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Banner ‘Goodbye, Murderer!’ with Obama’s Photo Hung Out in Washington (Photos)


Political activists say that the outgoing US president is responsible for deaths of thousands innocent civilians in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Ukraine.

Banner ‘Goodbye, Murderer!’ with Obama's Photo Hung Out in Washington (Photos)

Photo: twitter.com / LeroyLovesUSA

A banner with the inscription “Goodbye, Murderer!” and a photo of outgoing US President Barack Obama has been hung out on the Arlington Memorial Bridge, a mile from the Pentagon building.

“By doing this we are saying goodbye to murder Barack Obama, who is leaving the Office soon. He is guilty of assassination of thousands of innocent lives in Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Ukraine. During his tenure he started numerous bloody wars. He does not deserve to be a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. His true prize awaits him in the Hague court docks,” one of the political activists wrote on his Twitter account.



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  • Zazz

    Karma does not forget or forgive

  • Great job.

  • Sherique

    Yes I agree.Killed so many Innocent civilians to keep the alliance with their minorities. It is a British policy when they conquered the countries long ago , they gave special education and recognition to minorities making division among communities. So that when they hand over the country as an Independent country, Majorities and Minorities could not come into terms in equalness in social and financial policies. Leading to Terrorism and Internal Civil wars and distabilazation of the country.

  • AMHants

    Haha, do you remember when they had the Traitors March in Moscow, way back in 2014. How at the end of the protest there was a banner showing all the traitors, working against Russia. It was hilarious and nice to similar in the US.