says:

            Iran has done far better than India, US, Brazil and most of Europe. In any case human misery is nothing to gloat over. Shows a sick hatefilled mind.

          12. Natanz is at 60% now, what blow up?

          13. tzatz says:

            Natanz … can you smell it from your home?

            If not … you soon will … eh?

          14. No then it will be 90%

          15. tzatz says:

            Cool … the fireball will be painless

          16. Ashok Varma says:

            Dimona will be hit.

          17. farbat says:

            haifa and tel aviv

          18. farbat says:

            iran always told them it would be haifa and tel aviv so they should not be suprised how leveled it will be since it has military or dual use infrastructure everywhere

          19. farbat says:

            silicon wadi even is a dual use infrastructure so when i mean tel aviv and haifa its pretty much large parts of it wiped out

          20. Ashok Varma says:

            Nothing happened. Indian media has an interview with the ex-Zionist airforce chief and he says that Iran has prepared for all eventualities for over 21 years and their nuclear program can not be rolled back.

          21. Ewan says:

            Yep, it blew up its enrichment from 20% to 60% – OUCH FakeJoo land thieves shot themselves in the foot AGAIN. Next attack will Blow up Natanz enrichment to 99%. Thereafter, NEXT attack will blow up Fake Joo stolen State of “Israel”. No More Fake Joo left. LMFAO

          22. Icarus Tanović says:

            No, you misspelled, it’s actualy Ganz and Demona, Negev.

          23. tzatz says:

            No … it was Natanz

            If Dimona was attacked … Iran would be flattened … it’s people suffering from lack of water / food / services

          24. Icarus Tanović says:

            We’re just waiting for that to happen, so we’ll see who levels who.

          25. tzatz says:

            Yes … let’s hope it’s devastating to the Arab / Muslims and the Persians … eh?

          26. Icarus Tanović says:

            But ain’t gonna be. And Persians are Muslims. Block head.

          27. tzatz says:

            Aww …

            You sound upset … do you have skin in the game?

            With your chosen avatar name ?


        2. Ashok Varma says:

          Iran held a great militarily parade today. Just saw it on Zee TV. Many new weapons.

      2. Ewan says:

        No, its a fake Joo plot

      3. It is a scamdemic

        1. tzatz says:

          I agree … walk around without a mask

          I agree … go to work if you’re unwell

          I agree … don’t wash your hands and touch your face … pick your nose

          I’m good …

          1. Thanks, I will, it’s called natural selection, who dies, dies, not my problem

          2. tzatz says:

            I agree … but we live in community in the West … there are laws and the ‘rule of law’ …. following them are important

            Sharia law is for Muslims … Muslims but especially Shia are people who believe in fate …

            Let’s hope you get your wish …

          3. Icarus Tanović says:

            Is that your zionistic sharia that you’re talking about, you rotten wankstar?

          4. tzatz says:

            I’m telling YOU like it is bro … YOU’RE hated … by a group with sovereignty and willingness to use their military might to shove it down your throats … eh?

            I’m ok with it … eh?

          5. There is no mask mandate in the Middle East

          6. tzatz says:

            The population will be spreading the virus … unwittingly

          7. The ‘virus’ isn’t real

          8. tzatz says:

            Oh … it’s very real and relentless in its pursuit of a host

          9. FlorianGeyer says:

            I agree.

          10. Ashok Varma says:

            It is just a flu. The deaths are from various pre-existing conditions in mostly old and vulnerable poor people. Look at Sweden, hardly any deaths as it has good universal health care.

          11. Icarus Tanović says:

            And I’m bwahahahahahahahahahaha

          12. John Wallace says:

            We don’t have covid so we don’t use masks but as for the rest . of course not.

      4. Ashok Varma says:

        Most likely another Jew crime against humanity.

    2. FlorianGeyer says:

      That’s sadly true :) Covid us the Zionist reaper of choice these days :)

    3. Ashok Varma says:

      Covid is hyped up flu and being used by repressive western governments to suppress human rights. All deaths, whether from car accidents, old age, heart attacks, cancer etc are being lumped under Covid. Globally 90% of deaths in India and most of the world have been old and poor people.

  4. LRcaptain says:

    2 rocket attacks in one week dam.
    6 convoys attacked
    1 drone attack

    Now normally in response to this type of aggression. Im talking about drone strikes and rockets attacks western nations would flood the areas with mechanized infantry. Carry out search and destroy operations trying to hit depots and manufacturing centers.
    But there are 3 reasons why the US can’t do that and Israeli officer can tell you why.

    1st drones and missiles no longer need complex areas to build store them. Thus they are harder to locate. More time searching and getting ambushed less time doing damage to the enemy.

    2nd You can’t really separate the PMU from Iraqi armed forces. Due to an integration processes.

    3rd another state may intervene in this case Syria or Iran could send troops in into iraq if the country is plunged into civil war.

    as to counter these, well even if i tell you, you won’t care. But issues that US troops are facing here are the same as the ones the IDF face.

    1. Icarus Tanović says:

      You think they’re gonna leave? Maybe if Iraqis hit themas hard as Vietnamese did. But then Zionists are to take care of them selves, and they’re treated as 51th state of America.

      1. LRcaptain says:

        no they not gonna leave their gonna just on their assess like they always do.

        1. Ashok Varma says:

          The longer the US bleeds in these sapping lost wars for Zionism, the better for rest of the world. US economy is bankrupt but the Anglo-zionist warmongers want to spread more global conflicts. Even Rome in its final days was not so idiotic.

          1. LRcaptain says:

            back just after collapse of the USSR the US power rating was at 120 pts with next runner up only having 85 pts like china.

            But the got lazy and got greedy. Thus their score lowered down 105 Pts around 2012-2016 Russia and china were both around 100 pts each.

            you see what happened the measures that US did to try contain peer adversaries and ended up making those adversaries stronger as they expected to be attacked. All while the US got weaker.

          2. Ashok Varma says:

            It does not take a Rhodes scholar to realise the Guns versus Butter economic conundrum. The US is hooked on wars with a declining economy and that is a path to ruin. 64% of global manufacturing is in China alone. What does the US peddle besides expensive third rate weapons or junk cars? If we get rid of the CIA stooge Modi, even India will have a bigger economy than the US. Americans have proven to be astoundingly stupid, like a teenager with ADD armed with a shotgun. A danger to itself and all others.

      2. Just Me says:

        The Iraqi and regional resistance needs to pick up the tempo of attacks and inflict casualties on the US occupation cowards. They are fleeing from Afghanistan due to relentless attacks and rising cost which the Pentagon admitted is now officially $2.47 TRILLION. The Jew scum have bankrupted the dumbass Ameriswine and put them in the pig sty for good.

        1. Ashok Varma says:

          The Iraqi PM whose family lives in Iran is facilitating talks between Iran and Saudis and also emirates. The Zionists are in for a shock soon.

    2. Jens Holm says:

      The americans had left and was asked in by the Bagdad Governess. They are used to outbalance the prohpets from Iran too. By that Iran dont dare to take over.

      …And Syrians:)

      Iraq already has had its own civil war even before Syria. What no war??????

  5. verner says:

    good and more to come and soon the really heavy stuff will arrive and make the jews in palestine wish they never had been born. I guess they could be welcome on an over crowded island in the north sea but the yankee-twats’ general population hates the jews with abandon and they will never be allowed to settle there.

  6. Waste of rockets, no official US troops are there, hit the ones with them in it, contractors aren’t worth it

    1. Ashok Varma says:

      They should be targeting US and NATO occupation troops and exacting casualties. The rocket attacks should be numerous and followed with IEDs.

  7. johnny rotten says:

    Thanks to the work of the english secret services now the Americans know who is behind these attacks with rockets, Mr. Boshirov and Mr. Petrov, are always them:

    1. John Wallace says:

      Weren’t they the same individuals shaking the boarding stairs causing Biden Dem (entia ) to fall a few times. They were also seen at the Twin Towers playing with remote control devices hung around their neck. They were also pretending to be fishermen on those attacking the US in the Gulf of Tonkin . They were also the ones secretly removing WMD out of Iraq . They were also the ones that provided the pistol that shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie. They are presently holidaying in Lugansk for unknown reasons.

      1. Andreas says:

        You forgot that these same perps also crossed into the US from the Mexican border in 2016 to orchestrate the interference in the US elections that caused Hillary Clinton to be defeated by Donald Trump.

    2. FlorianGeyer says:


  8. Rodney Loder says:

    You could be forgiven for thinking Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry is now the US Secretary of State, fact is Biden got the message and wants to kiss and cuddle with China, however let’s not forget China would sell out anyone for the price of an oiley rag, except for principals that China’s future is dependant on and that includes Iran whereas previously it was the Israel maggots.

    1. farbat says:

      china depends on iran and europe depends on russia its that easy and this way the world is moving

      1. Rodney Loder says:

        Global balance is back since the Christians undermined the Soviet Union, it’s like being born again.

    2. farbat says:

      the americans in the need of printing dollars and high oil price therefore to be able to do so pretty much dealt a heavy blow to european and chinese strategies for the future since they cant deal with an oil price over 100 dollar as it will become if america continues what it does

    3. farbat says:

      there will be 3 main centers of global governance one the chinese iranian the other the eurasian and the other the american degenerating one for the next 20 years until another change comes again

    4. farbat says:

      the american future is build on wishful thinking

    5. farbat says:

      these disgusting jews cant samson option the entire planet into subjugation this doesnt works with our people nor will china be into it they pretty much made clear in national tv several times that zionist nukes cant threaten china bri since they will be wiped out by iran if they try and in the same program they called american quite some things and said they have no fear of america

      1. Rodney Loder says:

        Up until 2019 China was saying only 1 thing – come on Palestinians recognise Israel – whether it was Trump or God (swt) that changed their policy I don’t know but it has changed, maybe China now figures that the financial instruments under US jurisdiction are no longer useful, but whatever caused this China / Russia / Iranian political alliance against the US, the fact is it has neutralized Jew nukes because of the symbolism attached to uranium enrichment used by Iran to capture the political debate by alienating Russians from Israel, now Biden is helping to alienate Russians from Jew maggots.

        Nearly all the Bolshevik leaders were Jews, so the political environment has turned 180° in the last couple of years as Communism has ended and been replaced by National Socialism.

        The US political base is committed to liberalism and State Capitalism but only from a war industries perspective, so they are severely disadvantaged.

        I was always a Stalinist, and my take is now universal in the Atlantic and Eurasian capitals, (Trump is Stalinist) so this 3rd. WW will ban nukes and be limited to 3rd. parties confronting each other, Israel will have to go it alone, thanks to Chinese / Russian / Iranian recent balancing of US dominance.

  9. Assad must stay says:


  10. Jens Holm says:

    Th dollar will collapse this week to as it did last week and last week.

    The poor there, 165 million living in the streets hardly having umbrelles as cover, will be paid in Lira, Rials and Rubels. The already more wealthy poor people will get a shelkel addiction if the have curley hair and their ancisters didnt arrange own transportation. .

    1. LRcaptain says:

      im going to start down voting and reporting every comment you make
      and everyone is going to due the same down vote and report

      1. farbat says:

        lool this guy is blocked by many here like for me

        1. LRcaptain says:

          eh it my choice and have yours, but unlike him i have life and go for a few days with commenting him not so much

          1. farbat says:

            i have property and i have to check on it i have and other things to do because my entire life isnt this disqus site here but jens holm and slaveman they are pretty much desperate

          2. farbat says:

            the zionists meanwhile they are basically drilled into being rats so this trolling is how they wage war with dirty methods lying stealing and other dirty stuff

          3. farbat says:

            the problem with irans enemies is everytime they try to face iran like man without dirty tricks they get beaten badly and now they degenerated for the last century into all this stuff but alot of these things are just more self destructive than anything

      2. Jens Holm says:

        I hope it wont kill You learning things.

        1. LRcaptain says:

          well you’re allergic then

  11. farbat says:

    pretty much the entirety of shin bet and mossad has to be wiped out

  12. farbat says:

    til 2022 there will be haifa and tel aviv blown up to pieces and if the zionists still want war we will eradicate them entirely in one year their sayanim cant even sleep well since they will be hunted terrorists

    1. <> says:

      I actually think there will be no more Tehran if you continue provoking us, that sounds more logical.

      1. Helen4Yemen says:

        2021 Rankings of military power in the Middle East region.
        Note: The lower the power-index score, the more powerful.


  13. farbat says:

    the us navy will have to be shown off how miserable it in truth is and after that they will not be even a small threat to china or others anymore because they will be seen as the bluff they are

  14. farbat says:

    there are way to many targets in tel aviv and haifa for these cities to be spared for even a single year and this doesnt involve lebanon syria or palestine so they can just watch it when it happens irans army and sepah will corner these rats disarm them and hit them where it hurts

  15. Andreas says:

    Another reminder that the globalists are restricted to their bunkers and afraid to come out. Step on a few cockroaches and their heroes drop bombs on your women and children from 30,000 feet. Talk about appeal. No one wants them there. They have nothing anyone wants. So sad. But do make a case otherwise. The exceptions are those corrupt handful of Iraqi officials on the immediate payroll to do as Washington regime tells them. And so it will continue until this cycle is broken.

  16. StillSameTeddyfromCD says:

    the EMPIRE OF CHAOS…is being reminded..BY THE REGIONAL NATIVES….”time s up” get out or be buried in the sands of mosopotamia”

  17. StillSameTeddyfromCD says:

    the superb DMITRY ORLOV…raised in america..now back in russia…PUT IT WELL..
    the FIVE STAGES OF COLLAPSE…financial…political….military…societal,,,cultural…
    “HISTORY shows NO empire survived when BUT 3 of the stages appeared simultaneously…or in quick succession…ALL previous empires did not require even four….once 4 th is reached…in any combination…
    it enters a period where ALL EFFORTS TO POSTPONE final collapse ONLY ACCELERATES AND INTENSIFIES the final collpase…creating a LOOP of cascading disintegration””

    ” all FIVE conditions are now present in the USA…and it s close allies…and the scenario ..in the usa? after the finale? ……unless it makes the mistake of launching a NUCLEAR war on russia or china…resulting in smoking ruins to the usa…the result is the same…..the sound of crickets””

  18. StillSameTeddyfromCD says:


    UHMMM he sounds like he s not Chinese speaking Mandarin…or English like he loves English ‘democracy and human rights on UIGHUR either”…SO what are the ANGLO SAXONS doing trying to order HIM around…?

    as CHINA foreign ministry…just YESTERDAY…said about ATLANTIC Sanctions on RUSSIANS who speak…RUSSIAN…..”IT IS SHAMELESS BULLYING OF HEGEMON…IT IS ABOUT CRIMEA…AND CHINA SUPPORTS RUSSIAN CRIMEA”….there …they said it finally…

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